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The Fallen Angel transformation, otherwise referred to as the "fallen angel TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories, this transformation falls under the "Divine" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Animal" category.

The fallen angel transformation in-game.


Similarly to the Angel transformation, the name of the transformation will not vary depending on the player's sex. The player will always be referred to as a Fallen Angel. All other transformations have trait names dependent on both the player's sex and their perceived gender, and are referred to in-universe based on their perceived gender.

Fallen Angels on their initial stage have a unique line when they look into a mirror: "A pathetic excuse of a person stares back."


  • Fallen Angel - "The world is so cruel. You feel less pure by the day."
  • Fallen Angel - "The world is so cruel. Though you feel less pure by the day, you will not relinquish yourself." (Replaces original trait upon reaching stage 2)


Transformation Progress

  1. "Your halo shatters and your wings blacken. An overwhelming sense of loss overcomes you."
  2. "Your wings have grown some new feathers."
  3. "The familiar feeling of soft feathers fills you with hope."


A fallen angel concealing herself

The player will only become a Fallen Angel if they had the full Angel transformation, otherwise it will simply remove the transformation if not fully transformed. The player's halo shatters and their angel wings will blacken, instantly maxing out Trauma. Even losing their virginity in a consensual encounter or with a love interest will not prevent the player from gaining this Trauma.

Purity will then decay over time at a rate of 9 per day. At the initial stage, if purity reaches zero, the player will instantly reach stage 6 of demon transformation and transform into a Demon.

To get the Forgiven tier, the player needs to maintain their purity at Purity 6 - "You don't feel entirely pure" for an extended period of time. Every midnight, if the condition is met, the player will receive one forgiveness point. 30 points are needed to obtain the Forgiven tier. There are a few ways to increase the player's purity:

  • Fallen Angels get 70 points of purity when attending Mass in the Temple, which is held during 11am - 1pm every Sunday.
  • When praying in the prayer room, embracing the benevolent presence gives 12 points of purity, while embracing the curious presence gives 6 points of purity. Wearing a holy or stone pendant is recommended to avoid encountering the malevolent presence, which will decrease the player's purity.
  • If the player has had parasitic pregnancy with slimes, checking on them raises a small amount of purity.
  • Clothing items with the "Holy" trait doubles purity gains and losses. Be careful not to wear these clothing at midnight, since this will double daily purity loss instead.

Upon reaching stage 3, the player will get dark blue wings that are reminiscent to the original angel wings. The player will also no longer transform into a demon when they reach zero purity. Instead, the player will receive the following prompt by midnight: "You feel dark presence clawing at your skin." This massively increases stress.

As with the other divine transformations, fallen angels possess a pair of Wings. Unlike the Strong Wings of a harpy, these will not allow the player to fly in areas such as the moor, but they can glide down from the following locations:


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • This transformation can be removed at the Temple via a ritual, but it is very expensive - £10,000.
  • Unlocks a new option while at the Tentacle Plains - Despair. Contrary to other transformations, this option will not allow the player to escape via the use of outside sources, and the player will be left to find the exit on their own. The player can Despair multiple times, each iteration further unlocking a soliloquy.
The monologue is as follows:
    • You growl at the unfairness of the situation. Flashbacks of the last few days play out through your head, filling you with anger and dread. What did you do to deserve this? The world robbed you of your purity, and has now dumped you here. You deliver a vicious kick to one of the tentacles at your feet. You have fallen so far. Your anger distracts you from the lewd warmth within you. | + Stress | - Arousal

    • The anger keeps building. The injustices committed against you all come rushing back. Memories of the pain you've experienced resurface at full force, opening wounds that should have long since healed. The pain is as real as when you first felt it, driving you to keel over in agony. The tentacles around you recoil. | + Pain | - - Arousal

    • You remember the faces of everyone who wronged you. Every single one is floating around you, laughing at your torment and mocking you for your weakness. They jeer into the sickeningly sweet air in unison. Each word is another scar on your tattered existence. You fall to the ground, writhing in pain. The tears sting your face. | + Pain | - - - Arousal

    • The world has wronged you. You've been forsaken in an alien land. As the pain overwhelms you, your vision begins to fade. The tendrils creep closer.

      "No." Surprised by your own voice, you snap back to full attention. You get back to your feet. The pain is almost too much to bear. Almost. You throw your head back, and release an agonised scream. It carries the lifetime of torment that tortures you.

      The tentacles retreat. The world thinks it can just dump you here to be forgotten and used by alien creatures like a toy. Maybe you deserve it, but you're not going to let it happen.

      Whether this world is real or not, you're determined to make it back to your own out of pure spite alone. You'll show them all. Nobody has seen the last of you, but they're going to wish they had. | + Pain | - - Trauma | - - Stress | - - - Arousal

    • Each memory is more pain, and you have no shortage of them. It drives you to keep moving, and the sting keeps you alert as you search for a way out. | + Pain | - - Arousal
      • After this text is shown, it repeats indefinitely every time the player uses Despair.

Requesting Forgiveness

Please note that this will not give any progress to getting Forgiven tier for Fallen Angel. This removes the transformation instead.

If the player possesses the Fallen Angel transformation at any given point during a playthrough, it will be otherwise seen as a bad omen, and not something to be worth keeping like other transformations. To cure them of this, the player can request forgiveness from Jordan. They agree, but only for "a small donation of £10,000" to which the player agrees upon getting the required amount. After which they can approach Jordan again and buy "forgiveness" from them.

For the ceremony, Jordan and five other robed figures will wrap fabric around the player's eyes, blinding them. They lead the player to an altar within the Forest, instructing them to lay down on top of it, but to undress first before doing so. Doing as instructed, the player will have their arms and legs spread and tied down to the altar. Jordan mentions they have not done this before, as they are reassured by one of the robed figures. The player then feels something warm and wet on their genitals.

Jordan's tongue is felt as it is twisted against the player's genitals, and it becomes clear that Jordan wishes to orally please the player. The player is unsure on their predicament of where or how rough their next lick will be - with the anticipation "almost as maddening as the physical sensation itself." As stated above, Jordan is new to committing sexual deeds, and hopes to please in any way they can by licking the player in hopes of sexually pleasuring them.

The licking continues until the player eventually orgasms, making sure not to penetrate. However, despite their initial excitement, it does not remove the fallen angel's taint. Another robed figure tries to help, since it is taking too long. More people help, until one decides they need a "a little something extra" before releasing the player's legs and pulling them up so that more people can reach the player's nether regions. The player is continuously licked and kissed all over their entire body, until they ejaculate a total of seven times. After a while they then feel a "light beam" coming down on them, after which a prompt will appear stating that a great weight is lifted from the player before they pass out.

The player awakens to find themselves back at the Temple again, recovering in bed. Jordan sits by the player's side, informing them that the ceremony was a success, and that the taint is now removed - although, a blush can be seen their face, a hint of their sexual deed with the player. They beg the player to not tell anyone about what just transpired as the temple figures "like to keep [their] secrets" before leaving shortly afterwards.


  • The color the game uses to display the Wings trait is distinct from the color used to display the Fallen Angel trait, sharing the same color as the Wolfboy/Wolfgirl and Harpy/Bird Boy/Bird Girl traits. The color does not exist as a template on this wiki.
  • This is the only transformation in the game to not have a gradual transformation progress directly tied to it in order to achieve the transformation, because this transformation requires losing the Virgin trait with full Angel transformation. As such, it is also impossible to be a fallen angel and a virgin at the same time without the use of cheats.
    • Even if the player became a non-virgin angel using cheats, they'll still gain the fallen angel tf once they engage in penetrative sex.

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