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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

Due to their reclusive nature, Eden's interactions with the outside world are few and far between. That being said, they do share a couple of scenes with other named NPCs - especially those who reside in the Forest.

This page article is meant to be used as a resource for detailing any Eden-related NPC interactions as well as a brief summary of Eden's relationship with them.

Currently, the only named NPC Eden can truly interact with is Gwylan, but they do have scenes implying connections with others.

Other Forest Dwellers


Eden glances around for a moment. "We must be in too deep for that shopkeep," he/she says.
— Eden, referring to Gwylan

Eden and Gwylan share a rocky relationship. Prior to meeting Eden, Gwylan will refer to them as "easily the scariest thing in the forest," whereas Eden seems to have no knowledge of Gwylan whatsoever.

This relationship appears to change after the two are formally introduced, if certain requirements are met. However, Gwylan maintains that Eden "still scares the daylights out of [them]." The two will gradually begin to form a bond after repeated encounters, with their feelings on each other potentially set aside in order for them to see them get along with each other.

Aborted Rescue

If the player is assaulted by Eden near the Forest Shop and tries to Scream, there's a chance for Gwylan to respond to the player's cry. Ultimately, however, they'll hesitate upon seeing that the player's assailant is Eden, before turning and running away.

If the player visits the Forest Shop after witnessing Gwylan's retreat, they will apologise for leaving the player behind, stating that they're "not messing with the hunter/huntress." If Gwylan has already met Eden (see below), they'll instead ask why them and the player were fighting, questioning if the two had a falling out.

A Mutual Friend

Just as Gwylan can save the player should they scream in the forest, so too can Eden, assuming the player them set as their Love Interest. This scene will only occur if the player screams for help near the forest outskirts.

The scene begins with Eden rescuing the player from whatever's attacking them, emerging from the treeline to comfort the player. They'll be promptly interrupted, however, as Gwylan bursts through the forest after them.

Instinctively, Eden aims their gun right at Gwylan, causing the shopkeeper to raise their arms in defense, claiming that they're on Eden's side and came to save the player, same as Eden. Eden is unconvinced and puts their finger on the trigger. | + Stress

Gwylan frantically declares their innocence, telling Eden of their shop outside of town; if the player's already been acquainted with Gwylan, they'll refer to the player as a friend. Eden will look to the player for confirmation. They nod, causing Eden to hesitantly lower their gun. Gwylan sighs in relief before bidding Eden and the player farewell.

Both Eden and Gwylan will continue coming to the player's aid if they scream in the forest. After their initial meeting, the game begins tracking how many times the two have interacted. As they continue to cross paths, they'll slowly grow more comfortable around the other.

In the earliest stages of their cooperation, the two sport a mutual distrust for each other, their interactions awkward and uncomfortable. However, as they cooperate to rescue the player, they'll eventually form an odd sort of bond.

You hear a gun fire close by, and a bullet lands near the wolf. At the same time, a knick-knack of unknown purpose crashes into the wolf's side. It backs off in fear and flees into the forest.

"Nice aim," Eden says as he/she emerges from the forest.

"Wish I could say the same," Gwylan replies, stepping through the treeline on the opposite side. "Unless you were aiming for the dirt." Eden snorts, amused.

You smile. Eden used to be so suspicious of Gwylan, and Gwylan used to be so scared of Eden. It's nice to see them getting along. | - Trauma

If Gwylan witnessed Eden attacking the player before, they'll question Eden on the matter, to which they'll answer that the player "needed to learn to obey [them]." Gwylan seems disturbed by the answer, but won't press the matter. They may also refer to a potential encounter with the Black Wolf; see below for more details.

Black Wolf

That thing will tear you apart the first chance it gets! Stay away from it.
— Eden's feelings on the Black Wolf

Although Eden doesn't currently share any scenes with the Black Wolf, the two are quite similar in the way they pursue the player through the forest, and both have knowledge of the other. If the player has the Black Wolf set as their Love Interest and mentions their name by Pleading or Demanding, Eden will respond with the above line.

Mentioning Eden during an encounter with the Black Wolf garners a similar response from the alpha; the player forlornly stares in the direction of Eden's Cabin, eliciting a growl from the Black Wolf.

Eden may also mention the Black Wolf when interacting with Gwylan (see above). If Gwylan witnesses the Black Wolf attacking the player, they'll allude to it later in the forest, leading to this exchange.

Gwylan turns to you and rubs the back of his/her neck. "Sorry for not saving you before, but I'm not messing with the alpha. Not unless I want the entire pack breaking my door down."

"Wait, you were attacked by the alpha? The black one?!" Eden growls. "If that thing lays a single mangy paw on you, I'm turning it into a rug."

Other Main NPCs

Great Hawk

If the player mentions the Great Hawk in combat, Eden will react with the same line as if the player mentioned the Black Wolf.

Whether this is meant to imply that Eden is aware of the Great Hawk's existence or that they simply hold the same opinion of all beasts/monsters is unknown.


As one of Bailey's punishments, the player may end up sold to Eden. The full extent of Eden's connection to Bailey is unknown, though it's likely little more than a simple buyer/dealer relationship.

Interestingly, unlike with Bailey's other punishments, Eden isn't actually shown to have paid Bailey - by comparison, all other punishments start with Bailey demanding payment before handing the player over. In fact, Bailey isn't shown interacting with Eden at all.


  • When questioned about Eden potentially interacting with the wolf pack, the game's creator answered with the following:
    • "I agree Eden should mention the wolves. They're not a talkative type, but the wolves and Eden are aware of each other, and are rivals to an extent."