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The Great Hawk is a large hawk that lives in the ruined castle known as Hawk's Tower deep in the moor. They are a very lonely creature. Even though they capture the player by force, they are very caring and treat the player with kindness. The only way to meet them is for the player to get themselves captured by Great Hawk.

They serve as one of the player's potential love interests. They are a special kind of love interest, since the player will need a particular character trait in order to obtain them as a love interest. As such, spending time with Great Hawk is recommended to acquiring this trait. The Great Hawk also has a unique transformation tied to them: the Harpy Transformation. Spending time around the Great Hawk gradually increases the player's progress towards the transformation.


Due to their status as a love interest, the Great Hawk's appearance will be mostly left up to player interpretation. Their description will remain consistent somewhat, regardless of what sex they are determined as.

  • If set as a beast, they will always be described as a "colossal hawk."
  • If set as a monster-person, they will be described as a "winged boy/girl with claws instead of feet."

First Meeting

The player may randomly encounter the Great Hawk when exploring the moor. Similar to Eden and the Black Wolf, the player may receive the following prompt:

  • A shadow passes over you. Terror circles overhead. You are being hunted. | + + Stress

The Great Hawk will begin stalking the player through the moor, steadily growing closer. If the player takes too long to retreat to safety, they'll soon hear a screech directly behind them, and turn to find the Great Hawk descending upon them with talons outstretched. The player has two options.

  • Stay still - the Great Hawk captures the player without issue, should be chosen if the player wishes to eventually romance the Great Hawk
  • Resist - Willpower; failure has the same outcome as staying still.

A Willpower stat of 2/6 (You are mindful.) will guarantee the player's success. Succeeding has a 50/50 chance of the Great Hawk circling back overhead, temporarily ensuring the player's safety, or triggering a nonconsensual encounter. The ensuing fight will be difficult to win, as the Great Hawk starts with max Anger and a high amount of Health. If the player becomes overwhelmed with pain, the Great Hawk will snatch them and kidnap them, as per usual. Making them cum causes them to soar back into the sky, though they'll continue to hunt the player. Subduing the Great Hawk through violence has them retreat, ending the hunt completely - for now.

Another method of getting captured is passing out in the moor due to stress (or sinking in quicksand, which has the same effect as passing out), upon which the player may wake up in the Great Hawk's tower. Having high Allure will increase the odds of this happening. Be warned that there's a chance the player will be abducted by goons instead of the Great Hawk, meaning this method is not entirely reliable.


The Great Hawk does not have a very concrete schedule. They go hunting for at least 20 minutes, up to an hour at a time. Upon returning from a hunt, a hidden "bird timer" is set to anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes. They'll stay at the castle for a given length of time, after which the Great Hawk will depart for yet another hunt.

When not out hunting, the Great Hawk has a few activities they'll perform around the tower, depending on the time of day. Their schedule remains consistent regardless of whether the player has romanced them or not.

  • 6AM: The Great Hawk awakens from their nest and goes out on a morning hunt.
  • 6AM-10AM: The Great Hawk sings on their perch at the edge of the tower.
  • 10AM-1PM: The Great Hawk bathes itself in the rainwater pool.
  • 1PM-4PM: The Great Hawk adds to their nest.
  • 4PM-6PM: The Great Hawk grooms itself upon its perch.
  • 6PM-9PM: The Great Hawk goes back to singing until nightfall.
  • 9PM-6AM: The Great Hawk sleeps in their nest.


To romance Great Hawk, the player will need to gain a unique trait associated with Great Hawk.

The Great Hawk has two phases to their relationship. It's worth noting that their behaviour changes little across both phases; rather, it's the player's opinion of the Great Hawk that changes, making them more open to reciprocating the Great Hawk's advances.

  • First phase: Starts in the "prisoner" phase. The player will have limited options with the Great Hawk, generally only being able to react to its advances rather than initiate them personally.
  • Second phase: After gaining the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, progresses to the "spouse" phase. The player gains more freedom around the tower, such as the ability to come and go (with the Hawk's help) and several new ways to interact with the Great Hawk.

To enter the second phase, it is essential for the player to try to please Great Hawk and spend time with them when they can. Bathing with them at the rainwater pool once a day and allowing their advances at night are good ways to do so. The Great Hawk will also give the player gifts after coming back from hunting. Accepting the Great Hawk's gifts (or scolding them instead) is also a good way to make progress towards gaining the trait. After gaining the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, the Great Hawk will be available to be claimed as a love interest. Great Hawk will also allow you to leave the nest after this, and will carry you back up to the nest if needed.

Once the Stockholm Syndrome trait is acquired, the player will be able to sing with the Great Hawk at the perch. It will also unlock the possibility to initiate sex with the Great Hawk if no lewd encounter happened during the day.

The Great Hawk's Opinion of the Player

If you don't have the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait:

  • Great Hawk wants you to stay forever.

High Love:

  • High Dom: Great Hawk has claimed you as his/her husband/wife.
  • Mid Dom: Great Hawk thinks you're his/her husband/wife.
  • Low Dom: Great Hawk thinks you're a good husband/wife.

Mid Love:

  • High Dom: Great Hawk wants you as a mate.
  • Mid Dom: Great Hawk is lonely.
  • Low Dom: Great Hawk is smitten with you.

Low Love:

  • High Dom: Great Hawk wants you to return his/her affections.
  • Mid Dom: Great Hawk is distraught.
  • Low Dom: Great Hawk is desperate for your affection.

Love and Dominance

Like all Love Interests, the Great Hawk has a Love stat, increased by reciprocating their romantic affection and acting like a partner to the Great Hawk. Acting violently or neglectful will cause their Love to decrease. Additionally, the Great Hawk possesses a Dominance stat. Similarly to Whitney's, it will always start at 50%. Acting compliant towards the Great Hawk's advances increases it, while acting more assertive (such as pushing them away when they try to make love to the player at night, or scolding them when they bring an unwanted gift home) will decrease it.

In comparison to most other Love Interests, Great Hawk's stats actually affect very little. They'll still act like a loving spouse even at incredibly low Love, and they may still attempt to urge the player into sex at low Dominance. The only thing the Great Hawk's Love changes is a single line of dialogue when basking upon their perch.

Claiming Love

To properly start a relationship with the Great Hawk, the player must first gain their Stockholm Syndrome trait. Roughly 15 "points" of Stockholm Syndrome are needed to unlock the trait.

Actions that progress the player towards the trait include:

  • Asking for mercy upon initially being captured.
  • Letting the Great Hawk have their way with the player at night.
  • Accepting the Great Hawk's offerings, or scolding them for bringing something undesirable. Doing nothing with their gifts has no effect.

Note that progress towards the Stockholm Syndrome trait does not reset after the player escapes, meaning if the player escapes and is subsequently captured again, anything they did to increase their Stockholm Syndrome carries over.

After obtaining the trait, the player will be allowed a great deal more freedom around the tower - most prominently, the ability to come and go as they please. However, without the Strong wings trait, the player will need the Great Hawk's assistance to return to the tower from the castle courtyard.

Additionally, unlike other Stockholm Syndrome characters, the Great Hawk will no longer hunt the player after being claimed as a Love Interest. Instead, when the player spots the Great Hawk in the skies while exploring the moor, they have the option to screech to them, provided they have the complete harpy transformation. After screeching, the Great Hawk will swoop down to check up on the player, giving them three options.

  • Ask for a ride to the nest (0:20) - drops the player off at the Hawk's tower
  • Ask for a ride to the farmlands (0:20) - drops the player off just outside the moor
  • Just groom (0:05) | - Trauma | - Stress


The player's interactions with the Great Hawk depend on what phase their relationship is in. In general, the Great Hawk is a passive creature once they have the player in their custody; rather than actively seeking the player out in the tower, the Great Hawk tends to mind their own business, with most interactions with them dependent on the player making the first move.

In the "prisoner" phase, the player will have few options with the Great Hawk. They'll only be able to accept hunting prizes, bathe with them, or allow their advances at night. Once the player unlocks the Great Hawk as a Love Interest, they gain several new ways to interact with them, such as singing or basking with them, or the ability manually initiate sex.

As stated above, the Great Hawk performs the same tasks daily regardless of whether or not they're in a relationship with the player.

Prisoner of Love

During the "prisoner" phase, the player has limited opportunities to interact with the Great Hawk. Unlike Eden, the Great Hawk will not drag the player along with them. Rather, they're content to keep the player cooped up in the tower.

Since the Great Hawk will never try to force themselves upon the player, the player won't have to worry about Stress accumulating from repeated nonconsensual encounters. However, they will have to worry about their Hunger.


As long as the player remains in the Hawk's tower as a prisoner, they'll have to manage their Hunger. Hunger increases passively over time, progressing as such:

  • You are full.
  • You are satiated.
  • You are peckish.
  • You are hungry.
  • You are ravenous.
  • You are famished. - Where the player's Hunger starts upon being captured
  • You are starving!

As long as the player is in the final stage (You are starving!), they will gradually waste away over time, increasing Trauma and Willpower while lowering Physique. The only way to combat this is by eating the food that the Great Hawk brings the player. Lurkers are the most nourishing type of food, whereas "landbound" food will satisfy the player by a random amount. Note that accepting the Great Hawk's gifts - food included - will progress the player towards developing Stockholm Syndrome for their captor.

Once the player obtains the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, Hunger will no longer be an issue. The Great Hawk will still bring the player food, however.

Escaping the Great Hawk

If the player does not wish to enter a relationship with the Great Hawk, escaping their tower can be achieved by one of two ways.

  • Making a rope. At the tower, the player has the option to search for materials, taking an hour. The player has a 1/3 chance of finding a piece of fabric, which they can use to construct a rope. A total of seven pieces of fabric is needed to reach the bottom of the tower. Aside from scavenging, the player can also obtain extra bits of fabric by tearing apart their clothes or as random gifts from the Great Hawk. As with accepting food from the Great Hawk, however, accepting clothing or fabric will increase the player's Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Gliding down. If the player possesses a winged transformation - Angel, Demon, or Fallen Angel - they can jump off the side off the tower, letting the wind carry them to safety. To even attempt this, a decent amount of Willpower is required - a little less than 2/6 (You are mindful.) to be exact. If the player's Pain is too high, they'll be too injured for such a risky jump. Additionally, the player can only attempt this method if the Great Hawk is distracted, meaning they must asleep, out hunting, or busy bathing in the pool or tending their nest. Provided they meet the requirements, they can attempt to glide down, initiating a Willpower check; even a full 6/6 won't guarantee the player's success, though it will greatly increase their chances. If the player fails to work up the courage to jump, they'll be too scared to attempt it, forcing them to wait until the next day to try again.

Should the player manage a successful escape, they'll be deposited in the courtyard of the ruined castle, in the deepest reaches of the moor. If the Great Hawk is at the tower and active - i.e. not out hunting or asleep - the player will hear a terrible shriek as the Great Hawk notices their escape. When the player steps out into the moor, the Great Hawk will already be hot on their trail. The player likely won't get very far before being accosted by the Great Hawk, at which point they'll be forced to deal with the Great Hawk as they normally would upon getting caught.

After escaping, getting recaptured by the Great Hawk will have little consequence, aside from resetting the player's progress on their rope, assuming they used that method of escape.

Great Hawk's Gifts

Upon returning from a hunt, the Hawk will bestow a gift upon the player, either food or some random item. If the player is asleep in the Great Hawk's nest, they'll wake the player up to give them their gift.

  • Lurkers. Eating them greatly decreases the player's hunger (if they're still in the "prisoner" phase) and lowers Trauma (if they're in the "spouse" phase). Considered a minor hallucinogen.
  • Human food, such as donuts or half-eaten pasties. Reduces the player's hunger by a random amount depending on the food item (though never as much as eating a lurker)
  • Clothes. Either a random clothing item, or a torn piece of fabric the player may use to escape.
  • Valuables. Worth anywhere from £300 in stolen goods to nothing at all. Alternatively, a wallet or purse containing up to £200.
  • Rubbish. Serves no purpose whatsoever.

When the player receives a gift from the Great Hawk, they have three options:

  • Thank/Eat/Wear | + Stockholm Syndrome | + Love
  • Scold | + Stockholm Syndrome | - Great Hawk's Dominance
  • Do nothing | - Love

Aside from changing the Great Hawk's stats, the player's reaction will influence how likely they are to bring the player the same gift in the future. Accepting makes the Great Hawk much more likely to bring the player similar gifts, refusing makes them much less likely to do so, while doing nothing slightly decreases the chance.

When the player is first captured, the Great Hawk will heavily favour bringing the player lurkers. If the player escapes and the Great Hawk manages to recapture them, they'll remember the player's preference, so they won't go back to bringing the player lurkers after every hunt.


When the Great Hawk is on their perch, the player has the option to lie on the Great Hawk's lap (or lie underneath it, if it's a beast) and bask with them. This takes 30 minutes and greatly lowers Stress.

While basking, one of ten different scenes will play out, each with the same 1/10 chance of occurring. Most of these scenes amount to simple flavour text.

Basking and Reminiscing

The player will begin thinking of their Love Interest, unless it's Alex as of the current version. This will only occur if the player has set a character set as their Love Interest in the Attitudes menu, and can apply to both primary and secondary Love Interests.

  • Your thoughts turn to Robin.
    • Default: You feel a brief sting of guilt as you wonder how he/she's doing.
    • High Confidence: You wonder if he/she will come looking for you.
    • High Trauma: Your heart sinks as you remember how you left him/her. | + + Stress
  • Your thoughts turn to Kylar.
    • Default: You hope he/she isn't being bullied in your absence.
    • High Jealousy: You wonder if he/she will come looking for you. After mulling it over, you realize that "if" should be replaced with "when". | + Stress
  • Your thoughts turn to Whitney. You can only imagine what he/she would do if he/she found out about all this.
  • Your thoughts turn to Eden. He/She would probably hunt the Great Hawk for sport, especially if he/she found out about what you've been doing.
  • Your thoughts turn to Avery.
    • Default: You laugh, picturing him/her trying to save face explaining your current situation.
    • High Rage: You're glad to be so far away, at least until he/she calms down.
    • On Saturdays: He/She's probably looking for you at this very moment, to ask you on another date.
    • If the player has a date scheduled: You have a date later, after all.
  • Your thoughts turn to the forest, and your pack. You wonder if they miss you.
  • Your thoughts turn to Sydney.
    • Default: The thought of his/her smile makes you feel warm.
    • On Sundays: He/She's probably hard at work at the temple right now.
  • If the player doesn't have a set Love Interest, or if the Great Hawk is their Love Interest: Your thoughts turn to all the troubles you've faced, and how they can't reach you here. For the moment, wrapped in the wings of your husband/wife you feel untouchable. | - - Trauma

Basking and Cuddling

The Great Hawk will suddenly hush their song to cuddle the player, either wrapping their arms around them (as a monster) or resting its head on the player's shoulder (as a beast). If the Great Hawk is a monster-person, the player can then kiss them (+ Love). "Landbound displays of affection, so strange," he/she says suddenly. "Would only accept it from husband/wife." This will take the player's First Kiss if present.

Basking and Grooming

If the player possesses the full harpy transformation, the Great Hawk will begin to delicately groom the player's wings, the pleasurable sensation greatly increasing Arousal. The player can enjoy it (- Stress | + Love | + Dominance) or push away (- Love | - Dominance). Regardless of the player's choice, the player resumes basking after the Great Hawk is finished.

Orgasming as a result of the Great Hawk's touch greatly increases their Dominance. If they're set as a monster, the Great Hawk will comment on the player's "mating song." After cumming, the player is given the option to reward the Great Hawk (Deviancy 1 | + Love), initiating consensual sex.

If the player is not a harpy, the grooming scene is replaced by one in which the Great Hawk examines the player's wings, or lack thereof.

  • If the player possesses a divine transformation: "So strange. Not like mine. But they belong to you, so they're still beautiful."
  • If the player does not have any wings: "Don't worry. I'm sure yours will grow in soon. Then we can fly together." You turn your head to face him/her. "I'll be happy. The sky is so empty without you in it."


Rather than basking, the player also has the option of singing alongside the Great Hawk, taking 30 minutes and increasing the player's progress towards the Harpy transformation.

The quality of the player's song depends on what stage of the Harpy transformation they've achieved. Without the transformation, their singing voice will be shrill and unrefined, whereas possessing the full transformation allows the player to properly serenade their spouse, causing Trauma to decrease with each song. These lines are mostly flavour text and have little effect on anything, outside of the aforementioned Trauma decrease.

  • Your voice clashes with his/her/its own. He/She/It continues unabated.
  • Your voice turns his/her/its song into a cacophony.
  • You can't even hope to match his/her/its song.
  • He/She/It manages to pick up your slack when you fall off key.
  • He/She/It gives you an encouraging nudge as you sing.
  • You're not the best, but not the worst. His/Her/Its voice largely drowns out your own.
  • Your duet inspires wariness in any that hear it.
  • The two of you greet the moor with a harmonious song.
  • Your combined song sends prey animals running.
  • Your combined voices are a masterful symphony that rips through the moor. | - Trauma
  • The two of you weave a verse worthy of being spoken about in history books. | - Trauma
  • Beasts all around the moor stop to listen to your beautiful voices. | - Trauma
  • The winds themselves seem to yield to your voices. | - Trauma

After singing with the Great Hawk at least once, the player has the option to do so alone. This lowers a small amount of Trauma, but does not increase progress towards the Harpy transformation.

  • You try to sing like a bird. You have mixed results.
  • You sing, and find yourself craving a partner to help you.
  • You sing to the moor. You crave a partner to sing with.
  • You sing a beautiful song of longing for your husband/wife/partner. - While the Great Hawk is out hunting
  • You sing an unmatched song. You can faintly hear the hawk/harpy sing back to you. | - Stress

Gifting a Lurker to The Hawk

If the Great Hawk is on its perch and the player has a Lurker in their possession, they can give him/her the lurker (+ Love). The Great Hawk will then kill the lurker and begin to eat it, before offering some to the player. If the Great Hawk is a harpy, "Husband/Wife should have some," he/she offers. "Celebrate a good hunt." (Or first hunt, if it is the player's first time gifting a lurker). The player can then either accept his/her offer (- - Stress | + Love | + Great Hawk's Dominance), prompting him/her to say the player should hunt more often and that they should hunt together sometime, or decline (- Great Hawk's Dominance), in which the Great Hawk continues to eat their Lurker, although slightly subdued. This seems to be unaffected by their current Love or Dominance.

If the Great Hawk is a beast, the scene will play out mostly the same. However if the player accepts, it won't give any indication of further hunts, simply letting out a satisfied chirp.


Around midday, the player has the option of joining the Great Hawk in their rainwater pool. Should the player do so, they'll float over to the player, offering to help them wash, to which they can accept or refuse. Notably, this is one of the few ways in which the player can interact with the Great Hawk without the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait.

Accepting has a different result depending on whether or not the Great Hawk is a monster-person. If it's a beast, it will simply splash the player with water and rub its beak against their back. If the Great Hawk is a monster-person, a more graphic scene will play out, in which the Great Hawk washes the player's chest, feigning innocence as they fondle the player (+ + Arousal | Deviancy 1). If they manage to drive the player to orgasm, they'll comment upon it. "Healthy response," the harpy laughs. He/She sounds pleased with him/herself.


At 9PM, the Great Hawk will retire to its nest, allowing the player to join them. While sleeping with the Great Hawk, provided the player hasn't already had a lewd encounter with them that day, they make awaken the player, attempting to embrace/mount them. The player can either let it happen (Deviancy 1 | + Stockholm Syndrome | + Love | + Dominance), initiating consensual sex, or push away (- Dominance), to which the Great Hawk will comply with little more than a fuss.

Once the player unlocks the Great Hawk as a Love Interest, they'll gain two new options when the Great Hawk is asleep: rub lewdly (+ Love | - Dominance | Deviancy 1) and wake for sex (+ + Love | + Dominance | Deviancy 4). Both options lead to consensual sex.

If the player chooses to rub the Great Hawk, their eyes will flutter open as the player trails a hand towards their genitals. "Husband/Wife doesn't need to do this for me," he/she says as he/she rubs the tiredness from his/her eyes. "But I can't say no."

Waking the Great Hawk for sex has the player do so, assuming a seductive stance for their spouse.

  • Defiant: You throw one leg over him/her/it, giving him/her/it little choice.
  • Neutral: You sit up and spread your legs, gesturing towards your genitals with a smile.
  • Submissive: You face your ass towards him/her/it and give it a shake, looking over your shoulder at him/her/it with pleading eyes.

"Husband/Wife is ready to mate?" His/Her eyes light up. "Anything for you."

As stated, the player can only engage in one sexual encounter with the Great Hawk per day. Having sex with them elsewhere (i.e. on their perch) will count towards this limit.

Rather than sleeping in the Great Hawk's nest, the player also has the option to sleep elsewhere, decreasing Stockholm Syndrome. Note that even if the player tries sleeping alone, there's a 1/4 chance the Great Hawk will try to wake them for sex anyway.

Rescued by the Hawk

If the player gets caught by a group of thugs whilst exploring the moor, there's a chance for the Great Hawk to save them, provided the player has the full harpy transformation and the Great Hawk's Stockholm Syndrome trait.

For more information, see the Moor Abduction page.

Taking Flight

If the player has the Harpy Transformation, Great Hawk can teach them how to fly. Learning how to fly from Great Hawk will open up new areas the player can use to fly and save time while traveling to other places.

For more information, see here: Taking Flight


  • Romancing the Great Hawk (i.e. gaining their Stockholm Syndrome trait) unlocks the Feathered Hair Clip in the Forest Shop. It is one of four clothing items with the Eerie trait, preventing the player's Harpy transformation from degrading.
  • There are four feats unique to the Great Hawk: "Great Hawk the Terror," "High Reflection," "Catch the Wind," and "Fly Like an Eagle."
Feat name Hint Description Requirement Notes VrelCoins Added Rank
Great Hawk the Terror No hint "You'll make an excellent spouse." Lose the "Virgin" trait to the Great Hawk. While going through the moor, you might become the target of the Great Hawk who will hunt you. Should they succeed catching you, they will bring you to their nest and from there they might rape you or you might just want to accept a relationship with them and offer your virginity. 2
High Reflection "Blind and in ruin." "Returned the mirror to the top of the castle ruin." Find the mirror at the base of the ruined tower and bring it up to the top Once the player has gained Stockholm Syndrome for the Great Hawk, they will unlock the trap door leading to the base of the tower. Examining the furniture at the base will give the player the option to carry a mirror back up to the top of the tower. 1
Catch The Wind "Learn to fly." "Learned how to fly." Have the Great Hawk teach you how to fly Requires the player to have the complete harpy transformation.

If the player approaches the perch while the Great Hawk is singing there, they will have the option to ask them to teach the player how to fly.

Fly Like An Eagle No hint "Casting a great shadow." Obtain the complete harpy transformation. Note: This feat requires a toggle to be enabled - Transformations.

Requires the player to have reached the sixth and final stage of the harpy transformation.

Can be obtained by spending time with the Great Hawk in the ruined castle in the Moor.

Wearing the feathered hair clip is recommended. This can be purchased at the Forest Shop within the Forest.



  • Prior to its inclusion, the Great Hawk was referenced in multiple places throughout the Farmlands. The animals on Alex's Farm may be startled by a shriek coming from the moor. Similarly, the player can overhear farmhands at the Underground Farm discussing a screech they heard, brushing it off as a common animal.
  • The Great Hawk is rarely called by their full title. Generally, they will only be referred to as the Great Hawk in menus, whereas most dialogue will refer to it as "the hawk" or "the harpy," depending on whether they're set as a beast or monster-person.
    • An exception to this is during the scene in which the player receives their Stockholm Syndrome trait. If the Great Hawk is a monster-person, the text will refer to it as the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Harpy trait. The player's "Traits" tab lists it as Stockholm Syndrome: Harpy.
    • Two instances where the Great Hawk is referred to by name are during their introduction scene at the tower (if set as a monster-person), or when the player uses the Demand action in combat with the Great Hawk as their Love Interest (has a chance of the player mentioning the Great Hawk). In both cases they'll be called the Great Hawk, regardless of their status as a beast or monster-person.
  • There are lines in the game's code that indicate the player's ability to sing at the empty perch without possessing the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait. It is impossible to do so, however, because the trait is required in order to sing in the first place. The lines are:
    • You sing. You hope nothing hears it.
    • You sing into the air. Nothing answers you.
    • Your voice is immaculate, but without a partner to pick up your song, it feels hollow.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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