Elk Street Landfill

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(DISCLAIMER: This page may contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

The Elk Street Landfill, or just the "Landfill" for short, is a unique location found on the aforementioned street.

Similarly to other hidden areas like the Soup Kitchen, it requires the player to discover the area first before they are able to access it.

How to Enter

There are three unique ways of accessing the landfill.

Step 1: Skulduggery

The player is able to discover the landfill using their Skulduggery skill. Note that it requires a rank of A or higher.

Step 2: Collecting The Key

A key for the landfill can be found within the Elk Street Compound. Ironically enough, you may find the required key at the landfill itself whilst there.

Step 3: Passing Out

The easiest way of accessing the landfill is to pass out in one of two specific locations, these are the Night Monster's lair and the Arcade on Starfish Street respectively. If the player passes out in those locations, when they next wake up they will find themselves within the landfill.

Note that passing out at the arcade and finding yourself at the landfill will only happen at night after-hours, or when the player is exposed.

First Steps

After entering, you have three options. Search for valuables, try the gate, and go towards the sound of heavy machinery.

  • Searching for valuables is a crime, but you may find a key to the gate padlock. You can also find a score of other old antiques this way. You can also find discarded purses with money inside them.
  • Trying the gate will lead you back to the main road.
  • Walking towards the sound of heavy machinery takes you deeper into the landfill.

Important Things

It should be noted that the landfill houses dangerous things, similarly to the Compound. While security is much more lax in this location, there is still an odd chance the player will be disturbed. Be cautious.

Upon gathering the key, the player is able to open the landfill's gate near the main road and find themselves back on Elk Street. Doing so allows you to access the landfill at any time. Alternatively, you could use Skulduggery to open the gate.

It should also be noted that dogs roam the landfill, and if the player is not careful they may be attacked by them.


Aggressive Security

During any of the three options listed above, there is an odd chance the player will be disturbed by aggressive security, informing the player the area is off-limits and asking what they are doing there. There are a couple of ways to handle this encounter: Explain, seduce, or run.

  • With high English, when you explain they will believe you're lost. Otherwise they will rape you and then drag you to the gate. If you struggle, they'll rape you again, but it opens a chance to escape (if you can handle the pain).
  • To seduce them, you need an overall grade of B and promiscuity 1. This will trigger a consensual sex scene.
  • Successfully running away requires high Physique, otherwise the player will not be able to outrun their pursuer and will be tackled to the ground, initiating a non-consensual encounter. Regardless of how the player handles the encounter (either successfully fighting them off or making them orgasm) the player will escape back into the landfill safely.

Odd Occurrences

Randomly, the player may feel the ground tremble, trip on nothing or hear a high pitched buzzing. It is currently unknown on what is causing these, but it can be assumed it has something to do with the Compound.

Group of friends

While in the landfill, the player may randomly hear "the sound of girls and boys in the distance." They can either ignore or investigate. If they choose to investigate, they'll come across a group of older girls and boys hiding in the scrap, all huddled around each other and whispering. They can spy on them, revealing that they're comparing their breasts and penises together. The player has the option to either leave or approach them. Approaching them results in the group hiding what they were doing, and telling the player that they'll only reveal it to them if they agree not to "tell anyone about it" and to "do as they say". If the player agrees, a member of the group will say "Okay, so here's the thing, have you ever wanted to know what others are like? Like..." they tap their chest. "Up here, and..." they gesture to their crotch with their other hand. "Down here."


If a feminine player has a flat chest, the group will say they're "flat as a board!" + Insecurity. A member will declare "I dunno about the rest of you, but I'm suspicious of her chest. She's really, really flat. As flat as a boy. Show us your pussy. Or, if I'm right... your penis." The player will then be able to show them their genitals with Exhibitionism 4. If the player has a vagina, the member will say "Wow, you're actually a girl? Sorry, with how flat you were, we thought for sure you were... well."

If a feminine player has budding, tiny, or small breasts, the group will call them "A bit on the small side".

If a feminine player has pert, modest, or full breasts, a member will say "Pretty nice, decent size." as the group nods in agreement.

If a feminine player has large, ample, or massive breasts, the group will let out scattered sounds of awe. A member will give a low whistle and say "Now those are tits with some heft to them."

If a feminine player has huge, gigantic, or enormous breasts, a member will gasp "Holy shit," as the rest of the girls and boys follows suit. Another member will mime milking a cow and say, "She's massive. You could drown in those!", adding + Insecurity. The player will notice one of the girls staring in envy, offering the choice to tell the group about using sea urchins for breast growth in exchange for a fee.


Requirements: Enable Parasites in Settings.

Maggot Parasite

If the player is not careful, they may trip at random and have a maggot parasite cling to a part of their body. Maggots can be removed by washing them off in water, similarly to other lewd fluids like semen or slime. This is easily done within the bathroom in the Orphanage, or just simply swimming around in water around town, such as the Beach, Sewers, or the rivers located within the Forest.

Until then the maggot parasites has an effect of increasing the player's Arousal stat, which may prove very risky in crowded areas, drawing unwanted attention to them.

Ear Slime Parasite

The most dangerous thing the player can encounter within the landfill is the ear slime parasite. This requires a strenuous process to remove, and if the player does not keep track of the days going by it may be considered impossible to remove.

There are various conditions required for the ear slime to appear:

  • Enable Slimes within Settings.
  • Hallucinations. Increase Awareness or Trauma.
  • Enter the Landfill at any time and orgasm. Maggot parasites or any other Arousal-increasing parasite can come in handy here.

Attracted by the player's orgasm, something will stir within the detritus. A living slime oozes out from one of the landfill mountains, squirming across the concrete. It's quickness prevents the player from reaching for it, causing it to squirm into either their left ear or right ear.

A prompt will appear stating that the player will feel unnaturally aroused despite their initial orgasm. It's noted that it's a small feeling at first, before growing into an "overwhelming desire for lewdity." At this point, it adds the "Corruption" statistic to the player within the Characteristics tab.

There is a chance the player is able to successfully defy the slime and lead themselves back to the landfill.


The ear slime parasite adds the "Corruption" statistic to the player. Essentially, it is a mind control parasite. By applying this stat, it makes it much harder to resist the parasite's effects on the player. It's very difficult to remove without guidance elsewhere. Essentially it corrupts you over time, making you do things you otherwise wouldn't do like responding slutty to catcalling or participating in gang-bangs.

The parasite's main effect on the player is to encourage them to be lewd, making them orgasm or otherwise giving up their body for the rest of the world to handle.

For more information on this dangerous parasite, visit this page: Parasites

Passing Out

If the player passes out at any point in the landfill, they will awaken to the sound of rumbling. You will see a moving metal ceiling above you. You try to stand, but your arms and legs are tied. It's noted that you're on a conveyor belt.

The player heads a loud thud up ahead, stealing their attention. A compactor crushes rubbish piles into convenient pancakes, and the player is headed straight for it! (+ Stress, + Trauma). They try to break free, struggling against the bonds - but they're holding firm. The player inches closer and closer until they can feel vibrations through the belt. (+++ Stress, +++ Trauma)

Without warning a siren will blare, with a red light blinking. The conveyer belt will suddenly come to a halt. Several metal tendrils slither from beneath, wrapping around the player's arms and legs, cutting through the bindings and hauling the player from the belt - with them landing on a concrete floor below (+ Pain). The tendrils refuse to let go, initiating a non-consensual metal tentacle encounter with 8-15 tentacles.

Regardless of how the player deals with the encounter, they will find themselves in a dark corridor. The conveyer belt moves again above them. They search for a way out, before finding a hatch in the wall. Upon prying it open, they will manage to squeeze outside with it snapping shut behind the player. They will find themselves on Elk Street, and can return to the Landfill at any time.

If the player has tentacles turned off, then this encounter will end a different way. The metal tentacles will pull away from the player, leaving them dazed as they are found by security. They are dragged to the security room and forced into a 3 person nonconsensual encounter. Causing the the encounter to end via maxing out all the molestors' pain meters will allow the player to make a break for it and escape on to Elk Street. Ending it by making the molestors orgasm will instead cause the player to be guided out into the Industrial Sewers. Either way, the player can now return to the Landfill at any time.


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