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Eden the Hunter
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Eden the hunter/huntress is a hermit who lives deep within the forest. They are self-sufficient and deemed as a capable hunter with a strong distaste for the town. They own Eden's Cabin, their home in the woods. The only way for the player to meet Eden properly is for the player to get themselves captured by Eden.

As a possible Love Interest, Eden is noteworthy in that the player will need a particular character trait in order to properly romance them. Submitting to Eden is essential to acquiring this trait. Otherwise, Eden will be persistently lecherous and aggressive towards the player, resulting in every sexual encounter being non-consensual.


Almost nothing concrete is said about Eden's appearance, leaving it up to the player's imagination. However, when bathing with a romanced Eden, players will have the option to examine their body. They will notice that Eden's muscles are very defined, to which they'll respond that "you can't avoid having a body like this when you live like I do," sounding almost ashamed and giving the player the option to reassure them.

First Meeting

Currently, there are three different ways to meet Eden:

  • First method: Traveling in the woods alone risks the chances of either Eden or Black Wolf taking an interest in the player. When this happens, a warning will be given: Something is hunting you. The player will also be informed of either bullets lying on the ground, boot prints, or the sound of a gunshot from afar. Should the player not get out of the forest in time, Eden will catch up with them. They fire a bullet in the player's direction without actually landing a hit while ordering them not to resist. This then triggers a non-consensual encounter. Choosing to fight off Eden will prove to be very difficult, if not impossible. The player will need very good combat prowess to successfully fight them off. After losing combat against Eden or submitting to them willingly, the player is bound and taken back to Eden's Cabin.
  • Second method: While chasing a clever fox in the forest and failing an Athletic check, the player would fall into a snare trap and be found by Eden.
  • Third method: Failing to pay Bailey for the second time. They will put a bag over the player's head and escort them elsewhere to make a "transaction." The new buyer turns out to be Eden, who then takes the player back to their log cabin. (Read Bailey's Payments for more information on Bailey's punishments.)

After taking the player back to a cabin deep in the woods, Eden will remark that the player is lucky to have been found by them. They will seem softer than before and then make a proposition: if the player "gives them comfort and company," they will "protect and provide for" the player. Regardless of if the player accepts or refuses, they'll be stripped of their clothes before getting tied to a post.


Eden has two timetables depending on their character state, but overall their schedule is consistent in that it sees no change regardless of what day it is.

"Lecherous" Timetable:

  • 7AM-9AM: Eden wakes up, beginning their day by requesting the player to make breakfast for them, which takes twenty minutes.
  • 9AM-5PM: After breakfast, Eden goes about their daily business while holding the player's leash tightly. They keep the player close at all times, at one point tying the player to a tree/post for when they need to use both hands. If the player wants to escape, the player can weaken the leash during this opportunity.
  • 5PM-7PM: Eden will go back home to bathe and have the player get in with them.
  • 7PM-11PM: Eden will relax by reading a book by the fire. The player has the option to cuddle with them (surprising them and increasing both Trust and Stockholm Syndrome) or to get some rest (reducing Fatigue).
  • 11PM-12AM: A lustful Eden will have their way with the player's body. This non-consensual encounter cannot be avoided.
  • 12AM-7AM: Eden will be sleeping. This is another opportunity for escape.

Note that in every segment of Eden's day, the player can choose to either comply with Eden's demands or refuse (and enrage) Eden. Either way, the leash can be weakened little by little if early escape is the goal.

"Trusting" Timetable:

  • 7AM-9AM: Eden wakes up, beginning their day by requesting the player to make breakfast for them, which takes twenty minutes. After having breakfast, Eden spends the remainder of this period inside the cabin "getting ready for the day."
  • 9AM-11AM: After exiting the cabin, Eden will be tending the crops in the clearing just outside.
  • 11AM-3PM: Eden heads out to hunt. The player will have the option to ask to go along, or stay in the cabin. Both options take up the same amount of time.
  • 3PM-4PM: After getting back home, Eden will be outside the cabin skinning their prey, after which the player has the option of making lunch for Eden.
  • 4PM-5PM: Eden will be chopping firewood outside. They may take a break via asking the player for sex.
  • 5PM-6PM: After a hard day's work, Eden will retire into the cabin and prepare a bath. Should the player enter the cabin anytime between 5 and 6 PM, Eden will request the player to get in with them. This will take thirty in-game minutes.
  • 6PM: Eden will make dinner and invite the player to join them.
  • 6PM-12AM: With all their work done, Eden will relax near the cabin's chimney. Depending on the day, they'll spend their time either cleaning their gun or reading. The player may cuddle with them and watch the fire, thereby decreasing trauma and stress while increasing love. The player may also ask Eden to read to them or teach them to shoot. Additionally, if the player has purchased a radio for Eden, they can choose to dance with them.
  • 12AM~ : Eden may crave the player's body. Complying will result in a consensual encounter, while refusing may have the chance of resulting in a non-consensual encounter should Eden not trust the player enough. However, if they do they will simply toss over to the other side, all the while groaning before returning to sleep.
  • 12PM-7AM: Eden will be fast asleep. This gives the player some alone time to focus on activities around the cabin.

Obtained upon getting the Stockholm Syndrome: Eden character trait.


Building a relationship with Eden may be tricky at first as all sexual interactions with Eden are considered non-consensual. This takes a heavy toll on the player's negative stats such as Stress, Trauma and Control if escape isn't achieved quickly.

Romancing Eden requires the player to be submissive and compliant with their desires. Submitting to Eden adds points towards the Stockholm Syndrome: Eden character trait, while rebelling decreases it. Obeying Eden enough times and warming up to them through certain choices will eventually result in the player earning this trait. Alternatively, the player can choose to weaken the leash until it breaks, then choose not to escape. This method is typically faster for gaining this trait. Once earned, the trait doesn't go away. Only then will Eden untie the player, assuming they did not break the leash.

Eden's Opinion of the Player

Note: Eden uses the same relationship text as other People of Interest.

  • Default: Eden has no strong opinion of you.
  • Mid Love, Low Dom: Eden looks up to you.
  • Mid Love, High Dom: Eden thinks you're cute.
  • Low Love, Low Dom: Eden thinks you're irritating.
  • Low Love, Mid Dom: Eden thinks you're terrible.
  • Low Love, High Dom: Eden thinks you're pathetic.
  • High Love, Low Dom: Eden thinks you're inspiring.
  • High Love, Mid Dom: Eden thinks you're delightful.
  • High Love, High Dom: Eden thinks you're adorable.

Character States

Love Interests have the unique ability to drastically change their personality and/or behaviour depending on the player's relationship with them; they may change themselves to suit the player's needs instead of the other way around. These will be referred to as "character progression phases" - CPP for short.

Certain love interests may have several character phases to go through, opening up unique options that are only available when pursuing them as a love interest. It also includes various negative phases they may have to go through at some point, should the player choose the wrong decisions.

Each love interest is given their own unique stat and purpose, and Eden is no exception. Eden's behaviour will become much more trusting of the player, until they eventually think of them as a companion. This allows the player to freely roam around their Cabin and gain the option to join them on their hunting trips.

  • First phase: Starts at the "Lecherous" phase. This is their default personality. The player is trapped within Eden's Cabin and must choose between finding a means of escape or remaining obedient. Eden may initiate more than one sexual encounter during the day with the player against their will, stating that they are "going to enjoy this."
  • Second phase: Enters the "Trusting" phase. The player is allowed free access around their cabin.

Additionally, if they're in the "Lecherous" phase, Eden's schedule will be fairly strict, giving the player little time to keep up with their harsh schedule. However, once they're available as a love interest and they've reached the "Trusting" phase, Eden's schedule becomes somewhat less repetitive and the player has more freedom to interact with them.

Cabin Escape

Escaping Eden can be achieved before or after the character trait is obtained, if one so wishes to do so. Weakening the leash while Eden is preoccupied is key to escaping prior to obtaining the character trait, but openly rebelling against Eden and refusing their requests only results in Eden angrily punishing the player through non-consensual encounters, spanking, or both. In short, being compliant is the only way to avoid racking up excess Trauma, Stress, and Pain during their "Lecherous" phase.

On the other hand, the player can work to earn Eden's trust, have them remove the leash themselves, and escape during one of Eden's outings, since they'll be left alone in their cabin.

Trust, Love and Lust

Eden will need to trust the player should they wish to walk free around the cabin. This is done through remaining obedient, such as preparing breakfast for them during the mornings, bathing with them, and staying put if the leash is worn down.

As one of several love interests, Eden has three primary stats: Love, Lust, and an extra third that's exclusive to them called Trust.

  • Trust measures how much Eden trusts the player during the "lecherous" phase. It starts out at 0. Doing what Eden asks and not running when the leash is broken will raise Trust. Once Trust reaches 200, the player is allowed off the leash and the second phase will begin.
    • Acquiring further Trust doesn't have any impact after the player reaches the "Trusting" phase.
  • Love is increased by doing chores around the cabin, submitting to Eden's advances, seducing them (and following through), showing them non-sexual physical affection, bringing them supplies from town, and successfully bringing back berries from a hunt. Love starts at 0 and goes up to 200.
  • Lust makes Eden approach the player for sex more often. Pleasing Eden sexually lowers Lust, as with all other love interests. Unlike any of the other love interests, however, Eden's Lust increases by 20 points every day after meeting them. Lust can also be increased by feeding them mushrooms for breakfast or being in the same location with a lewd outfit or little/no clothing. Lust starts out at 0 and goes up to 100.
    • When Eden approaches the player character for sex, the player has the option to refuse. If Eden's Love is Higher than their Lust, they will leave the player alone. However, if their Love is not higher, they force the matter anyways, leading to a non-consensual encounter.
    • It's possible for the player to approach Eden for sex first. The higher Eden's Lust is, the lower the Seduction requirement.

Claiming Love

To obtain Eden as a love interest, Eden has to trust the player first and foremost. If the player wishes to stay, they can continue to build their relationship with Eden. Remaining in the cabin and working on the crops, collecting mushrooms, or clearing the spring will increase Eden's trust. Just as before, players should continue to satisfy Eden sexually and accept their requests. Little by little, Eden gradually becomes more accepting of the player's requests, such as allowing the player to tag along when they go hunting and permitting them to spend a limited period of time away from the cabin.

If the player doesn't return to the cabin within the allotted time, Eden will go search for them in the Town's streets. If they're at low Love, they will hold up a crude sketch of the player and bother the townspeople by asking for them. Two options are then given: hide from Eden and move on, or head back to the cabin with them. If the player goes back to the cabin willingly, or if Eden finds the player while hiding, Eden will punish the player with spanking. At high Love, Eden will be more worried than angry and ask the player to return. The player can choose to return, stay in town, or invite Eden on a date in town to either the shopping center or the park.

Also, all following sexual encounters will be consensual. The player can still refuse Eden's requests and defy them, but Eden rarely takes 'no' for an answer. This is especially common if the player just went out of their way to entice Eden, leading to Eden punishing them by forcing a non-consensual encounter.

As a Love Interest

Once the Stockholm Syndrome: Eden character trait is acquired, Eden's behaviour changes drastically. They will no longer parade the player around out of malicious intent, instead treating them as more of a companion instead of a pest and giving the player free roam of the cabin.

The first time that the player tries to leave for town, Eden will disapprove of this, thinking of the player as someone who sleeps around and directly accusing them of wanting to "sleep in someone else's bed". The player refuses, responding that they don't want to return to town for that reason and - if they have a submissive personality - stating that they belong to Eden.

Eden will reluctantly agree to the player's request, but tells the player to return shortly. Leaving the first time will have them tell the player to return in a day, whereas requesting to leave a second time will have Eden agree once more while asking the player to return in a week. After being given permission to visit town, the player can go to the Shopping Centre and buy supplies once a week, which can then be resold to Eden for £150 profit, the original buying price of £50, or simply say that it's fine and gain Dominance. The player can also buy a radio to give to Eden.

Once Eden has accepted the player as their companion, they become more protective of the player. For example: if the player is attacked while Eden is hunting, rather than being angry at the player for ruining their hunt, they'll be angry at the attacker for "touching what's mine."

If the player screams in the forest while Eden isn't hunting, they have a chance of saving the player. From there, you can choose to return to the cabin or continue exploring the forest. This will always occur the first time the player screams during an encounter, with subsequent times yielding a 50% chance that Eden will save them. In cases where Eden can't save the player, the message "You're too far from the town for anyone to hear you, and Eden must not be in the area." will appear after screaming.


Eden never leaves the forest unless they're tracking down a persistently absent player through Town, so almost all interactions with them will take place either in the cabin or the forest. (Read Eden's Cabin for more information on what the player can do while there.)

For more information on Eden's various interactions and events, see Eden's Events.

Other pages detailing certain interactions with Eden:


  • The name "Eden" is taken from the Garden of Eden, the paradisal abode of Adam and Eve. In ancient Hebrew, the name means "delight" or "pleasurable place", but some scholars have explained that the word derives from the Sumerian term edin, meaning "plain" or "steppe".
  • Eden is one of two love interests that's existed since the initial release of the game, the other one being Whitney.
    • The option to choose Eden as a love interest was added in Version 0.2.13 along with the other love interests. They were not initially thought as a "love interest" prior to that however, merely a major NPC whose relationship with the player can be advanced much further in comparison to other Named NPCs.
    • They are also one of five love interests to have a unique character trait tied to them, with the others being Robin, the Black Wolf, Sydney, and the Great Hawk.
    • They are one of four love interests to have a "Stockholm Syndrome" character trait tied to them, with the others being Kylar, the Black Wolf, and the Great Hawk.
  • Eden has a Dominance stat, but as of the current version it does not appear to have any use other than changing flavour text on the Social page. Typically going along with their advances will raise Dominance along with Love, and resisting them will decrease both it and Love. There are two actions that decrease Dominance but do not decrease Love: asking Eden for a thank you at breakfast has no effect on love, and reassuring Eden in the bath about their body decreases Dominance while increasing Love.
  • Even after claiming Eden as love interest they will still continue to hunt PC in the Forest, though it will lead to different outcomes when they confront you and lead to a choice between staying in the forest or coming to their cabin.
  • Currently, Eden is one of four named NPCs in the game whose title changes accordingly with their determined gender, the others being Avery, Jordan, and Leighton.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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