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Eden the Hunter
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Eden's Cabin is located deep within the Forest. It is an unlockable location the player can discover under certain circumstances. Eden resides here.


  • First time description upon entering the cabin: "You soon arrive at a log cabin. Inside is a single, spartan room. [Eden] drops you on the hard floor and places a collar around your neck."
  • Description of the surrounding area: "You are in the clearing outside Eden's cabin. The surrounding trees are so huge that you have to crane your neck to see the sky. There's a small plot where Eden grows vegetables. Behind the cabin is a spring at the base of a cliff"

How to Enter

Eden's cabin is unaccessible to the player until they get captured by Eden. No matter how far the player ventures into the forest, the cabin will be nowhere to be seen until the player is taken there by force, much like the Asylum and the Wolf Cave. Once captured and freed, the player will have free access to it. (Read Eden's page for more information on how to meet and earn the trust of this character)

In order to gain access, the player must have completed three prerequisites needed:

  • Ventured through the Forest at least once.
  • Must have also encountered Eden during their venture at some point during the playthrough.
  • Additionally, also let themselves get captured by Eden and taken to this location.

First Steps

The player will need to wander through the woods alone for an extended period of time. When this is done, there is a probability either Eden or maybe Black Wolf will take an interest in the player. Players will realize this as a chill runs up their spine: Something is hunting you. Should the player not get out of the forest in time, they will find themselves on the wrong side of a hunting rifle. Eden will then assault the player, tie them up and take them to the cabin, where the player will be bound and at Eden's mercy for the following days. It is necessary to be obedient to Eden and earn the Stockholm Syndrome: Eden trait in order to have full and free access to the cabin. After earning enough of Eden's trust, the player will be able to come to and from the cabin at their leisure without angering Eden. This may still be difficult to do, since long stretches of the forest stand between the cabin and the town, and even a trusting Eden will only allow the player to be away up to a week.


  • Currently, this is one of three complete safehouses in the game, with the other one being the Orphanage and Alex's Cottage. As a safehouse, it offers the player access to a bed for sleeping, a wardrobe for changing clothing, a mirror for knowing how other people view the player, the option to change Attitudes and some other settings to adjust gameplay.
  • Eden's Cabin is comprised of two main areas: the inside and the immediate outside of the cabin. There are a few points of interest inside:
    • A large matress with animal skin covers for the player and Eden to sleep
    • Wardrobe
    • Mirror
    • Attitudes
    • Settings
  • There are also a few activities available to the player outside of the cabin:
    • The farm plot
    • 3 tillable plots with decent soil quality
    • The mushroom barrel
    • The spring


Life at the Cabin

​Choosing to live with Eden after earning their Stockholm Syndrome trait will make all of the cabin and its immediate surrounding area freely available to the player. While Eden goes about their daily business, the player can work for the benefit of their life together with Eden in the following ways:

Relaxing at the Cabin

At any time of the day, the player can relax at the cabin (0:15, - Stress), both inside or out in the clearing. The player receives various lines of flavour text depending on the time of the day.


  • You take a seat by the dining table, watching as Eden snores under the covers. The dying embers of the fire cast a distant glow on his/her form.
  • You take a seat by the dining table, watching Eden prepare for the day. He/She spends some time washing up by the sink.
  • You take a seat by the dining table, staring out the window. The trees of the forest sway gently in the clearing.
  • You take a seat by the dining table, watching Eden enter through the front door. He/She walks to the bathroom, preparing to run a bath.
  • You take a seat by the dining table, looking in the direction of the bathroom. Eden stretches out in the tub, relaxing in the water.
  • You relax by the window, watching as Eden prepares dinner. When he/she's done, he/she brings the food to the dining table.
    • Note: Only occurs at 6:00 PM, if Eden's Love is at least at 50% and they haven't already eaten dinner with the player.
  • You take a seat by the dining table, watching as Eden reads/cleans his/her gun by the fire. The scene is oddly calming. | - Stress


  • You relax under the porch, watching as Eden tends to the crops. Every once in a while, you catch him/her brushing a few strands of stray hair from his/her face.
  • You settle down next to Eden as he/she skins his/her prey. The smell is much stronger now that you're up close, and you shift your attention to Eden to distract yourself.
  • You relax under the porch, watching as Eden chops firewood. Beads of sweat drip down his/her toned body as he/she works.
  • You relax under the porch, listening to the gentle sounds of the forest. It's calming. | - Stress

Farm Plot

Eden has a farm plot where they sometimes grow crops. However, at first the player will find them to be completely strangled by weeds. Only after repeated efforts will the farm plot be free of weeds, and a vegetable-based breakfast may be prepared by the player for Eden. Every time the player removes weeds will take 3 hours and much fatigue, besides increasing physique. Every time the player removes weeds, the plot's condition will change from worst to best:

  • Eden's crops are utterly strangled by weeds
  • Eden's crops are tangled by weeds
  • There are as many weeds growing in Eden's plot as there are vegetables.
  • Eden's crops are mostly free of weeds, but more could be done.
  • Eden's crops are completely free of weeds.

Note that the plot's condition will deteriorate every day, so in order to keep the plot weed-free, the player will need to work on it at least once a day. Making breakfast with vegetables does not affect the decay rate of the plot.

Additionally, there are two random events that may trigger whenever the player is working on removing weeds. In one of them, Eden may approach the player to masturbate them and spill their lewd fluids on the plots, alleging that "sexual fluids are good for plants", which will increase Arousal even though the player orgasmed. In the other random event, there is a possibility some roots will coil around the player and a non-consensual tentacle encounter will occur.

Flower Plots

Players will have three empty plots with decent soil quality where they can grow flowers, just like in the Orphanage Garden. However, since the soil quality is better, more flowers can be produced per seeds planted. (Read Tending to know more about the tending skill). Note that the player can search for seeds in this location, and upon doing so, they will now be able to grow poppies. This is necessary to earn the Seedy Feat.

Mushroom Barrel

Eden has a mushroom barrel that the player can help fill. It will initially be almost empty. It will take one hour of in-game time for the player to collect mushrooms and put them on the barrel. Depending on the mushrooms collected, the player may end up with increased Arousal, increased Stress, or even decreased Fatigue. The type of mushrooms collected will be randomly triggered. Every time the player spends an hour collecting mushrooms, the barrel's content will change from almost empty to full:

  • Eden's mushroom barrel is almost empty
  • Eden's mushroom barrel is mostly empty
  • Eden's mushroom barrel is half full.
  • Eden's mushroom barrel is mostly full.
  • Eden's mushroom barrel is brimming with fungi.

Note that the mushroom barrel will deplete every day, so in order to keep the barrel full, the player will need to work on it at least once a day. Making breakfast with mushrooms does not affect the decay rate of the barrel.

After the mushroom barrel is filled, a mushroom-based breakfast will be available for the player to prepare for Eden. This will increase Eden's Lust stat.

Cliff Spring

Behind the cabin there is a spring at the base of a cliff. Initially the spring will be dirty and filled with broken branches and debris. The player can clean it for the cost of 30 in-game minutes and fatigue, but will increase Physique. After cleaning the spring fully, the player will be able to relax in the spring, cleansing them from lewd fluids, body writing, and decreasing trauma and stress, essentially working as a bath that also lowers trauma. Every time the player chooses to clean the spring, the spring's condition will change from worst to best:

  • The spring is full of broken branches and twigs.
  • The bottom of the spring is littered with branches
  • You can see the bottom of the spring through the twigs and branches floating on its surface.
  • Twigs float on the surface of the spring.
  • The spring is clean and clear.

Note that the spring's condition will deteriorate every day, so in order to keep the spring clean, the player will need to work on it at least once a day.

Additionally, there is the possibility of an event triggering. Eden might whistle at the player and get into the spring with them, both nude. Eden will then grope the player and they may initiate a consensual encounter.

Winter Preparations

When eating breakfast with Eden during the month of November, they'll mention their plans to prepare the cabin for winter. Maybe you could help. The player may now fix the cabin, unlock three new options:

  • Fix the cracks in the walls
  • Clean the chimney
  • Fix the Roof

Each chore increases Eden's Love and Dominance and takes three hours to complete. After performing a given chore five times, it will be considered complete, meaning the player can no longer do that particular task. All of the activities give the player a good workout, increasing Physique.

There doesn't appear to be any consequence for neglecting to fix the cabin; these chores exist solely to give players more opportunities to interact with Eden.

Fixing the Walls

Progress on repairing the walls goes as follows:

  • You seal up a few of the cracks, but the walls are far from fixed.
  • Another crack sealing session leaves the walls sturdier, but you still have a ways to go.
  • You work on the cracks a bit more, and the walls look mostly fixed, but some cracks still remain.
  • You continue working on the cracks. The walls are almost fully repaired.
  • You seal up the last few cracks. You knock on the walls a few times to test its sturdiness.
  • The walls are fully repaired.

Cleaning the Chimney

Progress on cleaning the chimney goes as follows:

  • You scrub away at the chimney, soot sloughing off in waves. You work until you are too tired to continue, then examine your efforts. The chimney is still filthy, but looks better than before.
  • You scrub the bricks of the chimney, washing away months of soot. You give yourself breaks for fresh air every few minutes. When you are done, the chimney is still dirty.
  • You continue to scrub away at the chimney. While it’s demanding work, you're at least making visible progress.
  • You keep scrubbing at the chimney. It looks mostly clean, but a bit of soot still remains.
  • You scrub a bit longer until the chimney is fully cleaned.
  • The chimney is clean.

Fixing the Roof

Progress on repairing the roof goes as follows:

  • The roof of the cabin is unkept, with quite a few rotted or damaged shingles that need total replacement. You look over to the ladder Eden brought, and prepare to climb. Once on top, you pull out some loose shingles and toss them to the ground.
  • You pull out more loose shingles and replace them with new ones. They stick out, but they'll at least keep out the rain and snow. There's still more to do.
  • You pick up a claw hammer. There's a patch of shingles damaged from a large fallen tree branch. You dig the hammer in, and pull. Eventually, you pull out the last of the caved in shingles, and look proudly on your work.
  • You get to work patching the hole in the roof left by the caved in shingles. It's easy work, but time consuming.
  • You lay out new shingles over the patched roof, and in time, your work is done. You look across the roof, amazed that you finished it all by yourself.
  • The roof is fixed.

Eden's "Assistance"

Whenever the player completes any of the winter chores, there's a chance for Eden to lend the player a hand if their Lust is high enough (at least 26%) and they aren't out hunting.

  • When fixing the walls, the player may suddenly feel a pair of hands grab their shoulders and spin them around. Eden shoves the player against the wall, pressing themselves between the player's thighs and kissing their neck.
  • When cleaning the chimney, the player may end up stuck, their arms pinned to their sides. They panic and call for Eden, who quickly arrives and tugs the player free, though not without the player inadvertently grinding against them. Eden finally yanks the player out, causing both to tumble to the floor. Eden then pins the player down.
  • When fixing the roof, the player will suddenly feel their ladder wobble. They look down to find Eden stabilizing it. Once the player descends back to the ground, Eden immediately wraps their arms around the player and pulls them against their chest. "How about taking a break?" he/she asks, rubbing up against you.

In all three scenarios, the player is given the option to either kiss Eden (+ Love | + Dominance), initiating consensual sex, or push them away (- - Love | - Dominance), causing Eden to glare at the player before ultimately leaving them alone.

Cabin Refurbishing

NOTE: This section is heavily incomplete

At some point, needs information, the player can ask Eden if they can buy furniture for the cabin. And if successful the player can buy a rug, pillows, and new curtains. The player can also make a coat hanger and loveseat together with Eden and improve the rug, pillows, and curtain.

The player can also sew designs into the pillows and a fur blanket for the loveseat once purchased.

Miscellaneous NOTE: this section is just for holding new actions in 0.3

NOTE: This section is heavily incomplete and the actions should likely be put in more appropriate sections for those with more knowledge

These are some activities the player can do in the cabin:

  • Dust and sweep the cabin floor
  • Make salves and soap
  • Make a scarf for Eden in the winter
  • Give Eden a massage, requires purchasing a rug first

Other Activities

Other activities and events will be available to the player depending on Eden's schedule, such as making breakfast for them, having sex with them after they chop firewood, bathing with them, among others. Refer to the schedule of the trusting phase for more information:

  • 7AM-9AM: Eden wakes up, beginning their day by requesting the player to make breakfast for them, which takes twenty minutes. After having breakfast, Eden spends the remainder of this period inside the cabin "getting ready for the day".
  • 9AM-11AM: After exiting the cabin, Eden will be tending the crops in the clearing just outside.
  • 11AM-3PM: Eden heads out to hunt. The player will have the option to ask to go along, or stay in the cabin. Both options will span the same amount of time.
  • 3PM-4PM: After getting back home, Eden will be outside the cabin skinning their prey. It's noted that the smell makes the player queasy.
  • 4PM-5PM: Eden will be chopping firewood outside. They may take a break in the form of asking the player for sex.
  • 5PM-8PM: After a hard day's work, Eden will retire into the cabin and prepare the bath. Should the player enter the cabin anytime between 5 and 8 PM, Eden will request the player to get in with them. This will take thirty in-game minutes.
  • 8PM-12AM: With all the work done, Eden will be relaxing near the cabin's chimney, cleaning their gun. The player may cuddle with them and watch the fire, decreasing trauma, stress, and increasing love.
  • 12AM~ : Eden may crave the player's body. Complying will result in a consensual encounter, while refusing may have the chance of resulting in a non-consensual encounter should Eden not trust the player not enough. However, if they do they will simply toss over to the other side, all the while groaning before returning to sleep.
  • 12PM-7AM: Eden will be fast asleep. This gives the player some alone time to focus on activities around the cabin

(For more detailed information on possible interactions with Eden, read their character page.)

Passing Out

If the player passes out at Eden's cabin, they'll wake up on the bed with Eden sitting nearby. If the player's Pain was high before they passed out, they'll note that Eden fixed their injuries while they were asleep (- - - Pain). After making sure the player's alright, Eden helps them to their feet and leaves.

This scene will only occur once the player has unlocked Eden as a Love Interest - reaching max Stress while they're still a prisoner has no effect. Additionally, this is the only event that can occur should the player faint at the cabin, meaning they'll never be taken to the Hospital whilst under Eden's protection.



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