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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

The Compound is an unlockable location in Degrees of Lewdity. It is located on the aforementioned street - Elk Street.

It is only accessible through specific circumstances. Once the player has unlocked this location they can access it at any given time on Elk Street - but only once a day with certain rare exceptions allowing multiple visits per day.

The player will be able to obtain some key objects which they can use for their own benefit, either through combat or they can be fetched them for a high price if sold to Landry.

How to Enter

There are two ways to gain access to the compound: through Skulduggery, or through Alex's farm.

Entry via Skulduggery

There are two different ways a player's Skulduggery can gain them entry.

Option 1: Connudatus Street

For the first one, the player would need to unlock the options to "look for marks" (pick-pocketing) on Connudatus Street.

There is a chance for the player to, during their mark searching, find an unlocked car with a wallet, or purse inside. They can choose to take it, but there is also a chance that the owner is seen exiting a building. They have not seen the player yet, but they will learn of them very soon. The player can choose to take it and run, leave it behind, or hide in the car.

If the player chooses to hide in the car, they will then duck under the backseats, keeping the wallet/purse with them while the owner drives away, blissfully unaware of the player in the back of the car.

After a short while, the car will stop and the owner steps out. Once the coast is clear, the player will look out of the window and find themselves on one of numerous compounds on Elk Street. This event is repeatable after gaining access to the compound, so it is entirely possible to rob the compound with the usual daily limit, and then encounter the car event later throughout the day. When visited this way, the existing security status of the compound is bypassed, allowing the player to rob the compound multiple times per day if they are lucky.

Option 2: Combat Theft

For the second one, the player must steal from an NPC during combat. This works for consensual and non-consensual encounters. There is a chance for the player to successfully rummage through their wallet/purse and steal a strange card with an address on it for Elk Street.

The next time the player visits Elk Street, a new location will open up. This is the Compound.

Entry via Alex

After clearing the sixth field of Alex's farm, Alex will approach the player with a proposition. They'll present them with a phial of pink fluid, instructing the player to deliver the "produce" to a buyer on Elk Street. The buyer in question turns out to be the compound.

After delivering the drugs, the player can access the compound at any point onward, same as if they had discovered it through the other methods. Doing so will still be considered a crime, however.

First Steps

The area has tight security, similarly to other places like the Asylum and the Docks.

There are multiple obstacles waiting for the player, most notably guards and guard-dogs. There is also a chain link fence located on the perimeter of the Compound.

Note that from here on out the player will be able to access the Compound via Elk Street any time, but they must watch out for how alert security is.


  • Security is tight on the compound. It is best not to linger here too long, so the player must plan their infiltration carefully to avoid detection. Each turn will make security much more alert to the presence of the player's trespassing. It will only take a few turns until they are fully aware.
  • The more alert security is, the more likely will the player be confronted by guards or guard dogs. If the player chooses to leave the compound, if they are above the first stage of detection they will be unable to access the Compound for the rest of the day as the Compound guards will be on high alert, prowling the perimeter. Visit the Compound the next day and it will revert back to the lowest detection stage.
  • Security levels of detection are as follows:
  1. Security is lax.
  2. Security are suspicious.
  3. Security are aware of an intruder.
  4. Security is on high alert.


Items found here can be retrieved daily, giving the player a good haul from raiding the compound every day. It offers three unique places to explore as well as the final option to escape and return another day. There is also an antique hourglass the player may obtain during a special random event involving the Ivory Wraith.

The options include:

  • A building with storage tanks outside
  • A building with smokestacks
  • The central building

Storage Tank Building

A pool of pink fluid fills the walkway room.

  • A pink crystal can be found here on a plinth within the centre of the room. Nets £50 in stolen goods. Repeatable item.

Note that the fluid may become agitated, causing it to damage the player's clothes.

Smokestack Building

  • A purple crystal can be found here on a plinth. Nets £50 in stolen goods. Repeatable item.

This building is filled with a sweet smoke mixed in with the air, making the player feel light-headed.

You may also find a large, discoloured key here. It is the key to the Elk Street Landfill.

Central Building

  • A laptop can be found here. Nets £100 in stolen goods. Repeatable item.
  • An additional pepper spray canister is found besides the laptop. Adds +1 to Pepper Spray capacity or refill, depending on whether or not the player has already looted the item.

The door to the central building is initially locked, but using Skulduggery it can be lockpicked open. Inside contains an inoperable large lift.


Getting Yourself Caught

Caught by Guards

The player has the chance of being stopped by a guard if they are unlucky, who tells them "playtime is over." At this point, the player has the option for bluffing - requires a Skulduggery check, this will only work once per visit - which has the player tell the guard one of three options (they were looking for their ball, delivering something for the guard's boss, or they state that they have every right to be here and should not be bothered)

The player has the option to fight the guard or simply do as they are told and wait. A successful bluff and/or managing to fight off the guard will give the player another chance at inspecting the area or buy them time to make their escape from the compound to safety. If the player decides to wait instead, the guard will radio for another for backup. Upon arriving, it's noted that they are wearing a lab coat and wish to speak to the player downstairs. The player loses consciousness shortly afterwards.

The player awakens to being strapped to a metal board. They are tied down naked to it. Someone notices the player waking up and begins to stick padded wires on different parts of the player's body, including their nipples/breasts as well as their genitals. The player is then asked who they work for. This gives them three different options.

A prompt will then appear, stating that once the player's Pain or Arousal is maxed out, they will tell them everything.

  • Be honest
  • Choose to lie
  • Flirt
  • Mock

Each turn advances the event as the interrogator slowly becomes more impatient should the player choose to not co-operate.

Choosing to lie has the interrogator see through their lies and in result of them not co-operating, they send shocks through the player's body. This adds a large amount of Pain. The interrogator then asks the player once more.

Choosing to flirt makes the interrogator blush. They lose their focus, before gaining it again and informing the player they should not joke around, reinstating that the player is in big trouble.

Choosing to mock has a similar effect to lying, which the interrogator will not put up with the player's mockery - using the machine to cause the player great pain.

Alternatively, choosing to either be honest or unwillingly be honest through not being able to endure the pain will eventually have the player confessing three things to the interrogator: Why they are here at the compound, what they wanted to steal here, until finally confessing who they sell their stolen wares to.

Should the player manage to withstand the torture through strategic choice picking, the interrogator unties them. They state that they knew this would not work, instead opting to threaten the player with a knife. They leer at the player until they learn that they have been cuffed to the metal plate by the player themselves. Picking up the torture device used on them, the player grabs the machine and leaves through a metal hatch found in the corner of the room. They emerge with a net worth of £200 as they emerge out into the storm drain. Alternatively, if the player confesses everything the interrogator deems them as harmless before the player is forced to orgasm by the device. They are then shoved down a hatch feet first into the storm drain's cold water. Both scenarios result in the player ending up naked.

Caught by Guard Dogs

At random intervals when security is suspicious or more, a guard dog will run towards the player. It will stop in its tracks and start barking. The player has one of three options:

  1. Calm it | Deviancy 2
  2. Fight
  3. Escape the compound | Crime

Choosing to calm it will initiate consensual sex. No matter what the player picks during combat, they will be successful and the guard dog will leave the player alone. Note that this does not decrease security detection levels.

Choosing to fight it will force the player into combat. The guard dog will return to where it came from, regardless of whether the player chooses to successfully fight it off or make it orgasm.

Attempting to escape the Compound will cause one of two things:

  • The dog will chase the player down, bearing itself onto them. Like before, this initiates combat and it will work the same way as fighting it.
  • Otherwise, the player will successfully climb over the chain fence and haul themselves over the top, landing themselves on to Elk Street. Dogs will alert the guards of the player's presence, only just managing to arrive in time to watch their escape. From then on, the compound will be prowling with guards, agitated.

Caught by Security Machine

While investigating the central building, you might be caught by security machine. Metal arms will shoot out, grasping your wrists and pushing you to the ground as the alarm rings out: INTRUDER DETECTED. You then have 2 options:

  1. Protest
  2. Struggle

If you choose option 1, there will be an attractiveness check that requires an A overall rating to pass. If you pass, the machine will state "TEST SUBJECT IDENTIFIED. BREEDING PROCEDURE INITIATED" before a consensual(?) encounter starts. After the encounter, you are free to go. Failing to pass the attractiveness check will return the same result as choosing to struggle.

Choosing to struggle against it proves futile as the metal grip is too tight. Two security guards will then come and shut the machine down. You now have 3 options:

  1. Fight
  2. Convince them to let you go | English: X% (A* in English skill will guarantee a 100% success chance)
  3. Remain silent

Option 1 will initiate a fight with the two guards, while option 3 will send the player to the person wearing a lab coat to be interrogated.

However, if you choose option 2 and succeed, the PC will say "I'm sure your boss will be thrilled with you, catching a local student. I only made it as far as the compound interior". The guards share an awkward look before releasing you outside. If the PC fails, the two guards will ignore the player and proceed similar to option 3.

Selling Aphrodisiacs

After clearing the seventh field of Alex's farm, the player can begin producing phials of aphrodisiac to sell to the compound. If the player has phials to sell, they simply need to enter the compound (provided security isn't still on alert from an earlier visit) and approach the central building. Each phial sells for £1000 apiece.

Mist Hangs Over Elk Street

There is a chance that the player will wake up with the premonition that a fell mist hangs over Elk Street, meaning special event is available. If the player wasn't sleeping, being on Elk Street will inform that a faint mist hangs over the compound.

Should the player attempt to sneak into the compound while this is active, they will be interrupted by the Pale Figure known as the Ivory Wraith. Details of the event can be found on the Ivory Wraith page.


  • This area is key for those invested in Skullduggery.
  • It is currently unknown what is being produced at the compound, but it seems to have connections to the Elk Street Landfill.
  • The developer has stated that there is indeed something going on at this compound, which will be explored more in the future - it may involve the Forest Lake Ruins.
    • It is likely that this is referring to the more recently added mist event.
    • Another strange occurrence at the compound (recently added and likely having to do with what's happening inside the compound) happens when the player is on Elk Street. "Small white creatures" escape from the compound preceded by a bang and a puff of white smoke, in addition an employee runs out chasing them.


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