Eden's Christmas

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Eden the Hunter
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Eden's Christmas is one of few event questlines tied to festivities - unique events within Degrees of Lewdity that takes place within a specific date and time (December 25th) and will not be encountered otherwise.

This event entails the player spending Christmas night with Eden.

It is one of two Christmas events present in the game.


To cheer the lonely Eden, the player can go out and buy Christmas present for them. Then have a Christmas Dinner together.


In order to begin Eden's Christmas event, the player must buy and give Eden a present on December 25th. The player need to be able to leave Eden's Cabin to buy them a gift, Which can be done after earning their trust.


Around December 18th to December 25th, the player can go to the Shopping Centre to Find a gift for Eden. Then, the player's eyes are drawn to a cozy hunting jacket, which cost Β£30. Now that they've purchased some sweets, the player must wait until Christmas to properly proceed with the festivities.

For Eden's Christmas event, they has no set timeframe. The player can approach them at any time of day on December 25th to give the gift to Eden, as long as they're not out hunting.

Eden reacts with surprise upon receiving the hunting jacket, before thanking the player.

  • Defiant: "Even if you don't go trick-or-treating, there's no reason not to have sweets," you say.
  • Neutral: "Well, you said didn't realise it was Christmas," you say.
  • Submissive: "Well, y-you did say you didn't know it was Christmas today," you say.

Eden didn't prepare anything for you but they got an Idea. They will ask the player to Be here at six for dinner tonight, Unless the player gave them the gift after 6 PM, they will immediately walks to the oven.

Eden then busies themself to cook something, before calling you to the table. A beautiful meal for two is laid out, looking as good as it smells, you think they put more effort into cooking these than before. The player and Eden will take a seat and eat, while being more attentive than usual today. After a while, Eden will pulls out a fancy looking bottle of bourbon. They will prepare 2 glasses before offering some to the player, which the player can respond:

  • Accept
    • Eden will pours a glass for you. The smooth taste of the drink compliments the meal perfectly. (The player will get tipsy)
  • Decline
    • Eden will shrugs. "More for me," they says, as they fills their glass.

Finishing dinner, Eden will clean the table then invites the player over the fireplace. Which feels warm, if the player accept the drink previously, will comment 'Or maybe it's the alcohol causing the heat'. The player turn to Eden, they smile at you. Eden rest you chin on their finger and move their face closers to the player, which the player can respond:

  • Kiss Eden
    • Leads to consensual sex.
  • Turn away
    • The player will turn their face away from Eden. They will looks surprised for a moment, but doesn't push it and goes back to holding you.

The player and Eden continue to cuddle until they break the silence, "I'd always spend my Christmas alone," they says, "but I'm glad you're here." stroking your hair, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," they whispers, as they kisses your forehead. The player lie on Eden's chest feeling their love, concluding the event.