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Seasons are one of several gameplay mechanics within Degrees of Lewdity. They have a lasting impact on a day-to-day basis within the game.

Plan around a season to take full advantage of it!


There are four seasons in total, although only one is fully implemented and realized. The characteristics overlay will always display the current season.

Unlike real life, seasons in-game line up with the occurring months. For instance, Spring will start on March 1, and ends on May 31.

Each season is listed in order below, as well as the date and time it begins and ends before transitioning to the next season.

  • Spring (March 1 - May 31)
  • Summer (June 1 - August 31)
  • Autumn (Fall) (Sept 1 - Nov 30) (Starting) [1]
  • Winter (Dec 1 - Feb 28) [2]

Extra notes below:

  • [1] = A new game will always start on September 1.
  • [2] = Ends on Feb 29, if playing on a leap year. These are accurately coded into the game, and will take place every four years akin to real life.
    • 2020 is an example of a leap year, with the next (and nearest) one being 2024 if the player started after 2020.


Seasons do not come with just gameplay changes, but visual changes as well. Location art will change to match the current season, and reflect its current state.

NPCs will adjust their schedule to match the current season too. For instance, during Winter, Robin will move from their usual lemonade stand, to the park - opening a hot chocolate stand in the process to serve to warm up freezing customers.

As such, all events regarding Robin's lemonade stand that would otherwise take place on the beach during a weekend will now take place at the Park.

Certain seeds can only be planted during certain seasons.


  • TBA


  • Tanning in the sun is much more effective during summer days.
  • Temperatures outside will rise greatly to match the heat.


  • The orphanage, as well as the town, will celebrate Halloween from the start of the middle of October, unlocking unique events related to the festivity.


As the end of the year approaches, Winter descends onto the town, bringing plentiful amounts of snow.

A list of changes that take place during Winter is provided below.

  • Temperatures outside will decrease greatly to match the cold.
  • The orphanage will celebrate Christmas from the start of the middle of December, unlocking unique events related to the festivity.
  • Robin will move their stand over to the park during winter, and sell hot chocolate instead of lemonade.
  • The lake freezes over during winter. The ice in the centre is thin, and swimming to the ruins is possible, although more dangerous during this season.
  • Snow-covered variants of location art to match the wintery feel. Weather art will be changed to represent snowy weather and lighter overcast clouds.
  • Water sources become very cold during winter. However, the sea and certain underground pools remain a comfortable temperature.
    • Swimming gear such as flippers, a diving suit and swimming goggles will help keep the player warm in cold waters.
  • Tanning in the sun is now much less effective in the winter months.
    • However, this problem is circumvented if the player uses the tanning salon at the Danube Spa instead, as it will always be as effective as tanning in the Summer. The salon works regardless of season, meaning the player can still get themselves as a tan at any time of the year.
    • If the player finds the spa to be too expensive, they must either find means of making money, or wait until Winter is over - alternatively, they can wait until Summer arrives for the tanning effectiveness increase.


There are two things the player must keep track of during seasons - temperature, and warmth. This section will cover temperature.

Depending on the season, temperature and warmth is adjusted accordingly, having several effects on the player. It is generally advised to wear warm clothing during cold seasons, and maintain light clothing during hot weather and seasons.

Temperature is separated into two different stats - interior (inside), and exterior (outside). Exterior temperature is determined by three factors: the season, time of day, and weather. On the other hand, interior temperatures will always remain comfortable due to heating.

Seasons have different temperatures, determinant by what is referred to as "chill points." These will range from 0-200.

The player will always start a new game in Autumn, therefore it will become the baseline for differences between season temperatures. See the list below:

  • Autumn (Default, 60 points)
  • Summer (0 points, -60 points from Autumn)
  • Spring (50 points, -10 points from Autumn)
  • Winter (150 points, +90 points from Autumn)

Therefore, the player would need to lose 60 warmth rating points to reach the same temperature in the summer, compared to autumn.


This section will cover warmth, continuing from the last section.

Effectiveness of clothing during harsh weather is determined by its warmth rating. Wardrobes and clothing shops will indicate if the player's clothes are deemed as suitable for the current climate. Clothes will stop providing warmth if they become too wet somehow - such as entering shivering water. Water will generally tend to ignore the warmth rating.

Not having the appropriate clothing will result in the player becoming chilly and/or cold - increasing the impacts of Stress daily. Simply being cold has a greater impact on Stress. However, if the player has the appropriate clothing - or is overdressed - being warm (or hot) will fatigue the player quicker. Similarly to being cold, being hot has a greater impact on Fatigue.

Essentially, the cold manages Stress, and the heat manages Fatigue.

The temperature of individual body parts is not tracked, resulting in the player theoretically being (somewhat) comfortable in the winter cold in just their underwear, as long as they are wearing clothing that would otherwise increase warmth/comfort (such as mittens and warm hats/shoes) - unless the weather/temperature is very cold, that is.

See the warmth indicator illustrated below, for more information.

The warmth indicator, illustrated in-game.

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