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Eden's Valentines is one of few event questlines tied to festivities - unique events within Degrees of Lewdity that takes place within a specific date and time (February 14th) and will not be encountered otherwise.

Currently, this is the only Valentine's event in the game.


The player shares a romantic evening with Eden at the cabin, culminating in sex.


During the weeks leading up the Valentine's Day (from February 7th to February 13th, specifically) the player will receive the following prompt while eating breakfast with Eden: "As you sit with Eden, you remember that Valentine's day is coming soon. Maybe you could buy something for Eden to celebrate."

In order to participate in this event, the player must purchase Eden's gift and give it to them before 5:00 PM on Valentine's Day (February 14th). Otherwise, the only requirement is being in a relationship with Eden (i.e. possessing the Stockholm Syndrome: Eden trait).


Once the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day with Eden occurs to the player, they can go shopping for a Valentine's gift at the Shopping Centre. The player will eventually settle on an assortment of bath oils and a romance novel, which they can buy for £35. If the player puts off buying Eden's present until the 14th, they can still buy it on Valentine's Day without consequence, provided they do so before 5:00 PM.

Valentine's Breakfast

On Valentine's Day proper, the player will awaken to the sound of kitchenware rattling and the smell of food cooking. They're surprised to find Eden setting two plates of eggs on the table. "Morning," he/she greets. "It's Valentine's day, so I thought I'd help out." Despite the change in routine, the player smiles at Eden's sweet gesture and joins them for breakfast.

Bathing with Eden

The day will continue as usual, though the player still has their gift tucked away. At 5:00 PM, they're prompted to run the bath for Eden while they're still busy outside. Note that this option will be unavailable past 6:00 PM, or if the player decides not to run a bath, meaning they must choose to run the bath when prompted to avoid missing out on the event.

The player hides the romance novel in a cabinet and readies the bath, stripping their clothes and dipping into the water. If the player purchased a radio for the cabin beforehand, they'll turn it on to set the mood. Soon after, Eden enters. They chuckle and remark that they weren't expecting anything like this. If the player had previously joined Eden for breakfast, they'll mention that they're repaying them for the meal as Eden joins them in the tub.

The player is given the usual options when bathing with Eden: wash Eden (+ Love) or just relax (- Stress). Choosing to relax has the bath pass uneventfully, with Eden and the player quietly enjoying the other's company. If the player washes Eden, they'll eventually ask if they can wash the player, too. Allowing Eden to do so increases their Dominance, while refusing has no effect besides ending the bath early.

After a while, Eden gets up. The player questions their uncharacteristic behaviour.

  • Defiant: "Don't you usually stay in longer?" you ask, throwing him/her a questioning glance as he/she steps out of the tub.
  • Neutral: "I thought you usually stay in for a bit longer," you say, watching as he/she steps out of the tub.
  • Submissive: "I-I thought you usually stay in longer," you say, watching as he/she steps out of the tub.

Eden blushes, stating, "I thought we could spend more time together." After drying off, they take the player's hand and lead them out of the bathroom, taking the player's handholding virginity if present.

Romantic Reading

If the player bought Eden a radio, a brief scene will occur in which Eden and the player share a slow waltz together, ending with a kiss. Otherwise, the player skips straight to reading the romance novel with Eden.

The player takes the book from its hiding place and hands it to Eden, who pauses in thought. "We have some time before dinner. Feel like reading this now?" Refusing ends the event here. Otherwise, the player can nod, prompting Eden to read to them, or read it to Eden instead. Both of these choices lead to the same general outcome, with slight variations.

  • If the player lets Eden read to them, they can either listen or distract Eden. Listening has the event conclude as Eden kisses the player on the forehead before leaving to prepare dinner. Distracting causes the player to tease Eden, kissing their neck and fondling under their shirt, until Eden sets the book aside and pulls the player to the floor. The player can then push Eden away, ending the event, or embrace Eden, initiating a sex scene.
  • If the player chooses to read, Eden will be the one distracting the player instead. As above, the player is given the options to push Eden away or embrace them, both having the same outcomes of ending the scene or leading to consensual sex, respectively.

After having sex with Eden, they'll gently kiss the player on the forehead and before going off to make dinner, leaving the player to reflect on their relationship with Eden. If the player somehow turns the encounter nonconsensual and manages to fight off Eden, they'll express their frustration with the player. "On Valentine's Day?" Eden asks, exasperated. Doing this decreases their Love. Asking them to stop simply ends the encounter without issue, the scene continuing as if the player made them cum anyway.


  • This event was the first Valentine's event to be introduced.

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