Forest Lake Ruins

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The Forest Lake Ruins is one of several hidden locations within Degrees of Lewdity. It is located within the aforementioned Forest Lake.


"You are in the submerged ruin beneath the lake. Glowing purple lichen covers ancient walls."

How to Enter

The lake ruins can be accessed by swimming further out into the lake, then choosing to dive down.

During winter, the lake freezes over, so the player can walk further out. The player will then have to break the ice (0:30) before they could dive down.

First Steps

The player has two options when first entering the ruins:

  • Swim deeper
  • Swim outside

During winter, the lake is frozen. The player will have to Break the Ice (0:30) first before diving down. This will increase Fatigue by a small amount.

Choosing to swim deeper/dive allows the player to begin their treasure-hunting adventure.


While inside the ruins, there is a limited amount of time for air. Each turn the player will have an Air meter which decreases with each action the player takes. This will naturally continue until the player either resurfaces and the Air meter disappears, or until the meter reaches zero - causing Stress to increase at a rapid pace, to the point where it will cause the player to pass out if they do not resurface quickly enough.


Consensual Tentacles

During visits to the plinth room, if Bestiality is enabled and the player has Deviancy 4, the player can engage in a consensual tentacle encounter.

Ear Slime Parasite Purge Ceremony

The plinth room is the only place where is possible get rid of the ear slime parasite (see Parasites for full details) during a blood moon. Doing so will trigger a nonconsensual encounter with many tentacles.

Followed from the Depths

Upon surfacing, there is a chance that something followed the player from the depths. The player might feel something brushing their leg, increasing Arousal and Stress. Otherwise the player is attacked by a swarm of fish, or may be swallowed by a frog.


Initially inside the ruins the player will encounter the purple lichen which can be used for the Lichen Project during the Science Fair.

Deeper within the ruins, the player encounters the option to search through pots. These pots can contain a variety of things.

  • They can simply be empty.
  • They can be full of pebbles, broken ceramics, or mud.
  • Something can snap at the player's hand, increasing Stress.
  • They can be full of a purple dust, increasing Stress and Arousal.
  • Swarms of fish can be hiding in the pots, surging out and swarming the player.
  • They can contain an ivory box which can be taken. With high enough Skulduggery, the player can open the box and get a silver ring, a gold necklace, or a Golden Chastity Belt.
    • A Golden Chastity Belt may be found when searching pots. When choosing to look at it, the player wraps it around their waist. This belt is purposefully designed as a trap for speeding through treasure-hunting, and it is very difficult to remove. To see what it looks like, visit this page: Restrictive Clothing.
  • The player can find a one-time decaying bronze key, which unlocks the plinth room within the Lake Ruins.

The Ivory Necklace is a one-time only item (meaning you can only find it once per playthrough). After unlocking the plinth room, the player has the option of taking it. Taking it will evoke the anger of a terrible being, so consider carefully before taking it.

Winter can appraise the found items at the Museum. In return for the items the player will gain cash and learn some of the background of each item. Each ivory box is worth £20, each silver ring is worth £30, each gold necklace is worth £500, each golden chastity belt is worth £2000 and the Ivory Necklace is worth £2000.


  • This is an ideal spot for treasure-hunting.
  • Before version 0.3.13, it wasn't possible to do anything in the Plinth room without taking the Ivory Necklace first


The following images are in-game artwork of what the lake ruins look like. There is a unique variant if a blood moon is present.

The order of images are as follows: Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night, and Blood Moon.

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