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The Fox transformation, otherwise referred to as the "Fox TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories - this transformation falls under the "Animal" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Divine" category.

The fox transformation in-game.


The name of the transformation will vary depending on the player's sex. How the player's transformation is identified as is listed below:

  • As a Fox for male PCs.
  • As a Vixen for female PCs.


  • Fangs - "Biting is three times as effective."
  • Fox/Vixen - "You have the urge to keep what's not yours. Improves skulduggery. Your ears and tail make you more alluring and attractive."
  • Mate For Life - "Gain bonuses when sleeping or copulating with your Love Interest. Changing Love Interests causes stress and trauma."
  • Sharp Eyes - "Little escapes your notice." +5% skulduggery.


All the correct requirements to obtain the transformation are listed below:

  • Harvesting and burying eggs in the Forest.
  • Having sexual encounters with foxes:
    • Progress is gained when they ejaculate in the player, knot the player, when the player is penetrating them as they orgasm, when the player eats out or scissors female foxes, when a male fox ejaculates on a player's penis while frotting, or when the player drinks milk from a lactating foxgirl.
    • Foxes can be found in the Forest or by the Meadow in the Farmlands.
  • Upon gaining "Mate for Life" trait, having sexual encounters with a Primary Love Interest will increase fox TF points.
  • Acquiring enough crime in either the "Thievery" or "Petty Thievery" categories in a single day, reset at 6:00 am. Detailed below.

Not all of these requirements are necessary to achieve the full transformation. They can be combined to achieve a better overall boost to transformation progress, making the transformation easier to obtain. Otherwise, one method of achieving the transformation (i.e. burying eggs) will be sufficient as long as the player keeps working at it.

The Spirit Mask is highly recommended to obtain, and specially maintain, the fox transformation. It can be purchased at the Forest Shop.

Transformation progress accumulates at midnight. As the player passes through midnight, they must be wearing a set of clothing that has the Spirit Mask (can be naked with just the mask) to prevent transformation decay.


  • You only gain progress through crime if you both have at least 1 point of progress already and also if you have more progress in the fox transformation than any other animal transformation.
  • The amount of crime required to gain a point in the transformation is: your current transformation points plus 1, then multiplied by 50 (e.g: If you have 3 points, you need to gain 200 crime.)
    • This is required for each point individually, and does not count crime that contributed towards previously gained points. (e.g: Going from 2 points to 4 points requires 150 crime to get to 3 points, and a further 200 crime to get to 4 points.)
  • Generally, the amount of crime you gain is equal to the monetary value of the stolen goods.
    • This is reduced by up to 15% by your Skulduggery skill, and is also reduced by wearing clothing with the Stealthy trait.
    • Conversely, this value is increased by wearing clothing with the Unstealthy trait.
  • Whenever you gain a point in the transformation through crime, you will be given the notification: You feel an animalistic satisfaction towards your growing collection of stolen goods.
  • Spirit Mask will only be available for purchase after the final stage of the transformation (30 transformation points).


Having issues figuring out how to manifest the Fox Transformation? We got you.

  • 0 points - Find an egg in the forest and bury it when given the prompt (+1pt), or find a fox and do sexual acts with it as described in requirements. See Foxes for location.
  • 1+ points - Do sexual acts with foxes, bury eggs you find in the forest, or steal. Skulduggery is important for stealing. If you are doing Skulduggery, gain 100 points of theft crime in one day for your second point. The preceding points will require 50(p+1); p = points. Example: you have 5 points, the next point will require 50(5+1) which is 300 theft crime. If you don't get it, steal until you get this msg, "You feel an animalistic satisfaction towards your growing collection of stolen goods." The points you earned for point 2 doesn't carry over to point 3. Example: if you earn 150 theft crime for point 3, then you require earning 350 in the day for point 4; (150+200). Simplified: steal until you get the msg above.
  • 15 points - The player can now earn TF points through sexual encounters once a day (needs confirmation) with a Primary Love Interest. This is important to upkeep your TF points or earn more quickly.
  • 20 points - It's getting near impossible to do Skulduggery to earn points. Try to search for eggs as an alternative if you are doing Skulduggery to earn points.
  • 30 points - Buy the Spirit Mask from the forest shop so you don't have to come back to this section anymore.


  • You can earn multiple points a day.
  • There is a decay of 1 pt/day, so you must immediately earn your second pt before the day ends if you are doing trying to do Skulduggery to earn it.
  • Daily theft resets at 6:00 AM.
  • Money is equivalent to theft: stole 50 pounds to +50 Theft crime.
  • Transformation trait changes happens whenever the day ends. This means that you will need 6 TF points to earn "Sharp eyes" instead of 5, and so on so forth because the game deducts points before it checks.

Transformation Progress

Note: Requires 30 transformation points to access the full transformation.

Progress will be made for every five points gained.

  1. "You have a strange toothache, and your eyes feel a little sharper"
  2. "Your mouth and eyes feel different. You explore your mouth and yip as your tongue presses against your new fangs, and you have the urge to steal something."
  3. "Your scalp itches. Your thoughts turn to your 'primary love interest' and you have a primal, almost animalistic, urge to be with them." or, if no primary love interest, "You suddenly crave a true partner to be with."
  4. "You feel something on your head. You reach up and touch your new pair of fox ears, and they wiggle in response."
  5. "Your lower back itches. You have the urge to let someone scratch it. You also notice strange discolouration around your eyes."
  6. "Your bottom feels heavier than usual. You give it a wiggle and feel your new fox tail. It's extremely comforting to touch."


  • Stage 1: The player receives the "Sharp eyes" trait.
  • Stage 2: The player receives the "Fangs" trait.
  • Stage 3: The player receives the "Mate For Life" trait.
  • Stage 4: The player receives fox ears.
  • Stage 6: The player receives a fox tail. The transformation is now complete.


  • Unlocks the "Fangs" trait. This grants a bonus to the "Bite" option when penises/breasts hover near the player during combat.
  • A passive Skulduggery boost.
  • Your fox ears and tail increase your allure and attractiveness.
    • This boost is 50% greater than the boosts granted by all other animal transformations.
  • Gain bonuses when sleeping or copulating with your Love Interest.
    • Changing Love Interests causes stress and trauma.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


Foxes have very few interactions, many of which overlap with the wolf and cat transformations. Notable fox-exclusive interactions include:

  • Foxes can eat squirrels on the island
  • Foxes can swish their tail at Robin
  • The forest egg sequence is slightly modified for foxes
  • Foxes can yip at dogs on the street (reinforcing the fox transformation)
  • Foxes can look for something to steal in the tentacle plains

Most other effects only add flavor text.

Look for something to steal

This action has an identical effect to that of the Pounce action given by the cat transformation.

This action cycles through these four lines:
    • You look around. There's a lot of moving things, but very few shiny things that catch your eye. A particularly slick tentacle looks shiny enough. You make a grab for it, but it slips away. | - Arousal | - Stress

    • You get low to the ground, stalking another shiny tentacle. You see a lump half way up its length. Your pupils dilate.

      You pounce, but miss, and the tentacle slithers into the ground. Not satisfied, you jump into the air, diving right into the same spot. You end up buried to your waist, upper body lodged in the ground.

      Exactly as planned. You're able to grab the tentacle with your right hand, and rapidly push yourself back out of the fresh hole you've made in the soft ground. It squirms to no avail.

      You take off with your prize. | - Arousal | - - Stress

    • You raid another tentacle den, and find another lumpy tentacle. You squeeze them, and they produce two small, egg-shaped objects!

      You shove them both into your mouth without a moment's hesitation.

      You immediately realise how stupid that was to do. | + Hallucinogens

    • You clumsily stumble around, trying to find more tentacles to harass. But they seem to be avoiding you. Your next orgasm might not be so dangerous.

After the fourth action, the player is granted one orgasm that does not engage the normal nonconsensual tentacle encounter, but the player will need to perform the action four more times to safely orgasm again.

NPC Interactions



(5) Swish tail (0:20) | Foxgirl | + Robin's Confidence | + Love | - Trauma | - Stress

The player will be able to 'Yipp' at a random event, making a high pitched noise and making the npc run away.

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