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The Player Character's gender is a key gameplay element within Degrees of Lewdity. It changes specifics of events greatly, although the game remains fully playable as all genders and very little content is locked to either one. (When choosing to play as a hermaphrodite, crossdressing is impossible due to the player being counted as both genders.)

Gender Choice

When beginning a new save, the player must choose one of three genders: male, female, or hermaphrodite. This choice is permanent and cannot be altered during gameplay.


A male's characteristic trait in Degrees of Lewdity is having a penis. Male characters may grow breasts or lactate, should Lactation be enabled. While there is less male-specific clothing, the game remains fully playable as male.

The feat "Being a Boy" is tied to being a male character.


A female's characteristic trait in Degrees of Lewdity is having a vagina. Female characters may have flat chests.

The feat "Being a Girl" is tied to being a female character.


A hermaphrodite's characteristic trait in Degrees of Lewdity is having both a penis and a vagina. Testes are optional and are chosen at the initial character creation scene.

Being a hermaphrodite with breasts may give the character an edge in the Café Campaign quest. However, it also comes with difficulties – the Town where the player resides are not used to people having both genitals, and may not appreciate the surprise. Crossdressing and related events are impossible as a hermaphrodite. The player can also gain a reputation at school as a hermaphrodite, which influences some events.

The feat "Being a Hermaphrodite" is tied to this gender.

Gender Appearance

Gender Appearance plays a key gameplay mechanic within Degrees of Lewdity. The player may appear either masculine or feminine. This is determined by the player's natural features, body, their clothes, and their behaviour. The player has a Total femininity rating that starts at 0. Femininity adds points to this rating while masculinity removes points. If the player manages to get exactly 0, the tie is broken by either natural features or posture. For example, if the player has a 0, but their natural features are male, then they'll look like a boy. If the player is androgynous natural features, but their posture is current feminine, then they'll look like a girl. If the player is androgynous and has decided not to use a posture, then the game will just default to making them look like a girl.

From left to right: Masculine, Androgynous, Feminine.
Factors influencing gender appearance as seen when examining oneself in the mirror
  • Natural features - At character creation, the player must choose to appear masculine, feminine, or androgynous. This will provide them with a boost in either masculinity, femininity or neither.
    • Wearing clothing with the Special trait will slowly make the player's body more feminine if it's not already, which is currently the only way to change body type other than cheats.
    • Under Options, there are buttons that allow you to choose which body type will be presented in the sidebar. By default it is whatever the player's body type already is. Note that this is only cosmetic, and will not influence in-game gender appearance.
  • Body - Several things about the player's body influence their appearance:
    • Bulge - The larger and the more exposed, the more it increases masculinity. Size increases with penis size and arousal. If the player is wearing a Chastity Cage, then this doesn't come into play. Affected by the player's Nude Gender Appearance settings - see below.
    • Breasts - The larger and more exposed, the more they increase femininity. Fully exposed large breasts increase femininity dramatically, while a flat chest appears male. The player can suppress this with clothing with the Chest Binding trait such as a Chest Wrap or increase it with the Push Up trait. Chest Binding makes breasts not visible through clothes up until they hit Massive and does the same in just underwear up until they become Large. Push Up clothing adds 150 femininity to visible breast size through clothing and 200 to visible breast size through underwear.
    • Exposed penis/vagina - An exposed penis or vagina may increase masculinity or femininity, respectively. The extent to which it affects the player's gender appearance depends on their Nude Gender Appearance settings (see below).
    • Toned muscles - If the player's physique is high enough, they will have "toned muscles", increasing masculinity. The higher the physique, the higher the value will be. It should be noted that even if the player has 0 Physique, they still will have toned muscles.
    • Bottom - The larger, the more it increases femininity (only if exposed).
    • Hair length - Long hair increases femininity, while short hair increases masculinity. It should be noted that colour and most hair styles do not affect this, so players seeking more femininity and shorter hair should turn to other Player Customization options. There are a few styles that cap the femininity gained from hair length. The player can gain a maximum of 400 points from this. The higher cap takes precedence, meaning if the player has a fringe that caps at 400 and a style that caps at 200, the player will still get the full 400.
Hair Length Caps
Caps at Style Fringe
  • Short
  • Natural
  • Back
  • Parted
  • Flat
  • Quiff
  • Messy
  • Messy
  • Overgrown
  • Swept Left
  • Straight Curl
  • Curtain
  • Trident
  • Flat Ponytail
  • Pigtails
  • Ponytail
  • Thin Flaps
  • Wide Flaps
  • Hime
  • Loose
  • Ringlets
  • Split
  • Straight
  • Ringlet Curl
  • Pregnancy - If the player is pregnant (or looks pregnant due to other factors) and their belly is visible, the player's femininity will increase. The bigger the player's belly is, the more likely it will be exposed no matter what they wear and the more femininity they gain. Certain outfits will also expose the player's belly. The most femininity the player can gain from this is 10,000, making it very difficult to appear as a boy with a heavily pregnant (looking) belly.
  • Clothing and accessories - Each piece of clothing is considered either masculine, feminine or neutral. This is denoted next to the name of each item with the corresponding symbol (, or none for neutral). The specific value can be found in the compact list in articles detailing all clothing applicable to a specific slot, for example here).
  • Behaviour - When the player examines how they are seen by others when looking in the mirror in their room, they can choose a posture - Act naturally (no boost), Take a feminine posture (femininity) or Take a masculine posture (masculine). The effectiveness of the player's posture is determined by their English rank.
  • Makeup - Wearing makeup in any capacity increases femininity.
  • Skin Markings - Markings such as tattoos or writing increases femininity or masculinity based on the gender appearance of the marking, if it has one. These markings that do are usually very obvious (such as "Size Queen" or "Breeding Stud") and usually have a variation for each gender or no gender ("Remy's Cow" vs "Remy's Bull" vs "Remy's Cattle" for example).

When the player examines how they are seen by others when looking in the mirror in their room, they get a break down of various factors influencing the player's gender appearance (as in the picture above).


Should the player appear as the opposite gender of what they are, indicated by the prompt The way you're dressed, people will think you're a boy! or The way you're dressed, people will think you're a girl! in the sidebar, they are considered to be crossdressing. Hermaphrodites will always have either one of the prompts displayed, though it should be noted that they cannot gain crossdresser fame, as they are a category of their own and gain hermaphrodite fame instead.

Crossdressing is, as the name implies, most easily achieved by wearing clothing tailored for the opposite gender of what the player is. This is not necessary though, the only thing that matters is the player's actual gender and the gender they appear as.

When the player's genitals are exposed, their true gender is discovered. This can have consequences, like making people in encounters angry or losing audience members when dancing. Perhaps more importantly though, each time the player is discovered, it gets them closer to getting a crossdresser trait. It can be gained in two ways - be discovered while crossdressing 100 times or choose the "Crossdresser" background when creating a new character. There are two variants of this trait:

  • Crossdresser - "Stress decays faster while dressed as a girl, but slower when dressed as a boy." - Only male characters
  • Crossdresser - "Stress decays faster while dressed as a boy, but slower when dressed as a girl." - Only female characters

The player can also gain a reputation at school as a crossdresser, which influences some events.

Nude Gender Appearance

In the Game Settings section of the game creation menu, players may alter how much NPCs are influenced by the Player Character's genitals when determining their gender appearance.

There are three tiers to the Nude Gender Appearance slider, each affecting how NPCs perceive the player's gender with regards to their genitalia.

  • NPCs will judge your gender based on your genitals. - The player's genitals changes their femininity or masculinity by 100,000 when exposed. This means that, unless both a penis and vagina are exposed at the same time, it is impossible for any other factor to change what the player will be perceived as with their genitals exposed.
  • NPCs will consider your genitals when perceiving your gender. - The player's gender appearance is slightly swayed by their exposed genitalia, but the effect can be overcome by other factors. If male, the amount the player's genitals increase their gender appearance depends on the size of their penis; large penises increase masculinity by a greater amount. For female players, the amount femininity is increased by an exposed vagina is fixed, roughly on par with a couple articles of feminine clothing.
  • NPCs will ignore your genitals when perceiving your gender. - The player's exposed genitalia will not affect their gender appearance at all, leaving it to be determined by the other factors listed above.


  • Hermaphrodites are also referred to as "Futanari" (or "Futa" for short; literally: dual form), which is the Japanese word for hermaphroditism.
    • Beyond Japan, the term has come to be used to describe a commonly pornographic genre of eroge, manga, and anime which includes characters that show both primary sexual characteristics. In today's language it refers almost exclusively to characters who have an overall feminine body, but have both female and male genitalia (although testicles are not always present). [1]
  • After having been greatly requested by the community, the hermaphrodite gender option was finally added to the game in Version 0.2.16.

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