Game Dictionary

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A dictionary for all known abbreviations and/or slang used in the game. This list will be expanded upon frequently.

Note that this game uses British terminology, such as £ instead of $. As such, words will be spelt as the British English variant, instead of the American English version - for instance, color will become colour.

Phrases may also differ, but will ultimately have the same meaning. For instance, parking lot will now become "car park", and attic will become "loft", to name a few examples.


  • Quim - Slang for female genitalia.
  • Testes - Slang for male testicles.
  • Quid - Slang for British Pounds (GBP)
  • Futa/Herm - Slang for hermaphrodites, whom have both sets of genitals.
  • Fag(s) - Slang for cigarettes - used by Whitney when asking the player to fetch some for them.
  • Threesome/threeway - Slang for sexual encounters involving three people.
  • Gangbang - Slang for sexual encounters involving the maximum amount of NPCs allowed in combat at once.
  • Bum/bottom - A more polite variant for "ass".
  • "Done a runner" - Slang for "they've run away".
  • "Tea or coffee?" - A common phrase asked to someone to help get them settled in.
  • Dogged - Stubborn, or otherwise persistent.


  • £ = The Pound sign, also referred to as British Pounds (GBP).
    • Not to be confused with the € sign (Euros).
    • Also not to be confused with the $ sign - USD (US Dollars).
  • " Herm Portal" - Developer inside joke. In combat, npcs would occasionally spawn with both sets of genitalia, which is unintended. A "herm portal closed" refers to the developers fixing the bug, although they always have a chance of cropping up every now and then.
  • Your "Naked" - A bug that crops up every now and then, where the genitalia is usually mentioned. The player may see this bug in messages like "You remove your naked".
  • Harvest Trail - Countryside.
  • Pub - Bar/Tavern.
  • Loft - Attic.
  • Pious - religious figure - priest/priestess.
  • Detritus/rubbish - a garbage pile. Another word for "trash" or discarded items.