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The Farmer's Centre, otherwise known as simply the "Factory", is a location on Harvest Street. It provides a means for players to sell mass amounts of produce in bulk.


The centre is described as a colossal brick structure located near the entrance of town, surrounded by a metal gate.

How to Enter

There are no special requirements to entering the centre, so long as the player visits between the operating hours, 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM, they'll be allowed entry.


The player's options at the centre are limited. Currently, it's only used to sell produce.

Selling Produce

If the player possesses at least 250 of any given produce, they'll have the option to sell to the centre. The centre buys produce for half of what it would go for at the market (ex. a turnip worth £0.80 apiece can only be sold for £0.40 apiece to the centre), and the player cannot haggle for a better price. Additionally, the centre only purchases produce in bundles of 250, so, for example, if the player has 1243 eggs, they'll only be able to sell 1000 of them.

Furthermore, the player will not immediately receive their payment upon handing their goods over to the centre. Every day, the centre sells a chunk of the player's produce. The player can collect their income at noon once per day. Having a high amount of Business fame will speed up the rate at which the centre pushes the player's produce.

The centre will buy anything the player can grow, forage, or harvest, except for any type of flower - including the strange flowers given to the player by Alex. For a complete list of produce the player can sell to the factory, see the Tending page.

Produce Speed

How fast the Factory can sell the player's produce depends on their business fame. The factory starts off able to sell 250 of each crop a day. This number increases based on the player's business fame.

  • If the player has between 200 (Known) and 499 (Recognised) business fame, the factory can sell 500 crops per day
  • If the player has between 500 (Recognised) and 999 (Famous) business fame, the factory can sell 750 crops per day
  • If the player has between 1000 (Notorious entrepreneur) and 1499 business fame, the factory can sell 1000 crops per day
  • If the player has between 1500 and 1899 business fame, the factory can sell 1250 crops per day
  • If the player has 1900 business fame or higher, the factory can sell 1500 crops per day

To clarify, the number of crops the factory is able to sell is the same across each crop. It is not split across the crops. If the player has 2000 business fame and has put up 2000 cabbages and 3500 bulbs of garlic, 1500 cabbages and 1500 bulbs of garlic will be sold. If the player has too much of one crop in the queue, it may be best to diversify to increase money gains.


  • Produce sold in bulk will not count towards the "Hawker," "Vendor," or "Merchant" feats.


  • Prior to its inclusion in the game, a factory on Harvest Street had already appeared; the player can access it by choosing to steal milk for Robin's hot chocolate stand. Whether this is the same factory the player sells produce to is unknown.
    • The scene in question: "Milk from the surrounding farms is processed in a factory on the corner of Harvest Street. No one will notice a few missing litres. You haul yourself over a brick wall, and enter the plant through a metal-framed door."
  • The name of this location itself is not actually mentioned in-game - referred to as the "factory" only - and as such the reference to the name "Farmer's Centre" is only found in the game's code. The true name has yet to make it into the game proper.
    • The game's code referencing the "Farmer's Centre".

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