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Lewdity Stats are the main statistics among the player's Characteristics. They are the game's primary focus. Players should monitor these statistics carefully when aiming for specific builds.

Lewdity Stats affect the player's abilities, traits and choices in a wide variety of ways. Some stats affect how people view the player, while others will unlock options during events.

Unlike other Characteristics such as Main Skills, Lewdity Stats can both increase and decrease over time. Like all skills, they can be grinded and leveled up, but they may also decay over time. They may be otherwise affected by player action or inaction.

The only exception to this rule is when the player plays in Hard Mode, a setting that can only be selected when starting a new game. Playing in Hard Mode removes the decay of Promiscuity, Exhibitionism and Deviancy, making Trauma and Control increasingly difficult to manage. However, should the player end up in the Asylum, the game mode will be set back to Normal Mode, and the aforementioned Lewdity Stats will increase or decrease.


Awareness defines how perceptive the player is regarding sexuality. It affects how the player views the world and how they are able to respond to it. Meager Awareness will make the player innocent and unwitting to certain events in the world, while high Awareness makes the player acutely aware of sexual acts, suggestions, kinks, and the lust of others. Awareness affects flavor text in a variety of events. High Awareness also grants the Controlled/Uncontrolled Hallucinations trait.


Raising Awareness is generally not advised if the player wishes to play it safe, otherwise they can do so via the following methods:

  • Any sexual act in combat will increase Awareness up by a decent amount.
  • Praying at the Temple.
  • Being visited by a presence when praying in the Temple praying room.
  • Meditating in certain places, such as the Forest Lake.
  • Smoking in the Hookah Parlour.
  • Tentacle encounters caused by hallucinations will also help towards increasing Awareness.
  • Generally picking actions that would otherwise increase Awareness.

On the other hand, lowering Awareness may prove to be more tricky, but there are a few methods of achieving this:

  • Consuming medication prescribed by Harper will lower Awareness.
    • Harper will give the pills to the player if they have been involved in nonconsensual encounters often and have a good amount of Trauma. The player will faint from high stress/trauma and wake up at the Hospital shortly afterwards.
    • There are more powerful pills that the player will receive after returning from the Asylum, which lower Awareness even more.
  • Harper's therapy sessions and treatments in the Asylum gives opportunities to lower Awareness.
  • Playing Tenyclus in the Arcade seven days in a row massively lowers the player's Awareness. This is a non-repeatable event.
  • In the same vein that Awareness can be increased through meditation or praying, this can also be done to decrease Awareness.

Wearing a dark pendant (purchasable in the forest shop after Orphanage loft is discovered) doubles Awareness gains and losses.


High Awareness comes with several side-effects. Most notable effects include:

  • A new option is unlocked during combat with level 4 Awareness or higher. (Your knowledge of sexual depravity extends beyond that of most people). This is the [Tease] / [Mock] option, a bratty option that can anger NPCs and let you recover a little bit of Control if said during a non-consensual encounter (and you successfully mocked the NPC for a trait they are insecure of).
  • At level 4 Awareness, the player can initiate double penetration during combat, and NPCs are more likely to initiate double penetration.
  • Higher Awareness unlocks more options during masturbation, letting the player max out their Arousal quicker. One of these options allows the player to play with their breasts, which requires 100 Awareness points. Be sure to refer to the extra stats menu for specific Awareness values.
  • Unlocks new body-writing.
  • High Awareness (and/or Trauma) may cause hallucinations, making the world a more dangerous place. Tentacles will appear much more often in more places. They have an odd chance of appearing anywhere around Town, and may also appear in other places where tentacles are hidden in plain sight such as the Orphanage garden or the Forest, to name a few examples.
    • Tentacles appear regardless of whether the toggle is enabled or not! This is important to keep note of, as it may cause confusion at first if the toggle is disabled.
  • Monster boys/girls appearing, instead of usual beasts. The NPCs obtain human-like silhouettes and qualities, gaining the ability to speak directly to the player during combat, although certain scenarios may call for it outside of combat. They still maintain their main beast-like qualities such as their genitalia, and act as a beast otherwise would. They have human-like bodies and can take combat actions that beasts cannot, such as choking the player with their hands, but are not generally more dangerous.
  • At level 5 Awareness (You have seen things that few are privy to.), the player can access the tentacle forest in Hookah Parlour.
  • At level 6 Awareness (You have peered into the depths of depravity.), or at A* Science and level 3 Awareness (You have a normal understanding of sexuality.), female and hermaphrodite players receive a safe day tracker under Characteristics which gives them a warning on how likely it will be that unprotected intercourse that day will get them pregnant.

This allows the player to obtain severe hallucinations without high Trauma. Severe hallucinations can also be gained by wearing the glasses from the Hookah Parlour.

Awareness is tied to the feats "Most Aware" and "Most Innocent", these being awarded for reaching maximum and minimum awareness, respectively.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • You are innocent.
  • You are almost entirely innocent.
  • You have a limited understanding of sexuality.
  • You have a normal understanding of sexuality.
  • Your knowledge of sexual depravity extends beyond that of most people.
  • You have seen things that few are privy to.
  • You have peered into the depths of depravity.
  • Your understanding is transcendental.


"Innocence" will replace Trauma upon reaching the minimal amount of Awareness.


  • Hides any Trauma increases - however, Trauma will still be accumulated. If the player's Innocence meter runs out, all Trauma gains accumulated while the player was deemed as innocent will be instantly put onto the player all at once.
  • Additionally, all bonus additional effects of Awareness will be instantly lost when the player turns Innocent. This means less tentacle encounters around the world, and less masturbation options.

Essentially, a player with no trauma prior to gaining Innocence has a good chance of having their Trauma set to very high simply because of the Trauma they earned while they were Innocent.

Increasing Innocence is obtained via these methods:

  • Using the prescribed medication from Harper.
  • Using the stronger dose of pills, prescribed to the player after leaving the Asylum.

Both will decrease Awareness, and increase Innocence.

Innocence progresses as below, it appears at the sidebar and not in the characteristics tab:

  • You are oblivious. (-200 Awareness)
  • You are naive. (-199~-151 Awareness)
  • You are trusting. (-150~-111 Awareness)
  • You are curious. (-110~-71 Awareness)
  • You are perplexed. (-70~-31 Awareness)
  • You are uncertain. (-30~-1 Awareness)
  • You understand. (>0 Awareness)


How pure the player feels. It affects the speed at which the player's genitalia recover from being spent (ten times faster with no purity).

Purity will increase by one point each passing day, or three if the player has the Virgin trait. It is lowered if the player ejaculates inside someone or gets ejaculated inside of (including beasts and tentacles), orgasms during any masturbation sessions, drinking lewd fluids (like breast milk), losing a virginity, or engages in tribadism by rubbing clits together (only above 45 points of vaginal wetness). Orgasming while in sexual encounter with Sydney while promised to them does not reduce purity.

If the player wears clothing marked with the "Holy" trait, their Purity gains (and losses) will be multiplied (It stacks, so a full set of holy clothing gives 5x purity gains/losses). Examples include the Holy Pendant, as well as any church-related clothes such as the nun's habit and monk's habit respectively. This also has the effect of masturbating in the Temple making the player feel defiled afterwards.

The feat boost "Daily purity boost" increases daily purity gained by up to 5 points per day and "Daily impurity boost" increases daily impurity gained by up to five points. These boosts manifest as the Purity boost and Impurity boost trait respectively; can be applied when starting a new game and must first be unlocked. Note that they do not prevent the player from acquiring any transformation.

The counterpart to purity is impurity, although this is not it's own stat, but simply another term for Purity losses instead.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • 7/7 You're angelic.(1000 Purity)
  • 6/7 You don't feel entirely pure. (900~999 Purity)
  • 5/7 You feel slightly soiled. (800~899 Purity)
  • 4/7 You feel soiled. (700~799 Purity)
  • 3/7 You feel somewhat defiled.(600~699 Purity)
  • 2/7 You feel defiled. (500~599 Purity)
  • 1/7 You feel utterly defiled. (1~499 Purity)
  • 0/7 You are beyond defiled. (0 Purity)

Purity and Transformations

Purity is tied to three specific transformations, these are as follows:

The Angel transformation requires the player to reach and maintain maximum Purity for 50 days to obtain, and high purity must be maintained to keep this transformation. It also requires the Virgin trait, as losing this trait locks the player out of reaching max Purity. The player loses the transformation if they are not consistently at max Purity at the end of each day.

If the player loses the Virgin trait, they will obtain the Fallen Angel transformation and hit maximum Trauma instantaneously (only during a non-consensual encounter). Purity will then decay over time until it hits zero, causing the player to transform into a Demon.

The demon transformation requires minimum purity to obtain and maintain. Ending the day with anything but minimum purity causes immense stress gains.

The purity icon displayed in the Characteristics overlay will change accordingly, should the player possess these unholy transformations.


How physically fit the player is. This is mostly a combat stat; the higher it is, the more capable the player is at defending themselves. It is capped by their Body size. There are some encounters and events that take this into account.

Physique will degrade if the player does not get enough daily exercise. Initially just going to swim class and choosing to 'Focus on the lesson' is enough to maintain it, but it can be harder at higher levels where the player will need to try harder to train it frequently. Unlike other stats, the player starts in the middle instead of at the bottom.

Note that the success of all physical activities in not dependent on the player's physique - some depend purely on their swimming or athletics.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • You are emaciated.
  • You are skinny.
  • Your body is lithe and slender.
  • Your body is slim.
  • Your body is slim and athletic.
  • Your body is toned and firm.
  • Your body is toned and powerful.


How strong the player is mentally. Similarly to Physique, this works as a combat stat. The higher it is, the better. Usually, the player is disabled for three turns as they convulsed in an overwhelming ejaculation/orgasm or disabled indefinitely while suffering overwhelming pain. The more Willpower the player has, the higher the chance that they will overcome the 'stun'-like effects. Additionally, meditation effectiveness at the Forest Lake is determined solely on how much Willpower the player has. Note that Willpower decays automatically by a small amount each day. Decay of 3/day.


This stat can be increased through specific events, such as the "Trial by Fire" weekly test of purity at the Temple or Winter's torture demonstration at the Museum once unlocked. Experiencing overwhelming pain and enduring it during encounters, experiencing orgasms during encounters (recommend sleeping with Sydney[1] in the prayer room), meditating at the Forest Lake, smoking in Hookah Parlour, and praying in the prayer room at the Temple can also increase Willpower. Taking Yoga at the Dance Studio also increases Willpower.

The best method of increasing Willpower appears to be to repeatedly enter multi-person consensual encounters (i.e. gangbangs), especially with tentacles, as they bring the player to orgasm multiple times during one encounter. As such, it is rather hard to avoid low Purity when attempting to get high Willpower. Willpower naturally increases here when the player tries to reassert control of themselves after an orgasm.

  • There is also an alternative no sexual way: "overwhelming pain" gains a little willpower. So you can intentionally provoke Bailey and enter an overwhelming pain state to gain willpower every day.

A consensual gangbang can occur given high enough Promiscuity and Exhibitionism, in which the player stumbles into the wrong sex changing room just before entering the pool at the school.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • You are timid.
  • You are fainthearted.
  • You are mindful.
  • You are resolved.
  • You are determined.
  • You are tenacious.
  • Your will is iron.


How attractive/alluring to others the player is. It increases slowly with time, but the player can get a boost by choosing the "Beautiful" background stat at the beginning of the game. This stat will make the player more susceptible to non-consensual encounters, as well as enhance Seduction attempts. With a higher Beauty stat, the higher the Attractiveness stat will also increase as well, which determines how successful seduction attempts are.

Additionally, Beauty will also increase the Allure stat, resulting in a frequency of lewd events in general, as aforementioned. Checking the mirror in the player's room gives a list of all the things that affects both stats.

This stat is not affected by anything but two specific things: Trauma, and time. Trauma lowers Beauty. The higher the trauma, the slower it increases over time. If trauma maxes out, any more trauma gained will otherwise decrease beauty instead. Trauma-inflicted states of mind (such as possessing empty eyes) makes the player seem less "beautiful" to others, thus the decrease. In regards to time, as stated above, beauty increases over time, adding 100 points at midnight with 0 trauma. Every 100 points of trauma subtracts 2 points from the nightly beauty increase until 0 beauty can be gained.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • You are plain.
  • You are cute.
  • You are pretty.
  • You are charming.
  • You are beautiful.
  • You are ravishing.
  • Your beauty is divine.


Promiscuity will determine how eager the player is for sexual activity with other people. As is the case with the other lewdity stats, levelling it unlocks new scenes and actions. There are many opportunities to level up Promiscuity, including a variety of random events in Town and School. Promiscuous players will have more options during consensual sex to please their partners. Kissing and fondling NPCs during certain events will also be unlocked when increasing Promiscuity, such as fondling Robin while eating lunch at the school canteen, or fondling coworkers while working at the Strip Club as a bartender. Promiscuity 5 will let players penetrate/envelop their partner during consensual encounters and even initiate gangbangs in certain events.

  • At first, with Promiscuity 1, the player will only be able to flirt with others. The Pub, Robin's lemonade stand at the Beach and the school canteen before school begins are good places for grinding it.
  • Promiscuity 2 will let players accept sexual advances from people the player flirted with, such as in school or the pub. However, the player will not have many options to please their partner just yet, taking a more passive role. More options during sex are locked behind the higher levels
  • Promiscuity 3 will let players use their hands and feet during consensual sex, besides sucking or licking an NPC's breasts. This level will also let players engage in prostitution and ask for money in some encounters that would be otherwise non-lucrative. The player will also have the option to be bolder in some events, such as fondling and kissing Robin further during a date at the cinema or giving a handjob to a leering monk/nun at the Temple.
  • Promiscuity 4 primarily unlocks the ability to perform oral sex. Licking or sucking an NPC's genitals will be unlocked upon reaching this level. Players will also be able to earn money with gloryholes at school or at the Brothel. Certain options during some events will also be unlocked, letting the player be even bolder and lewder.
  • Promiscuity 5 as the highest ordinary level will let players penetrate or envelop their partner in any consensual encounter. It will also let players propose gangbangs, such as in school during the math lesson (only after successfully making River faint) or when three orphans barge into the showers while the player bathes at the Orphanage.
  • !Promiscuity 6! will allow the player to perform the absolute unthinkable during non-consensual encounters. Performing these acts will fully restore all Control for the player at the cost of extra Trauma and Stress. Removing a condom if pregnancy between the player and NPC is possible will require this tier of promiscuity. Leglocking a NPC rapist always requires this tier of promiscuity under all conditions.


Here is a simplified version, using the information above as a base. It is a quick guide on how to raise Promiscuity efficiently. Easy to follow, refer to this if there are issues.

  • Promiscuity 1 and Promiscuity 2 - Flirt and seduce at the Pub.
  • Promiscuity 3 - Enter consensual (NPC/LI cannot be submissive) encounters, use hands or feet on people's genitalia and/or suck on NPC's breasts, then choose to pull away. Repeat this as long as possible (until the NPC stops letting the player proceed with the actions) A good way to enter a consensual encounter is is to accept going into a car when asked on the street.
  • Promiscuity 4 - Brothel gloryholes can be used at this point to get consensual encounters much more easily. Choose mouth options on genitalia (NPCs with vaginas will work best for this) and then pull away and do the same action over and over again until the player reaches the next Promiscuity stage.
  • Promiscuity 5 - Any consensual penetrative sex will increase it, but the fastest method is using the player's mouth on NPCs' penises. Have the player envelop it with their mouth, then pull away and repeat until promiscuity is maxed out.

The "No More Control" feat requires the player to reach maximum promiscuity, along with exhibitionism and deviancy.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • 0/6 You are chaste and pure. (0 Promiscuity)
  • 1/6 You are prudish. (1~14 Promiscuity)
  • 2/6 You are sexually curious. (15~34 Promiscuity)
  • 3/6 The thought of sexual contact excites you. (35~54 Promiscuity)
  • 4/6 You crave sexual contact. (55~74 Promiscuity)
  • 5/6 You are a slut. (75~94 Promiscuity)
  • 6/6 Your sexual appetite is insatiable. (95~100 Promiscuity)


The player's willingness to expose their body in public spaces is defined by Exhibitionism. As is the case with the other lewdity stats, levelling it unlocks new scenes and actions. Exhibitionism will grow from tame exhibitions to eventually being able to expose their genitalia in front of others, including strolling around town completely naked. Many events in town, at school and at the orphanage will let the player increase their Exhibitionism, but working as a dancer is the fastest way to level it up. Dancing is closely tied to this Lewdity stat, because it will unlock two different dances and many stripping options.

Exhibitionist players will also be able to romance Whitney better, since Exhibitionism is one of the traits that they really like to see from the player.

Ultimately training exhibitionism isn't considered as harmful (with the only downside being the fame stat) as the other lewdity stats, as being able to choose the full range of exhibitionism options in combat encounters is plenty useful to the player.

There are a few unique events tied to the player's level of exposure.

  • Studying in the school Library while exposed (and school is not in session) will provide a bonus in learning.
  • Exercising in the park at night while exposed increases Physique faster, though this will increase a special type of fame. Doing so in underwear has no requirement, but doing so nude requires Exhibitionism 3.
  • If the player is exposed strolling at night in High Street, they will have the option to enter an otherwise inaccessible service station. Doing so will invariably result in someone in the store noticing. This may result in the player getting groped or at least getting a free candy from the individual who spotted them, pleased at their exposure.
  • Masturbating in the Temple. Requires Exhibitionism 4, and has a big loss to Purity.
  • Allow Niki to take promiscuous shots of you. Requires Exhibitionism 4, results in exhibition fame rising.

The "No More Control" feat requires the player to reach maximum exhibitionism, along with promiscuity and deviancy.


Exhibitionism is one of the more easy lewd stats to increase, but the most straightforward method for raising Exhibitionism is to either dance at the Strip Club, and/or Brothel.

The Brothel is preferred over the Strip Club due to feeling less restrictive on the player, but comes with it's own consequences. For instance, the Strip Club has closing times and security, but said security will escort the player away from the stage should they find the crowd becoming too rowdy to handle. With the Brothel, this does not occur, and it will not close after certain times.

Once on stage, choose the most lewd dance option available for Exhibitionism 1 and Exhibitionism 2. Once the player reaches Exhibitionism 3, strip as much clothing as possible, then immediately stop and start up another dance.

It is essential that the player chooses the appropriate options here - if at Exhibitionism 3, then they must choose actions that say exactly that. Exhibitionism 2 choices or less will not increase from here onwards.

Rinse and repeat until the stat is maxed out. Absolutely make sure that to wear clothing and then subsequently strip while dancing on stage. In general, the player can relax at the rear courtyard of the school during lunch or roam around the streets and flash given the opportunity, requiring Exhibitionism 2, reveal or agree to sell underwear for Exhibitionism 3, reveal breasts, masturbate at the temple, or bathe in the fountain at night for Exhibitionism 4, and reveal genitals or masturbate in class for Exhibitionism 5.

Some players may find it difficult to get past Exhibitionism 4 from revealing their chest at the brothel as it is typically not considered to be lewd for players that look like a boy. This can be solved by having breasts that are at least "small", or by crossdressing to look like a girl.

If trying to increase Exhibitionism without increasing the corresponding fame stat, the Park proves to be a very useful location. At Exhibitionism 1 and Exhibitionism 3 (and the first part of the subsequent stat bars also), visit the park bathroom at night when "There's no one around". Undress to underwear/naked as able and then Sneak Out. This takes 1 in-game minute each repetition, and is generally fairly safe, even if moving around at night is not. If not trying to max Exhibitionism in one go, this is an easy and highly effective way to do this. At Exhibitionism 4, simply masturbate in class. You can also bathe in the park fountain once per night, but doing so without a high swimming skill is dangerous, as is doing so without first hiding your clothes in the nearby bathrooms (as they can be noticed and taken, even if the player isn't).

Exhibitionism 2 is more difficult without increasing the corresponding fame stat, as that relies mostly on random encounters most of which do increase exhibitionism fame. There are at at least three useful once-per day activities: eating pancakes at the cafe during the day while wearing a skirt resulting in a fairly common but still somewhat luck dependant event, streaking on Connudatus in underwear at night (relatively safe, the main danger here is just being alluring at night, oddly enough), and the rather dangerous act of leaving home in underwear at night (use the garden, as leaving directly from your room is even more dangerous). Of these only the former is safe. One event that does not increase Exhibitionism Fame is studying in the school at night in a swimsuit and deliberately revealing yourself to security when caught (risking a combat encounter), but this is more useful for studying than increasing Exhibitionism quickly.

Finally, allowing your skirt to be picked up by the wind at the beach at night (during the day results in excess attention), or exposing your underwear to individual NPCs (rather than groups) does increase Exhibitionism fame, but the fame increase is small and does help get past Exhibitionism 2.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • 0/6 You are coy. (0 Exhibitionism)
  • 1/6 You are shy. (1~14 Exhibitionism)
  • 2/6 You like being sexualized. (15~34 Exhibitionism)
  • 3/6 You enjoy lewd attention. (35~54 Exhibitionism)
  • 4/6 Feeling exposed excites you. (55~74 Exhibitionism)
  • 5/6 You are shameless. (75~94 Exhibitionism)
  • 6/6 The thought of exposure fills you with wild abandon. (95~100 Exhibitionism)


Deviancy is how eager the player is to lay with non-human entities. As is the case with the other lewdity stats, levelling it unlocks new scenes and actions. Deviancy grows primarily through engaging in encounters with animals or tentacles.

Having higher deviancy opens up more options with those types of creatures, including more options for players who live at the Wolf Cave, and being able to "thank" animals such as dogs in the street by offering themselves to the animal and triggering a consensual encounter. Additionally, Deviancy paired with Skulduggery will grant the player the ability to calm down guard animals when they are caught trespassing. Deviancy works very similarly to Promiscuity, albeit with non-human NPCs instead of humans.

Increasing Deviancy

There are many ways for the player to level up Deviancy. The following is not a comprehensive list of all opportunities, but they are the most notable:

  • Asking for work in Alex's Farm will offer players a wide array of opportunities to grind Deviancy, even if no previous progress has been made. This can be done all the way to max Deviancy. The player can begin their deviant journey by milking cows by hand (Deviancy 1), then by accepting the advances of horny dogs or pigs (Deviancy 2), then by manually releasing the sexual tension of the farm's steeds (Deviancy 3), then by orally servicing the steeds and milking the cows by mouth (Deviancy 4) and finally, by letting horses in heat mount the player whenever they need special attention (Deviancy 5).
  • If players find themselves confined in the Underground Farm, they will also have chance to level up Deviancy all the way to maximum. This will be done simply by interacting with Remy's steeds. Approaching them will let the player fondle and eventually lick and copulate with the horses. The animals will be available for a good portion of the day, so levelling up Deviancy here will be very easy.
  • A relatively safe way to become more deviant is through the 'squid fondle' event at the beach, encountered when entering the sea. A squid will swim up to the player and latch on to their nipples, caressing and massaging. Letting it do so requires Deviancy 1, meaning no previous progress through deviancy is required. The squid will remain until the player exits the water.
  • Between 3:00AM and 4:00AM in the player's bedroom, some tentacles will materialize in the mirror. The player can approach them and then proceed to kiss and lick them. Deviancy 1 and Deviancy 2 will be required, in addition to the controlled/uncontrolled hallucinations trait.
  • The player may also encounter 'friendly' wolves not too deep in the forest, with which they can initiate consensual events | Deviancy 2 (Deviancy 3 if encountering multiple wolves at the same time).


Here is a simplified walkthrough on the best ways to increase Deviancy at each level. Easy to follow, refer to this if there are issues.

  • Deviancy 1 - Work on Alex's Farm and milk the cows by hand.
  • Deviancy 2 - Seducing or initiating consensual encounters with animals. This can be done in many different places, such as with the animals on Alex's farm, the wolves in the forest, or with dogs and cats around town.
  • Deviancy 3 - Servicing the horses on Alex's farm using the player's hands, or by having the player use their hands or feet during consensual encounters with animals.
  • Deviancy 4 - Alex's farm has a few good options, such as having the player use their mouth to service the horses and milk the cows. There are also several actions the player can use during any consensual animal encounter using their mouth, chest, thighs, buttocks, or penis.
  • Deviancy 5 - Initiating penetrative sex with beasts, or rubbing pussies together. Any consensual animal encounters will work, though the horses on Alex's farm are a good choice, since initiating the encounter will also increase deviancy.

The "No More Control" feat requires the player to reach maximum deviancy, along with promiscuity and exhibitionism.

Stat Progress

It progresses as such:

  • 0/6 You are squeamish. (0 Deviancy)
  • 1/6 You are conventional. (1~14 Deviancy)
  • 2/6 Your tastes are strange. (15~34 Deviancy)
  • 3/6 Your tastes are shocking. (35~54 Deviancy)
  • 4/6 Your desires are scandalous. (55~74 Deviancy)
  • 5/6 You crave acts others wouldn't even conceive of. (75~94 Deviancy)
  • 6/6 You lust for the unspeakable. (95~100 Deviancy)


This tracks the 'Masochism' and 'Sadism' stats respectively. More information below.

Obtaining the Drooling Masochist trait grants the "Twisted Desire" Feat. Obtaining Vengeful Sadist grants "Served Hot". Having both traits at the same time grants the "Sadomasochist" feat.


How much of a glutton for punishment the player is. More specifically, the act of liking physical pain being inflicted upon them. This is a recommended stat for players struggling to become Defiant. The more Pain inflicted onto the player, the higher the chances of the stat increasing.

Essentially, to increase the Masochism stat, the player must get hurt while they're in the middle of orgasming - indicated by the prompt that their body "pulses and spasms with orgasmic waves" and being unable to act normally. The idea behind this stat is to reduce the player's pain build-up, resisting the negative effects of pain and instead converting it into Arousal. To sum things up, the player is trading one stat (Pain) for another (Arousal). Masochism caps at 1000, and will decay by 1.5% of the player's current masochism every night.

It's important to keep in mind that while this stat works similarly to the others (it can be improved on doing a specific action), it comes with a trait that has the ability to evolve, unlike other lewdity stats detailed above; it's behaviour mirroring transformation progress stages. This means that the stat naturally decays and if the player does not keep it high enough, their Masochist trait can devolve or even disappear entirely.


The best way to raise Masochism is to initiate consensual gangbangs via the use of Promiscuity. Once in combat, the player must then infuriate their partners by changing up their combat actions - for instance, mocking the partner for a trait of theirs, or otherwise refusing what partners want from the player. Choosing bratty options is recommended.

Ideally, it is done so the player can get hurt (thus increasing the Masochism stat) without having side-effects of stress and/or trauma. Being spanked by Leighton during detention is also a good example of increasing masochism.

Given Trait

The player is given the 'Masochist' trait to begin with, once they have accumulated enough pain to gain the trait in the first place. More pain inflicted onto the player will increase the stat and evolve that trait, further improving resistance against pain. The trait will evolve into providing small to incredible resistances to most sources of pain.

Note that the trait can only evolve once per day at midnight.

The progress of evolving the trait is shown below:

  • Guilty Masochist - "Provides a small resistance to most sources of pain. Those sources increase arousal instead."
  • Masochist - "Provides resistance to most sources of pain. Those sources increase arousal instead."
  • Hardened Masochist - "Provides strong resistance to most sources of pain. Those sources increase arousal instead."
  • Drooling Masochist - "Provides incredible resistance to most sources of pain. Those sources increase arousal instead."


How much the player enjoys inflicting pain onto others. The counterpart to Masochism, this is for those who like causing pain, rather than having it be inflicted onto them. It is perfect for those wanting to maintain their defiance. The more Pain inflicted onto others during encounters, the higher the chances of the stat increasing.

Sadism is increased when the player chooses defiant actions while their arousal is high. (At least at the level of "A heat rises within.") Each point of Sadism increases damage dealt in combat by a small amount; at max Sadism, the player will inflict roughly twice as much pain as usual. As with Masochism, Sadism caps at 1000 and decays by 1.5% daily.


Unlike other stat increases, there is no tried and true method to increasing Sadism, as any nonconsensual encounter will work best - as long as the player can make sure they can realistically manage to overcome them. Physique will go a long way into helping dish out damage, as well as decreasing the Submissiveness stat to help gain the 'Defiant' trait and subsequently put the defiant acts to good use.

Ideally the player will just need to start using defiant acts (attacking the NPC) in rapid succession as soon as the player's Arousal stat reaches 80% - indicated by the Arousal bar on the sidebar turning pink.

The player can use this to their advantage, masturbating until they receive the "A heat rises within” Arousal state, then proceed to stop and head straight outside to look for potential targets, in which the player actively seeks to get encounters of ease. Those smelling of alcohol breath are common at night.

Alternatively, the player can skip the method detailed above entirely and simply get themselves into an encounter and wait for the Arousal stat to get high enough, then attack the NPC - said NPC is going to be raising the player's Arousal stat either way - and this is done because the player will succumb to orgasms after an encounter or two regardless.

Given Trait

The player is given the 'Sadist' trait to begin with, once they have accumulated enough inflicted pain to gain the trait in the first place. More pain inflicted onto others will increase the stat and evolve that trait, further improving it's effectiveness. The trait will evolve into providing small to incredible strength, boosting the effectiveness of defiant acts.

Note that the trait can only evolve once per day at midnight.

The progress of evolving the trait is shown below:

  • Guilty Sadist - "Your defiant acts inflict a little more pain. Inflicting pain increases arousal."
  • Sadist - "Your defiant acts inflict more pain. Inflicting pain increases arousal."
  • Hardened Sadist - "Your defiant acts inflict much more pain. Inflicting pain increases arousal."
  • Vengeful Sadist - "Your defiant acts are far more dangerous. Inflicting pain increases arousal."

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