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Doren the English teacher is the third of five teachers within Degrees of Lewdity. Their job role serves as the player's English teacher, as the job title suggests.

They mainly teach at the local Oxford Street School, but meeting specific requirements has the player be able to access Doren's Flat after school.


Doren's description varies slightly on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as having shaggy red hair, as well as a savage look to them. This couldn't be any further from the truth, their looks are deceiving - in reality, they are the kindest to the player.

  • If male: Doren teaches English at the local school. His shaggy red hair and beard give him a savage look.
  • If female: Doren teaches English at the local school. Her shaggy red hair gives her a savage look.

First Meeting

The player first encounters Doren as the third class of the day. They are the third teacher the player comes across. If the player is late, Doren will mark them for their tardiness - adding Delinquency. Additionally, should the player be found not wearing a uniform when entering the classroom, Doren will tell them that they are unable to teach them while they are dressed like that, and refers them to Leighton's office to find a spare uniform.


Doren can be found within their English classroom between 11AM to 12PM. English class is the third class of the day, starting at 11AM. As such, there are many events that take place within their classroom.

After school, they can be found at their flat from 4PM onwards, for one hour. They will leave for town at 5PM.


Naturally, Doren will act protective over the player, protecting them from would-be attackers on the streets and when the player screams for help at the school. That is, unless the player acts as a school delinquent - lowering all teachers' opinion of them, including Doren's. The player is able to find comfort in Doren's protection, thus making their relationship seem almost like a mentor-like bond, rather than a standard relationship.

Like all other teachers, Doren will disapprove of the player being late to class, swiftly giving them detention.

Note that it is currently impossible to initiate a lewd encounter with Doren. They have no ill lewd intentions towards the player, thinking them more as someone to protect.

Doren's Flat

Should Doren catch the player masturbating or notice the strong smell of semen/slime coming from the player, they will pull them to one side and have a confidential discussion about things. Proceeding with this event will unlock the option to visit their flat, located on Barb Street.

Once unlocked, Doren can be found here at exactly 4PM every day for one hour. It is considered to be a good Stress release for the player. After which, they will leave for town where they cannot be interacted with for the remainder of the day.

For more information, visit this page: Doren's Flat


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Doren's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As one of two locations Doren can be found at, Doren will make many appearances within their own English classroom at the school. They will serve as the player's English teacher while attending there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve teacher-student interactions, such as helping the player study better and making sure the player is behaving in class.

However, they also make more prominent appearances outside their classroom, which involves their role as someone whom the player can confide in. Their interactions with the player at their own flat exemplify this.


Robin will mention Doren when eating lunch at the school canteen with the player. They say that they wish all the other teachers were like Doren, indicating that Robin looks up to Doren.


Doren will come to the rescue if the player screams for help at the school. They will shout across the playground to Whitney, demanding them to "leave the poor lad/lass alone" depending on gender/appearance. Whitney will be taken back by this and shove the PC away. In an attempt to get away with it, they protest by saying they weren't "doing nothing".

Another instance is when Whitney takes the player's clothes. They attempt to draw more attention to the player - but in doing so they attract Doren's attention as well, causing them to push through the now-gathered crowd and scowling upon seeing the player and Whitney together. They demand Whitney to stop, but Whitney hesitates for a moment before giving in to Doren's demands then choosing to throw the player's clothes on top of them.


Doren will intervene if Kylar is being a nuisance in English class, going as far as to jump on a table and roar to quiet down the class should Kylar threaten another student with a knife. They will tell Kylar they are being a "pain" before effortlessing lifting them up and carrying them out of the classroom. Oddly enough, Kylar will not seem to resist being forced out of the class. It's noted that class resumes as usual when Doren returns, with no sign of Kylar. If the player is being blackmailed by another student and Kylar pulls out a knife once again, Doren will act accordingly and remove Kylar from the classroom just like before.

Should Kylar become more jealous towards the player, and the player chooses to (or is forced to avoid trouble) let Kylar sit next to them, Doren will notice this and check up on the player to see how they are doing, trying their best to intervene. They may do one of two things, dependent on how Kylar's Jealousy stat is affected:

  • Call out to Kylar by telling them they need an assistant at the front of the class, leading them away from the player for the rest of the lesson.
  • Ask if the player is doing okay while glancing towards a Kylar who is completely absorbed in sketching the player

If the player says they are fine, Doren will drop it and leave the player to their devices, albeit still remaining unconvinced. They may also shake their head in response as they leave. Kylar will not object to Doren's former request.

However, Doren seems content with having the player and Kylar work together should they not have anyone else to work with (affected by Status) - as long as they stay out of trouble that is - they still remain cautious nonetheless. If the player has a high enough Delinquency stat, Doren may try to split up the player away from Kylar due to them being more trouble than they are worth.

Caught Running Naked

If the player is running naked at night in the Park, they may encounter Doren, who is also jogging. They will then have the option to either stay hidden or show themselves (Exhibitionism 2). If the player stays hidden, they will stay out of sight, but close enough to watch, Doren having no idea of a student being in such a state is nearby. If the player shows themselves, Doren will seem to notice the exposed runner approaching and look away, moving to avoid the player, having not recognized them. The player will cheerily call out Doren, "Morning, Sir/Miss," as they pass. Doren double-takes, staring back at them in disbelief and asking them what they're doing. The player runs on, and as they approach the next corner, they see Doren clutching their face and looking troubled.


  • Doren is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Doren is one of few NPCs to show kindness to the player, with others being Darryl, Jordan and Robin.
  • Doren is one of few NPCs to be portrayed as a mentor-like figure for the player. Because of this, they have little to no events involving any kind of lewd behaviour.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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