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Gwylan the shopkeeper is one of several named NPCs within Degrees of Lewdity. They are the owner of the Forest Shop, located within the Forest.


Gwylan's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as looking about the same age as the player, with mousy hair with a hint of freckles. It's said that Gwylan is actually older than they appear to be.

First Meeting

The player first meets Gwylan when entering the "Strange Shop" at the entrance of the Forest. The interior is dark and crowded by tall shelves, holding all manner of items. The quiet is broken by a scraping, then a thud. A boy/girl holding a stepladder will appear at the end of the closest aisle.

Gwylan greets the player, dropping the ladder and walking over. They welcome them to their shop, before lifting the player's hand from besides their wast and shakes it in both of their own hands. They say they're pleased to meet the player, and before they go on to say what they say they pause, correcting it to be their grandfather/grandmother's shop. They pause again as they correct themselves, telling the player they sell "knick-knacks" here - things the player wouldn't otherwise find in normal shops.

Even Gwylan has no idea what they have in stock, with them sounding proud of this fact. They say to the player they hope they find something they like before picking the ladder back up, with them telling them not to worry if they don't. Gwylan talks more about their grandmother/grandfather, stating that the objects found at their shop hide from people they don't want to be bought by. However, they laugh it off, not seeming to believe them.


Gwylan's shop is available 24/7, meaning the player can come and go as they please. During this time, Gwylan will be "shuffling in the gloom" while the player is browsing their shop's wares. They will not do anything else.


Gwylan's relationship with the player will stay the same, regardless of what the player does. Their relationship cannot be expanded upon, unlike other people of interest.

This is due to them naturally remaining in the background as the shopkeeper while the player shops.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Gwylan's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Gwylan is primarily found within their own Forest Shop, they will make many appearances there. Interactions with them will tend to involve the player buying something from the shop and the contents of their own shop, rather than Gwylan themselves.

Halloween Event

Gwylan makes a further appearance during the Halloween event, when the player is going costume shopping with Robin. Robin and the player will come up empty-handed as everything is out of stock until Robin is hit by a stray witch hat blowing in the wind. They then spot someone with mousy hair carrying a large box with an ajar lid walking in the opposite direction, with another witch hat falling out with each step. Robin chases after them, leading them and the player to the Forest Shop.

If the player has previously not met Gwylan, they will do so here - with Robin being present as well. Robin holds out the dropped witch hat, giving it to Gwylan. They mention they have picked up some new clothes, leading Robin to think they are Halloween costumes. Gwylan goes on to state they could be "worn as such" before directing Robin to behind a dark screen. Robin will then rush over to the costumes, admiring the authenticity of the outfits.

Regardless of whether or not the player buys the costumes for Robin, they will bid Gwylan farewell before walking back with Robin back to the Orphanage. If they leave without the costumes, they now have the option to return to the Forest Shop at any point to try out the costumes again, with Gwylan welcoming them back.

Rescued by Gwylan

If the player is near the Forest Shop (i.e. not beyond the Forest Lake) and Screams during a non-consensual encounter, there's a chance for Gwylan to come to the player's rescue. This can occur even if the player hasn't been properly introduced to Gwylan yet, in which case they'll tell the player of their shop on the outskirts of town.

Note that Gwylan will not save the player from Eden or the Black Wolf, instead running away in fear should the player attract their attention. They will apologise if the player goes to their shop afterwards, however.

If the player is in a relationship with Eden, the hunter/huntress can also save the player from the forest's many threats. If the requirements for both Eden and Gwylan's rescues are met, it's possible for the two of them to come across the player at the same time. For more information on Eden and Gwylan's interactions, see Eden with Other NPCs.


  • Gwylan was added to the game in Version 0.2.0, along with the rework to the Forest Shop.
    • Originally, Gwylan's Forest Shop did not exist at all, as it does now. It was an extension to the clothing shop, known as the accessory shop. All accessory clothing items were initially housed here, until they were moved over to the clothing shop. No named NPC was associated with the shop - as such, Gwylan was created to give the new forest shop more of its own personality, instead of simply being an extension of the clothing shop. This in turn allowed the shop to work as an achievement system, before Feats were eventually added; the player has to complete a specific requirement to unlock a new piece of clothing.
  • Gwylan is one of few NPCs with canon relatives, with the others being Kylar, Sydney, and Sirris.
  • While it is not specifically stated, it is likely the boy/girl with mousy hair Robin chases is Gwylan themselves.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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