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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain heavy spoilers, especially in parts where events are detailed. Reader discretion is advised.)

Fame tracks the player's overall notoriety within the town, and what the townsfolk think of them. With their fame at the Known level, the town's people will begin to recognize the player in encounters and on the street, and certain events related to fame may trigger as a result (although events on the street may be triggered at any level and simply become more probable).

A lot of flavour text is determined by the player's fame - this is parts of dialogue that do not affect anything and are purely "cosmetic". For example, the player's town and underworld nickname is determined by their fame.

There are eleven (including Overall fame and Crime history) unique Fame statistics. Non-Sexual Fame stats are generally positive, as they decrease allure and have other specific benefits. However, other kinds of Fame unlock unique events - as such, no fame stat can be clearly considered good or bad, as some players may not desire low allure.

Please note that the events listed for each kind of fame are not meant to be comprehensive, instead focusing on events which are practical for purposefully increasing fame.

Sexual Fame

People will recognize the player for their previous sexual acts. Fame of this nature will increase Allure by one tenth of its value, making certain dangerous events more common.

This kind of fame even opens up entirely new events and quests, most of which undesirable. These events are often not triggered by one specific sexual fame stat, but rather when their sum reaches a threshold - specific sexual fame stats mostly just serve for better flavour text and allow NPCs to perform Bodywriting which somehow relates to the player's previous actions.

If the player is at least Recognised in any of these, a random event may trigger on the street, where the player bumps into a person carrying a box. Accepting these clothes is how the player acquires the Platform Heels, Micro Pleated Skirt and Tie Front Top.

Sex Fame

It influences how likely it is for the player to be approached for consensual encounters and may also unlock hidden options for specific events (For example, the shy child on Danube Street can be taught how to love properly).

Actions and events which increase Sex fame:

  • Consensual sex with humans. Encounters with multiple partners and an audience are better for this.
    • Each partner and photo taken by an audience member adds one point.
  • Having sex-related bodywriting admired during encounters ("Promiscuous", "Town bicycle", "Public slut", "Wanton", "Insatiable slut", and "D.T.F.").
  • Slurping up the cream from the ass and groin of people locked in Pillory increases this greatly (20 points).
  • Successfully presenting the Local Phallus project at the Science Fair or wrestling for the prize increases sex fame immensely (100 points).
  • During the Cafe Campaign, telling the audience at the Grand reopening the truth about the player's cream increases sex fame immensely (100 points).
Other hard to initiate or low reward events:
  • Performing lewd actions when working for the Temple, like pulling up an initiate's skirt or taking it further (5 points).
  • Entering a gangbang with fellow students admiring photos of the player's body posted by Leighton increases this greatly (30 points).
  • The Maths lesson gangbang increases sex fame greatly (30 points).

Sex fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure slut
  • ≥ 100 Low-key slut
  • ≥ 200 Known slut
  • ≥ 400 Recognised slut
  • ≥ 600 Famous slut
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious slut (Maxed out at 2000)

When this reaches at least the level "Known slut", NPCs may write special messages on the player - "Promiscuous", "Town bicycle", "Public slut", "Wanton", "Insatiable slut", and "D.T.F." The higher their fame, the higher the chance.

Prostitution Fame

This fame influences how often people offer to buy the player's body. Like other kinds of sexual fame, it opens up more dangerous events on the streets and adds more variety to flavour text. When this fame reaches the Obscure level, the player will be able to put on shows at the Brothel.

Actions and events which increase Prostitution fame:

  • Encounters where a payment is involved. This means both consensual prostitution, like at the Brothel and non-consensual prostitution, like when Bailey has some people rape the player for missing a payment.
    • Unsuccessfully demanding money before an encounter also works.
    • At the Brothel, attracting a client while dancing who says they just want to talk still counts as prostitution, if allowed.
  • Having prostitution-related bodywriting admired during encounters ("£5 whore", "£10 a pop", "£25 per fuck", "£100", "It's not rape if you pay me", "Whore", "Slut for hire", "Body for sale", and "Prostitute").
    • Bodywriting also helps by initiating random events on the streets where someone asks the player to prostitute themselves.
  • Getting paid for sex with Leighton (or a dog they bring) at the Brothel (only possible on Fridays) increases this greatly (30 points), whether it is consensual or not.
  • Ending the Docks Pub Crawl event with a gangbang increases this greatly (30 points).

Prostitution fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure whore
  • ≥ 100 Low-key whore
  • ≥ 200 Known whore
  • ≥ 400 Recognised whore
  • ≥ 600 Famous whore
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious whore (Maxed out at 2000)

When this reaches at least the level "Known whore", NPCs may write special messages on the player - "£5 whore", "£10 a pop", "£25 per fuck", "£100", "It's not rape if you pay me", "Whore", "Slut for hire", "Body for sale", and "Prostitute". The higher their fame, the higher the chance.

Rape Fame

This is the non-consensual counterpart to Sex fame. It influences certain events, causing the player to get called out and harassed in horrible ways - it is purely negative.

Actions and events which increase Rape fame:

  • Non-consensual sex with humans. Encounters with multiple partners and an audience are better for this.
    • Each partner and photo taken by an audience member adds one point.
  • Having rape-related bodywriting admired during encounters ("Asking for it", "Rape me", "Rape bait", "Rape addict", "Rapist's toy", "No means yes", "Public toy", and "Public property").
  • Various actions performed by NPCs when the player is locked in Pillory increase Rape fame greatly (10 - 60 points, depending on audience size).
  • Being raped by Leighton (or a dog they bring) at the Brothel (only possible on Fridays) increases Rape fame greatly (30 points).
  • Getting raped when crossing the park naked and only covered in cream increases Rape fame greatly (30 points).
Other hard to initiate or low reward events:
  • Passing out at the forest lake, getting buried in the sand, came on and photographed increases Rape fame greatly (30 points).
  • Agreeing to wear an apron and being raped at a party in a house on Danube street increases this greatly (30 points).
  • Being abducted by the stimulant dealer (part of the Maths Competition) increases Rape fame greatly if the player does not cover their face, making peace/fuck you signs if asked to do them again (50 points).

Rape fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure fucktoy
  • ≥ 100 Low-key fucktoy
  • ≥ 200 Known fucktoy
  • ≥ 400 Recognised fucktoy
  • ≥ 600 Famous fucktoy
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious fucktoy (Maxed out at 2000)

When this reaches at least the level "Known fucktoy", NPCs may write special messages on the player - "Rape me", "Rapist's toy", "No means yes", "Public toy", and "Public property". The higher their fame, the higher the chance.

Bestiality Fame

Bestiality fame is tied to the toggle "Bestiality" and will not appear if it is disabled. This is the most difficult kind of fame to raise, as the player must always be witnessed by a human. It is therefore acquired solely through events and encounters that are a part of these special events. It influences how often people will harass the player about their fetish and gives some events different flavour text - it is purely negative.

Actions and events which increase Bestiality fame:

  • Being seen while having sex with Beasts (tentacles and swarms do not count). This can be through being rescued by a person from the situation or being seen when it happens. Certain events give a bigger boost to this fame (10 points), namely the ones that happen in school, in the houses on Danube and Domus street (these only work if the player orgasms) and if bound, in the residential district when attacked by dogs (10 points for each dog).
    • In addition, each time the player is photographed by an audience member during an encounter with a beast, their Bestiality fame increases by one point.
  • Having bestiality-related bodywriting admired during encounters (a paw print, "Doggy slut", "Animal", "Beast fucker", "Breedable", "Deviant", "Horse cock only", "Knots only", "Barn slut", and "Breeding mare" - if the player appears female; or "Breeding stud" - if the player appears male).
  • Starring in the Pig Show at the Brothel (Deviancy 5) and bringing it to orgasm increases this somewhat (20 points).
  • Starring in the Horse Show at the Brothel (Deviancy 5) and bringing it to orgasm increases this somewhat (??? points).
  • Being raped by a beast that Leighton brought to the Brothel (only possible on Fridays) will increase this greatly (30 points).
Other hard to initiate or low reward events:
  • Being raped on camera by a pig/pigs while captured at the Underground Farm increases this greatly (30 points).
  • Passing out on the beach, waking up naked among dunes, submitting to being collared and trying to run, making the player get raped by a dog. Should the player orgasm, they will get a large increase in Bestiality fame (10 + 10 points).
  • Being raped by a dog when locked in Pillory increases Bestiality fame greatly (10 - 60 points, depending on audience size).
  • The pig encounter in the Underground Brothel increases Bestiality fame greatly, provided the player makes it orgasm (50 points).

Bestiality fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure bitch
  • ≥ 100 Low-key bitch
  • ≥ 200 Known bitch
  • ≥ 400 Recognised bitch
  • ≥ 600 Famous bitch
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious bitch (Maxed out at 2000)

When this reaches at least the level "Known bitch", NPCs may write special messages on the player - "Doggy slut", "Animal", "Beast fucker", "Breedable", "Deviant", "Horse cock only", "Knots only", "Barn slut", and "Breeding mare" (if the player appears female) or "Breeding stud" (if the player appears male). The higher their fame, the higher the chance.

Exhibitionism Fame

Exhibitionism fame is the easiest to get, as it tends to increase in by larger amounts than other kinds of fame and there are far more opportunities to do so (there are almost four times the opportunities to increase exhibitionism fame when compared to bestiality fame). It does not have any unique content associated with it, only making events on the streets more dangerous.

Actions and events which increase Exhibitionism fame:

  • Simply entering encounters with humans. At the end of the encounter, one point or two points are added, depending on if the player is in their underwear or considered naked by the game.
    • Whenever an audience member takes a picture of the player during an encounter (again, one point or two points are added, depending on if the player is in their underwear or considered naked by the game).
  • Having exhibitionism-related bodywriting admired during encounters ("Ask to see me naked", "Pervert", "Attention whore", "Flaunter", "Object", and "Strip me").
  • Choosing to "flash" people (player exposes themselves).
  • Many events triggered when walking around town and in the Park naked.
    • When naked in the park, trying to flyover to Oxford street, getting caught and choosing to comply adds 30 points.
    • When naked/exposed in residential alleyways during the day, crossing Connundatus street and running adds 5 point. If the player comes across their fellow students and keeps running, another 5 points are added.
  • The random police searches which may happen to the player in the streets will start out with no effect, but as they escalate, they will increase exhibitionism fame by increasing amounts, up to 50 points.
  • Drinking coffee at the Ocean Breeze Cafe:
    • Reaching orgasm increases Exhibitionism fame significantly (50 points).
    • Even without reaching orgasm, Exhibitionism fame points are gained, calculated as the number of photos taken of the player times how long they let the event go on (how many "screens" the event has had - up to 4) times two.
  • At the Hospital, free parasite removal procedure increases the player's Exhibitionism fame by 100 points.
At the Beach:
    • If both of the player's arms are bound, they are naked, and they dash to the changing room, it increases significantly (50 points). Less so if they are simply naked (20 points) and even less so if they have underwear on or ask someone for help (10 points).
    • If the player has their naked photos snapped by a person, their exhibitionism fame can increase by up to 15 points, depending on how many photos they got.
    • Emerging from the water exposed increases it somewhat (20 points).
    • If the player's skirt flares up from the wind, there is a 55% chance they will be seen (1 point) and an additional 36% chance they will have been recorded (5 points).
    • If walking naked, spotted, and overcome by anxiety (Only possible if the player has panic attacks), it will increase significantly (50 points).
    • In the same situation, though not overcome by anxiety, if asked for oral intercourse, it will increase somewhat (20 points).
At School:
    • If wearing a collar, entering the dressing room while appearing as the opposite gender of what the dressing room is meant for, stripping/being stripped and choosing to "Get on your knees" leads to the player being paraded naked around school. This increases exhibitionism fame substantially (50 points). If not wearing a collar, choosing to bend will have the same effect.
    • Asking to swim naked (Exhibitionism 5) increases exhibitionism fame somewhat (available if the player enters the poolroom naked; 15 points).
    • The random genital inspection during Science lessons can have a substantial (50 points) effect it the player really exposes their genitals (For vaginas, this gives only 30 points it they are only shown and not flaunted).
    • The corresponding random breast inspection always add thirty points (for flat-chested males, this is reduced to ten) or forty points, should the player flaunt (for flat-chested males, this is reduced to fifteen).
    • Walking around school naked with Whitney increases this greatly (50/70 points). Other events with Whitney also tend to provide a rather substantial boost.
Other hard to initiate or low reward events:
  • Reaching orgasm while exposed (in underwear/naked) in crowded areas, like the streets or the Beach, increases this somewhat (10 points).
  • Whenever seen naked by multiple people at the same time, such as the Asylum Hypnosis, asking Remy for something to cover with during a horse-riding lesson, it is increased somewhat (usually 10 points).
  • Getting stripped by the crane game at the Arcade (20 points).
  • When working at the Ocean Breeze Cafe, if the player's skirt is lifted up (by a person or a breeze), their Exhibitionism fame is increased by up to five or ten points, depending on if they were wearing underwear.
  • Knocking on houses on Danube Street and agreeing to put on an apron increases it greatly (30 points).
    • Another event here where the player poses as a model also has a significant effect.
  • At the Hospital, if the player is examined by Harper and allows Students to also attend, they will be recorded by a camera. This increases exhibitionism fame substantially (50 points).
    • Most events here have a similar, although milder effect.
  • Being exposed while in Pillory increases this significantly:
    • By one to ten points if in underwear.
    • By three to thirty points if considered naked.
  • Both Niki's and Leighton's photoshoots increase exhibitionism fame rather substantially.
  • The event where the player is abducted by the stimulant dealer before the Maths Competition increases Exhibitionism fame greatly, if they do not cover their face and make peace/fuck you signs instead the first time they can (50 points).
  • The Maths Competition presentation at the Town Hall offers plenty of opportunities for increasing Exhibitionism fame (If not wearing underwear and having their skirt/shorts lifted at the stage, up to 60 points).
  • If the player's crossdressing/hermaphrodite reputation is maxed out, they may be approached by some unsavoury classmates at the playground and asked to show their genitals. Doing so adds three points of exhibitionism fame (show/flaunt).

Exhibitionism fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure flaunter
  • ≥ 100 Low-key flaunter
  • ≥ 200 Known flaunter
  • ≥ 400 Recognised flaunter
  • ≥ 600 Famous flaunter
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious flaunter (Maxed out at 2000)

When this reaches at least the level "Known flaunter", NPCs may write special messages on the player - "Pervert", "Attention whore", "Flaunter", "Object", and "Strip me". The higher their fame, the higher the chance.

Pregnancy Fame

This section is a WIP.

This fame is unlocked when the player is pregnant with at least one non-parasite baby, and increased primarily through the acknowledgement of their baby bump by NPCs. Hiding one's bump or wearing a mask will prevent pregnancy fame from increasing, however the pregnancy will eventually progress to a point where it cannot be hidden by clothes anymore. Until pregnancy fame has progressed to Obscure, Mickey cannot increase pregnancy fame for you, nor can pregnancy fame be altered with cheats in any way until the player is pregnant and has their baby bump acknowledged in the sidebar, even after having children. However, Mickey cannot currently raise pregnancy fame after 250 points, claiming you've already maxed it out, although this is likely a bug.

Pregnancy fame can only progress 250 points per pregnancy(not per child,) able to be raised to 250 during the first pregnancy but unable to go to 500 until after the second child is born, then raising 250 to the maximum 2000 points after eight children are born and a ninth pregnancy begins.

Right now pregnancy has few events that acknowledge it, namely an event at school where students approach to ask to touch the player s bump, events on the bus where strangers offer the player their seat or appear interested in touching the player's bump, and events in the street such as one where the player takes shelter from the rain with a woman with a baby. As a result it can be somewhat difficult to increase it.

Pregnancy fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure mother
  • ≥ 100 Low-key mother
  • ≥ 200 Known mother
  • ≥ 400 Recognized breeder (Capped at 250 until your third pregnancy begins)
  • ≥ 600 Famous broodmother (Capped at 500 until your fourth pregnancy begins)
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious broodmother (Capped at 750 until your fifth pregnancy begins, 1000 until your sixth, 1250 until your seventh, 1500 until your eigth, and maxed out at 2000 after your ninth pregnancy begins.)

Non-Sexual Fame

People will recognize the player for their social behaviour - how they handle themselves in social situations. This kind of fame decreases Allure by one half of its value. This is a five times higher effect than that of Sexual fame. As they decrease allure without affecting attractiveness, they are useful for players who wish to avoid perverted attention without losing the effectiveness of seduction.

Combat Fame

This fame stat increases every time the player manages to successfully defeat an opponent. As the opponent must be defeated, a very high Physique is a must. However, in many cases, this alone will not be enough, especially with a small body size. A good grade in Science, Masochist traits, high Willpower and Pepper Sprays will make winning in combat easier and more reliable. However, increasing Willpower, Masochism and acquiring Pepper Spray charges can be rather challenging, therefore it is recommended to be careful about not fighting too many people at once and to avoid encounters when in pain. For more tips on combat, see here.

Combat fame is closely tied to defiance and requires the player to perform defiant actions.

Actions and events which increase Combat fame:

  • Ending any encounter by beating up the other party until their willingness to continue reaches zero (denoted as "They are recoiling in pain").
    • For each person the player beats up during the encounter, Combat fame is increased by one point.
    • If an audience is present, Combat fame is increased by an additional ten points.
    • Although consensual encounters also work, since Defiant actions are not normally available during these, only non-consensual encounters serve for increasing Combat fame in practice.
  • Having combat-related bodywriting admired during encounters ("Defiant whelp", "Brat", "Punish me", "Insolent", and "Naughty").
  • Choosing to fight/smack people during events (even if this does not lead to an encounter and simply scares them off) and choosing to struggle during events and succeeding.
    • When exposed in the street, seeing some people harassing someone, choosing to help them, and succeeding increases Combat fame somewhat (10 points).
    • Choosing to intervene with/attack three bullies attacking someone (randomly encountered on the streets).
    • Choosing to smack people admiring the player's tattoo on the street (1 point). Humiliating them adds another five points but is only available if the player has the Defiant trait.
  • Most events involving Whitney are a good way to increase this, as they are (almost) always not alone and the player is almost always given the option to fight.
Other hard to initiate or low reward events:
  • Being raped on camera by a pig/pigs while captured at the Underground Farm and beating them up increases this somewhat (10 points).
  • Beating up Leighton while they are blackmailing and filming the player at the Brothel will increase this greatly, whether consensual or not (30 points).
    • Beating up the dog they can bring and try to have mate with the player will have the same effect.
  • Crossing the park covered in cream (needs high exhibitionism, done from the commercial alleyways during the day) and smacking people away will increase this a bit.
    • Fighting off a person who tries to rape the player increases this greatly (30 points).
      • Alternatively, if the player is rescued, a brawl starts. If the player joins in and succeeds (requires at least "Your body is slim and athletic." and 2/3 of progress bar filled in Physique - 8000 points; maxed out physique guarantees success), their Combat fame increases substantially (50 points).
    • Fighting off a dog that tries to do the same adds ten points.

Combat fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure scrapper
  • ≥ 100 Low-key scrapper
  • ≥ 200 Known scrapper
  • ≥ 400 Recognised scrapper
  • ≥ 600 Famous scrapper
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious scrapper (Maxed out at 2000)

Whatever level the player's Combat fame is at, NPCs may write special messages related to it on the player - "Defiant whelp", "Brat", "Punish me", "Insolent", and "Naughty". The higher their fame, the higher the chance.

Kindness Fame

This fame can only be gained through events, usually by helping people, sparing them from embarrassment or doing what they ask of the player. It has no bodywriting associated with it. The player must not have less than zero points of this fame to join the Temple or to undertake the trial of purity (it is not currently possible to fail this requirement).

Events which increase Kindness fame:

  • Hanging out with classmates at the Forest Lake's shore (possible if it is not raining) - a person may be dared to kiss the player. Allowing them to do this adds a solid amount of kindness fame (20 points). This is a good way to grind this kind of fame (at the cost of school status).
  • Helping River at the Soup kitchen increases this by five points each hour and is therefore a good way to increase this kind of fame.
  • Praying at the Temple, making a donation when approached (small donation - 1 point, reasonable donation - 2 points, large donation - 3 points).
Other events, not practical for grinding:
  • Helping with Robin's Lemonade stand, being asked for a permit by the police and paying the £100 for Robin or offering them the player's body (Promiscuity 3) adds three points.
  • Coming across a person in a locked container when working at the Docks adds one point for getting them food (£20) and once at the train station, the player may wave them goodbye (5 points), give them nothing (5 points), or give them money (£100 - 10 points, £300 - 30 points, £1000 - 50 points).
  • Crossing the Park while covered in only cream and helping a person who stumbles stand up adds ten points.
  • In the streets:
    • Following a dog has a 9% chance of leading the player to a sick person. Managing to call an ambulance adds ten points.
    • Intervening with and then choosing to fight some bullies adds one point each. Attacking them adds only one point (only possible with the Defiant trait).
    • Attempting a rescue when witnessing an assault here at night.
    • Helping somebody if they attempt to grasp the player from behind but get shot with Kylar's dart (0:10) adds two points.
      • This can happen on any street if the player is being watched by Kylar.
    • If exposed:
      • Choosing to help a person being harassed by some people and succeeding adds five points.
      • Watching some people assault a person and then helping that person (0:10) adds five points.
  • At School:
    • Protesting against Leighton's breast inspection at the beginning of a science lesson adds a solid amount of points (30), provided the player is considered at least Cool by their fellow students.
    • Getting help for a student that has overdosed on stimulant (during the Maths Competition quest) adds five points.
    • Interfering with Whitney while they try to assault a student who looks at the player during a Maths lesson adds ten points.
  • At the Orphanage:
    • Closing an open door to the bathroom (1 point).
    • Helping an orphan find their school bag (1 or 2 points - random).
    • Comforting a sniffling person (1:00) increases Kindness fame and Hope by one point (only triggers with low Hope).
    • Helping an orphan clean up spilled water (0:20) increases Kindness fame by one point (only triggers with low Rebelliousness).
    • Investigating a scream and then intervening with a person trying to undress a fellow orphan adds one point (+ Crime).
    • Flirting with a fellow orphan who was looking at another orphan, teasing them so that the other one comes and confesses their feelings, then calling mission accomplished increases adds one point (only triggers with high Hope).
  • Other small events:
    • During the Science Project, trying to measure the phallus of a person at the Beach, having them ask the player for some money, as they are in a hard spot, and simply giving them the money for nothing in return adds one point.
    • At the Asylum, when approached by a person with an assignment to strip in front of people, the player should allow the person to strip while they shut their eyes (or pretend to) for one point.
    • When working as a chef in the Cafe, paying for a bun taken by a bun thief increases kindness fame slightly (2 points).
    • When looking for marks on Connudatus street, finding a staggering, shirtless person and helping them up adds one point.
    • Lending a hand to another dancer in need at the Strip Club adds one point.
    • Overhearing some people at the bar in the Strip club talking about raping a fellow employee and telling Darryl adds three points.
    • Rescuing an NPC from a basement on Domus Street
    • Being kind to the NPC who tries to steal a cream bun at the Cafe.
  • Rescuing Whitney from the Whitney Abduction/Dismissing Whitney event will add 20 points.

Kindness fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure do-gooder
  • ≥ 100 Low-key do-gooder
  • ≥ 200 Known do-gooder
  • ≥ 400 Recognised do-gooder
  • ≥ 600 Famous do-gooder
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious do-gooder (Maxed out at 2000)

Business Fame

This is increased as the player becomes famous as a businessperson. It is rather difficult to increase, as only selling flowers and helping with Robin's stand are repeatable ways of increasing it. Business fame contributes to attracting customers when renting a flower stand in Connudatus Street. It also determines how quickly the factory sells the player's produce.

Events which increase Business fame:

  • Every time the player sells one of their wares at the Connudatus Market Stall, they gain one point.
  • Winning the Maths Competition increases it immensely (100 points), as does winning the Science Fair (even if the player gives their trophy away).
  • When helping with Robin's lemonade stand, carrying an advertisement sign increases this by one point. Flirting with potential customers (Promiscuity 2) after adds one more point, regardless of its success.
  • The Cafe Campaign gives many one-time opportunities to raise Business fame:
    • Having the player's photos taken to promote the cafe increases it immensely (100 points).
    • Attending the Grand Reopening gives multiple opportunities for increasing this kind of fame:
      • Smiling for the camera before giving a speech increases it greatly (50 points).
      • Giving a speech praising the player themselves increases it immensely (100 points).
      • Socialising with local elites or socialising with foreign visitors increases it greatly (50 points).
      • Note that working at the cafe will not increase business fame on its own.

Business fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure entrepreneur
  • ≥ 100 Low-key entrepreneur
  • ≥ 200 Known entrepreneur
  • ≥ 400 Recognised entrepreneur
  • ≥ 600 Famous entrepreneur
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious entrepreneur (Maxed out at 2000)

Social Fame

This fame is increased by becoming a social butterfly, impressing the local elite. It has no special effect, apart from a little bit of flavour text, like other non-sexual kinds of fame, it increases overall fame and decreases allure greatly.

Events which increase Social fame:

  • Attending the Cafe Grand Reopening, not saying anything as the player's speech and socialising with local elites (100 points) or doing the same and socialising with foreign visitors (50 points).
  • Working at the spa (1 point per shift)
  • Dates with Avery:
    • Attending a mansion party during a date with Avery (10 points).
      • Winning a dancing competition with Avery (10 points). Continuing to dance in underwear, naked or successfully cheating has the same effect (when in underwear/naked, the player must not flaunt). Refusing to dance with Avery and then shoving them also has the same effect.
    • Going to a restaurant (10 points).
  • Schmoozing during Charlie's Jobs (5 points each for Charlie's Friends, 20 points each for the Manor)

Social fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure socialite
  • ≥ 100 Low-key socialite
  • ≥ 200 Known socialite
  • ≥ 400 Recognised socialite
  • ≥ 600 Famous socialite
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious schmoozer (Maxed out at 2000)

Modelling Fame

This fame is increased and unlocked as the player becomes more famous as a model by modelling or working for Niki. It is rather difficult to increase. As it increases only in Photography Studio and by taking the modelling jobs on Domus Street.

Repeatable events which increase modelling fame:

  • Taking the modelling job on Domus Street. (5 points) (Exhibitionism 5).
  • Every time the player models in Photography Studio (20 points).(Exhibitionism 1)
    • There are three more options after the first one, but they will increase exhibitionism fame, so it is recommended to not take them if you don't want to increase sexual fame.
      • Having the player accept topless shots (10 points) (Exhibitionism 4).
      • Having the player accept shots in underwear (10 points) (Exhibitionism 4).
      • Having the player accept shots naked (10 points) (Exhibitionism 5).

Modelling fame progresses as such:

  • < 30 Unknown
  • ≥ 30 Obscure model
  • ≥ 100 Low-key model
  • ≥ 200 Known model
  • ≥ 400 Recognised model
  • ≥ 600 Famous model
  • ≥ 1000 Notorious show off (Maxed out at 2000)

Overall Fame

Overall Fame is simply the result of adding together the player's sexual and non-sexual fame. As such, it cannot be increased on its own. It mostly just affects flavour text, although some random events will tend to increase stress more. It does not affect allure or attractiveness.

Fame progresses as such:

  • < 100 Unknown
  • ≥ 100 Obscure
  • ≥ 500 Low-key
  • ≥ 1000 Known
  • ≥ 2000 Recognised
  • ≥ 3000 Famous
  • ≥ 4000 Notorious

Unlike other kinds of fame, overall fame has no theoretical maximum. Since it is comprised of other kinds of fame, the practical maximum is 20000.


As the player becomes more famous, the town will take notice and assign them certain nicknames. The player's reputation is divided between two parties: the townsfolk and the criminal underworld. Exhibition, Kindness, Business, Socialite and Modelling fame affect how the townsfolk view them, while Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Bestiality and Combat fame affect the underworld's perception.

Initially, the player will be known as "some orphan boy/girl" to the townsfolk and "meat" within the underworld. Upon reaching at least 400 points in a given category (Recognised or higher), the player will be given a moniker appropriate to the category in question.

Recognized Fame Town Nickname Recognized Fame Underworld Nickname
Ex Kn Bz Sc Md Sx Pr Rp Bs Cm
some orphan boy/girl meat
Lewd Boy/Girl Slut
Angel Penny Chaser
Shop Boy/Girl Rape Bait
Wallflower Paw
Glamour Boy/Girl Scrappy
Smiles Pokey
Suspicious Shop Boy/Girl Free Slut
Party Boy/Girl Wolf Rider
Pin-Up Boy/Girl Sabre
Charity Rape Beggar
Preachy Puppy
Muse Knife
Tulip Bitch
Money Shot Spear-Prick/Vagina Dentata
Trendy The Wolf
Gold Heart Super Slut
Flaunty Nibbles
Venus Needle
Orchid Dog Slut
Hot Shot Rough-and-Tumble
Star/Starlet Wolf Warrior
Flower Pup
Mascot Scar
Poppet Claw
Promo The Rabbit
The Orphan Fucktoy
Crowd Pleaser Rapier
Scandalous Milky
Centerfold Wolf Slut
Icon Hound
The Orphan The Boy/Girl

Being Recognised in Exhibitionism, Kindness, Business, Socialite and Modelling fame will grant the player the nickname "The Orphan." Being Recognised in Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Bestiality and Combat gives them the nickname "The Boy/Girl."

Special Fame

This is special fame, applicable only to a certain part of the game. It does not obey the basic ground rules for normal fame

Park Exhibitionism Fame

This is a special kind of fame tied to excercising at the Park at night while exposed. It decays by seven points every midnight. The higher the fame, the more dangerous events the player will encounter within the park.

At night, the player can run in the park in their underwear (no requirement) or naked (Exhibitionism 3). Doing either will increase Park Exhibitionism Fame by four points.

It progresses as such:

  • < 20 "There is no one around."
  • ≥ 20 "You think you're being watched. News of your lewd running has spread. Don't run while exposed for a few days if you want it to cool off."
  • ≥ 60 "Creepy figures lurk in the shadows. News of your lewd running has spread. Don't run while exposed for several days if you want it to cool off." (Maxed out at 100)

There is a similar kind of fame, which stores who the player was seen by when running exposed in the park. This includes Bailey, Leighton, Doren, Harper and Whitney. It is used purely for flavour text.

School Reputation

This is a special kind of fame tied to the School and the player's gender. There are two kinds - Hermaphrodite reputation and Crossdresser reputation. These work essentially the same. Hermaphrodite reputation can only be gained if the player is a hermaphrodite and crossdresser reputation can only be gained if the player is male or female, but dresses as the opposite gender and their true gender is revealed while doing so. As such, hermaphrodites cannot gain crossdresser reputation and vice versa.

Reputation is somewhat different from fame, as it has 6 distinct levels, from 0 to 5, where 0 is when the player has no fame at all. Once it reaches five, Whitney, Kylar, and all of the school's teachers (including Leighton) will learn the player's true gender.

Every time the player's real gender is revealed in front of their peers at the School, their reputation increases by one. Of course, unless they are wearing a mask at the moment their gender is revealed. This includes during encounters, during strip scenes, such as when entering the dressing rooms, and when requested by Sirris during a science lesson.

The effect of this kind of reputation is almost purely to alter flavour text and it does not make gameplay easier or harder. The only gameplay effect is that at the school playground, if the player's reputation has reached five points, there is a 10% chance for some fellow students to surround the player, asking them to show their genitals. The player may fight (+ Defiance), call for help (- Status | - Trauma | - Stress), show (+ Submissive | + Trauma | + Stress), or flaunt (Exhibitionism 5). Choosing to fight initiates a non-consensual encounter. Calling for help will always rescue the player, with Sirris comforting the player, even offering them a towel if exposed. Flaunting and showing plays out exactly the same, adding 3 points of exhibitionism fame.

Hermaphrodite Reputation

A unique way to increase this fame is during the Penis inspection conducted by Leighton (this also makes Leighton know the player's gender) - they notice a vagina under the player's penis, adding one point to their reputation.

It progresses as such:

  • 0 - Default, no message.
  • 1 A few cliques at school gossip about a student with both boy and girl parts. Few believe it.
  • 2 Rumours of a student with both boy and girl parts have spread through the school.
  • 3 The school is rife with gossip about a student with both boy and girl parts.
  • 4 Everyone at school has heard the rumours about your unique genitalia.
  • 5 Everyone at school has heard of your unique genitalia, including the teachers.

Crossdresser Reputation

There is a no special way to increase this reputation, but there is a way to reduce it, making it the only kind of fame/reputation which can be reduced by actions the player takes. When at the school pool during a lesson, a player is at least a C in Skulduggery and at least one point of this reputation may think to swap the boys' and girls' clothes. This will take 20 minutes and put the player into detention, but it will successfully reduce their crossdresser reputation by one point. This event will also earn the player the Feat "Wrong Size". After, the player may also Wait to witness the results, which significantly increases control and decreases stress and trauma.

It should be noted that once the player's genitals have been exposed 100 times while they were crossdressing, revealing their true gender, they will gain the "Crossdresser" trait.

It progresses as such:

  • 0 - Default, no message.
  • 1 A few cliques at school whisper amongst themselves about your crossdressing ways. Few believe it.
  • 2 A rumour has taken root at school. Some say you're a crossdresser.
  • 3 Students gossip about your supposed crossdressing, though most think it only a joke.
  • 4 Everyone at school has heard the rumours of your crossdressing.
  • 5 Everyone at school knows that you crossdress, including the teachers.

Police Reputation

The reputation the player holds as a criminal among the town's Police Department is directly linked to their Crime stat. Whenever the player commits a crime, their Crime stat increases. If they steal money or valuables, this will correspond to their monetary value. It should be noted that not all skulduggerous actions increase Crime stat, only those that entail theft. This fame's growth will have a negative effect for the player, because high crime will result in police patrols being on the lookout for the player. Should the player come across one while walking on the street, the officers will detain the player.

If their Crime stat is not high enough, the cops will only inspect the player and possibly even strip them in front of passersby, increasing Exhibitionism fame (even if the player is unwilling). If the player's Crime stat is very high, however, they will be put into the Pillory and publicly shamed. The player can check how high their Crime stat is in the Social tab, which will display one of these messages near the bottom:

  • <1000 [...] but lack enough evidence for an arrest.
  • <5000 [...] and have enough evidence for an arrest.
  • ≥5000 [...] and have more than enough evidence for an arrest.

Not to be confused with the Crime History stat, which can be checked in the same way, with different messages depending on how high it is. The Crime History stat has no impact on the game, it's only used for these particular messages in the Social tab, and in the stat tab :

  • <1000 The police aren't concerned with you.
  • <2000 The police have you on their records.
  • <3000 The police consider you a person of interest.
  • <5000 The police consider you a troublemaker.
  • <10000 The police consider you a criminal.
  • <30000 The police have a binder devoted to you.
  • ≥30000 The police have a filing cabinet devoted to you.

It is worth noting that the player's Crime stat (Not the Crime History stat, which as a reminder is useless anyway) can be reset when completing Landry's Request, making this the only kind of fame that can be lowered. This means that cops on patrol won't halt the player anymore (that is, until their Crime increases again). However, the police's records (Crime history stat) will remain, meaning the Police's opinion of the player (reflected in the possible messages mentioned above) will stay as is, even if the player retrieved Landry's black box.

Completing the Police Infiltration quest will let players erase all records on themselves, and even pin them on someone else. This can lower Crime, but it should be noted that it will not change the police's opinion on the player.

The player can repeat Landry's Request should their crime increase again.


Exclusive to the Connudatus Market Stall, this measures the lewd aura permeating the player's booth. It progresses as follows:

  • A lewd aura permeates the area.
  • A lewd aura permeates the area. People cast strange looks in your direction now and then.
  • A lewd aura permeates the area. You think you see people watching you from afar, but they turn away when you look.
  • A lewd aura permeates the area. Groups of people openly leer at you from afar.

The stall's Lewdity increases whenever the player refuses the advances of lustful customers. The only way to decrease Lewdity is to let it gradually decay over time.

Managing Fame

As high Fame puts the player into dangerous or traumatising events often, it would be best to maintain a low profile whenever possible to avoid unwanted attention until the player can deal with its consequences.

Contrary to popular belief, fame does not decay over time. Do keep this in mind when proceeding with lewd actions as it is extremely hard to decrease fame after you get it.


To prevent getting more fame, the player must either cover their face with their hands wherever possible. This might be difficult in some cases depending on the NPC, although there is another method: Masks.

The player can wear masks purchased at the Shopping Centre. Should NPCs remove the mask during encounters, then all the fame the player accumulated during the encounter but was nullified by the mask is added all at once. The player should try to cover their face to not be unmasked. Note that not all masks prevent the increase of Crime History when the player commits theft with Skulduggery. For that purpose, items with the trait "Stealthy" are required, like for example the Skulduggery Mask.

Masks will prevent all positive/negative fames except from people who know the player's identity. Doing an event with Harper with a mask on is pointless, for example, because Harper knows who the player is. It should also be noted the mask does not remove the player's existing fame. It only prevents it from changing. This means if someone is attempting to write on the player during an encounter, they will still write on the player based on their reputation. If the player has high Exhibitionism fame, for example, the NPC will still write Exhibitionism based items despite the player's mask hiding their identity.

It should be noted that servicing a gloryhole does not increase any fame and is therefore a safer alternative to wearing a mask if the player wants to increase their Sexual Skills.

Manipulating Fame

To get the option to decrease fame, the player needs to raise a Negative fame to 400 (Recognised) and enter the the pub. The player will get a scene where Landry explains the consequences of fame and give the player a suggestion on how to deal with it. Afterward, if the player has not already done the Police Infiltration quest, they will need to get the hacker and bring them to Landry. Otherwise, the player can just go to Landry and ask them to lower or raise both sexual and non-sexual fame. The Pub page has the full breakdown on the tasks available and which tasks are likely to be assigned based on the player's needs.


  • Higher sexual Fame will lead to people catcalling the player, teasing them about their lewd exploits. Some may be upfront and ask when it is their turn to be lewd with the player. This usually increases trauma and stress, though characters with high Exhibitionism/Promiscuity are often able to negate this, sometimes even benefiting from the event. This can occur anywhere whilst walking in town, and in the school hallways.
  • In addition, high sexual fame may trigger some events, which result in rape. One of the random events in town consists of the player getting cornered by two unknown individuals. Normally, the duo will "leave without another word". However, high fame will often result in the player being "the person they are looking for" and entering a non-consensual encounter. Meanwhile, high nonsexual fame can mean you're the person they're looking for, but for positive reasons, leading to a good outcome rather than merely avoiding a bad one.
  • Having any sexual fame at the known level will make some monks and nuns view the player in a negative light. While the player works at cleaning the temple quarters, there is an event where an older monk/nun may request the player to retrieve an old scroll they dropped. Normally they will merely thank the player, rewarding them much grace. However, the higher sexual fame the player has, the more likely it is that the monk or nun tricks the player and pushes them into an orifice, restraining them and initiating a nonconsensual encounter. However, the player will still be rewarded with an increase in grace, and will be able to sneak into a deeper area of the temple, where they can find a bathing Jordan.
  • At some point, should the player come across an NPC they have already met, the NPC will recognise the player and act accordingly based on what the player did to them. They may "want more" if they were brought to orgasm, or revenge if the player previously managed to fend them off.
  • Upon reaching the notorious fame state, the player can also be blackmailed by a certain individual to do a photoshoot.
  • Word will spread about the player's lewd antics, including pictures and video footage. This will even reach the ears of the player's love interest, should their fame be high enough. Certain events may trigger while the player interacts with a romanced character. Kylar for example will mention seeing what they dub "doctored photos" of the player in obscene activities. They will be in denial about this, but they will grow jealous nonetheless. Robin may also mention hearing things or seeing photos of the player. They won't call the player out, but will try to convince themselves it can't be true instead. This will sadden Robin, lowering their Love.


  • Most bodywriting actually has no effect on fame.
    • Some examples are rather strange, as they appear to be clearly associated with a certain kind of fame, like "Rapetoy", "Free use" and "Free sex".
    • Some bodywriting is associated with violence instead of combat. This makes the other party in an encounter angrier instead of raising the player's Combat fame, making it useful for increasing masochism. This bodywriting is: "Hit me", "Hurt me", "Treat me bad", "Make me squeal", "Abuse me" and "Strugglefucker".
    • For more information, see here.

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