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Fertiliser can be used to the player's advantage to grant a more bountiful harvest.



To obtain fertiliser, the player must infiltrate and then steal it from the Docks at night. The player learns about goods stored there in the same vein they learn about smugglers - eavesdropping while working on the job - except this time the player will need to be actively working as a dockworker to learn of its contents. Note that learning about where the fertiliser is stored beforehand isn't necessary, but it helps narrow down where the player needs to search when breaking in at night.

There is a 10% chance for any container to have some fertiliser in it. Note that the player will need a C (400 points) in Tending to be able to tell that it's fertiliser in the first place.

Otherwise, the player will assume it is simply bags of dirt - "containing nothing of value" - and will be discarded as useless to the player. If the player continues to search the docks' containers and stumbles across fertiliser again without the required Tending rank, a prompt will appear - "The interior is loaded with bags of what looks like dirt filled inside."

The game will proceed to continue referring to the fertiliser as "bags of dirt" until the player has the correct Tending rank. If the player has the "Green Thumb" background, it will still not be enough to find usages for the fertiliser, this is because the background starts with a "D" Tending rank, rather than the required C ranking.

Market Stalls

Daily, the player can Explore the stalls (0:30) on Connudatus Street during the day. When doing so, there is a chance for the player to notice a bag of fertiliser at a stall, being sold for £1000. This gives the player a second method of attaining fertilizer without skulduggery and increasing crime.


If the player has any fertiliser, they will have the option to add it to a plot when they till the soil. This will increase the quality of the soil by one level, increasing the number of plants that will be harvested from that plot. If the player uses fertiliser on the same plot again before the fertiliser wears off, the soil quality can be increased further, allowing the player to potentially increase any plot to excellent quality.

After fertiliser is added to a plot, it will wear off after three harvests (or just two harvests if used on a field), decreasing the soil quality by one level until it reaches the plot's original quality. However, if the player has the Green Thumb perk, fertiliser will never wear off and the soil quality will be improved permanently.

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