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View a full list of the game's various updates, starting from 2020 onwards, to 2021, and up to the most recent updates in 2022. Excludes hotfixes (i.e. .2, .3 and 4. etc etc!

This page was created in 2020, and continues to be updated with every new update to the game up to now. As such, it excludes 2018/2019 updates. For these updates, see the full list here: Updates.

Note that the category link will also include 2020 and 2021 update pages, as well as the new 2022 updates. There are no intentions for 2018/2019 updates to be separated from this list like 2020/2021 updates.

The game is being actively developed by Vrelnir. It will be updated as a new monthly update appears on the Blogspot, alongside Wiki Announcements.


January 2020

Jan 02 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "The new area is home to a couple of parasites that aren't seen elsewhere. One of them has several events and scenes associated with it, and is particularly difficult to remove.

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a good holiday season."

Jan 30 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "The easiest way to be blindfolded is to pass out on the streets with high allure. There's a new potential event there. Gags can currently be found only in the temple, though they'll likely be exported elsewhere in the future.

The temple is one of the town's oldest buildings, and the clergy there guard more than a few secrets. I plan to allow the PC to ascend through the temple's hierarchy in the future.

There's a broad range of other additions as well. Thanks to everyone who helped. Full notes below. I hope you enjoy!

February 2020

Feb 23 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "The new bartender options should make the job a bit more lucrative for characters willing to take on more risk. Security is tight, but there are individuals security is hesitant to upset. Skulduggerous characters may be able to exploit the job in other ways.

The update has some details I'm unsure about. Firstly, the Feats system is unavailable to characters who have enabled the cheat menu at any point. This makes sense in a way, and the bonuses they give aren't essential. However, I don't want to penalise people who've used the cheat menu to fix bugs, which isn't uncommon given the game's rough state. Let me know what you think.

Another detail I'm unsure of is the removal of lewd fluid from female characters. Again, this makes sense to an extent, certainly more so than their ability to produce gallons at a time was.

I've also been thinking about clothes a lot lately. My original plan was to have just two shops for clothing. One for regular garments, and one for more exotic fare. I thought this would keep things nice and simple. As the number of clothes increases though, I'm starting to wonder if they aren't getting too cluttered. It might be better to have multiple, more specialised shops. The wardrobe was getting cluttered too, but the UI changes have improved things a lot."

March 2020

Mar 16 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "Body-writing doesn't have an impact on allure, so encounters won't become more frequent, but they might become more dangerous. Bad situations can snowball hard already, and I'm concerned additional allure would be too much. The aim is to add to the middle-ground between everything being fine, and being passed around town like a chew toy."

April 2020

April 7 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "I wanted to take a detour this update to clear some of the smaller items from my to-do list. It ended up having a focus on exhibitionism, though quite by accident. There were a lot of small events I wanted to include, such as the strip club staff trying to stop you leaving without getting dressed first, in order to flesh out the town and make everything feel more alive.

I've been considering the physique change for a while. Smaller characters are no longer at a disadvantage in skill checks that require speed or agility, though anything that requires raw size or strength is unchanged.

Next update will continue work towards the farm.

Note this version updates the game's underlying framework. I'm worried this may render some cached saves unusable, though several people have tested and we've found no problems. If the game won't load, you may need to clear the old saves from your cache. They should load fine if exported."

April 24 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "One focus of the update is getting the growing and market mechanics ready for the PC-run farm. The market doubled up as a way to make the seduction skill more useful, though it should be profitable even without using your charms.

The combat UI changes are quite weighty under the hood, so there may be some wonkiness. You can replace the combat radio buttons with drop down lists under Combat Controls in the SAVES/OPTIONS overlay. The drop down lists are much neater than the radio buttons, but don't display all available options as readily. Try it out and me know which you prefer.

Next update will have a more deviant focus."

May 2020

May 27 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: This update can be considered the first part of the farm proper. I wanted to give the "bad end" scenario it's own update, as there are several points in town that can lead there, and it's a meaty area in its own right. Future updates will add more benign farms, and ways to make money. Currently all horses and centaur have penises, but I'll add female genitals if there's demand.

I've presented animal boys and girls a little differently in the new area. They can appear outside encounters. I'm considering giving the wolf cave a similar treatment.

A bunch of issues related to clothes were fixed, but old saves may still be affected. To fix them, go to the tailor and take advantage of the new repair or sell by delivery options. Let me know if things remain wonky."

June 2020

June 15 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "Today marks the second anniversary of the first Degrees of Lewdity release! I had no idea what to expect back then. I hoped people would like the game, but I'd never done anything like this before. Knowing that people enjoy DoL feels fantastic. Development has since become an important part of my life, and I'd have it no other way. Thank you!

The PC has been able to travel west, back to the orphanage, since the first release. I wanted to let them travel in the opposite direction, but was unsure how to approach it. I liked how exposed PCs were pushed into returning to the orphanage and relative safety. I considered involving control, but decided exhibitionist requirements alone might be enough. Willingly roaming the streets exposed and putting yourself at risk should be a core part of exhibitionist gameplay, and one I plan to flesh out further.

Size now matters more during encounters. Larger penises are more dangerous, but have a harder time penetrating. This also applies to the PC's penis. In response to these changes, NPCs now carry lube with them. A PC skilled with the organ in question should have little trouble even without lube."

July 2020

July 15 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "River is unsure why Whitney, notorious for skipping lessons, shows up as often as they do for maths. That they tend to leer at one student in particular might be a clue. Indeed, higher love and lust will increase how often they show up. It should provide more opportunities to endear yourself to Whitney, or to defy them.

This is the first time the PC has been able to journey to the farmlands without being dragged in the back of a van. I wanted to get the road set up first, along with events for hitchhiking. I feared a road to nowhere wouldn't be interesting though, so included the riding school and meadow sooner than I'd intended. There are a few other locations planned there before we reach 0.3. Next will likely be a farm where the PC can find work.

Note that I've reworked how animal transformations decay. The cow transformation was unique in that it would decay and replace other transformations. The others now also work this way. To counter this, the cat bell, cow bell and new spiked collar counteract the decay from other transformation effects. So you can remain a wolf at Remy's farm, as long as you wear a spiked collar."

August 2020

August 12 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "A lot of scenes were adjusted to take hermaphrodites into account, but we've likely missed places.  Let me know if you find anywhere you think could be improved. Hermaphrodites have a harder time than other characters due to the townsfolk's prejudices.

I'd planned to add a work location to the farmlands this update, but hermaphrodites proved a chunky addition, particularly as I took the opportunity to flesh out crossdressing while I was busy.

I enjoyed writing the new Winter BDSM scene, and look forward to the next. Winter is always eager to demonstrate their apparatus. For the sake of education, of course."

September 2020

September 27 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "The farm gives many opportunities for deviancy, and allows such characters to make extra cash. That said, I wanted the location to be interesting for characters with beasts disabled as well. Aiding the new NPC will also make the farm more lucrative. And dangerous.

The farm is a bit rough for new characters. Tending is useful, and a bit of physique and athletics wouldn't hurt. Seduction and deviancy wouldn't hurt either.

Sorry for the wait. I thought two updates would be enough to finish the farm, but it could have done with three. Want to make sure the location has enough meat.

There's more to come for the farmlands before we reach version 0.3, but I'm going to take a detour for Halloween next month. A certain character missed out last year. I need to be careful about how much I bite off, or I won't make it in time!"

October 2020

October 31 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "Kylar needs to work up a lot of courage before asking the PC out. They have something special planned, but should be careful about letting their guard down. They're not the only one watching from the shadows.

Machines are a new encounter type, though they appear in only two places so far. The easiest to find is at the brothel, where you can convince Briar to let a sex machine pound you in front of an audience.

The spa on Danube Street has opened its doors to prospective employees. The pay isn't great, but the clientele are rich. PCs with skilled hands could make a killing, one way or another.

The Android APK was built with a different system this time. Back up your saves if you want to be safe, but it's been tested, and seems to install over previous versions without issue, saves intact. Big thanks to 00c356 for setting up the new system, and to Lollipop Scythe for additional help.

Happy Halloween!"

November 2020

November 30 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "I've been thinking about including exams for a while. Swotting is still the most reliable way to do well, but there are others. Kylar is always eager to help. Whitney is less useful. Cheating is possible, though the teachers will be watching. I hope it gives more context to the school skills, and makes raising those stats more interesting.

The moor will make heavy use of lurkers, so I wanted to develop their encounter mechanics beforehand. The mechanics also cover other creatures too small to be normal beasts/monsters, but too big to make up swarms. I sprinkled some other events around the world that make use of them, including in the new area. There's more planned for them in the future. Lacking a way to represent creatures of that size in combat felt restrictive.

The squirmy cave was planned for several updates ago, but was pushed back for time. It seemed a good location to tackle with the new encounter mechanics ready. The cave should serve as an alternative to lake diving. You'll need to go diving to find it. It's a criminal haunt, but there are more dangerous things down there.

I'm ready to begin work on the moor, which will include the last major additions before the jump to 0.3. However, I've been hoping to add snow and wintry events this December. I'd like one more update before Christmas, and the moor might be a bit chunky to finish in time. There are also some Robin scenes in the pipeline I'd like to include soon if possible. Not sure what order to expect.

'I hope you had a nice November!"

December 2020

December 23 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "Clothes now have a warmth rating. I wanted to make weather and clothing choice more impactful without being too restrictive. The temperature of individual body parts isn't tracked, so you should be comfortable in the winter cold in just your underwear, as long as you're also wearing a warm hat, mittens, and boots. Unless it's really cold.

Speaking of mittens, hands now have a clothing slot. There are only a couple of options so far, but there's more to come.

Winter brings changes to the town. Robin adapts their business. The lake freezes. I planned to add ice skating as a replacement for the lake's "Hang out" option, but pushed it back for time. I'd also like to give Mason something to do during the winter months. Right now they're just hiding from the cold. Let me know what other areas you think should be impacted by colder weather.

Lurkers, wasps and similar creatures have been expanded. They can now implant their spawn in the PC, and there are more options during their encounters.

A lot of contributors helped this update, so it's a broad one. I didn't expect to add snowy location images due to how long they take to make, but they add a lot, and there are more to come. Thanks everyone!

Hoping to march the rest of the way to 0.3 early next year. There's one more big update before we're ready though, and I might split it into smaller chunks.

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the update, and have a wonderful season."


January 2021

January 16 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "It's been a while since I added a new skulduggery location. Searching the whole harbour is dangerous, but you can learn which containers carry valuables ahead of time by working there during the day. In the future each rank of skulduggery will let you break into somewhere new. I hope to make it more of a focus after 0.3, but want to add the prison before taking it much further.

Avery can now take you to three different places, enough to lead into bringing you home in the future. I'd like to add the homemaking skill first though, so it's still a while off.

I changed how treasure is found in the forest. It was previously tied to allure, which meant losing all your clothes and getting sticky could make finding antiques and wolfshrooms difficult. The chance  is now unaffected by allure, and is higher if you search rather than just travel. I also added more things to find, though you'll need to find buyers yourself on Connudatus Street.

The game should now track your first kiss, and first hand held. Let me know if you find a scene we forgot to update. There were a lot of contributions, so it's another broad update. Thanks everyone!

Next update will add the moor. There's a new bad end scenario planned out there, but I might leave that for the following update. I'll see how long the other scenes take."

February 2021

February 14 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "The moor is one of the more dangerous areas in the game currently, and will be a midgame area by the time we reach version 1.0. The area's remoteness makes reaching the deeper areas difficult, but version 0.3 should make operating in the farmlands easier.

Beast scenes now have monsterboy/girl variants, rather than just morphing once an encounter begins. New scenes have been taking monsters into account, but the many older scenes hadn't been given proper attention. They should now work much better.  Disabling beasts will now make monster girls and boys appear in many places in their stead, rather than just giving the PC a lump of trauma, stress, pain, and clothing damage.

The PC can apply the makeup they buy from the cosmetics shop in their bedroom. I might tie its use to a skill in the future, probably homemaking.

The game started tracking the PC's first kiss last update, which highlighted a problem. There was little the PC could do to stop their first kiss being stolen during encounters. They now have ways, though might need to get physical. Skilled PCs have also gained a way to assert more control over the pace of encounters.

Lots of options have been added to the Settings page as the game has expanded. I fear it's become a bit intimidating for new players, and hope the new settings presets help. The regular options remain available for fine-tuning.

Contributors have been hard at work, so it's another broad update, touching a lot of areas. Thanks everyone!

Next update will include a new abduction scenario. Happy Valentine's day!"

March 2021

March 15 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Developer's Note: "I wanted a threat in the moor aside from Remy's goons, and hope the new NPC fits the niche. They work similar to the black wolf and Eden. Failing to escape their clutches can have consequences.

Unlike previous transformations, the PC won't know how to use their full powers by default. They'll need a teacher.

Skills can now be influenced by boosts and penalties. Some of these effects can be found on clothes, but there are ancient powers on the moor that could also be of help.

Note that there are problems with parts of the sprite failing to animate in Chrome. Might be connected to the recent browser update, as it's happening in older versions of the game as well. It doesn't seem to break too often. Hopefully we can work out the problem soon.

We're getting close to version 0.3. I've tried to split the content up such that the jump to 0.3 won't be much longer than normal. Next update will revisit the farmland areas to expand and tidy things ready for 0.3 proper. Thanks everyone!"

April 2021

April 25 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

"The initial plan was to let the PC sabotage the estate directly, releasing cattle, breaking machinery, settings fires and such. However, that would be hard to justify without involving skulduggery. I've a lot of plans for the stat already. It should be helpful for protecting your farm, but not vital.

The new NPC wasn't planned until the prison update, but I decided to bring them forward. They'll be involved with high level skulduggery in the future, so allowing them to perform the sabotage on the PC's behalf fits. They have a price though, one that might leave the PC in a precarious situation, making this a good time to flesh out the farmlands with exposure events.

The Great Hawk is now a full love interest. They and most other love interests have new scenes, especially Eden. The hunter is now more active throughout the world.

Contributors have been very hard at work, so it's another broad update. Thanks everyone!

Next update will make the jump to 0.3. Hopefully it won't take much longer than a regular update. On that note, the new exhibitionism dangers are balanced around the PC having a home to flee to in the farmlands, which won't exist until 0.3. The farmlands might be a bit more dangerous until then."

May 2021

No updates for this month. 0.3 is a content-heavy update, it took longer than initially expected to be developed.

For more information on 0.3, see the next month.

June 2021

June 15 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This month marks the third anniversary of Degrees of Lewdity's initial release.

"Life in the countryside isn't easy. You've a nicer home than the orphanage, and Bailey has less power out there, but there are other threats. Alex will defend the farm as best they can, but there's only so much they can do with a broken wall and untrained hounds. Fortunately, the PC can improve and expand the farm in several ways. Some of these improvements have a trade off, such as adding training facilities to the kennel, which makes the hounds more useful in defending the farm while making them harder to control. This focus on improving a location is a bit of a departure from the rest of the game, though the orphanage is sticking a toe in this direction as well.

The farm can become very profitable, which is balanced by the jealousy such prosperity attracts. Remy's assaults aren't too frequent, and not too hard to fight off at first, but become rough if defences aren't invested in.

I've included an experiment, a persistent generic NPC you can hire for your farm to help with security. They have a name, and different lines depending on personality. They're sort of halfway between a generic NPC and named NPC. I'm unsure if it's a route I want to continue down. Keeping names restricted to full NPCs keeps things tidy. On the other hand, there's something to be said for NPCs who don't melt into the ether once the game's done with them. Let me know what you think.

0.3 is a personal milestone, and marks the farmlands reaching a reasonable state. I wanted enough content to justify a home out there, with reasons to travel to and from town. There's more farmlands to come, but focus will shift elsewhere. I should add the prison soon. It's already on the new world map. Robin's entry into history class shouldn't wait much longer either. There's also a new named student in the works.

Aside from those, encounters need improving. The basics of the combat system were one of the first things I made, back when the whole game took place in the PC's bedroom. They were woken up by an intruder, and had to fight them off or satisfy them. The combat system was built for this scenario, and it shows. This is fine for many of the situations the PC finds themselves in, but for others it's too abrupt. That said, I don't want to lose the sense that the PC is vulnerable. The struggle is important.

The update changes the way colour is rendered, which should improve performance and make development easier going forward. It also adds a scene viewer to the Settings page, which lets you replay certain scenes. The game wasn't built with this in mind, so new scenes need to be added manually. As such, only a handful of scenes are present for now.

Today is the third anniversary of the first post on this blog. I waited until the following day before sharing elsewhere though. I was so nervous. I hadn't done anything like this before, and didn't know what people would think. Reading of people's experiences playing, and of how much they liked it, felt and feels wonderful. Developing this game has had a huge and positive impact on my life."

July 2021

July 14 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

There's also a survey, made by Whatifcatsare, about how DoL is played: Thank you!

The town's police have been sentencing criminals to the pillory since version 0.1. It was always meant as the moderate punishment. The prison will handle hardened criminals, but I wanted something for the other end of the scale as well. Community service might sound less dangerous than the pillory, but it can put the PC in vulnerable situations if they're incautious or unfortunate.

The pool lockers can now be raided once a certain pervert makes the PC an offer. Mason keeps a close watch though. Stealing too much could have consequences.

Robin will defend the PC during history class if they're able. I increased the likelihood of the pillory event triggering to compensate, but history class will still be less dangerous if they're present. Particularly if they're feeling confident.

Running the farm should be a bit easier. The fields can now be irrigated, and produce sold in bulk. Clearing the first three fields is faster as well. Deviant PCs can now show off their horse at the brothel, an option I wanted to include last update, but pushed back for time.

Aside from the prison, we have the new named student coming up. I'm already thinking about this year's Halloween update as well.

Thank you!

August 2021

August 20 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

Thanks to all, including those who took the survey! I've included a link to the results on the blog.

Most encounters on the streets now begin with a "stalk" phase. Not all stalking will result in an assault, and the PC can run or hide should they have the stats. One goal is to make the shift from navigation to combat less abrupt. Being pushed to your knees while trying to get somewhere isn't ideal. I want the transition to feel more natural, if it can't be avoided.

Another goal is for experienced PCs to be able to end simple encounters quickly, while allowing those events to remain dangerous in some circumstances. Being covered in slime makes hiding more difficult, for example, and running becomes impossible if the PC's legs are bound.

Speaking of which, ankle cuffs have been properly implemented, allowing the PC's legs to remain bound between events and encounters. I wanted them in before the prison. They previously existed during one sequence, but I needed to adjust other parts of the game before they could become a full mechanic. They've been added to a handful of events, and angry NPCs might affix them to the PC during combat. Once they've removed any shoes in the way.

We had lots of responses to the survey. The content people want to see is interesting in particular. Pregnancy looks very popular. Improved art and animations also came up frequently. Thanks to everyone who took part, and to those who left a kind message!

You can view the survey results here. Thanks to Fangi for help preparing them. Note that the content suggestions aren't fully listed.

One thing it indicates is people would prefer the game focus on character development and love interests over the traumatic life simulator aspects. I've seen some worry that this will derail the game's focus, but that's not what I've taken from the result. Love interests are either small lights in the dark, or twisted. Neither would work without the game's darker aspects.

Mason is the NPC people most want to see more of, but they only beat Bailey by a slim margin. Leighton also sticks ahead of the crowd in third place. Of the love interests, Robin comes ahead, with the black wolf in second place. The black wolf hasn't had new content for a long time, so that's unsurprising.

Next update will add a new NPC.

August 31 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds Sydney the Faithful. They're a hardworking student, temple initiate, and love interest. It also adds a new option to stalk encounters, among other mechanical improvements.

Sydney assists the school librarian, and manages the new shop. They can also be found at the temple, performing their duties or simply in prayer. However, something lurks beneath their straight-laced exterior, waiting to be coaxed to the surface. Most love interests' behaviour changes depending on how you interact with them, but Sydney goes further.

NPC virginities are now tracked. This is important for Sydney as their purity is particularly relevant, but it applies to other characters as well. Many NPCs begin the game with one or more virginities already taken, depending on their experience. NPCs can now also wear chastity belts, though only those at the temple don them currently.

This was a much shorter gap between updates than normal, but PurityGuy has been working on Sydney for months. Making a character with so much interactivity is difficult, and no other love interest has debuted with this much content. A huge thanks to PurityGuy for his hard work!

Big thanks to the other contributors as well, including Lollipop Scythe, who's been busy under the hood, preparing future content and mechanics.

On another topic, I've added the "Confront" abilty to stalk encounters, which forces the phase to end at once, but increases the chance of an assault. I wanted to include it last update, but pushed it back for time. I'm broadly happy with how the mechanics have been received, but there's lots of room for improvement. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Next update will add the prison.

October 2021

October 31 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

"This update adds the prison, and unleashes a new evil into the world. It also includes plant people, masturbation improvements, double anal penetration, and many other features and events in and around town.

The prison is accepting new inmates. Situated on island off the coast, it serves as the "hard" criminal punishment. Characters who commit many foul deeds will be sent there if the pillory proves inadequate. It's a soft "bad end", similar to the asylum or dungeon, and it was originally intended to be quite linear. I decided the PC should have more freedom however. This might seem strange for a prison, but the guards have tricks up their sleeves. Even if you escape the prison walls, you're still surrounded by sea, and the guards aren't the only ones keeping watch.

Back on the mainland, there have been strange sightings. Blood moons are now a lot more dangerous, particularly for PCs who like to stick their nose in old places, disturbing dread powers in search of wealth. Plantpeople have been seen in the forest and moor. They're playful, but devious, often prefering skulduggery to brute force.

Contributors have been working very hard, so the update touches a lot. Thanks everyone!

Also, thanks to Devalk for making this video review of DoL. I enjoyed it a lot.

Next update will revisit older content. Happy Halloween!"

December 2021

Dec 10 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds Niki's photo studio as a permanent location, and new scenes at the wolf cave. It also adds double vaginal penetration, and lets you pick your target during encounters with multiple NPCs.

The photo studio includes the beginnings of the modelling career. It's a reasonably safe option, at least on the surface, but isn't available right away. Fame, or the right connections, are needed to get your foot in the door.

The wolf cave has been neglected for a while, so I'm happy to announce they've been given more meat. The black wolf can now challenge the PC for dominance, and a rival pack makes an appearance. On a similarly savage note, the night monster has received new events, and become a persistent NPC.

Letting you target specific NPCs during encounters will be important for future combat improvements. There are a few encounters where you could knock NPCs out one by one, but this now exists in all encounters with more than one NPC. This should make groups of attackers more manageable.

I've added a handful of events to the school and prison. Being imprisoned as a demon should no longer be so devastating.

Other changes include a beautification of the Settings menu, and a rework of temporary skill bonuses, letting them impact more than just skill checks. Tending is the only skill to receive this treatment so far, but the others will follow. Another change is the beast toggle. Disabling them will no longer force beasts into monster form, allowing you to play without either.

I hope you're having a wonderful season!

Dec 22 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update includes festive sequences for the orphanage and school. It also makes the persistent NPC system more robust, allowing NPCs like the night monster to be modified in settings, among other improvements.

Raul and Janet is no longer the only book to have strange powers. I'd like to add more such books in the future. It could be a good way to explore fantastical content that wouldn't otherwise fit.

The festive sequences include an event for Kylar, but they're not necessarily the worst thing stalking the PC. Some memories are long indeed.

I wanted to release a quick update before Christmas. Big thanks to all the contributors, without whom I would not have made it in time.

I hope you have a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

Has anyone seen my snowman?


January 2022

Jan 30 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update marks the first update of 2022.

This update adds work for skilled dancers, and properly simulates NPC clothing. It also includes PC clothing improvements, adds an infirmary to the school, and further develops the ancient threat.

The new dance jobs are accessed through Charlie, who hesitates to offer more dangerous work to people they like. However, this dangerous work is also the more lucrative. Perhaps if Charlie knew how bad things were, they'd offer the PC a choice.

Charlie's dance jobs are one of the oldest items on the to-do list. I intended to include them soon after I first shared the game, around 0.1.5 or so. Initial feedback disrupted that plan, as there were many other parts of the game that needed attention. It feels good to have gotten around to it at last.

NPC clothing has also been planned for a long time. They should now dress appropriate to their role, and the weather. Their tops need displacing before their chests can be accessed, similar to genitals, which should change the flow of encounters. The PC can take the initiative and undress NPCs themselves.

The ancient threat's difficulty now takes longer to ramp up, giving the PC more chance to protect themselves. However, the threat has also asserted itself through more of the world. Ideally, the threat should be a danger everywhere, aside from those holy locations where it cannot tread.

A big thanks to all the contributors. Bathory666 has been working on Sirris' adult shop, which will be the focus of the next update, along with associated accoutrements.

March 2022

Mar 17 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds sex toys, and Sirris' adult shop. It also includes crossdressing events for Robin, Whitney events around town, more Alex scenes, and ironman mode.

Both the PC and NPCs can use sex toys, though the PC is restricted to consensual encounters and masturbation for the time being. These should add more variety to encounters, and form a good base for future expansion. Strap-ons have also been improved, and can be gifted to love interests who don't already have one.

The adult shop is dilapidated at the game's start. Sirris works hard to get it up running, but it'll take them months, without help. You can assist them Friday afternoons to speed things up. You can buy sex toys once it's open, and also work there. The shop also makes sex toys more popular among NPCs.

Gifting Robin a crossdressing outfit for Halloween or Christmas will now trigger a series of events, with Robin crossdressing casually in more locations as they feel more comfortable. Whitney, meanwhile, now roams the town's streets with their gang, remaining a threat even when school is not in session.

The update also introduces ironman mode, which I hope will make playthroughs more interesting for experienced players. It's an option I've wanted a while. Note that the game is still in alpha, and there's a good chance you'll run into a bug that'll impact you in an unfair way, so be warned! In addition, it relies on your browser's cache, so incognito mode or anything that clears your cache will delete your ironman save.

Huge thanks to the contributors, including Bathory666, who's responsible for the sex toy system and much of the surrounding content. It's no small feat!

On another topic, I was interviewed by a couple of months ago, and we had an interesting conversation about the game and myself. Have a look if you're curious!

I plan to work on making the jump to 0.4 soon, but there should be at least one more update before it's ready.

May 2022

May 7 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds Robin punishments, and a dog pound where the PC can find work. It also add a furniture shop and lets you choose the starting season, among other additions and improvements.

Taking on Robin's debt and successfully fighting off Bailey can now raise the stakes, and put Robin at risk. It's still possible to fight off Bailey and their goons, but it's tougher, and failure leads to Robin being sold alongside the PC. Bailey's a bit too easy to deal with for advanced characters, and this should help.

Across town, the dog pound has opened. It's a "low level" deviancy and tending option, being more accessible than the farm. Work there pays well enough to satisfy Bailey at the start, and helping the town's strays can make the streets safer. It is said that visitors occasionally go missing. Surely just a rumour!

You won't miss out on the science and maths projects by starting in another season, though holiday events like those at Halloween are tied to the appropriate time of year. Summer is the most challenging season, as the heat encourages lighter, more revealing clothes.

Sorry about the wait! I much prefer a quicker update cycle, so I can get feedback as I go. The consistency of the monthly update schedule that emerged naturally was helpful as well. I think it's worth organising things to these ends in the future. The jump to 0.4 will likely take a bit of time, but there's more I'd like to include first, including Kylar's main abduction scenario.

Big thanks to all the contributors, and to you for playing!

July 2022

July 23 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds Kylar's manor, and lets demon PCs hunt for "prey" at night. It also adds a skulduggerous strategic layer to blackjack with Wren, combat hypnosis, and a sprinkling of events in and around town.

I wanted to include the manor with Kylar's debut a couple of years ago, but it was too meaty to fit, and has been on the backburner since. I think this was the right idea, and I've explored Kylar's backstory in more depth than I'd originally planned.

There are a few routes during the new abduction sequence, but only the Stockholm syndrome route unlocks the manor as a permanent location. I'm considering letting the PC return should they escape by a different method, they know where it is after all. It is written with the assumption the PC has Stockholm syndrome however, so a lot would need to change.

Be careful when using skulduggery during blackjack. You're not the only rogue in the room. The ability to deceive here is another thing I wanted to include earlier, but pushed back for time. The contributor definitely_not_a_cop has gone beyond what I had in mind though, and done great work.

Doctor Harper and certain tentacles can now hypnotise the PC in combat, along with the occasional hypnotist in the general population. The effects be resisted through willpower, or interrupted with an attack, but can be very dangerous. I plan to add more hypnotic commands in the future, once sure the existing ones aren't too difficult to deal with.

There's now a theme switcher, accessible at the top of the "Options" menu in the sidebar, that changes the colour scheme of the UI. Thanks to shikiyoku and February for this. Let me know if there are any themes you'd like to see.

As for the new demon options on Domus Street, they are intended to make sating your lusts more convenient, though not without a little risk. I'd like to add similar options for each transformation, with appropriate benefits.

Thanks to all the contributors, and to you for playing! I'm going to begin work on 0.4 proper, though there might be smaller updates in the meantime depending on how things pan out.

August 2022

August 13 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This is a "lots of little things" update, adding new events to the school, moor, sewers and elsewhere. It also improves dancing, struggle encounters, blackjack, and adds a new hypnosis trait.

The audience you attract while dancing may now masturbate, depending on the location. Notably the audience at the strip club won't, while the audience at the brothel will. A savvy performer could take advantage, as long as they aren't squeamish. Don't let the stage get too slippery!

The PC can now bat lurkers and similar creatures away before they land, using their hand skill. However, these creatures have gained the ability to fire projectile slime, making them more dangerous when not directly grappling the PC. The moor is full of lurkers and already a challenging area, so I've added more opportunities to wash to compensate.

Another event on the moor involves a group of teenagers and some booze. They can be a good way to relieve stress, though they might try to take advantage if you drink too much. I'm considering building a drinking minigame out of this in the future, as I think there's potential for similar sequences elsewhere.

One of the new school events can trigger Kylar's manor abduction for PCs who are loyal to Kylar. Whitney knows how to push their buttons.

Work on 0.4 is underway, but I wanted to share the smaller additions I've been making alongside it, as well as the contributions. I prefer a shorter update cycle, and have been meaning to hasten things for a while.

Note that, thanks to TonyFox's new error sniffing tool, variables that have quietly broken in the background will now give an error message. So you might get an error message when you first load an old save, should additional error messages be enabled.

We've moved to a different file host. They seem good so far, but let me know if there are problems!

October 2022

October 9 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This is another "lots of little things" update, and adds new exhibitionist options to the town's streets. It also includes a new brothel show, a couple of Whitney scenes, new clothes, combat options, and a sprinkling of events throughout the world.

Sneaking outside in a state of undress has always been intended as a convenient way for the PC to achieve exhibitionist thrills. Things are starting to take shape with the addition of more night options, though there's lots of room for more. It's now also possible to sneak across town naked all the way from the orphanage to the road leading East during the day, should exhibitionism be high enough. It's hard to have too many exhibitionist scenes!

The new brothel show pushes further into the fantastical than most other scenes. The town of DoL is meant to seem mundane on the surface, and balancing the outlandish elements can be a challenge, but I think this is acceptable given the transformation requirement. Demon has been getting more love than the other transformations lately, but it's the right time of year.

The new combat options should give the PC a bit more control over the flow of encounters. It's another balance that's hard to strike. NPCs should be forceful, and seem to know what they want, but the PC needs more actions between yielding and defying completely.

Whitney and friends now hang out in the pub on Sunday nights. Last update I mentioned wanting to include a drinking minigame, but I wasn't expecting it this soon. We have the contributors Mona and anon to thank!

Work towards 0.4 continues, but I'm hoping to release a Halloween-themed update around the end of October.

Thank you to all the contributors, and to you for playing!

November 2022

November 1 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds the catacombs, which skulduggerous PCs can plunder. It also adds a dozen missions to the pub that let you increase or decrease fame, new Halloween events, nightmares, and an office building where the PC can find work.

The catacombs are the next "tier" for skulduggery, taking the skill from C+ to B. It's a dark and dangerous area, full of nastiness from a forgotten age, as well as more recent intruders. Unlike other skulduggerous areas, the PC plunders antiques for the museum, rather than goods for the black market.

An office building on the High Street is advertising work for temporary office staffers. No previous experience is required, but there's no doubt danger involved. Perhaps PCs who know a thing or two could wrangle more cash.

On Halloween, teenagers will now throw a party at the lake, drawn by the area's spooky reputation. They might encounter a different sort of terror. Meanwhile, an older threat stirs beneath the water. The Ivory Wraith has become a full NPC, with a new stat and other changes.

I've been considering adding a way to lower fame for a while. I was concerned about making the fame stats less impactful however. Being caught on camera should be worrying! I also wanted an interesting method, rather just passive decay. The contributor Crimson Tide has been hard at work on the solution, a variety of missions with a degree of risk.

Sensitivity has been overhauled, and now applies more widely and appropriately. This has a big impact on game balance, so let me know if anything feels off.

Huge thanks to the contributors, and to you for playing! Happy Halloween!


April 2023

April 9 - Degrees of Lewdity 0.4.0 is out:

This update adds pregnancy for humans and wolves. It also includes a new area on Barb Street, a fox transformation, a stage play school project, the housekeeping skill, and a host of new events and sprites. Huge thanks to Lollipop Scythe for creating the pregnancy system, PurityGuy for a ton of work on code, sprites, and writing, as well as the many other contributors that have been involved.

The PC can both become pregnant by, and impregnate, generic NPCs and wolves. Pregnancy takes a length of time determined by settings, with the sidebar and combat sprites changing with progress. Once born, babies will live in either a new wing of the orphanage, or a new section of the wolf cave. Aside from the black wolf, named NPCs are infertile by default, as they'll each need a lot of writing. You can optionally make them fertile via a setting, but they don't yet have any unique content.

The housekeeping skill is still in its early stages, but will enable a lot of content going forward, including Avery's home location. The skill is also used in the new flats area. It's similar to Domus and Danube streets, in that you can knock on doors and ask for work, or break in and pilfer valuables. Strange people hide out there however. People with esoteric secrets leading to later game content, that encourage exploration of areas both new and familiar, and nudge the story forward.

Elsewhere, deep in the forest, foxes have been sighted, stealing eggs from nests. They have different behaviour depending on personality, and some are quite amiable. But beware, anything able to survive where wolves and hunters prowl must have more than one trick up their sleeve, and it is said their slyness can rub off on travelers.

I'm happy to announce that the contributor PurityGuy is now an official developer. He's the creator of the above-mentioned fox transformation, Sydney, the Ivory Wraith, and has helped in all sorts of ways behind the scenes over the four years he's been involved with the project.

Lollipop Scythe has been working on pregnancy in some form for a little over two years. They've gone above and beyond with the system, and they've added more and more to ensure that it's futureproofed, and that there won't be a wait like this again. There's a lot more pregnancy content to come, and it feels good to present the system at last.

Note that animations have been disabled by default on the Android version, due to a common error that has appeared since last update. You can still enable them in settings. Hopefully it'll be fixed next update, which should be much faster than this one!

Thank you for waiting. Have fun, and Happy Easter!

June 2023

June 17 - Degrees of Lewdity 0.4.1 is out:

This update fleshes out the world with a large number of scenes. It also fine-tunes pregnancy, makes UI improvements, and adds a new job on Starfish Street.

There are a ton of new contributed scenes, many of which were coded by Cutiland, who was a whirlwind of activity. Big thanks to them, to Kirsty for UI and other improvements, and all the contributors involved.

One change is how the game decides what the PC will say during scenes. You can now choose through the attitudes menu, rather than an automatic selection based on submissiveness. Submissiveness is still involved though, high submissiveness will lock the bratty option, and low submissiveness will lock the meek option. The neutral option is available at all times, which I think is appropriate. Just because the PC is beating people down left and right, doesn't mean they can't be polite in conversation!

This is the first step in broader changes to the submissiveness stat. Right now, submissive, meek, bratty and defiant are on the same axis. We plan to move meek and bratty into their own. So it'll be possible for PCs to be bratty and submissive, or meek and defiant.

About two years ago we held a survey, asking people how they played the game and what they wanted to see in the future. It revealed that pregnancy was a much-desired feature. It's time for another! Thanks to anonymous for setting it up.

Click here to take the 2023 DoL survey!

Thursday was the fifth anniversary of the first post on this blog. I never dreamt the game would be as popular as this, or have so many contributors. It's wonderful, and not something I could ever get used to. Thank you all!

October 2023

October 3 - Degrees of Lewdity is out:

This update adds an island out at sea, makes Alex a full pregnancy candidate, and lets you upgrade Alex's farm with a nursery. It also overhauls the crime system, and adds a bunch of new hairstyles and clothes.

Big thanks to all the contributors, including Cutiland for their hard work on the new Alex content, and Kirsty for coding in a ton of new art.

Crime is no longer tracked by a single variable. There are ten categories, and individual criminal acts are tracked as well. This means that the game can now acknowledge your character's boundaries in a more nuanced way. Your character might be willing to use pepper spray to defend themselves, for example, but that doesn't mean they're necessarily willing to steal. Other changes mean that, with the right skills and gear, repercussions for petty crime can be avoided completely. Skipping school is no longer a crime at all.

Whitney can now add their own touch to the orphanage loft once they've been introduced to Bailey. They'll need to recruit help, however. The café scene was fun to write.

The island is a wild area, found by passing out at sea, away from the coast. A boat trip over is planned, but for now you must get wet. It's a bad end of sorts, though it's also meant to be a mid game area, roughly equivalent to the moor. Don't worry if you can't meet the housekeeping requirements of some of the content there, I just wanted it ready for when more ways to level the skill are added.

I've linked a Chinese localisation project to the top of the blog. I didn't think it would be possible to translate DoL, due to its size, and the way the text and code are mixed together, so it's pretty amazing. If anyone is part of another up-to-date translation project, and would like it linked on this blog, send me an email or DM me on Discord. I'm aware of a Korean localisation, but don't want to link to it without asking.

Thank you to all who've taken part in the survey. The results are interesting. You can find them here.

Sorry for the long gap between updates. The next will allow temple initiates to be promoted and inducted into more of the temple's secrets. Expect it in a month!

October 31 - Degrees of Lewdity is out

This update adds a confessional to the temple, where the sinful can find forgiveness. It also lets temple initiates ascend in rank, unlocking more of the temple's secrets, and allowing them to receive the confessions of others.

To ascend in rank, initiates must pass through a new trial, an ancient vigil. Most can't endure the night. Those who do can make the temple their home, but have new duties. There are secrets too, and not all are readily revealed, even to the ascended.

The island has been cleaned up and rebalanced. The build menu is a lot nicer, and the islanders now carry more appropriate objects for those with skulduggerous hands. They also no longer report the PC's use of pepper spray to the police!

Huge thanks to PurityGuy for the confessional, and to all the contributors for their work! This is the first update in a long time that's met my personal deadline, and it's a wonderful feeling. There's more to come for the temple, and the PC's duties there. Next update will flesh out Captain Zephyr and their merry band. Their ship should provide a more straightforward way to reach the island. Expect it in a month!

Happy Halloween!

December 2023

December 11

December 11 - Degrees of Lewdity is out

This update adds a soft bad end out at sea. It also includes a bog area that connects the forest and moor, and improves parasites, among other additions and improvements.

The new soft bad end involves Zephyr and the pirates, who were introduced a couple of updates ago. Passing out at sea can now cause the PC to be "rescued" by the merry band, instead of washing up directly on the island. PCs of appropriate rank and grace can now be sent on a quest to the island by Jordan, unlocking a drier way to reach it.

The sea was always planned to have bad ends analogous to the forest's Eden and the wolf pack. The majority of sea content is still a ways off, but I'm glad to have more involved dangers out there.

The forest and moor are connected, but until now this wasn't represented in the game. The bog adds an alternative, potentially faster way to travel from the town to the deepest parts of the moor, but has dangers of its own. There are a few ways to discover it, one of which requires the PC build the field office during the hookah questline.

The ear slime now has more mundane commands for infected PCs, that they use to subtly increase their influence, softening the PC up ready for the gangbangs.

I'm hoping to release a small Christmas update soon. I hope you have a merry season!

December 21

December 21 - Degrees of Lewdity is out

This update adds handheld items in the form of a new clothing category. It also adds new events to the pirate ship, café, and elsewhere.

Huge thanks to Kirsty for handheld items, and for such fantastic sprites. They include an umbrella, parasols, a feather duster, and bags such as purses and backpacks. They work like other clothing, with a section at shops and wardrobes. Some items have the "bookbag" trait, which is useful at school. Future weapons will fit in this slot.

The new slot also allows for props during certain scenes. A new Whitney scene in the park makes good use of it.

Elsewhere, another stall will now be set up on the beach during summer. The PC's actions will determine whether this is a help or a hindrance to Robin's business. Be careful!

This was an unusually brief gap between updates, but I wanted something out for Christmas, and contributors have been very busy! Another thanks to Kirsty, to all the contributors, and to you for playing!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!


March 28

March 28 - Degrees of Lewdity 4.6.2 is out

This update adds events throughout the world, particularly for love interests, and at school. It also expands the office building, and includes lots of new clothes and accessories.

Whitney will now hang out on the school roof during lunch time. A visit could help the PC manage Whitney's lust, or increase the growth (or decline) of their love and dominance, depending on their mood. Some testers noted that the bully seems too gentle here. Let me know what you think.

The PC has a school locker at last! They can use it to store a bookbag or other handheld item. This is among several changes that should make the school day go a little smoother.

Huge thanks to all the contributors. Kirsty has been very busy. PurityGuy is hard at work expanding a particular love interest. Next update should be ready towards the end of April.

I hope you have a happy Easter!