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Eden's Halloween is one of few event questlines tied to festivities - unique events within Degrees of Lewdity that takes place within a specific date and time (October 31st) and will not be encountered otherwise.

Despite being far removed from the town's festivites, Eden can be persuaded to partake in the Halloween season at the player's insistence. Unlike other Love Interests' Halloween events, Eden themselves won't give any sort of prompting towards theirs, meaning it's entirely up to the player to pursue it.


The player spends some time with Eden at their cabin, carving pumpkins and eating sweets.


In order to begin Eden's Halloween event, the player must first eat breakfast with them during what the game classifies as the "Halloween season" (from the 21st to the 31st of October). Whilst eating, the player receives the following message:

  • You look out of the cabin window and stare at the autumn scenery. Seems Halloween is coming soon. Maybe you could buy some candy for Eden to celebrate.


Once the idea to celebrate Halloween with Eden has struck the player, they may go to the Shopping Centre to buy sweets for Eden (0:10). They eventually settle on a small hamper of sweets priced at £20, light enough to carry back to the cabin. Now that they've purchased some sweets, the player must wait until Halloween proper to proceed with the festivities.

Compared to other Love Interests' Halloween celebrations, Eden's has no set timeframe; the player can approach them at any time of the day on October 31st to present the hamper to Eden, as long as they're not out hunting.

Eden reacts with surprise upon receiving the hamper of sweets.

  • Defiant: "Even if you don't go trick-or-treating, there's no reason not to have sweets," you say.
  • Neutral: "I just thought you'd appreciate it since you don't go trick or treating," you say.
  • Submissive: "Well, s-since you don't trick-or-treat, I thought I could bring the sweets to you," you say.

Eden thanks the player for their gift, placing it in the kitchen, where the player notices a knife and some pumpkins. Eden explains that they were planning on baking a pie later. In response, the player can nod or ask to carve pumpkins.

Should the player decide to carve pumpkins with Eden, they're given the option to carve something scary, something cute, or a portrait of Eden. Eden will be impressed with the player's handiwork regardless of their choice.

After finishing up their pumpkins, Eden and the player set them outside before returning to the kitchen. The player remarks that Eden hasn't yet touched their sweets, to which Eden invites the player to share with them. Choosing to nod upon seeing Eden's pumpkins goes straight to this scene, skipping the pumpkin carving.

In response to Eden's invitation, the player can refuse, ending the event here, or accept, leading to the next part as the player and Eden begin enjoying their chocolates. Eventually, Eden will swipe their finger over one before bringing it up to the player's mouth. "Come on," he/she says. "I know you want to." The player can refuse, cutting the scene short, or lick Eden's finger. In the latter case, Eden decides to take things further, taking a piece of chocolate between their teeth. Choosing to kiss Eden (takes the player's first kiss if present) at this point leads to consensual sex.

"Thanks for the sweets," he/she says. He/She grabs the hamper off the table. "And for celebrating Halloween with me."

Eden kisses the player and leaves, concluding the event.


  • This event was the fourth Halloween event to be introduced.
  • Of the four Halloween events, this is the only one that doesn't involve a Love Interest from the School.

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