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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

Interactions with Eden tend to involve that of a companion - and living off the life in the forest. They will never leave the forest (except when they are looking for a runaway player), so almost all interactions with them will take place either in the cabin or the forest. (Read Eden's Cabin for more information on what the player can do while there.)

Inter-NPC Interactions

Due to their reclusive nature, Eden's interactions with the outside world are few and far between. That being said, they do share a couple of scenes with other named NPCs - primarily those who also reside in the forest.

Currently, the only named NPC Eden can truly interact with is Gwylan, but they do have scenes suggesting ties with others.

For more information regarding Eden's inter-NPC interactions, see the following page: Eden with Other NPCs

Eden's Routine

Since Eden sticks to a strict daily routine, interacting with them is simply a matter of being present at the right time.

Breakfast Together

After sleeping like a log, Eden will wake up the player by kissing them. "Make me breakfast," they say. Four options may be given:

  • Make the usual | + Love | + Eden's Dominance
  • Make something new
  • Make something with the vegetables from the plot
    • This is only available if the player has cleared the plot from weeds.
  • Make something with mushrooms from the barrel
    • This is only available if the player has collected mushrooms.
  • Refuse | - Eden's Dominance | - Love

Eden will accept anything the player makes, but they will respond differently to what they eat. When making the usual, Eden will not say anything and enjoy the meal. When making something different, they will accept it, but remark that they like the usual better. When making something with vegetables, they will be surprised that the player could make such a delicious-looking breakfast and say that they didn't expect "that weedy patch of land" to have this potential. When making something with mushrooms, Eden's face will flush and their lust will increase. They say the player should be careful what kind of mushrooms they use to cook. After any potential response, the player may

  • Ask for a thank you | - Eden's Dominance
  • Request headpats
    • This is only available if the player has the wolf or cat transformation.
  • Chat | - Stress | - Trauma
  • Sit quietly
  • Slip under the table | Promiscuity 4

Eden will be satisfied with their breakfast and eat without a word. When asking for a thank you, Eden will be absorbed in their food, but notice the player after a while and thank them. When requesting headpats, the player will approach Eden and they will do so. When chatting, Eden will not talk much and instead focus on their meal. When sitting quietly, Eden will continue to eat but then offer the leftovers to the player (they will do this after every response). Slipping under the table requires Promiscuity 4. If Eden's Lust is high enough, they will say they "like how the player thinks" before pulling their face to their genitals, resulting in the player servicing Eden orally. Otherwise, they'll scoff and tell the player to get out from under there.

Lewd Breakfast

If Eden's Lust is at least at 26%, there's a chance for Eden to interrupt the player as they begin gathering ingredients for breakfast. They grab the player by the waist, brushing their lips against their ear. "I've changed my mind," he/she says. "I want you instead." The player can then:

  • Embrace Eden | + Love | + Dominance
  • Push Eden away | - - Love | - Dominance

Embracing Eden initiates consensual sex. Rebuking Eden's advances has them reluctantly accept the player's wishes, unless their Lust is too high, in which a nonconsensual encounter will begin. In both cases, satisfying Eden greatly decreases their Lust. After the encounter, regardless of the outcome, the player will return to the stove to prepare a proper breakfast.

Lunch Together

After hunting with Eden, the player can choose to make lunch for Eden. This actions takes 30 minutes to accomplish. They're surprised when the player passes it to them, but then smiles in gratitude and kiss their forehead.

Dinner Together

If the player is dating Eden, they may make the player dinner after coming back from hunting, saying that's it's fair for them to make dinner since the player makes breakfast everyday.

From then, the player has two options:

  • Join Eden for dinner (0:20) | + Love | + Eden's Dominance
  • Don't join Eden (0:20) | - Love | - Eden's Dominance

Choosing to join Eden will have the player sit down next to Eden, who faintly smiles, seemingly appreciating the company.

Choosing to not join Eden will have the player tell them that they'll eat later. Eden seems disappointed, but doesn't push it and goes back to eat alone.

Going on the Hunt

Sometime after 11AM, Eden will head out to hunt with their gun in hand. They tell to the player "I'm going hunting. Stay near the cabin while I'm gone." Initially, Eden will be against the player coming along, saying that the cabin is safe because predators have learned to stay away. If the player has earned enough trust with Eden, though, they can convince Eden to have them come along. Eden will comply, but ask the player to bring a basket so they can keep an eye out for berries.

Eden and the player then venture into remote parts of the forest, where even a player knowledgeable in history will lose their sense of direction. Eden checks traps they set up, but only one contains a dead rabbit.

More time passes, until Eden comes to a complete stop. "I've got you now" they whisper, their pace lowering to a creep. They then order the player to wait there and not move an inch, after disappearing between the trees. As the player's senses have not been trained sharp enough, they will be unaware of what Eden has noticed. They will, however, notice a bush of berries. The options are then presented:

  • Get the berries
  • Stay close to Eden

The player will endanger themselves if they choose to depart from Eden and get the berries. The player may be successful in getting the berries and go away unharmed but they may also get noticed by someone. This will initiate a non-consensual encounter. The player can then deal with their attackers themselves, or scream for Eden's help. The latter will result in Eden's anger, claiming the person was "touching what wasn't theirs" and reminding the player who owns them. This will then trigger a non-consensual encounter with Eden, but apologizing will likely turn away Eden's rage.

Choosing to stay still as ordered is the safe option. After a while, they will hear a gunshot. There is a one in ten chance that Eden will have successfully shot a deer, otherwise they remark that they lost their prey and only come back with a trapped rabbit. If the berries were successfully taken, the player will remark on their find, which, in addition to the game found earlier, are their spoils of the day. They then safely return to the cabin.

Break after Woodchopping

At 4PM, the player may find Eden outdoors, chopping firewood. They stretch their back and spot the player watching them. They said they could use a break before marching towards the player, covered in sweat and axe still in hand, not realizing how menacing they look. They drop the axe and try to pull the player close to them.

The player can then:

  • Allow it
  • Refuse | - - Love | - Eden's Dominance

If the player allows it, a consensual encounter will commence.

If the players refuses while Eden's Love stat is lower than their Lust, the player will turn away, making their refusal clear. Eden will grab the player by the neck and turn their head to face theirs. They remind the player they're "working hard out there" and that the least they could do is show some appreciation. This starts a non-consensual encounter.

If the player refuses while Eden's Love stat is higher than their Lust, the player will turn away and refuse. Eden complains, saying they're "working hard out there" and berate the player to be more considerate.

Bathing Together

At around 5PM Eden will run a bath and ask you to join. You can:

  • Strip and get in (0:30) | + Eden's Dominance| + Love
  • Refuse | - Love| - Eden's Dominance

If you strip and get in, more options will follow which can increase Love, decrease Stress and decrease Eden's Dominance. If you have made Soap in Eden's kitchen, the player will automatically use this to wash Eden. At the end of the interaction the water will start to get cold and Eden will tell you to leave.

If you refuse this will happen: ""Suit yourself" She/He says, easing herself/himself into the water" and nothing else will happen.

Cabin Chores

Just as the player can interact with Eden during their daily routine, so too can Eden interrupt the player while they're performing certain tasks at the cabin.

"Feeding" the Crops

While on the clearing just outside the cabin, the player can work on removing the weeds from a vegetable plot. This is the most tiring and time-consuming activity of the cabin. Should the player work on this while Eden is around, there is a chance Eden will lean on top of the player and hold them in place. "I've heard sexual fluids are good for plants," they say, "I like the idea anyway. Let's test it. Just relax and let me work."

They then proceed to masturbate the player in front of the crops. As rising tension pents up, the player orgasms and spills their fluids on the plot. If the player is a virgin while Eden does this, they will tell them: "I'm saving your virginity for a special occasion. But knowing me I'll take it before then. It's not my my fault you look so tasty." Eden then departs and leaves a flustered player behind. Although having orgasmed recently, the player's arousal will increase.

Fooling around in the Spring

The spring of clear water near the cabin will normally be dirty and cluttered with tree branches. After cleaning it the player can relax there and decrease stress and trauma, however. Eden will notice that too. When the player is relaxing in the spring and Eden is around, there are good probabilities they will strip and come inside as well. This can happen with or without high Lust. They will whistle at the player suggestively and splash inside. "I don't bother keeping this place clear anymore. It's so much work. I'm glad you feel differently, though."

Eden will then fall prey to their lust and throw themselves at the player. Complying will result in a consensual encounter at the spring.

Winter Preparations

During the month of November, Eden may task the player with getting the cabin ready for winter, unlocking three new chores for the player at the cabin: fix the walls, clean the chimney, and fix the roof.

Whenever the player does any of the three tasks, there's a chance for Eden to "help" the player if their Lust is high enough (at least 26%) and they aren't out hunting.

  • When fixing the walls, the player may suddenly feel a pair of hands grab their shoulders and spin them around. Eden shoves the player against a wall, pressing themselves between the player's thighs and kissing their neck.
  • When cleaning the chimney, the player may end up stuck, their arms pinned to their sides. They panic and call for Eden, who quickly arrives and tugs the player free, though not without the player inadvertently grinding against them. Eden finally yanks the player out, causing both to tumble to the floor. Eden immediately pins the player down.
  • When fixing the roof, the player will suddenly feel their ladder wobble. They look down to find Eden stabilizing it. Once the player descends back to the ground, Eden immediately wraps their arms around the player and pulls them against their chest. "How about taking a break?" he/she asks, rubbing up against you.

In all three scenarios, the player is given the option to either kiss Eden (+ Love | + Dominance), initiating consensual sex, or push them away (- - Love | - Dominance), causing Eden to glare at the player before ultimately leaving them alone.

Relaxing by the Fire

From 6PM until midnight, Eden can be found in their cabin, cleaning their gun by the fireplace. At this point, the player is given several options with them.

Dancing with Eden

If the player has gotten Eden's permission to go out in town, they will have to buy them supplies at the Shopping centre. While there, the player can also buy Eden a radio. This will allow the player to dance with them at night, whenever they're reading by the fire, increasing their Love and Lust.

Eden proves to be a somewhat clumsy dancer, but dancing with them will decrease the player's Trauma and Stress and improve their Dancing skill all the same.

  • He/She lifts you by your waist and spins you in the air, before lowering you to the ground.
  • You lean into Eden's chest, and he/she pulls you closer. In his/her unyielding and secure embrace, you feel safe.
  • He/She almost steps on your feet a few times, and curses to him/herself. You smile at him/her in encouragement, and he/she smiles back.
  • In a daring move, he/she pulls you into a dip. You stare at him/her in shock for a moment, before he/she pulls you back up and continues dancing like nothing happened.
  • You giggle as he/she twirls you around. He/She's a bit clumsy, but he/she smiles.

While dancing, the player has the option to seduce Eden (+ Lust | + Arousal), pressing their bodies together and sliding a hand down Eden's stomach. Note that this does not rely on the Seduction skill at all, rather Eden's Lust; at 20% or higher, Eden will give into the player's temptation, beginning a consensual encounter. Otherwise, Eden will chuckle and brush the player off, resuming their dancing.

Reading with Eden

Even while being held captive by Eden, the player can read by the fire with them. Some of the books can improve the school stats.

Dirty Books

When reading with Eden in the evening, they have a chance to start reading a romance book. Eden skips the lewder passages, blushing. This adds + English and + Lust. From then, the player has several options:

  • Tease | + Lust | + Love
  • Insist Eden read it all (0:30) | + + Lust
  • Just keep listening (0:30) | + Love | - Trauma
  • Stand up

Choosing to tease Eden has the player call their bashfulness cute. Eden protests, saying they didn't realise how dirty some of these books were.

How the player insists Eden reads it all depends on their submissiveness stat.

  • Submissive: ""You don't need to be bashful for my sake," you say. "You can read it all.""
  • Neutral: ""You don't need to skip bits," you say. "I want to hear it.""
  • Defiant: ""You keep skipping the good bits," you say. "Let's hear it all.""

These have the same conclusion, being Eden hesitating over each lewd passage, as if making sure they aren't too licentious, or maybe they're building up the courage. Their blush deepens as they read.

Choosing to keep listening simply has Eden switch to one of the other books.

Massaging Eden

In the evening, if the player approaches Eden they can:

Give Eden a massage | + Love | + + Lust | - Trauma | - Stress

If you choose to do this and have made a Salve in Eden's kitchen, the player will automatically use this. Otherwise you can:

  • Keep massaging | + Love | + + Lust
  • Ask Eden to read to you | + Love | - Trauma
  • Stop massaging

If you choose to keep massaging, the player will keep working on the knots in Eden's back, you can keep massaging after that which will keep increasing Love and Lust, you can choose to keep massaging until the major knots in their lower back pop and you no longer can massage Eden anymore.

Asking Eden to read to you will change the pastime to reading (see above interaction 'Reading with Eden')

If you stop massaging the player will simply stop and you can move on to something else.

Eden's Trauma Comfort

While cuddling near the fire, if the player's Trauma is high enough that they possess the Visibly Disturbed trait, Eden will take notice of the player's shell-shocked state and ask if they're okay. The player can nod, prompting Eden to reluctantly drop the subject, or be honest (+ + Dominance).

Should the player tell Eden the truth, they'll go into detail about the suffering they've endured as Eden grows increasingly upset. They express guilt at letting harm come to the player, even as the player tries to reassure them they're okay now. "I'm here if you need me," he/she says. You can now talk to Eden if your trauma is too high.

After opening up to Eden, the player may now talk about their trauma when Eden is in the cabin if it's sufficiently high (about halfway between You are uneasy and You are nervous). This takes 30 minutes, decreases Trauma and Stress, and increases Eden's Dominance. This action can be repeated as many times as the player wishes, so long as their Trauma is high enough.

Note: If the player brushes off Eden's concerns during the scene in which they notice the player's traumatised state, they won't be able to trigger the scene again, rendering it permanently missable.

Practice Shooting

In the cabin during the evening, the player can choose to "Practise shooting | - Stress" with Eden. This action lasts 30 minutes.

While the player practices shooting, Eden takes a hands-on approach. They get behind the player, wrap their arms around their shoulders and they takes the player's hands into their own to better demonstrate. The player can choose to:

  • Focus
  • Rub your ass against Eden's crotch | + Lust | + Arousal

Choosing to focus will have the player shoot normally.

If the player chooses to rub their ass against their crotch, Eden will stutter, but try to maintain their composure. The player looks back to to Eden, who feigns an innocent expression. They will pull the gun away from the player's hands, casting it onto the ground before tackling them to the ground. The player can:

  • Go along with it | Promiscuity 2 | + Love
  • Refuse | - - Love

Choosing to go along with it will lead to a consensual encounter.

If the player refuses, they will shove Eden away. They don't give up at first, and continue to paw at the player, but their persistence wards them off before long. They stomp back into the cabin.

Dates with Eden

Due to Eden's reluctance to leave the cabin - or to allow the player to leave, for that matter - they cannot be taken on dates in a traditional sense. However, the player may ask them to accompany them to certain locations in the forest.

Searching the Forest

When Eden is present in the cabin, the player can ask them to help search the forest (0:30). Going searching with Eden allows the player to safely earn wolfshrooms, lemons and honeycomb, even with low Tending.

How many times Eden will accompany the player each day is dependent on their Love.

  • By default, they'll help search the forest once a day.
  • With their Love at 40%, they'll go twice a day.
  • At 60%, they'll go three times a day.
  • At 80&, they'll go four times a day.
  • Finally, at a full 100%, they'll join the player five times a day.

Whilst scavenging with Eden, one of four different scenes will play out, generally involving the player acquiring some sort of produce.

  • The player and Eden find a cluster of mushrooms. "Wolfshrooms," Eden says. "I wouldn't come all this way just for those, but since we're here." Unlike wolfshrooms found while searching the forest alone, these ones cannot be eaten; the player's only choice is to pocket them.
  • A deer bursts from the tree line. Eden attempts to shoot it, but it escapes. Has no effect.
  • The player and Eden find a large behave. The player attempts to procure some honey, but Eden interrupts. "No," he/she says. "Let me handle this one." They snap off a single honeycomb without upsetting the nest, handing it over to the player.
  • The player and Eden find a cluster of lemons. Eden picks a bunch and gives them to the player.
    • During a Blood Moon, Eden will instead harvest a cluster of blood lemons. This leads to a short scene in which they discuss the Blood Moon itself, citing it as a "natural phenomenon" that makes people act out, though Eden accuses them of simply using the event as an excuse to indulge their desires. "I've seen some people enter the forest on nights like these. Always in groups." He/She takes your arm and pulls you closer as he/she walks. "But they're easy enough to avoid."

Walk at the Lake

The player can ask Eden to walk to the lake with them once per day, assuming the player is properly dressed (if the player is exposed in any way, Eden will refuse to take them out). Eden agrees, saying they "didn't have anything better to do." While walking there, the player has the option of holding Eden's hand. This flusters Eden, though they quickly brush it off.

Upon arriving at the lake, Eden and the player may walk around the lake or simply admiring the view. If the player chooses to walk around, Eden will pull the player into the trees and try to coax them into sex. Complying will result in a consensual encounter at the lake. If Eden's Lust is higher than their Love, refusing will initiate a non-consensual encounter; otherwise, Eden will sigh and back off.

Afterwards, Eden laughs, saying they should go to the lake more often.

Other Events


As with other Love Interests, the player may celebrate certain holidays with Eden. Currently, Eden has two scenes related to yearly festivities.

  • On October 31st, the player can celebrate Halloween with Eden. See Eden's Halloween for more details.
  • On February 14th, the player can celebrate Valentine's Day with Eden. See Eden's Valentines for more details.

Returning with No Collar

If Eden has permitted you to leave from the cabin, you may go to the Police Station and get the collar they put on you when you arrived at their cabin removed, however if you go back to the cabin, the following event will play out: "Where's your collar?" She/He asks. The player can then:

  • Lie and ask for another one | + + Love | + + Lust | + + Eden's Dominance
  • Just say you removed it

Lying and asking for another will lead to the player getting a new collar, at the end of the event there will be another + + Lust, this event can be done over and over again making it a great way to increase your Lust with Eden.

Just saying you removed it will have Eden get frustrated but they will consider the player's words and ultimately sigh in defeat, they will choose to not press the topic further and the player will not gain a new collar.

Hunting Injuries

When Eden gets back from a hunting trip, assuming the player did not accompany them, there's a chance they'll be attacked by wolves. Should the player meet them in the clearing upon their return, they'll gasp at the sight of Eden, their clothes torn and their body covered in claw marks.

  • Defiant: "You're hurt! How could you be so reckless?" You stomp over to examine his/her wounds.
  • Neutral: "You're hurt!" you cry, and rush over to examine his/her wounds.
  • Submissive: "You're hurt! W-what happened?" You rush over to examine his/her wounds, tears brimming in your eyes.

Eden brushes off the player's concerns, assuring them that they're fine, and they managed to scare the wolves off without incident. Nevertheless, they give the player a wary look before instructing them to come inside. "Better get in. Don’t want you getting hurt too." The player can nod, in which case they return to the clearing, or offer to patch Eden's wounds (+ Love | + Dominance).

  • Defiant: "I’ll take care of your wounds. Just get inside."
  • Neutral: "I could help you take care of your wounds, if you want."
  • Submissive: "Please let me help. You’ve already been through enough today," you plead.

Eden gives in to the player's demands, following them to the dining table and taking a seat. The player strips Eden of their ruined clothes and begins wiping the dirt and sweat off their battered body, noting that the wounds are thankfully shallow. After cleaning Eden's wounds, the player grabs a roll of bandages, only for Eden to grasp their wrist. "I can do that myself." The player can either relent and let Eden handle it, or insist on patching them up (+ Love | + Dominance).

  • Defiant: "No," you pull your wrist out of his/her grasp. "You’re hurt, and clearly exhausted. I’m going to take care of you."
  • Neutral: "Please, let me help."
  • Submissive: "Please, let me take care of you," you plead, looking into his/her eyes.

Amused by the player's stubbornness, Eden chuckles and settles back into the chair, allowing the player to finish wrapping up their wounds. If the player's Tending skill is low, they'll do a somewhat sloppy job, tying the bandages too loose or too tight in certain places, but Eden will be satisfied regardless.

If the player had previously made salves in the cabin, they have the option to apply some to Eden's wounds. Eden initially gives the player a confused look as the player begins undoing their bandages, and the player explains that they remembered the salves. They grab a jar and begin gently applying the ointment to Eden's injuries, with Eden just about falling asleep from the player's tender treatment. The player is then given the option to kiss Eden's wounds, increasing Love and Dominance. The player gently presses a kiss onto Eden's chest, causing them to smile before shutting their eyes again.

After they finish applying the salve, the player fetches Eden a cup of water and nudges them awake.

  • Defiant: "You should take it easy today."
  • Neutral: "I don’t think you should push yourself today."
  • Submissive: "I-I think you should rest more today."

"No promises," Eden tells the player, and they stand up. They pull the player close and kiss their forehead, thanking them for their care before leaving.

Street Pass-Out Rescue

"You feel yourself being lifted into the air. You feel an arm around your waist." .. "You smell the forest for a moment. It's comforting."

If Eden is set as one of the player's Love Interests and the player has been allowed to leave the Cabin for more than a week, they will come to the player's rescue should they pass out in the town's streets.

Eden will carry the player back to the Cabin, lay them in bed, and sit beside them until they wake up.

Asylum Rescue

If Eden permitted you to leave the cabin, and you go missing for more days than they allowed you to be away from them; They will try to rescue you from the Asylum, if a previous plan didn't fail. There are different scenarios:

  • If you have low trauma and that you exercise in the Asylum yard, the first plan where Eden tries to make a breach with a bomb will trigger :
    As you jog up to the fence and lean against it to catch your breath, Eden will rush into full view, emboldened by the sight of you; reaching through the bars to take your hands.

    "I'm going to make a distraction," they say "In a few minutes you'll hear an explosion on the other side of the building. Climb over the fence, and I'll lead you back to the cabin with me. Got it?"

    If you agree, you will share to Eden your concern about the Guard Towers who'll inevitably spot you if you climb the fences. Eden's face falls at this realization. "I'll delay the distraction to 9PM . They shouldn't see you then.". You will then ask about the guards' search lights. "There has to be a Breaker room somewhere providing power. Before the explosion goes off, shut it down and meet me in the forest," they reply, placing a lockpick in your hands and sneaking off.

    You have to shut it down before the deadline or the operation will fail.

    To access this Breaker room, you will need to be inside the asylum before 9PM and Search around for it. Once you found it, you will use the lock pick to break into it and access the control panel. From here, Try to disable power to the search lights. Depending on your Science skill you have a different success rate. Failing will not penalize you.

    At 9PM, Eden triggers the explosion. An ear-splitting bang pierces the air from some distance away. It drives the patients into a panicked frenzy, and security rush to investigate the explosion. If you properly disabled power to the search lights, it will effectively be off during your escape, and no security guards will be on your way. Eden then will bring you back to his Cabin.

    However, if you didn't sabotage it, "a beam lands on you, and you instinctively shield your face from the light. You hear a whistle, then a sharp pain in your shoulder. You black out before you hit the ground.". You will wake up strapped to a bed, a light glaring in your eyes, Doctor Harper standing beside. Surprisingly, he won't be angry, and you won't face consequences.
  • The second rescue scenario where Eden attempts a sneakier plan plays out when you have low trauma and socialise with the other patients :
    You look out the window, at the trees beyond the fence. You see movement, a figure lurking in the dark. It reminds you of Eden.

    This will indeed be them, they will get closer and launch a bolt, on which a paper with a note can be read "I'm coming for you. Mark your window with a towel at 10pm. - Eden". But their plan won't work out because of the Asylum's alarm system. You need to disarm it. During the day, before 9PM, you will be able Search for this alarm system.

    " After wandering the asylum for a while, you find a wireless alarm mounted to the wall somewhere relatively out-of-the-way. Grabbing a butterknife from the cafeteria, you use it unscrew the main panel. There seems to be a bunch of wires connecting the system to the main power source. "

    You need to Try to disconnect it. The success rate highly depends on your Science skill, failing will not penalize you.

    If you are in your cell between 10PM and 12AM, Eden should be watching, and this is the time to throw a towel up to your window to signal your location. "You wait a few minutes, then a rope flies between the bars. You tie the end around the door handle, and give it a tug. It tenses. Eden must be climbing. They will try to saw the metal bars.

    If you disarmed the alarm, Eden will easily saw the bars off, then climb back down. You will then be able to use the rope he used, to climb down the window. Eden will then bring you back to his Cabin.

    However, if you didn't disarm it, The room is bathed in red light, and an alarm blares. Metal shutters snap in front of the bars, slicing through the rope. Immediately Harper and a few guards will barge through the door, however they won't punish you.

Underground Farm Rescue

Similar to the Asylum Rescue, if Eden permitted the player to leave their Cabin and you got kidnapped to the Underground Farm so you physically can't go back to them, Eden will rescue you.

During another day at the farm you see a figure near the fence, while you could just ignore it and go with your day, curiosity beats you and you approach it. It turns out to be Eden wearing rubber gloves and carrying wire cutter to cut the fence.

After cutting it both of you run away from there, but Remy starts chasing you on their horse/centaur, to stop them Eden pulls out their gun and shoots near the steeds legs, causing them to get scared giving you a chance to run back to the Cabin.

When you finally reach safety, Eden hugs you and starts to question your disappearance. You tell them about the humilliation you had to suffer there, which gives them mixed emotions of horror, guilt and anger. After you stop telling them your story they angrily slam the table stating that they "need more bullets", the player calms them down saying that the important part is that they are safe now.

Lake Sand Mermaid Rescue

Passing out in the lake may have the player wake up to being unable to move. They are buried up to their neck in sand, while a group of teenagers stand over them. Another group approaches, fleeing the scene and leaving the player to the mercy of the next group. Usually during this encounter, the teenagers would ejaculate on you, take pictures then leave, however, if you have Eden set as your love interest, you can scream for them. Screaming for Eden will cause two gunshots to be heard and bullets will land nearby, after the teenagers have fled the scene, Eden comes to rescue you and reprimands you for not obeying them, you go back to Eden's cabin and you get shoved to the floor, you are then given the choices of:

  • Seduce | Promiscuity 1
  • Apologise | + Eden's Dominance | + Love
  • Do nothing

If you apologise or do nothing, Eden punishes you in an unconsensual event where they bend you over their knee much like Leighton does during the detention event. However if you seduce them, it will be a consensual event.

Stalking Event

If Eden permitted the player to leave their Cabin and the player does not go back (If you have 100% love with Eden it's the 4th week. Less and it's around the 3rd week). A prompt will apear: Someone is hunting you Eden will hunt the player down, it works like normal stalking event when player can choose to Run, Hide, or Confront. Letting them catch up or confront Eden will have them grab the player in an incredibly pissed off state, causing a hit to Eden's love, they will scold the player and called them a dirty whore before forcefully takes them away. This will lead to Eden lock PC in a cage.

Locked In Cage

When you also have a high dominance Eden, they will hunt you down, capture you either with force or you can go willingly, once at the cabin, Eden will strip you of your clothes, kick you into a cage, and enter into a new schedule.

  1. In the morning they will feed you, but demand that you do not use your hands; you can eat, or refuse and Eden will then initiate a non-consensual exchange.
  2. Eden will then leave to hunt, giving you the option to kick at the cage or stay docile.
  3. Eden returns home hot and bothered and demands you, “do your spousal duties.” Both options of accepting and refusing lead to a non-consensual exchange.
  4. After a while, you may ask Eden to go outside or stay silent; asking to go outside will give two options, “Offer to get them off,” which leads to a consensual exchange and “Say never mind.” Which leads to a non-consensual exchange.
  5. Now when Eden sleeps, you may stay docile and try to sleep, or kick at the cage.