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The Forest is a major location in Degrees of Lewdity, and possibly one of, if not the most dangerous if the player is not careful. It is home to dangerous creatures out to get them such as wolves, boars, bears, even tentacles.

However, it is not without its benefits: Numerous valuable artifacts, and new unlockable places.

This area is one of four central hub locations, meaning it is home to both human and non-human NPCs.


"You are in the forest, surrounded by nature."

How to Enter

There are currently three different ways to enter the forest.

  1. Entering the forest directly. The most straightforward option. The forest can be entered from Danube Street, Wolf Street, and Nightingale Street.
  2. Going with schoolmates. On school days, provided it isn't raining, the player can accompany a group of students on Oxford Street to the lake from 3-4 PM. Note that if the player has low Status, the other students might not take kindly to their intrusion.
  3. Escaping captivity. If the player ends up in custody of Eden (by failing to pay Bailey), the Asylum, or the Underground Brothel, escape will put them somewhere deep in the forest.

First Steps

There isn't anything noteworthy about the player's first time setting foot in the forest. They're not at risk of triggering any encounters until they progress deeper into the forest, past the Forest Shop.

Places of Interest

The numerous places can be found in the Forest is listed below:

1. These areas must be unlocked before the player can access them.
2. The player cannot access these areas directly from the forest; however, they will be deposited in the forest should they escape from them.
3. Only accessible during a specific event.

People of Interest


  • With an A or higher in History, the player can take a shortcut in and out of the woods. The shortcut in is only accessible right at the entrance, where the Forest Shop is, but the shortcut out can be accessed anywhere in the central forest, near the lake.
  • In the shallow parts of the forest, if the player screams, Gwylan will save them, provided the player's assailant isn't Eden or the Black Wolf.
  • If the player has Eden set as their Love Interest, there's a chance that they'll save the player should they scream during an encounter. Unlike Gwylan, Eden can save the player at any point in the forest, though they still won't save them from the Black Wolf. Note that the player must have Eden set as one of their Love Interests in the Attitudes menu for them to be able to save the player.


A detailed map of the Forest
A detailed map of the Forest

Also includes rescue chances, black box locations, as well as antique and plant seed locations.


The forest has three separate sections, each with its own dangers and items to scavenge.

  1. The forest outskirts, indicated by the prompt "You are in the forest. The trees are quite sparse, you can't be too far from town." Encompasses the entrance to the forest, where the Forest Shop is located, and the distance between there and the lake.
  2. The centre of the Forest, indicated by the prompt "You are in the forest, surrounded by nature." The Forest Lake is located here.
  3. The deepest section of the forest, indicated by the prompt "You are deep in the forest. The trees are tall and dark, their branches twisting together to form the canopy." The player can access Eden and the Black Wolf's homes from here, and if they've been sent to the forest on a mission from Landry, they'll find what they're looking for here. By far the most dangerous section of the forest, with wolves, snakes, bees, and other critters making their homes here.
    • At the very end of this section, the prompt "You are deep in the forest. You can make out the asylum through the trees," will appear. This is purely flavour text; the same events that would normally occur in the deep forest will still occur here.


While exploring through the woods, several events can occur - some benign, others not so much. While certain events can occur regardless of the player's depth, some only take place in certain sections of the forest. For example, the player will be much less likely to run across other people in the deeper parts of the forest.


The following events can occur in anywhere in the forest:

  • A wolf emerges from the trees, triggering a nonconsensual encounter. The number of wolves the player will have to fend off depends on their depth in the forest.
    • In the forest outskirts and the central forest, the player will only be accosted by a lone wolf.
    • In the deep forest, the player will instead be assaulted by a pair of wolves.
  • The player notices the eyes of a wolf - or two - staring at them from the woods (+ Stress). They can either continue through the forest or adopt a mating stance, initiating consensual sex. Note that making the wolf/wolves cum in the subsequent encounter increases the wolf pack's Trust towards the player.
    • In the forest outskirts or the central forest, only one wolf will be present. Deviancy 2 is required to beckon it for sex.
      • Exclusively to this variant of the event, if the player is afflicted with an ear slime, it may force the player to give themselves to the wolf. Obeying or failing to resist puts the player in a nonconsensual encounter. Alternatively, with incredibly high Submissiveness and Deviancy 4, the player can submit willingly, triggering a consensual encounter.
    • In the deep forest, two wolves will be present. Deviancy 3 is needed to initiate consensual sex.
    • If the player possesses the complete Wolf Transformation, they can instead howl at the wolf/wolves (- Trauma | - Stress). The beast(s) then depart, unless the player possesses the Stockholm Syndrome: Wolves trait, in which case they're given the extra option to pat and depart (- Trauma | - Stress) or mate (consensual encounter, same Deviancy requirements as listed above).
  • In the central forest or the deep forest, the player may spot bear prints on the path ahead of them. The player can take a detour (0:30, ensures their safety) or ignore them (1/5 chance of triggering a nonconsensual encounter with a bear).
  • The player's path is marred by jagged rocks. If they're barefooted, they'll lose their footing and tumble into a fern (+ Stress | + Pain). Otherwise, they continue without issue.
  • The player squeezes througrh a thicket, slightly damaging their clothes.
  • The player stumbles across a clearing, where they can harvest plants (see the Unlockables section below). If they're exposed, they can instead make a top/skirt out of plants and twigs (0:20), giving them a flimsy layer of protection.
  • The player hears a wolf howl in the distance (+ Stress, or + Arousal if the player has progressed through the first three stages of the Wolf Transformation).
  • The player finds a trail, making the going a little easier. | - Stress
  • The player stumbles across a clearing with a deer. Should they choose to approach, there's a 50/50 chance the deer will either stay still, letting the player pet it (- Trauma | - Stress), or run away (no effect).

Forest Outskirts

  • The player hears a pair of hikers on the trail ahead of them. The player can either stick to the trail (20% chance for the pair to molest the player) or avoid them (0:20, ensures the player's safety).
    • If the player is slightly exposed (topless or in their underwear), Exhibitionism 3 is needed to continue on the trail. In this case, the chance for the pair to molest the player rises to 40%.
    • If the player is completely naked, Exhibitionism 5 is needed to keep walking. The chance for the pair to molest the player rises further to 60%.
    • If the player is under the influence of an ear slime, it will demand that the player present themselves to the pair, triggering a nonconsensual encounter if the player obeys, or if the player fails to resist the slime's influence. Alternatively, the player can submit willingly (requires Promiscuity 4 and incredibly high Submissiveness), turning the encounter consensual.
  • The player crosses paths with another person.
    • In the day, they'll be picking berries. They wave when they notice the player. - Trauma
    • At night, they'll be leaning against a tree, smoking. They don't acknowledge the player at all.
    • If the player is exposed, regardless of the time of day, they'll take a different path to avoid letting the person see them. | + Stress

Central Forest

  • The player spots a woodcutter in the forest. They can either wave back and continue on (- Stress) or chat. If the player chooses to chat, they'll have a brief talk with the woodcutter on things such as criminals trafficking their goods through the forest, people from the Temple holding ceremonies, or a maniac living deep in the woods. Additionally, if the player's Pain is high, they'll offer the player a tissue before they go (- Pain).
    • With Promiscuity 2 or higher, the player can seduce the woodcutter (requires an overall rating of B or higher to succeed). They'll have sex with the player if they succeed, otherwise they'll simply brush the player off.
    • If the player is in a state of exposure, their only choice will be to sneak around the woodcutter, unless their Exhibitionism is high enough (3 or 5, depending on how exposed the player is). Should the player choose to approach the woodcutter despite their nudity, they have the same option to seduce them, coupled with a new choice to flaunt (+ Arousal | - Trauma | - Stress). After flaunting, the woodcutter offers the player some towels before they leave, to which the player can either take the towels or just leave.

Deep Forest

  • If the Bestiality and Soft Monster Vore toggles are enabled, the player will encounter a pair of eyes, the strength suddenly sapped from their body. A snake slithers onto the ground, triggering a vore encounter.
    • In the ensuing encounter, it will take the player 4 turns to break free of their trance, during which they won't be able to do anything. If the player fails to escape the snake and ends up swallowed whole, it takes them deeper into the forest before spitting them out. Alternatively, if Swarms are enabled, it will spit the player up in a pit of tiny snakes, triggering a swarm encounter.
  • If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations, and they have Soft Monster Vore and Tentacles enabled, they can end up walking into a thicket dominated by the heady aroma of pollen, making them feel lightheaded. The player can steady themselves until the feeling subsides (0:30, + + Arousal, drugs the player) or attempt to continue (initiates a Willpower check; a full 6/6 will guarantee success).
    • If the player fails to ignore the plant's influence, they'll end up ensnared by vines and forced into the maw of the plant (+ Trauma | + + Stress). From there, they can try to escape (Willpower, around 5/6 will guarantee success) or endure (+ + + Arousal).
      • Passing the Willpower check, the player is then given the options of tearing through (Physique, a full 6/6 should ensure success) or climbing out (Athletics, an S or higher will guarantee success). Succeeding either check allows the player to escape back into the forest, whereas failing has the game proceed as if they had chosen to endure. Note that regardless of the player's actions, they'll end up coated heavily in slime.
      • Choosing to endure or failing any of the stat checks above results in the plant having its way with the player, dissolving their clothes as slimy vines molest their bare skin (+ + Trauma | + + + Stress). If Lactation is enabled, the plant will milk the player dry. After the plant has finished assaulting the player, it spits them back out and leaves them to escape into the forest.
    • If the player is under the influence of an ear slime, it will demand that they walk towards the plant. Failing to resist or choosing to obey the slime has the scene proceed as if the player chose to endure on their own, only choosing to obey the slime has the player lose Stress and Trauma, rather than gain it.
  • If the player is suffering from (Controlled) Severe Hallucinations and Tentacles are enabled, they may be tripped up while walking through the deep forest, triggering a nonconsensual tentacle encounter. Alternatively, if the player's Deviancy is at 5 or higher, they can allow the tentacles to surround them, making the encounter consensual.
  • If the Bestiality and Wasps toggles are enabled, the player hears a buzzing sound behind them as two wasps hover towards them, one landing on the player's rear if Anal is enabled. The player is forced to freeze, initiating a nonconsensual struggle encounter. Alternatively, with Deviancy 4 or higher, the player can strip their clothes for the wasps, turning the encounter consensual.
  • If the Bees toggle is enabled, the player can hear a gentle buzzing and spot a large beehive hanging overhead. With a Tending skill of A or higher, they can attempt to harvest honeycomb. If successful, they retrieve their prize without upsetting the wasps; otherwise, they'll disturb the hive, triggering a nonconsensual encounter. Note that regardless of whether the player passes the Tending check or not, they'll receive one honeycomb and the "Oh Bother" feat.


In the central forest and beyond, there's a chance the player will receive the following prompt: A chill runs up your spine, a warning from some primal instinct. Something is hunting you.

At this point, the player will be hunted by either Eden or Black Wolf (determined at random, with a 50/50 chance at either one). Certain hints can be used to determine who the player is being hunted by.


  • You hear a gun firing from afar.
  • You see shotgun shells lying on the ground.
  • You see boot prints on the ground.

Black Wolf:

  • You hear a growl in the distance.
  • You see wolf fur tangled in the trees.
  • You see wolf prints on the ground.

"Hunt progress" starts at 1, and gradually increases depending on the player's actions. Once hunt progress reaches 10 or higher, the hunter will catch their prey. See Eden and the Black Wolf's pages for their respective encounters.

  • Choosing the move/search carefully or hobble in heels options increases hunt progress by 2.
  • Choosing the move/search normally options increases hunt progress by 1.
  • Choosing the move/search quickly options increases hunt progress by 1/2 of a point.

Additionally, certain events in the forest take whether or not the player is being hunted into account. In these cases, the player's choices can help them escape their hunter, or put them further in harm's way.

  • When coming across a fast-flowing river, choosing to swim across (regardless of whether or not the player succeeds) completely shakes off the player's pursuer.
  • When encountering a pair of individuals on the player's trail, avoiding them (0:20) increases hunt progress by 2.
  • When coming across bear tracks, choosing to take a detour (0:30) increases hunt progress by 2.
  • When walking through a dense thicket and becoming overwhelmed by the scent of pollen, if the player chooses to steady themselves until the feeling subsides (0:30), hunt progress will increase by 1 and 1/2.
  • If the player is exposed, choosing to make clothes out of plants increases hunt progress by 1.

The only way to completely escape the player's hunter (aside from the river method mentioned above) is to return to town, or one of the two safehouses in the forest (Eden's Cabin or the Wolf Cave). Note that the Forest Shop does not count as a safe zone, and whatever's hunting the player will continue to do so once they leave the shop.

Landry's Black Box

Landry's black box can be found in the deep forest. There, the player has the option to search for Landry's black box, after which one of two events will occur.

  1. The player comes to a cave, where Landry said the box would be found. Inside, they hear a deep growl. The player can leave, returning to the forest, or enter, triggering a nonconsensual encounter with a bear. Regardless of how the player subdues the beast, they'll leave with the box in hand.
  2. Alternatively, the player finds a run-down cabin in a clearing, within which reside two people. When asked about the box, they present it the player, giving them an ultimatum: "You're a cute little thing, Landry sure knows how to pick em. We'll give you the box if you let us fuck you."
    • Promiscuity 2 or higher is needed to accept the pair's proposition, triggering a consensual encounter. If the player makes them cum or beats them up, they'll receive the box without issue. Should the player ask them to stop, however, they'll be less than thrilled. "You're not getting away that easily," the man/woman says. This begins a nonconsensual encounter, with the same potential outcomes as the previous one.
    • If the player possesses the Defiant trait, the can instead attack them, triggering a nonconsensual encounter in which the player's assailants start off slightly damaged. Same outcomes as above; make them cum or beat them up to retrieve the box.
    • If the player refuses, the pair will prevent them from leaving. "I don't think you quite understand the situation you're in," the man/woman says, now very close. "We're getting what we want." This begins a nonconsensual encounter, with the same outcomes as above.

Note that if the player abandons their task and later returns, the game will remember which scene they were slated for. For example, if the player finds the box in a cave but they choose to leave before retrieving it, they'll always be directed back to the cave when choosing the search for Landry's black box action, with no chance of receiving the alternate event.


Several items are scattered about the woods. How deep in the forest the player is determines what they'll find. Generally speaking, the more worthwhile treasures are locating in the deep forest.

There are three Antiques the player can randomly stumble upon while exploring the forest, with the search quickly/normally/carefully actions increasing the odds of finding them. There are several other antiques only found in the Forest Lake Ruins - see that page for more details.

  • Near the forest outskirts, the player can find an arrowhead.
  • In the central forest, the player can find a rusted dagger.
  • In the deep forest, the player can find a green gemstone. Picking it up soothes the player. | - Stress

There are a three different types of flowers the player can harvest, depending on how deep they are in the forest. With a high Science skill, the player can also collect seeds to grow them on their own.

  • Near the forest outskirts, the player can find lilies. Requires the Passable Science trait to collect seeds, and a C or higher in Tending to guarantee a successful harvest.
  • In the central forest, the player can find red roses. Requires the Decent Science trait to collect seeds, and a D in Tending to harvest, with a C+ or higher ensuring success.
  • In the deep forest, the player can find orchids. Requires the Decent Science trait to collect seeds, and a D+ in Tending to harvest, with a B ensuring success.

Alongside flowers, there are three types of fruits to harvest as well. The player cannot collect their seeds, however.

  • Near the forest outskirts, the player can find ripe apples. A D+ or higher in Tending will guarantee a successful harvest.
  • In the central forest, the player can find wild pears. A C or higher in Tending will guarantee a successful harvest.
  • In the deep forest, the player can find lemons. A D or higher in Tending is needed to harvest them, with a C+ ensuring success.
    • During a Blood Moon, the lemons will be replaced with blood lemons. They're more valuable than regular lemons, but aren't any more difficult to harvest.

The player can find two different types of mushrooms in the forest: heartshrooms and wolfshrooms. If the player is working on their science project, they can collect five of each, no Tending experience required.

  • Heartshrooms appear in the early sections of the forest (anywhere from the entrance to the edge of the lake). Note that the player won't actually identify them as heartshrooms. The player can eat one (+ Stress | - Fatigue) or search for saleable specimens (0:20, requires a D+ in Tending to guarantee success).
  • Wolfshrooms appear anywhere in the deep forest. The player can identify them with the Passable Science trait, though they can still harvest them without the proper knowledge. A D+ or higher in Tending is needed for a chance at collecting these shrooms, with a B ensuring success. Choosing to eat one increases Arousal and progress towards the Wolf Transformation.

Lastly, three feats - "Seedy," "In Red Light," and "Oh Bother" - require the player to traverse the forest, with several other feats related to the Forest Lake, the Wolf Cave, Eden, and the Black Wolf. See their respective pages for more details.

Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Seedy "Harvest nature's secrets." "Seeds are little things, but they can't hide from you!" Discover all sixteen types of seeds. Three (four if one includes the lotus found at the Forest Lake, five including the poppies located at Eden's Cabin or the Asylum) of the seeds needed for this feat are located in the forest: lilies, red roses, and orchids. See above for more information.

The complete seed list can be found on this page: Tending

In Red Light "Strange fruit grows in strange light." "Harvested wild blood lemons." Gather blood lemons in the Forest during a blood moon. Requires a blood moon to be active. These will not appear otherwise. 2
Oh Bother "Sweet and sticky." "Harvested wild honeycomb." Gather honeycomb from the bee nests within the Forest. Giant bees nest within the Deep Forest. Using high Tending, the player can attempt to steal their valuable honeycomb from them. 1




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