Doren's Concerns

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Doren's Concerns is an unlockable personal quest. It grants the player a way to interact with Doren outside of school and visit the English teacher at their flat.


Worried about the player's wellbeing, Doren pulls them aside during class to ask them what's wrong, giving the player the option to confess their countless troubles to Doren. Horrified at what the player has told them, Doren does everything in their power to get them the help they need.


This quest can be completed at any time, provided school is in session.


Troubled Behaviour

To start the quest, Doren must call the player out during class. There are two ways to get them to do so, both involving some manner of lewd behaviour.

  1. Get caught masturbating in class. This is somewhat difficult to pull off, as the player has to make sure they cum at the right time. An unseen timer of 20 turns is set at the start of the masturbation session; cumming 1-3 turns before the timer goes off will result in the player getting caught. Once the player is caught, a classmate will attempt to blackmail them into pleasuring them; to progress with the quest, the player must refuse their demands (- Status | + Delinquency | + Trauma | + Stress).
    • Exhibitionism 4 is needed to masturbate in class. If Kylar is seated next to the player, Exhibitionism 5 is required.
    • While masturbating, the player's Arousal will automatically go up by a small amount each turn, even without performing any actions. Keep this in mind when trying to time their orgasm.
    • If Kylar has already been unlocked as a Love Interest, getting caught masturbating will be slightly harder, as they'll scare the other student away from the player before the player has a chance to say no. After the first time this happens, Kylar will be gone for the remainder of the class, giving the player a second (or third) chance to get caught.
    • Wearing a chastity belt will also complicate the process of getting caught. Having high enough Awareness to unlock the [fondle your chest] option may help.
  2. Get covered in semen/slime. The sidebar should display the message "You are wet with slime/semen." If the player meets the requirements, there's a roughly 1/10 chance for Doren to catch a whiff of the player and wonder what the smell is, prompting a student to make a snide comment that they smell like "cum".
    • As this is considered one of the "unsafe" English class events, choosing the socialise with classmates option and having high Allure can help increase the odds of it occuring.

Regardless of which path the player pursues, in order to initiate the quest they must choose to stare down in shame (+ Trauma | + Stress | - Status).

Seeking Help

When choosing the right option, Doren will tell the class to be quiet before taking the player outside to talk. They ask if the player is alright and they should tell the truth to Doren. Make sure to not tell them things are fine, otherwise Doren will not push things further. Choose to be honest, causing the player to tell Doren that they have been attacked many times and they don't know how else to cope. The player will suddenly get dizzy and collapse onto the floor, finding themselves in their teacher's arms and proceed to tell them about those terrible things which (judging by Doren's later comment) will at least include rape. Doren is shocked by this, immediately calling for a substitute to take over their class. They drive the player over to the police station to get help.

Upon arriving at the police station, once informing the police of the situation they will show absolutely no interest in them, casually telling them that there is a queue. Doren informs then that there is in fact no queue, before the officer says they need to wait for an additional three years. Doren is taken by this, completely in disbelief. They slam their fist in a fit of anger on the table at this lack of professionalism and empathy. Despite this, the officer is stubborn. They inform the player and Doren that the police will be ready to take in their report in three years before wishing them a nice day.

With nowhere else to turn to, Doren then takes the player to their flat and apologises profusely for making them go through this ordeal, thinking the police would be able to help with the situation. They give the water to the player to drink while Doren explains that they usually never use this flat apart from sleeping - since they are always up and about.

They inform the player that they are always welcome to come over between 4PM-5PM if they want to talk about things. For their first visit to the the flat, they can choose to confide and cry or just talk. The former will heavily increase Control, while both options reduce Trauma and Stress.


  • Access to Doren's Flat
  • The ability to visit Doren once per day, increasing their Love and lowering the player's Stress and Trauma

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