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Harper the doctor is one of few doctors working at the Hospital on Nightingale Street.

However, they lead a much darker alternate life as the Asylum's manager, ensuring that all inmates there are kept under control at any cost. They make further appearances at the dark underbelly of the Farmlands, the Underground Farm.


Harper's description will remain consistent, regardless of what sex they are determined as. They are described as having a blonde fringe, and wearing a white medical coat. It's noted that they have a youthful appearance, with the player thinking they cannot be older than twenty-five years old.

They will almost always be carrying a clipboard besides them for notes.

First Meeting

The player may meet Harper usually upon their first visit to the Hospital. These may include:

  • Inquirements about body part sizes such as breast size and/or penis size.
  • Passing out from overwhelming Stress levels and waking up there on a stretcher.

Harper will usually be seen emerging from an adjacent room before they beckon the player over to them for inquiry.

Should the player have the latter happen to them, Harper will recommend that the player comes to see them on Friday for weekly therapy sessions. If your Stress/Trauma continues to increase, they will eventually prescribe some pills for the player to take daily. This will raise Control and lower Awareness.

The pills will be available in your pills collection, like the others from the pharmacy.


Harper can usually be found in their office at the Hospital during any hour of the day. However, if the player is instead locked away at the Asylum, Harper's schedule will change.


  • 9AM-10AM: Harper will schedule the first mandatory session of the day in the morning, inherently lewd in nature.
  • 8PM-9PM: Harper will schedule the second mandatory session of the day in the evening, to discuss the player's reasons for their imprisonment.

Harper will also show up after the player partakes in daily outdoor activities, stating they wish to see everyone shower properly. It's at this point that Harper may help shower the player, should they remain in good standing with the doctor.


Harper's relationship with the player seems to be of a doctor-patient relationship, with Harper acting as the player's doctor. They will typically act helpful towards the player, helping them out with their personal inquirements.

The doctor's involvement with the Asylum allows them to act much more malicious with the player without possible outside intervention. Harper will frequently schedule check-ups on them, in which the goal is to intentionally manipulate the player's mind via reverse psychology - that the townsfolk are merely acting in response to the player's lewd provocations, and they have only themselves to blame for it.

While present at the Underground Farm, they will act as they do as the Asylum, although they have less control there. Harper will once again arrange check-ups to see how the player is doing, with them wanting to run "examinations" on the player, such as giving them an aphrodisiac serum or attempt to hypnotise the player.

Additionally, it is possible to initiate lewd encounters with Harper, but only in specific situations - in this case, when the player is released from the Asylum.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Harper's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As one of several locations Harper can be found at, Harper will make many appearances within their office at the hospital. They will serve as the player's personal doctor while the player is there, remaining forefront and center in the role. Interactions with them will tend to involve work-related interactions, such as the player inquiring about their issues.

However, they will make more prominent appearances outside their office, while still serving a similar role. This includes the Asylum and the Underground Farm. While the player is present in those two locations, they will serve as a much more malicious figure, wishing to induct experiments and examinations against the player's will.


While at the Hospital, Harper will provide any service needed for the player at a cost. These will be relatively mundane, with some key exceptions.

  • Removing parasites. The player can pay the fee to get a private treatment or opt for the free procedure under the guise of it being a learning hospital. The free option will have the player led to an operating theater with a large crowd watching the player getting shocked till the parasites are removed. There is also the chance that something might go wrong and the player will be forced to orgasm multiple times in a row - much to the crowd's delight.
  • Size augmentation and/or reduction. No questions asked and with no restrictions - at a hefty cost. £5000 for each size increase, and £2000 for a size reduction.

Therapy Sessions

If you wake up at the hospital after passing out, Harper may request that you visit them weekly on Fridays for therapy. These sessions are lewd in nature, but will increase in severity.

  • Harper will conduct an invasive physical examination with their stethoscope.
  • Harper will attempt to hypnotize you with their pen. You can choose "This feels nice" (+ + Control | - - Awareness | - Trauma | - Stress) or "Resist" (+ Stress). If you allow them to hypnotize you, they will request that you undress and another NPC will enter the room to take photos of you.
  • Harper will conduct another, but more invasive physical examination with their fingers. They will do this alone or with another NPC that they say is a medical student shadowing under them.


While at the Asylum, Harper will initiate two medical sessions throughout the day. These act as a gateway for several other, yet smaller events within the Asylum.

Harper's Sessions

First sessions with Harper may include the player falling under Harper's hypnotism spell, invoking the player to do things they otherwise wouldn't do, should they not resist. Resisting the hypnotism will increase the wardens' suspicion of the player.

These events will have the player be instructed to do various tasks, such as:

  • Strip down and take a walk around the Asylum's grounds
  • Orally pleasure another inmate until they are sexually satisfied
  • Sexually pleasure a beast brought in from the outside
  • Enter a strange machine that will have the player climax violently several times.
    • Alternatively, have the player be in charge of pressing a button several times to make another inmate violently climax.

Later in the evening, the second session of the day will occur. They will tell the player through reverse-psychology that all terrible deeds happening to them have in reality not been true, and that they are simply repressing the fact that they are perverted in nature, or otherwise gaining attention through acting promiscuous or harming themselves intentionally.

  • No human or beast has been having their way with the player.
  • Tentacles do not exist.
  • Abuse dealt towards the player has instead been done by themselves.

The player is given several options on how to face with this "revelation". They may call Harper a liar, attacking the doctor and raising Suspicion considerably. Harper will have the player escorted to the white room. The player may agree with Harper, lowering Suspicion and Awareness by a large amount. Alternatively, they can give an unsure answer, lowering Suspicion and Awareness while questioning Harper on why they think this way.

Asylum Showers

At some point, Harper will instruct the asylum inmates to shower after taking part in outdoor activities. They specifically state that they wish to see everyone shower properly. It's at this point that Harper may help shower the player, should they remain in good standing with the doctor.

Asylum Release

Surprisingly enough, Harper will remain true to their word and release the player upon finishing their "treatment" - this usually happens upon successfully lowering your Trauma stat to the point where it is either minimal, or to the point where it is said to be healthy. It may also happen if the player has decreased their Awareness stat to the point where the Trauma stat is replaced with Innocence.

Underground Farm

Harper makes an unexpected appearance at the Underground Farm. Here, they will examine the player in the same vein that they would at the Asylum.

Doctor's Examination

Remy takes the player to a small dark building where Doctor Harper is waiting. There are three different examinations that can happen here:

  • Harper runs a stethoscope over the player's body. They finger and prod at the player, increasing Arousal.
  • Harper attempts to hypnotise the player with the movement of their pen. The player can either enjoy it or resist.
  • Harper tries to give the player an aphrodisiac serum in front of an audience. With high Skulduggery, the player can trick Harper into drinking the serum, earning the Feat Harper's Bane.


  • Harper is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • It can be assumed that Harper is considered to be the player's personal doctor, akin to a GP. No other doctors are noted to serve the player.
  • Harper's reverse-psychology go hand-in-hand with what the transformations are supposed to represent. They are left to be intentionally ambiguous of whether or not it is in the player's head - other NPCs may see the player's transformation as nothing more than a silly costume.
  • After the player escapes the Underground Farm, Harper will not even acknowledge their behaviour there, treating the player as if they were cattle. They essentially act as if their behaviour at the farm did not happen.
    • This seems to imply that Harper is pretending not to recognise the player from the farm.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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