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The Harpy transformation, otherwise referred to as the "bird transformation", "bird TF", or "harpy TF" is one of several transformations within Degrees of Lewdity.

Transformations are split into two separate categories. This transformation falls under the "Animal" category, and can be combined with another transformation from the alternative "Divine" category.
The harpy transformation in-game.


The name of the transformation can vary depending on the player's sex. However, the player's transformation identity can also vary depending on their current state.

  • The player will be referred to as a "Bird boy" (male) or "Bird girl" (female) normally.
  • If under severe hallucinations or if the player has the Bestiality toggle disabled, the player will instead be referred to as a "Harpy".

This will be reflected in both the Characteristics and Traits tab.


  • Bird boy/Bird girl - "The skies call."
  • Wings - "Can glide from high locations." (Default)
  • Strong wings - "Can glide from high locations. Can fly where the wind is willing." (Unlocked after the player learns how to fly)
  • Mate For Life - "Gain bonuses when sleeping or copulating with your Love Interest. Changing Love Interests causes stress and trauma."


All the correct requirements to obtain the transformation are listed below:

Not all of these requirements are necessary to achieve the full transformation. They can be combined to achieve a better overall boost to transformation progress, making the transformation easier to obtain. Otherwise, one method of achieving the transformation (i.e. sexual enounters with Great Hawk) will be sufficient as long as the player keeps working at it.

The Feathered Hair Clip is highly recommended to obtain and subsequently maintain the harpy transformation. It is unlocked when romancing the Great Hawk, and can be purchased at the Forest Shop.

Transformation progress accumulates at midnight. As the player passes through midnight, they must be wearing a set of clothing that has the Feathered Hair Clip (can be naked with just the clip) to prevent transformation decay.

Transformation Progress

Note: Requires 30 transformation points to access the full transformation.

Progress will typically start at around half the points required it takes for the full transformation, meaning that it starts at around fifteen days in or later.

  1. "Your vision feels sharper."
  2. "Your eyes feel strange. Your vision has improved."
  3. "Your lower back and neck itch. Your thoughts turn to [Love Interest] and you have a primal, almost animalistic, urge to be with [him/her] / You suddenly crave a true partner to be with."
  4. "Your bottom feels lighter. You reach behind you, and grasp a feathered tail."
  5. "Your back itches."
    • (if the player had existing wings) "Your wings fade away."
  6. "You feel light as a feather. Wings caress your face."

If the player is under a transformation that possesses wings, those wings will be replaced with the harpy wings once the transformation is complete, akin to losing ears or a tail in the same fashion.


  • Stage 2: The player receives "sharp eyes" - improved vision.
  • Stage 3: The player earns the "Mate for Life" trait. They earn bonuses for sleeping or having sex with their Love Interests and gain Stress and Trauma for changing Love Interests.
  • Stage 4: The player receives a feathered tail. A plumage will also appear along with the tail, although it is not mentioned in the progress prompts. It may not be visible depending on the clothing the player wears.
  • Stage 6: The player receives a set of harpy/bird wings. The transformation is now complete.


A harpy player concealing herself
  • The ability to "fly" - allowing the player to use their wings to allow limited flight where the "wind is willing". It can also be used to glide from high places, such as rooftops.
  • A passive Skulduggery boost (+5%), shared by the cat transformation.
  • Differently-coloured wings, depending on the player's hair colour. Dying hair will also change wing colour.
  • A plumage around the neck, covering the area. May not be visible depending on what clothing the player is currently wearing.
  • Flying long distances count as exercise, granting + Physique
  • Depending on the player athletic skill and the weather, flying will take varying amounts of time, and inflict varying amounts of fatigue.


Some key events can be unlocked as a result of gaining this transformation. An overview is provided below, with a full description as its own section.


  • Learning to fly from a skilled teacher, see "Taking Flight" section for more information.
  • Wings of any kind will protect the player from a cliff collapsing upon itself within the moor.
  • Areas where the "wind is willing" involves windy areas, such as the Moor and Coastal Path.
  • While in Tentacle Plains, they have the ability to "Get a bird's eye view" and locate nearby objects.

Taking Flight

To learn how to soar the skies, the player will first need to learn how to do so from a teacher. The teacher in question will be the Great Hawk.

To do this, obtain the complete transformation by growing wings. Once done, head over to the perch when they sing there. The option to ask how the player can learn how to fly will be there, and the Great Hawk will oblige.

Once training is complete, the "Wings" trait will upgrade into the "Strong Wings" trait - allowing the player to glide from high places as normal, with the extra addition of limited flying in windy areas.

For more information, see this page: Taking Flight

Gliding to Safety

If the player has the "Wings" trait, a new option will appear to "Glide down" at these locations, decreasing chances of harassment:

It does as expected, with the player using their wings to glide down from a high place, down to the ground. This allows the player to essentially skip over potential threats of danger they may otherwise find themselves in if they were to take the normal route.

A Bird's Eye View

In the Tentacle Plains, harpies can use their wings to fly high and locate nearby objects. Locations will be displayed as "XX minutes north/south/etc.". The only possible times are 10 and 20 minutes, signifying the amount of steps required in that direction. For example, seeing "You see a strange object. Twenty minutes to the north. Twenty minutes to the east." means you must walk north twice and east twice to interact with the object. There is a caveat in the fact that, if the player picks up an object, the object will still be displayed, even though it no longer exists.

NPC Interactions


Robin's Room

A new interaction is available in Robin's room - Sing with Robin (0:20) | Harpy | + Robin's Confidence | + Love | - Trauma | - Stress. You begin to sing and Robin will try to keep up with you. Afterwards, Robin will comment with one of these lines :

  • "You're good at this."
  • "Where'd you learn to sing so well?"
  • "You make a cute bird."
  • "That costume looks expensive!"
  • "We should fly away together sometime."
  • "I've always wanted to see the sky."


  • This is the second transformation that can only be obtained in a specific location, after the Cow Transformation.
  • This is the first transformation that allows the player to fly. Before being taught by the Great Hawk, the player can only glide. This was extended to the other transformations with wings, namely the angel, fallen angel and demon transformations. However, these transformations cannot learn true flight, and are limited to gliding.
  • This is the only transformation to revolve around a specific NPC - that being the Great Hawk.
  • If the player sings with Robin during December, they will sing a jolly Christmas tune, "That was fun!" Robin will say after you do this.

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