Golden Chastity Belt

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The Golden Chastity Belt is one of many different antiques within Degrees of Lewdity.


"The Golden Chastity Belt is wrapped around a feminine mannequin."

Once equipped unto the player, it will become incredibly difficult to remove. Please note that it can be removed, however. It has three times the durability of a normal chastity belt, and cannot be removed by Named NPCs, which can remove the normal variety of chastity belt. For more info, visit Restrictive Clothing.

A most surefire method of removing the belt is via multi-person encounters. Certain combat acts will make attackers more aggressive, allowing them to attempt to get to the player's private areas via the belt (thus damaging the belt) much easier. Over time, the damage will accumulate, eventually breaking the belt. As such, it is recommended to get into six-person non-consensual encounters, if the player wishes to remove it.

Another very efficient way to remove the belt is via slime monsters, found in the Old Sewers. They can try to dissolve the belt, doing damage to it every turn of combat. This can be a faster and much safer way of removing the belt. Slime monsters will only appear with the hallucinations trait.

Another easy way of getting rid of the belt is to tend to the centaurs at Alex's Farm when they need "special" attention, they can grind down the belt's hit points in a few minutes trying to mount the player (requires Deviancy 5), 3 centaurs should do the trick.

Another easy way is to star in the sex machine show in the brothel, it combat, it will be stated that "A canister atop the sturdy phallic machine opens, and sprays a pink foam over your gold chastity belt, dissolving the fabric.", reducing the integrity of the belt by 100 points per turn.

If taken to someone like Jordan for inspection, they will state that they only have keys to chastity belts or cages that the player receives directly from the Temple.

Description when worn:

A tough and sturdy chastity belt. Restrictive. Protects the most delicate parts of the body.

Considered as lewd apparel.


Fetish - Intrinsically lewd.

For more details on the durability of the belt and its comparison to other similar clothing, see here.


"I have a particular interest in this one," Winter says while gesturing at an empty pedestal. "Priestesses of old would wear special... protection, for ceremonies. Higher quality than what the temple gives out today. I imagine it could be used for more than just protection, however."

They turn away. "The word 'Gilded' comes up in the translation multiple times. Reminds me of a tale of tainted religious objects being cleansed in a holy lake."


This item is classified as an antique, meaning it has heavy ties to the Museum. See Winter for appraisal.

Collecting all thirty-one antiques will unlock the "It Belongs In a Museum!" feat. Note that if the player puts the belt on instead of delivering it to Winter as is, upon a short inspection of it being worn on the player, Winter will simply make a replica. The belt then counts as "collected", but the player will not receive the £2,000.

Additionally, this item's event is repeatable, meaning multiple can be found within the same playthrough.

Another great use for this belt is for players wanting to maintain or trying to achieve the Angel Transformation, since the Golden Chastity Belt is 3x more durable than the standard chastity belt the Temple provides. However, there is no way to repair or replace it asides from losing it in an encounter, which can be very dangerous.


  • Searching pots within the Forest Lake Ruins. A 19% chance will have the player find a locked box as a result. It's this box that contains the gold chastity belt. A very small (1%) chance to find it in a locked box.
    • However, the exact probability for finding a gold belt is complex, and goes as follows:
      • The item found in the box is a 5% chance to be either a gold necklace or belt.
      • In that same 5%, it is an 80% chance to be a necklace, or a 20% chance for it to be a belt.
      • This would make the belt a 0.19% chance per pot.


  • Buy Price: None
  • Sell Price: £2,000


  • The belt is referred to both as a "Gold Chastity Belt" and "Golden Chastity Belt"
  • If the player is wearing a Chastity Belt or Cage when the Golden Chastity Belt is found, it can not be equipped.
  • As is the case with the regular chastity belt, the Golden Chastity belt can be ripped apart in any encounter with the Ivory Wraith. However, doing so will cause considerable pain to the Ivory Wraith and reduce it's tentacle count by 3.