Harvest Trail

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The Harvest Trail, otherwise referred to as the countryside or other such names like "the road leading east from town", is an intermediate expanse of fields that stands between the Town and the Farmlands, which includes Alex's Farm, Remy's Riding School as well as the treacherous Moor. This location is a vast area akin to the Forest and the Ocean, home to many a hitchhiker.


The description of your surroundings varies depending on how deep into the trail you are. Roughly at the middle, the description is thus: "You walk deeper into the countryside. The road bends upwards, crowning a hill and emerging from the trees. The sea greets you on the horizon."

How to Enter

The Harvest Trail is accessible at any time of the day with the aforementioned methods.

  • Via the road leading east from Harvest Street. The player can walk eastward 5 minutes from there and they will find themselves on the main road that connects the town to its outskirts.
  • Via the coastal path near Mer Street, where the player can also find seeds for white roses. The player will need the Decent History trait to notice this path. Should the player continue to walk east along the coast for 2 hours, they will trail along seaside cliffs until they see some fields in the distance. The player can then walk in the direction of the fields and they will arrive at the Meadow. The Farmlands stand in the final stretch of the trail, which is where the Meadow is located.

First Steps

Walking among the trail for the first time will have the player quickly learn that it is an eventual trip to their (possibly unknown) destination, and may take a short while to get from point A of the trail to point B. Additionally, it is a fairly dangerous uninhabited area, as players will find themselves at risk of non-consensual encounters with lewd passersbys.


  • The Harvest Trail is a wide location that the player can cross in its entirety in 2:30 in-game hours. This means the player can walk from one end to the other in five turns of 30 minutes each. In one end of the trail stand the Farmlands, while in the other stands the eastern entrance to the town in Harvest Street.
  • As stated above, this is a fairly dangerous uninhabited area, and players will find themselves at risk of non-consensual encounters if they are not careful. The player can choose to walk for 30 minutes, or hitchhike for 15 minutes. Hitchhiking is the quicker option, although it may leave the player at the mercy of a dangerous NPC.
  • Walking across the trail will improve the player's physique. Random events may or may not occur. On the other hand, hitchhiking will always result in a randomized encounter with a passerby.
  • Since this is an uninhabited area, no one will notice the player's screaming and come to their aid, regardless of the time of day.
  • Ironically, it is slightly safer to walk through the trail when exposed. The player will automatically hide among the bushes or trees whenever a car roams closer. The option to hitchhike will not be available. The player may end up jumping into thorny bushes to prevent being seen, increasing Pain and damaging clothing.
  • One Feat can be earned in this area, Rear Passenger.


A variety of random events will trigger when hitchhiking or walking across the trail. In reality, no option is truly safer than the other, since non-consensual encounters can trigger regardless of whether the player hitchhikes or walks. Some passersby may be friendly, others sly, and others openly dangerous. The player excercising caution is best adviced.

Rear Passenger (Feat)

When the player is in either of the two ends of the trail, two people in a car may pull up beside the player. They will compliment the player's looks and offer them a ride either to the town or the farmlands. Accepting will result in the player sitting between the driver and the passenger. They will act friendly to the player, but in order to achieve the feat, the player will need high Promiscuity. After getting into the car, the player will be able to service them manually, requiring Promiscuity 3. The duo will be very pleased with the player's actions, so much so that the driver will gradually lose control of the driving wheel. The player will then have the option to rub their ass against the gear stick, requiring Promiscuity 4. Doing so will result in the car speeding up, and the driver and passenger will frantically try to grab the gear stick, but will end up grabbing the player's genitals instead. They will regain control of the car however, narrowly avoiding a ditch.This will greatly increase player arousal. The player will continue to fondle the two until they shudder to orgasm. Rather than angering at the player, the pair will be satisfied with the adrenaline-inducing experience. After this is done, the player will immediately earn the Rear Passenger feat and arrive to their destination.

Riding a Horse

After making enough progress in Alex's farm, the player is able to ride a horse between the town and farmlands. On horseback, the player's journey takes a mere 30 minutes, shortened to 15 minutes after purchasing a certain upgrade.

For more information on how to acquire a horse and what that entails, see the farm's page.


  • This location was introduced in Version 0.2.15.
  • This area name has a double meaning. One references the obvious Harvest Street, and the other references a "harvest" - as in harvesting crops, which ties in with the Farmlands.


The following images showcase below what the harvest trail looks like at different times of the day. Note that this location reuses the Moor location artwork.

In the Winter

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