Doren's Flat

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Doren's Flat is a secret location the player can discover under certain circumstances. It is located on Barb Street, and is owned by Doren.


"The interior is quite Spartan. There's an old television covered in a film of dust and a sofa, but little else."

How to Enter

Doren's Flat is a "secret" location the player can discover under certain circumstances. It requires Doren to call the player out during class, after which they can talk their problems out with the teacher.

For more information, see Doren's Concerns.

First Steps

The player is automatically escorted to the flat at the end of the Doren's Concerns event, where they're then given the choice to either confide and cry or just talk.

Regardless of the player's choice, Doren welcomes them to stop by between four and five in the afternoon. "Visit as often as you like. Every day if you want. I mean it." This unlocks the flat as a location on Barb Street.

From then on, all subsequent visits are done by going to Barb Street within the aforementioned timeframe.


  • The player can choose to use this location as a way of seeing Doren after school. They come over once a day.
  • Each time the player visits the flat, they can choose to either cry for an hour (increasing Control) or simply talk for an hour. Both options will reduce Trauma and Stress like the first visit.
  • Note that visiting Doren each day will raise their affection towards the player outside of school, but they will act the same way while school is in session.

People of Interest

  • Doren. They will remain here for an hour before leaving, allowing the player to confide in them during that time.


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.

Jogging With Doren

If the player has at least 20% love with Doren, there is a 20% chance of them offering to let the player go jogging with them, giving the player a good workout and taking 30 minutes (- Stress, - Trauma).

There is an allure check that procs while the player is jogging with Doren. Failing will have Doren go to the restroom, leaving the player alone. While alone, they are accosted by an NPC who tries to drag the player into the toilets. Doren leaves in time to notice and and punches the NPC, leaving them on the floor and then threatening them to leave the player alone. Realizing this may look bad, Doren takes off with the player in tow. Otherwise, Doren will leave the bathroom before anything happens.

Afterward, Doren invites the player to take a shower at their place, but the player discovers that there is only one (seemingly) already used towel. The player can either choose to get dressed again and ask Doren for a new one, which they will gladly hand out. They can also choose to ignore it and use that towel anyway, or alternatively with Exhibitionism 4 or higher they can choose to go out naked and ask for a new towel. Doren isn't sure how to react to this, leading them to heavily blush and avoid looking at the player while they are nude.

They inform the player of their lack of clothing, but the player will let them know that they are aware of that.


  • Currently there are no items to be obtained here.


  • It's noted that Doren doesn't tend to use this flat much, only to sleep. This is due to their social activity.
  • This location is one of few locations to be managed by a teacher, the others being the Soup Kitchen and the Museum.


The following images showcase below what Doren's Flat looks like at different times of the day. Note that this location reuses the Town location artwork.

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