Gameplay Mechanics

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This is a list of the game's various mechanics. Most will be key to surviving in a tough world, while others are optional. Decide which ones to prioritize over others, or try to incorporate everything at once.

Main Mechanics

In a cruel world, management of stats and various other utilities is crucial. This encompasses the key gameplay mechanics, giving a general idea of what the player will need to do in order to succeed.

The player must take these into consideration during a playthrough. Every mechanic listed here is considered important, and/or has major gameplay ramifications.

Player Mechanics

Mechanics centered around the player. Some features will enhance, or change up, the player's body. Others will change up overall appearance as well as behaviour.

  • Attitudes (determines how the player feels about specific actions)
  • Body Fluids (affects how much lewd fluid the player can produce, as well as lubrication and wetness values)
  • Body Part Sizes (affects how body parts such as genitalia is perceived by NPCs)
  • Current Condition (keeps track of the player's important stats)
  • Gender (affects the player's overall appearance to others)
  • Player Customization (affects how the "paperdoll" appears)
  • Submissiveness (affects the player's overall personality/behaviour, and any spoken dialogue)
  • Bodywriting (writing written onto the player by others, some innocent, while most are derogatory)
  • Tattoos (markings that can be permanently applied onto the player)
  • Traits (grants bonuses upon meeting requirements)
  • Transformations (affects the player's non-human traits)
  • Virginities (tracks the player's first-times with body parts)


These mechanics will determine the player's efficiency in skills, and tracks the progress in these specific skills and stats.

  • Insecurity (affects how the player feels about a certain body part)
  • Lewdity Stats (essential stats needed to advance)
  • Main Skills (how effective the player is at certain skills)
    • Skulduggery (allows the player to partake in thievery to earn money)
    • Tending (affects how good the player is at maintaining farm plots and soothing farm animals)
  • School Grades (tracks the player's progress at the school)
  • Sensitivity (determines the body reaction from the player, from another party interacting with a specific body part)
  • Sexual Skills (affects the efficiency of a player's body part for the use of sexual encounters)

Gameplay Mechanics

Other gameplay mechanics that may have major gameplay ramifications, with some being much more important than others. Some are optional, but may affect certain scenes. These will generally come in handy more often than not.

  • Bailey's Payments (the game's primary punishment system)
  • Combat (the game's combat system)
  • Difficulty Settings (how difficult the game is)
  • Feats (the game's achievements system)
  • Minigames (fun minigames the player can participate in)
    • Blackjack (card game, reach 21 to win. Affects Wren's events)
    • Masturbation (allows the player to relieve pent up frustration)
  • Stalking (a type of encounter)
  • Toggles (affects the game's content, enable or disable certain bits of content if needed)
  • Soft Bad-Endings (where the player ends up should they fall down a dark path, tends to tie into Bailey's punishments)

World Mechanics

Mechanics that enhance, or change up, the game's world. Will have heavy changes to gameplay as well as several other features.

  • Antiques (allows the player to obtain several artifacts for the Museum to make money)
  • Blood Moon (occurs at the end of every month)
  • Dismissing NPCs (the ability to "remove" an NPC, disallowing any public interactions. May show up later at certain dark areas, typically bad-ends.)
  • Fame (affects the player's notoriety regarding certain deeds)
  • Love Interests (lets the player choose an NPC as either their primary and second lover, will affect scenes and dialogue)
  • Machines (one of several encounter types)
  • Safehouses (where the player can access the game's settings, as well as several other utiilities such as showers and beds)
  • Environment (factors that influence the weather and such)
    • Seasons (affects day-to-day life, and may change up visuals.
    • Temperature (determines how hot or cool places can be)
    • Warmth (determines how warm or cold the player feels, determined by their clothing)
  • Unlockables (various hidden things found throughout the game world, unlocked upon meeting specific requirements)


Mechanics that manage the game's clothing system.

Miscellanous Mechanics

These mechanics monitor various information and settings that can help the player's overall experience, as well as control various tabs on the left to keep track of.

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