Docks Infiltration

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Docks Infiltration is a quest available at the Docks on Mer Street.


Several valuable shipments come and go through the Mer Street docks every day. Skulduggerous players may sneak into the docks at night to steal the goods - if they can avoid security.


A Skulduggery skill of C or higher is required to sneak in. Unlike most interactions with Skulduggery, there is no chance of failure; it's only a matter of whether or not the player's Skulduggery is sufficient. If it is not, they'll simply turn back to Mer Street.

The player may only infiltrate the docks at night, between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Should it become 6:00 while the player is in the middle of infiltrating the docks, they'll simply escape back to Mer Street without issue.

The player does not need to have worked as a docker at all prior to sneaking in, though working during the day does have benefits - see below.


The player can either go straight to the docks to begin their illicit activities, or they can work at the docks to gain insider information regarding certain shipments. While the player can still pilfer crates without knowing their contents, having prior knowledge will save them from wasting time searching (potentially empty) boxes.

Gathering Information

One possible event while working on the docks during the day involves the player recording cargo logs. With an adequate Skulduggery skill, they'll be able to make a mental note of a particular shipment's contents. Below are the possible outcomes.

  • "There's a bar of gold in a container at the (location). It would sell on the black market."
  • "A local company is moving something special through. It's being kept near the (location). It would sell on the black market."
  • "There's a container full of goods, including valuable electronics, near the (location). They would sell on the black market."
  • "There's a container full of what looks like fertiliser near the (location). They might be useful to you."
    • Requires a Tending skill of C or higher to identify; otherwise, the player will mistake the contents for dirt.
  • "There's a container full of specialist equipment near the (location). It might be useful to you."
  • "You don't find anything suitable. Useful to know."

Note that the shipments' contents change daily.


The "specialist equipment" mentioned above will turn out to be a catsuit. If the player chooses to take it, they'll be accosted by Wren. They quickly realise the player isn't who they were expected, then allow them to leave with their prize. The player may put on the catsuit then and there, or simply take it with them.

The catsuit can only be acquired from the docks once. Afterwards, the player can purchase it from the Forest Shop.

Navigating the Docks

Infiltrating the docks is far simpler than navigating, for example, the Old Sewers. Each location holds one container that the player may search. If the player already knows of a crate's contents, it will be noted as such, assuming they're in the appropriate area. Otherwise, the containers will read "Unknown contents."

To escape undetected, the player must either leave the way they came or dive into the sea. Diving is only possible at a few select locations; see the map below.


Map of the Docks


Much like the Elk Street Compound, the docks are manned by heavy security at night. Breaking into containers and certain random events increase security.

  • Security are relaxed.
  • Security are suspicious.
  • Security are aware of an intruder.
  • Security are on high alert.

If the player is apprehended, they'll be taken out front. If the player's Crime is less than 1000, they'll be dumped back onto the street with just a warning. Otherwise, the guards will call the police, at which point the player can run (Athletics) or wait. Running - if successful - allows the player to evade their captors and escape back onto the docks, whereas waiting or failing to run will put them in police custody.

Minor events that occur whilst sneaking around the docks include:

  • The player slips on oil. They can brace themselves for the fall (++Pain | +Stress) or try to stay upright (Dance). Failing the latter increases pain and stress, as well as security.
  • On clear nights, the player will be soothed by the moonlight reflecting off the water. | -Stress
  • The player notes that they're leaving traces of themselves. | +Security
  • The player notices a security camera up ahead; whether they notice it in time depends on their Skulduggery skill. Failing increases security.
  • The player momentarily gets lost in a maze of containers. | +Stress
  • Foosteps approach. The player hides until they pass. | +Stress

Alongside these events, several more involved (and dangerous) can occur, depending on the level of security.

Cornered by a Guard

Surrounded by tightly packed crates, the player sees torchlight nearby as a lone guard approaches. The player can either run (Crime | +Fatigue | +Security) or hide (Skulduggery).

  • If the player runs, the guard will notice them and demand that they stop, but the player will lose them amidst the maze of containers.
  • If the player chooses to hide, they'll attempt to pick the lock to a nearby container. If they pass a Skulduggery check, they'll hide from the guard without issue. Otherwise, the player will ineptly fumble the lock as the guard approaches, leading to a chase.
    • At this point, the scene will proceed as if the player chose to run. This time, however, a high Athletics skill is required to escape. If successful, the player will evade the guard, increasing Crime, Fatigue, and Security. If unsuccessful, the guard will catch up to the player and pin them down, deciding to have a little fun with them before reinforcements arrive. See below.
  • Alternatively, if the player's physique is low enough, they have the option to squeeze between the crates. The guard will pass them by, oblivious.

A variant of this event occurs in which the player dives between two crates as a guard approaches. Whether they are caught is entirely up to chance; if the player is unlucky, the guard will grab them and attempt to rape them.

Getting caught in either case starts a non-consensual encounter. Fighting them off gives the player an opportunity to escape, but any other outcome results in the player getting escorted out of the docks, after which they'll be released or arrested.

Guard Dog

The player will hear feet pattering on the other side of a crate, and they'll catch a glimpse of a dog (or a dogboy/girl, if the conditions are met). The player can either ambush the hound or create a false trail using their clothes.

  • Ambushing the dog leads to a nonconsensual encounter. If the player subdues the dog, either by making it cum or beating it into submission, they'll escape. Otherwise, if the player takes too long to handle it, a guard will catch the player.
  • Creating a fake trail requires the player to sacrifice their clothing. They'll be unable to recover their clothes, but doing this will guarantee a successful escape. The player can sacrifice their upper, lower, under upper or under lower clothes.
  • If the player is nearby an exit to the ocean (see the map), they can instead dive into the water. Note that this will put the player outside of the docks, meaning they'll have to sneak back to wherever they jumped from.

A caveat to ambushing: if the encounter ends with the player being knotted, or if the guard stumbles upon them whilst the player is being penetrated, they'll be unable to pull the dog out as the guard watches amusedly. They'll reach for their radio and tell the person on the other end that they've caught the intruder and to "bring everyone."

The player can hopelessly plead for the guard to let them go or remain silent. Both options lead to the same outcome: the rest of the security staff will arrive, beginning another nonconsensual encounter with the dog, this time with an audience. Even if the player manages to fend off the dog, they'll still be taken away by security.

If the player possesses the Submissive trait, however, they'll be given a third option: beg. Choosing this option leads the to guard reconsider, calling in to withhold the backup as they pull the dog off the player. The player will still be taken away, their dignity partially intact.

Blocking the Way

The player comes to a passage with a pair of guards blocking the way. The player can search for another way around them, or they can try and sneak by.

Searching for another route takes ten minutes of in-game time, allowing the player to continue unhindered, at the cost of a slight increase to security. Sneaking by the guards initiates a Skulduggery check. Succeeding allows them to pass undetected, while failing alerts the guards to their presence. The player can go quietly, or they can fight, triggering an encounter.

The encounter starts with the guards at low trust and high anger. If the player makes them cum or manages to overwhelm them, they'll escape; otherwise, if the player's pain reaches its threshold, they'll be apprehended as normal.

Security Machine

The player will hear a click followed by a voice. "INTRUDER ALERT." Mechanical arms will reach for them, and the player can attempt to dodge (Dance) or struggle (Physique), or opt to submit to the device. Dodging or struggling free from the machine will make an alarm blares and + Security.

Note that even if the player has S in Dancing skill, the player can still be caught by the machine as the odds of dodging is only 71%.

Going quietly spares the player an encounter. They will simply be restrained until security arrives to escort the player out. Succeeding at dodging or struggling will free the player from the bot's clutches, and they'll return to the docks unharmed. Failing, however, will result in the arms holding the player down as a phallic machine emerges, initiating combat.

The player will have a limited number of turns to incapacitate the machine before security arrives. If successful, the machine will retract, giving the player a chance at escape. Taking too long, however, gives the guards ample time to reach the player and take them away. Should the machine be penetrating the player when security arrives, they'll take a few pictures before carrying on their duties, causing the player's Sex Fame to increase.


  • Catsuit
  • Fertiliser
  • Stolen goods, which can be fenced to Landry
    • Gold: £3000
    • Strange shipment: £1200
    • Electronics: £300
  • If the player had previously discovered a shipment gold during the day prior to looting it, they will receive the "Employee Benefits" feat.

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