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The Forest Lake is one of several locations within the town's outskirts. It is located roughly at the heart of the Forest. The player can come here to have fun with other classmates, to swim with Mason, or to hunt for treasure, among other activities.


Normal Description: "You are at the shore. Undulating waves splash against the sand and rocks. A bear eats fish on the opposite bank. The water is calm."

Description during winter season: "You are in the middle of the frozen lake, near the swimming dock. Someone left equipment on the swimming dock, including a shovel. The ice is thin here. You could break through, with some effort."

How to Enter

The Forest Lake can be accessed from entering the Forest from the Town. It can be found at the center of the forest, so choose to walk through it until the player reaches it. If choosing to walk quickly, it can easily be reachable through two or three turns. Note that it may take longer if the player is attacked at any point. If the player is knowledgeable in History, they can find a secret path that will lead them deeper into the woods in one 10-minute turn. This will get them very close to the Lake.

First Steps

The player will enter the lake at the shore area, where teenagers may gather after school if the weather is good enough. If not, the player will have the lake to themselves.


There are multiple activities and events for the player to do here.

  • They start at the Shore of the Lake, and can go south to access a Waterfall, a Fishing Rock, and a Campsite.
  • Wherever the player leaves the Lake and enters the Forest, the hotspot they were last at will be remembered. For example, leaving the Campsite, re-entering the Forest and venturing to the Lake will cause the player to emerge back into the Campsite, not the shore like last time. The lake is 6 sections of the forest each hotspot except the campsite will occupy 2 sections of the forest.
  • The Forest Lake is a relatively safer location in comparison to the rest of the forest, but the player will still be at risk of non-consensual encounters with wild boars or teenagers with lewd intentions.
  • Should the player be followed by a pursuer in the Forest, it will not enter the Forest Lake. However, should the player come out into the forest again, the pursuer will continue to tail the player until capture is achieved, or the player escapes into town.

Forest Lake Hotspots


The shores of the lake, and where the player first enters the Forest Lake area.

They are able to dive down into the lake to find the Lake Ruins.

There's a rocky alcove where the player can store clothes. Here, they can change into more appropriate clothing for swimming, such as a bikini and their school swimsuit/shorts. Despite this, they can still swim in the Lake fully clothed or naked if they so wish.

Mason can be found swimming here on a rainy day, particularly when it's not a school day.

Additionally there is a chance for the player to be attacked by swarms of fishes (if swarms are enabled) and tentacles (if enabled). The player may be swallowed by a frog (if soft vore is enabled.)

Frozen During Winter

When Winter hits, the Lake Shore will be frozen and people will be unable to swim in it. During this season, Mason will not show up to swim here at all.


A waterfall can be found near the Lake. There is a pond up on the rocks. If teenagers are at the Lake currently, it will be noted that the younger students will be playing in the pond.

Waterfall Pond

If examining the pond, a prompt may appear that the player currently has no parasites/children inside the pond.

This is an alternative method of delivering parasite children, if the player wishes to avoid the Orphanage. As such, this pond heavily ties in with anal parasitic pregnancy.

For more information, visit this page: Pregnancy


Added on game version

At the waterfall: East to brook.

This is one way to get to the Bog, which connects to the moor. The trip from the brook to the bog is one-way, meaning it's only possible to go to the moor from the forest; impossible to go to the forest from the moor.

There are 3 ways to discover the brook.
  1. Passing by the waterfall with high history, moderate science and moderate tending.
  2. Asking Winter at the field office. To unlock and build the archaeological field office town project, visit the hookah parlour.
  3. Failing a swimming check in the forest river, from a random event and while deep in the forest.

Fishing Rock

The second hotspot of the Lake, the fishing rock. Here you can choose to Meditate. This relies solely on how much Willpower you have.

Willpower is one of the Player Character's characteristics. See this page for more about it: Willpower

While meditating, the player can choose one of two options:

  1. Still your thoughts | - Awareness | + Willpower | - Stress | - Arousal
  2. Observe your thoughts | + Awareness | + Stress | + Willpower

Keep in mind the more hours you spend here, you gain Fatigue every so often.

Meditation also links in with other characteristics, mainly Insecurity and Acceptance. They can use this rock to calm their mind and accept their flaws.


A campsite located at the rear end of the lake. Usually silent and empty during the day, but becomes more lively but still mellow at night.

Every so often the player will think they heard their name being called, but no one's there - adding + Trauma.

Campsite Couple Event

There is a chance for the player to spot a couple cuddling besides a small fire, next to a tent. They can approach this couple and trigger an event with them. The couple will invite you to join them. If the player agrees they will tell you that they're enjoying their time away from the Town.

One of them will mention that it's chilly and pats their lap in an attempt to get you to sit on it. Once again you can agree and overhear the couple kissing each other. Before long, one of them leans over and kisses your cheek. They look to the other for approval, before they also kiss you. You can return kisses with a Promiscuity 1 check, in which they will alternate the kisses between you and themselves. One of them mentions they should have asked first, the other says it's getting late and turns their attention to the tent. You'll part ways with them after that.

This scene changes if the player has a higher Promiscuity level. Instead of leaving, the player (with a Promiscuity 2 check) can join them in the tent. You'll shuffle in between the sheets, between the couple. The player can cuddle them, reducing Trauma and Stress. After a while of cuddling it becomes too stuffy in the tent and you take your leave, letting them get their sleep.

Alternatively, with Promiscuity 3, you can choose to embrace and kiss one of them, initiating sex. The other will join in for a threeway. Afterwards, you lie with them a little longer, feeling the warmth of their bodies before leaving and letting them sleep like before.


Lake Teens

After school or during the school break there is a chance that teens will be present here, littered across the Lake's various hotspots. You can only hang out with them at the Shore, which will add + Status if the player chooses that option. To get to the Lake safely, tag along with the group after school about to head there. This is also a good way of getting to the Lake area much quicker, allowing you quicker access to other locations.

There are a few little events here. Note that these are based around your school Status. You can gain some Physique through playing Frisbee or tag with the others. There's a brief scene with you helping to build a sandcastle before it ultimately collapses on its own weight, but you still have fun. There is also a scene where you can see how many times rocks can skip across the lake's surface. If you have low status you may gain some Trauma as the others may ignore you when you're trying to chat with them. On the other hand, if you have high Status others may try to impress you by venturing into the Forest alone, but they won't get very far and retreat back to your group after hearing a strange noise. This decreases a bit of Trauma.

At around 8PM the teenagers will prepare to make their return back to the town, and no one wants to travel alone. You can stay if you wish in case of unfinished business in the Forest, or go with them to get back to the town safely.

Rock Tackle Event

At random intervals a boy/girl can tackle you behind a rock and begin to grope you. You can shove them away and they will go to pester someone else, otherwise they'll gag your mouth and tell you to accept what is happening, forcing sex onto you.

Fighting them off gives you an opening to escape back to the open shore, within public sight. Making them orgasm leaves them lying on their back, panting.

With Promiscuity 2 and higher, the player can instead opt to grope them back. This initiates consensual sex.

Bullied Kiss Event

There's an odd chance with high Status that someone will approach you and shyly request a kiss from you as they stumble on their words - in exchange, the others will leave them alone. In the background the teenagers they are referring to watches the boy/girl talking to you from a nearby rock. It mentions that the player has seen the group bully them before. The player can choose to either kiss them, refuse the offer, or laugh in their face.

Choosing to kiss them will cause the player to grip the person's collar gently and pull them close before kissing them on the lips. They shiver in response. The other teens stare intently, completely dumbfounded by what is happening right in front of them. One throws an empty bottle to the ground, disgusted. The group exits the scene, leaving you and the bullied boy/girl alone. It's noted that they are blushing and tearing up before thanking the player then running away. As a result of this you will lose a bit of Status.

Refusing will cause the player to shake their head, denying the request. They say how it was unfair of them to ask, but thank you regardless. The group makes jeers and taunts at their expense.

Laughing in their face will do as expected, you will burst into laughter. The bullies do so as well. The bullied person looks down in shame before running deeper into the Forest to hide away in shame.

Lake Boar

Note: This event requires bestiality to be enabled.

The player will spot a boar sifting through litter at the base of a tree. It will spot the player, causing them to act quickly.

  1. Stand your ground?
  2. Run!

The first option will cause the boar to do one of two things: It will charge you immediately, but gets caught in a semi-circle and runs back into the forest. The player hears a splash in the lake afterwards, but there's nothing there. The other option is it knocks you to the ground, then leaps onto you - initiating sex and pinning you into a mating posture.

The player can either fight it off, in which case it will squeal and flee into the trees, or make it orgasm, which leaves the boar satisfied as it returns to the litter by the tree.

Lake Ritual

Pass out near the lake, and you will wake up naked with your arms bound to a stone slab. Nuns/priests in ceremonial attire surround you, chanting a strange, foreign language. They reach for you, initiating a gangbang.

If the player somehow manages to fight them off, they will all back away from you. They whisper among themselves before retreating back into the forest.

If the player makes them orgasm, one of them will stammer and state that "the ritual is complete" before saying they can return to the Temple. They disappear back into the forest, leaving you tied up and forced to wrestle yourself free. Your arms will remain bound, leaving you completely helpless.

Sand Mermaid

Passing out in the lake may have the player wake up to being unable to move. They are buried up to their neck in sand, while a group of teenagers stand over them. Another group approaches, fleeing the scene and leaving the player to the mercy of the next group. They continue to masturbate over you, ejaculating onto your face while taking pictures before leaving. This will increase Trauma, and heavily reduce Status. Once they are done, the player struggles to free themselves until someone comes to help dig you out, all the while suppressing their laughter.

However, if you have Eden as a love interest, you can scream for them after the second group of teenagers approach you. Screaming for Eden will cause two gunshots to be heard and bullets will land nearby, after the teenagers have fled the scene, Eden comes to rescue you and reprimands you for not obeying them, you go back to Eden's cabin and you get shoved to the floor by Eden, you are then given the choices of:

  • Seduce | Promiscuity 1
  • Apologise | + Eden's Dominance | + Love
  • Do nothing

If you apologise or do nothing, Eden punishes you in an unconsensual event where they bend you over their knee much like Leighton does during the detention event. However if you seduce them, it will be a consensual event.


  • This is one of the few areas to involve anal parasitic pregnancy, the other being the Orphanage.


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