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The Farmlands is one of few accessible areas outside of the nameless Town where the player resides. It is located just beyond the Harvest Trail, within the countryside.

While seemingly innocent, this location contains a dark underbelly network, referred to as the “Underground Farm” - this serves as one of multiple soft bad endings.

This area is one of four central hub locations, meaning it is home to both human and non-human NPCs. It also contains several places of interest to visit, listed below.

Places of Interest:


  • Farmlands: "You are in the farmlands. Grey skies stretch in all directions."
  • Riding School: "You are at Remy's riding school. Stables surround a central courtyard. A small office sits to one side. A dirt track leads into the surrounding countryside."
  • Meadow: "You are in a meadow ringed by tall trees. Long grass caresses your legs. A solitary oak stands in the middle. Bright flowers bloom in many colours."
  • Alex's Farm: "You are on Alex's farm. A rustic farmhouse overlooks a yard and chicken coop. Other buildings nestle between trees and hedgerows."

How to Enter

The farmlands can be entered via one of two methods initially, with a third unlocking once the player gains access to Alex's Cottage:

Harvest Street

The road leading east from Harvest Street has the player end up within the countryside - otherwise referred to as the Harvest Trail. Here, the player can hitchhike, or walk. Note that the player must walk five times to reach the Farmlands - taking up a total of nearly three hours (2:50) of in-game time.

Alternatively, they can choose to hitchhike. Hitchhiking will always successfully stop a car and offer the player to either take them back to the town, or continue towards the farmlands. However, it should be noted that this event is much more risky, as the people inside of the car may demand lewd favours from the player, to a point where they will be forced into doing so should they refuse. A specific feat (“Rear Passenger”) is tied to an event that happens when the car that stops has two people in it and the player always chooses the lewd options.

Coastal Path

Provided the player has an A in their History skill, they can choose to walk east along what is referred to as the "Coastal Path" on Mer Street. This proceeds all the way to the Meadow, within the Farmlands. It takes up a total of three hours of in-game time to get there. Once at the Meadow, the player can choose the option to leave, emerging onto the larger farmlands.

While this option is 10 minutes slower than the first method and much slower than hitchhiking, it completely safe for the player and less fatiguing than walking along the road. It also has the potential to reduce the travel time by training up the Athletics skill, making it 50 minutes faster than the first option instead. It is therefore a good way of accessing the Farmlands without external risks involved.

After the player has an D+ in their Athletics skill, they will have a "jog" option to reduce the amount of time needed to travel by half an hour.

Ultimately when the player has an A+ in their Athletics skill, they will be able to travel another half hour quicker by selecting a new "run" option.

Note: the options to "jog" or "run" are not available when it is raining.


Once the player unlocks Alex's Cottage and has a thigh skill of D and above they can choose to ride a horse towards town and back, taking 30, which can be shorten to 15 with the "Stable" upgrade, minutes each time, for a total of 1 hour/30 minutes if going to town and back.

Note that while they ride the horse may tire or get spooked by a car, requiring the player to calm it with either tending or thighs or take a few more minutes to reach the town/farmland. And sometime they may be pursued by two of Remy's goons, also on horseback, where they must either spur the horse to gallop faster, thus losing them, or fight off their kidnapping attempt.

First Steps

Riding School

When entering the riding school for the first time, several people will be found waiting for the next lesson to begin. A horse trots up to the player, with a person with pale hair sitting atop it.

They introduce themselves as Remy, the head of the riding school. They inform the player that they offer lessons on both riding and caring for horses, and that they hope they can be of service to the player.

Remy spurs their horse to a trot, riding away.

Alex's Farm

When the player asks for farm work, they will head to the nearby farmhouse. A person emerges from behind a chicken coop opposite of the farmhouse, carrying a large bale of hay on their shoulder. They tell the player they'll be with them shortly. As soon as they are done putting the hay away in a nearby shed, they walk towards the player, sweat glistening on their forehead. As they wipe their fringe away from their eyes, they ask the player a question: "Tea or coffee?"

Both options do not amount to much, but tea will have a Stress reduction and coffee will have a Fatigue reduction. The player notes the interior as rustic and cosy, but Alex will then insist on not discussing why the player is here until their drink is ready. It's noted that Alex is about the player's age, although the player has never seen them at the school.

The person introduces themselves as Alex, asking if the player is interested in their eggs. The player refers back to the sign, in which Alex replies with wanting to show the player around. Alex will then give the player a tour around their farm, giving them instructions on what is required for a farmhand.

First things first, the horses needs lots of care. They need brushing every day, and feeding twice a day - and lots of exercise too. Alex leads the player over to a field beyond a fence lined by rows of green plants, explaining that they are potatoes. They beam with pride as they go into detail about them, stating they are about halfway along. There are three more fields like the one before them, but they are covered with weeds - looking after the animals should be the priority.

In the midst of this, Alex tells the player they can come to work at the farm whenever they like between dawn to dusk, and they will pay the player £15 an hour. They go on to say that they will pay more, but the farm is currently "breaking even." They leave the player with an affirmnent that maintaining the farm is hard work.

Once the player helps Alex clear the fourth field, and going through an encounter with Remy, they will also be given a room in their Cottage to stay, unlocking a Safehouse, and the fields to plant and harvest crops, starting at four but can potentially expand to nine.


There are two places to visit in this area - these locations are the Riding School, and the Meadow. Remy manages the farmlands, teaching horse riding to those who wish to learn at the local riding school.

If the player manages to get themselves exposed or fully nude, they will hide behind a hay bale to cover their indecency. As such, they can only head towards town as well as towards the meadow - they cannot access the riding school while in this state.

Riding School

The riding school is a place where the player can participate in horse riding lessons taught by the aforementioned Remy. This is a good way to increase the player’s “Thigh” sexual skill.

  • Lessons will cost £25 each.
  • If the player tries to proceed with horse riding while their arms are bound, Remy will take notice and unbind them for the player.
  • This location is a good way of increasing the player’s Tending skill, as it involves caring for the horses found here.
  • At night, the player can break into the riding school's building, and steal from the cash register.


The meadow is an area surrounded by trees, with long grass, blooming colourful flowers, and a solitary oak in its middle.

It connects directly to the Coastal Path, found on Mer Street.

  • Here the player can choose to relax for an hour (- Stress)
  • Should the player be feeling exposed, and not be wearing a top or bottom clothing item, they may also make a plant top/bottom here.

Alex's Farm

Alex's Farm is an farmland maintained by Alex. It is going through struggling times.

This is an extensive area that is shaped by the player's actions. With Alex's help, the player must help build it back up.

  • Managing the farm will require the player to participate in a wide range of activities. The player's duties consist of caring for the many animals and ensuring the farm is in tip-top shape. Alex will work at the farm all day, and will have the same options as the player. This means Alex will take care of the activities the player has not. In some cases, the player can choose to assist Alex with an activity, often increasing Alex's Love. Not all of Alex's activities offer the player the option to help out.
  • Players can drop by any time of the day and there will be something for them to do. However, certain activities will only be available at certain times of day. If the player has completed all available activities at a specific time of day, that doesn't mean there won't be work at a later time that day. The farm requires constant care.
  • As Alex's farm grows more successful, others see that as a perfect opportunity for their misdeeds. One such NPC is Remy the farmer, known for their appearance teaching at the riding school. Upon specific requirements, a new stat is added - Remy's Encroachment. It is established that Remy grows jealous of Alex's success, and seeks to thwart their competition. They serve as a rival to Alex's. Trespassers can be seen trying to gain access to the farm, which the player and/or Alex may catch out. This may escalate as the stat is increased, with Remy sending goons to sabotage the farm in any way they see fit.
  • Once the farm grows successful enough Remy will manage to successful sneak into and burn Alex's crops. Leading to Alex proposing that they and the player work together to fight against Remy, unlocking their Cottage as a Safehouse for the player, their fields for the player to plant crops, and defense that can be built to repel Remy's attack, which now periodically comes every 30-20 days. Note that Bailey will still expect the player to pay and will visit the cottage every Friday for said payment. Refusal to do so will lead to Bailey supporting Remy's next attack.

People of Interest

  • Remy. They are found at the local riding school, teaching horse riding to those who wish to learn.
  • Alex. They are found managing their farm, to which the player can choose to assist them in their work.


The following will detail the various events that go on at this particular location.

Riding School

Runaway Steed

The steed may attempt to run away with the player, knocking them off. If beasts are disabled, this event will end here as Remy catches up to the player. Otherwise, the player may try to calm the horse or brace themselves. Calming it is difficult, the player must have at least a B in tending for any chance of success, but even an S rank will only give the player a 66% chance of succeeding. If the player braces themselves or fails the tending check, they will enter a non-consensual encounter with the horse.

Getting Revenge

A person may pull up the player’s top. The player may ignore this, continuing the lesson or exact revenge ( + Defiance | - Trauma | - Stress). There are two options on how the player can deal with the pervert.

  • Strip them (a D+ in Skulduggery guarantees success)
  • Shove them (Physique check - Max Physique guarantees success)

Regardless of the player's choice, the lesson will continue if they succeed.

Spooked Steed

A wild fox may scare the player’s steed. With at least a C rank in the "Thigh" body part skill, the player will manage to remain in the saddle. Otherwise, they will be thrown from its back (+ Stress | + Pain).

Private Chat

A person may want to chat with the player. The player may oblige (- Trauma | - Stress) or ignore them. There is a chance that obliging will lead to them asking the player to “find somewhere private”. Accepting their request will lead into a consensual encounter, while refusing has the same effect as ignoring the person in the first place - the player ignores the person and the lesson continues.

Branch Trouble

The player’s bottom clothing may get caught on a branch. There are three options on dealing with this:

  • Try to stop it (Tending B+ guarantees success)
  • Hold on (to the steed)
  • Let themselves be pulled off

Failing the tending check or holding on will reduce the integrity of their bottom clothing by fifty. If the player is wearing flimsy clothing such as towels or make-shift plant clothing, this will destroy the piece of clothing almost immediately.

Riding for Cover

If the player finds their genitals under the threat of exposure (such as having bottom clothing completely destroyed, or are otherwise completely nude) they have the option to ride up to Remy and get a towel instead, or choose an alternative option: "Ride for cover".

Once in cover, the player will come across a crumbling old building. Here, they have two options:

  • Crawl through the hole
  • Build a skirt from plants instead

Choosing to build clothes from plants will end the event.

With a tiny body, the player will crawl through the hole successfully and slip inside. Otherwise, they will be prodded by a horse - giving the player another set of options.

  • Plead with the horse (needs at least a C in tending for success, S rank will give a 75% success rate)
  • Kick it (requiring strong Physique to succeed)
  • Endure (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal).

Succeeding will have the player slip inside, whilst failing any skill checks or enduring the horse's prodding will instead have the player be licked all over by the horse, before managing to slip inside. Once inside, instead of clothing, they will find an unexpected sight - a live grenade, fortunately not pulling the pin. The player will hold on to it for safe-keeping, as it is considered an antique - which can be sold to Winter at the Museum. They also find a tattered towel to wear before they return to the lesson.


Mischievous Fox

When relaxing at the meadow, only one event may happen here with a 10% chance - the player may fall asleep and find that their clothes have been taken. The player looks around and sees a fox/fox-person carrying their clothes in the mouth. The player can ignore it, leaving their clothes; or chase it, in hopes of getting them back.

If the player chooses to chase down the fox, it will enter a hole. The player may crawl inside the hole (or squeeze through should they have a tiny body). Crawling will lead to the player getting stuck and entering a non-consensual encounter, whereas players with a tiny body will simply slip inside without difficulty.

Regardless of what the player chooses, they will crawl deeper until they reach a sheer drop. The player can either climb down (using their Athletics skill) or dive down into the water (using their Swimming skill). An S rank in either skill guarantees success.

There are two endings to this event, depending on whether or not the player has the toggle monster-people enabled, with the first option having much more interaction with the fox.

If disabled: The fox (not a fox-person) will leave the stone talisman behind - among the player’s clothing - instead of having it given to the player as an apology. With the new antique in hand, the player can now leave the cave to return to the Meadow once again.

If enabled: The player finds the fox-person. It asks the player for forgiveness, offering them an engraved stone (which turns out to be the stone talisman, one of the antiques Winter is looking for in the Museum). The player has two options on dealing with the fox:

  • Forgive it
  • Punish it (Promiscuity 4, requires the Defiant trait)

Choosing to forgive it will have the player accept their apology, taking the stones talisman from them. Alternatively, choosing to punish it will have the player bring it to orgasm and otherwise has the same outcome of recovering the player’s clothes and being gifted the stone as forgiveness. Should the player have already acquired the item, the fox will simply ask for forgiveness instead.

Regardless of the player’s choice, the fox will leave the cave behind, as well as the player’s clothing. The player then returns back through the tunnel, eventually reaching the hole close to the oak to reach the Meadow.

Alex's Farm

This is an extensive area. As such, all events will instead be listed on the respective page rather than on this page.

For more information, see here: Alex's Farm


  • A stone talisman can be found within the meadow. It is retrieved from a mischievous fox who steals the player’s clothing. If the player manages to catch it, the fox (if they are a monster-person) will give it as an apology; otherwise they will leave it behind among the player’s clothing after running away.
  • A grenade can be found within the riding school. When the player discovers this, they almost panic, but they realize the pin is still in - and that the grenade looks old; so old, in fact, that it cannot be a live one. According to Winter, it never saw its intended use. It is found when the player chooses to ride for cover - located within a crumbling old building, beyond a small hole.


  • Strangely enough, while at the riding school, Remy will not seem to recognize the player - should they have escaped the farm prior to coming across the riding school.
  • This hub contains one of few areas (Alex's Farm) to be affected by the player's actions, with the others being the Wolf Cave and Orphanage.


The following images showcase below what the farmlands look like at different times of day.

In the Winter

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