Hawk's Tower

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Also known as the "castle". This can be found in the deepest part of the moor. The Great Hawk makes its nest here. After unlocking the Great Hawk as a love interest, the player can use it as a safehouse.


You look around the circular room. Small bones litter the ground. There's no way out, other than the broken wall. There's a large pool formed from broken masonry, exposed to the sky and full of rainwater. A nest sits on the other side of the room near the precipice, made from small logs and twigs. You see a large wooden trap door at the back of the room, but it's sealed by a rusted iron lock.

How to Enter

Although the courtyard of the castle can be entered simply by venturing as far into the moor as the player possibly can, fully accessing the Hawk's tower requires the player to get kidnapped by the Great Hawk themselves. See their page for details on how to accomplish this.

Once the player has unlocked the Great Hawk as a Love Interest by gaining the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, they're able to come and go from the tower freely. If they possess the full Harpy Transformation and the Strong wings trait, they'll be able to soar to the Great Hawk's nest from the courtyard. Otherwise, they'll need to call for the Great Hawk to fly them up to the tower.

The Great Hawk can also escort the player to their nest should the player encounter them in the moor. Once again, this requires the complete harpy transformation and the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait. When the player spies the Great Hawk circling above them while traversing the moor, they have the option to screech for them, after which they can ask the Great Hawk to bring them back to the nest.

First Steps

Upon the player's first kidnapping at the talons of the Great Hawk, they'll be dropped into the highest tower of the ruined castle.

After gaining the Great Hawk as a Love Interest, the player will gain access to a trap door, which they may use to leave the tower freely.

People of Interest


Initially, the Hawk's tower provides several utilities for the player, including:

  • A bed.
  • A bath.
  • A mirror (requires the player to have romanced the Great Hawk).
  • The ability to change their Settings and Attitudes.

After befriending the Great Hawk and unlocking the tower as a safe house, the player can access:

  • A wardrobe (requires the player to have romanced the Great Hawk).
  • Children with the Great Hawk.


When the player first arrives at the Hawk's tower, they'll have access to some of its content immediately: a nest for sleeping, a rainwater pool for bathing, and a perch where the player can relax with the Great Hawk. Once the Great Hawk trusts the player enough, they'll also unlock a trap door leading deeper into the tower, which the player can use to exit the tower whenever they wish. Once the trap door is open, the player can also find a mirror stashed away in the tower, adding an additional function.

Great Hawk's Perch

You stand on the harpy's perch. The moor stretches out before you.

When the Great Hawk isn't out hunting, they can usually be found singing or grooming their wings upon their perch. Here, the player may interact with the Great Hawk, basking under their wings or chirping out a song with them. Note that most - if not all - interactions involving the perch require the player to have already romanced the Great Hawk.

See the Great Hawk's page for a full list of things the player can do at the perch.

Over the Edge

If the player wishes to escape from the Great Hawk, they can do so from the perch, provided they have a pair of Wings (requires either the Angel, Demon, or Fallen Angel transformations). By passing a moderate Willpower check, the player can glide down to the base of the tower below. This can only be done when the Great Hawk is away from their perch and can only be attempted once per day; if the player fails the Willpower check, they'll be too scared to try again until the next day.

Once the player has romanced the Great Hawk, they can still glide down from the perch. In this case, they can do so regardless of whether or not the Great Hawk is present, nor will there be a Willpower check. If the Great Hawk is present at their perch when the player jumps, they'll bid the player farewell.

If the player has the complete harpy transformation, they can ask the Great Hawk to teach them to fly whenever they're present at the perch. After the player gains the Strong wings trait by completing the Taking Flight quest, they can soar off of the perch to the town, Farmlands, or Forest.

Rainwater Pool

You sit by the rainwater pool. There's a massive slab of stone nearby that you could keep your clothes on.

At the Great Hawk's rainwater pool, the player has the option to wash themselves (0:30).

Between 10AM and 1PM, the Great Hawk can be found bathing here. Should the player decide to wash while the Great Hawk is present, they're able to let the Great Hawk wash them.

Trap Door

You kneel beside the trap door. The wood is ancient, but dry and preserved. You pull the door, but the lock proves firm. You peer inside the mechanism, and see a mess of rust. You won't be able to pick it.

At first, the trap door serves no purpose, save for passing 5 minutes of the player's time whenever they investigate it. Once the Great Hawk unlocks it, however, the player can venture inside the tower.

You are in the base of the ruined tower, deep in the moor. There's a slit in the wall, leading outside, and a staircase leading higher.

Within the tower's interior, the player will stumble upon a tall piece of furniture covered by a dusty sheet. Investigating reveals the object to be a mirror, which the player can then haul up to the tower proper. There, it functions as any other mirror, allowing the player to examine their Attractiveness, Allure, and other attributes.

Searching for Materials

If the player wishes to escape, they can spend an hour searching for materials around the tower. There's a roughly 1/3 chance that they'll uncover a piece of fabric, which they can use to construct a rope by the edge of the tower. 7 pieces of fabric are needed before the rope will reach the bottom. Aside from scavenging, the player can procure extra fabric by tearing their own clothes or receiving some as a random gift from the Great Hawk.

This option disappears once the player obtains the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait.

As a Safehouse

Overall, the Hawk's tower is perhaps the most secure safehouse in the game. Bailey has no influence so far from town, the Great Hawk will never force itself onto the player - meaning no nonconsensual encounters - and there are no other dangers whatsoever. The tradeoff is that, aside from being incredibly safe, the tower is also incredibly remote.

Reaching the tower requires the player to trek through the treacherous moor, and unlike the Forest, there are no shortcuts for the player to take advantage of. In addition, the tower lacks certain amenities present in other safehouses - namely any sort of garden.

As A Home


Once the player has unlocked the tower as a safehouse, the player is able to undertake the task of repairing and restoring the tower, making it a comfortable home for the player and the Great Hawk. To do so, the player must participate in hunts to gather materials to spend on upgrades, which will often check the player's physical aptitude, including Physique, Dance, and Athletics.

The player must have the Strong wings trait to go on a hunt, where they may 'Approach the perch' and 'Prepare for a hunt' to begin a hunt. Hunting takes a significant amount of energy and time, quickly increasing Fatigue, the exact amount of increase depends on weather conditions, decreasing with favorable winds and significantly increasing while it is raining.


One of the common rewards during a hunt are materials, resources that can be used at the tower on upgrades and improving the tower. All the materials that are part of the tower are:

Material Main Method of Acquisition
Wood Found during a hunt
Fabric Found during a hunt
Sticks Found during a hunt
Leaves Found during a hunt
Lurkers Found during a hunt
Leather Created by drying lurkers on a rack
Feathers Found by preening your wings and grooming the Great Hawk
Valuables All the collected shiny and valuable things:
  • Silver Bar
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Wallets
  • Necklaces
  • Watches
  • Junk
Other Many upgrades require unique items to be collected:
  • Tarp - Found on hunt
  • Tools - Found on hunt
  • Cooking Pot - Found on hunt
  • Telescope - Found in tower
  • Silver Bar - Special Hunt


Many materials collected during hunts go into making the tower more comfortable through upgrades. There a wide variety of upgrades with a number of different levels to unlock. The first things buildable from the upgrades menu are:

Feather Duster

Will make it easier to clean the tower.

This upgrade simply gives the player the ability to craft a feather duster from the comfort of their own tower, as opposed to buying it from a store. The feather duster allows the player to more effectively tidy the tower while it is equipped, ultimately decreasing the effort needed to maintain its cleanliness. Once the wardrobe is built, the player can build extras to place into the wardrobe. It costs:

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Fabric
  • 6 Feathers
Feathered Hair Clip

Makes you feel flighty.

This upgrade simply gives the player the ability to craft a feathered hair clip from the comfort of their own tower, as opposed to buying it from a store. The hair clip is a head accessory that allows the player to protect their Harpy transformation by nullifying the daily decay. Once the wardrobe is built, the player can build extras to place into the wardrobe. It costs:

  • Tools acquired
  • 1 Fabric
  • 1 Junk
  • 3 Feathers

The following upgrades are all location-based upgrades that will improve the tower and make living at the tower easily, more convenient, or more effective. These upgrades include:

  • Poor Shelter (0): Rain will leak through.
  • Makeshift Shelter (1): Protection from rain, but will fall apart.
  • Tarp Shelter (2): Protection from rain.
  • Advanced Tarp Shelter (3): Ventilated to allow smoke to escape while still keeping rain out.

This upgrade increases the level of shelter present at the tower (I'll be honest I'm not quite sure yet, I will look further into it momentarily.) These upgrades cost:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing F housekeeping, it takes 15 minutes and:
  • 1 Fabric
  • 5 Leaves
You use some fabric to bind some large leaves together, and secure them to the roof where rain leaks through. It should last longer than what the Great Hawk was building, but it's still not much.
To Level 2

Needing F+ housekeeping, it takes 90 minutes and:
  • Tools acquired
  • Tarp acquired
  • 2 Wood
  • 2 Sticks
  • 5 Leaves
You get to work securing the tarp to the roof. You decide to place it under the holes rather than on top of the tower so there's no chance it will blow away. You angle it so water drains into the rainwater pool.

Having tools makes it simple, and with some wood for proper weight distribution, it seems secure. You give it a hefty tug, and it stays in place. You step back and admire your work. - Stress

To Level 3 Needing D housekeeping, it takes 120 minutes and:
  • Decent Science
  • Tools acquired
  • Tarp acquired
  • 4 Wood
  • 2 Fabric
  • 10 Sticks
  • 2 Leather
Pulling the tarp back down is a chore, but you manage after a bit of a struggle.

You cut a hole in it and bind some leather and fabric around it on the other side. It takes a few attempts, but eventually you get the perfect shape to keep water from flowing through the hole while allowing smoke to escape.

You re-secure it to the roof, satisfied with your ingenuity. - Trauma

  • Wood Nest (0): Poor sleep quality. Uncomfortable.
  • Padded Nest (1): Improves sleep quality a little bit. No splinters.
  • Cushioned Nest (2): Improves sleep quality. Comfy.
  • Luxurious Nest (3): Improves sleep quality a lot. Pleasing to look at.

This upgrade makes the Great Hawk's nest more comfortable to sleep in. This allows the player to sleep in the nest for more sleep quality, increasing sleep effectiveness and fatigue reduction. These upgrades cost:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing F+ housekeeping, it takes 30 minutes and:
  • 2 Fabric
  • 2 Leaves
You lay down some fabric and leaves in your part of the nest. It will prevent any uncomfortable poking, at least.
To Level 2

Needing D+ housekeeping, it takes 90 minutes and:
  • 2 Wood
  • 6 Fabric
  • 2 Sticks
  • 6 Leaves
You layer leaves in between sticks, and add some larger pieces of wood for better support. You smooth down the inner nest and make a comfortable sheet of fabric over the surface.
To Level 3 Needing C+ housekeeping, it takes 240 minutes and:
  • Tools acquired
  • 8 Wood
  • 8 Fabric
  • 8 Sticks
  • 10 Leaves
  • 4 Junk
  • 4 Leather
  • 16 Feathers
You get to work demolishing the old nest. It doesn't take long. You throw out any old wood or leaves and sort anything still usable by size and strength.

You also make sure to save the fabric from your last improvements to the nest.

Inspiration strikes you, and you decide to make the nest raised from the ground. You cross large pieces of wood as a foundation, leaving space for the nest itself to hang.

You also add in some random shiny junk. It won't improve the structure, but it's inexplicably pleasing to look at.

Your spouse works on the nest itself, and the two of you lift the base of it onto the frame you've made.

While [he] finishes meticulously placing each stick and log, you begin to sew fabric and lurker leather into small sacks. You fill them with leaves and feathers. It's the closest thing you'll get to a pillow out here.

You fill the nest with leaves, and throw two sewn sheets of fabric over the top. They're large enough to hang over the edges. Finally, you throw in your makeshift pillows. All that's left is to test it out.

It's remarkably comfortable. Most of the orphans would be jealous to have a bed this well-made. - - Trauma

You allow yourself a moment of rest after a job well done. Your spouse cuddles up next to you.

The player may additionally chose to initial an encounter with the Great Hawk or sleep after this scene.

  • No Firepit (0): Dark and cold nights.
  • Makeshift Firepit (1): Will keep you warm, but burns out quickly. Doesn't produce enough smoke to be of concern. Anything larger will require proper ventilation.
  • Robust Firepit (2): Burns longer. Speeds up Lurker drying.
  • Bonfire (3): Burns for a long time. Cooks and dries lurkers quickly. Cozy.

This upgrade unlocks and improves the firepit on top of the tower. This allows the player to burn materials such as sticks or wood to keep warm. In addition, keeping a fire going at higher levels accelerates the rate of drying lurkers, accelerating leather collection. The firepit must be empty before it can be upgraded, this includes lurkers drying on the drying racks. These upgrades cost:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing F housekeeping, it takes 15 minutes (60 if raining and no shelter) and:
  • 2 Wood
  • 2 Leaves
You grab a few stray blocks of stone and arrange them in a circle. You set up a bit of firewood and kindling, before trying to start a fire.

You begin to rub two sticks together. + Fatigue (+ + Fatigue if raining without shelter or Great Hawk nearby)

To Level 2

Needing F housekeeping, it takes 60 minutes and:
  • A Level 3 Shelter
  • 6 Wood
  • 10 Sticks
  • 2 Junk
You move the stone blocks out, making the pit wider, and stack more wood. You fasten some scrap to the end of a stick to serve as a fire poker.

With the fire properly sheltered and ventilated, it should last much longer.

To Level 3 Needing F housekeeping, it takes 120 minutes and:
  • A Level 3 Shelter
  • 8 Wood
  • 12 Sticks
  • 4 Junk
  • 2 Leather
You move the stone blocks out further, and stack more wood. You make a more robust fire poker from scrap and a bit of leather for a safer handle.

This is as big as you can safely make the fire. It should burn for quite some time.

  • No Cooking Pot (0): You'll need to find one from a campsite.
  • Unmounted Cooking Pot (1): Will need a mount above a firepit before it can be used.
  • Cooking Pot (2): Can cook lurkers. With some ingenuity, you could use it to heat the rainwater bath.
  • Cooking Pot and Heating Element (3): Can cook lurkers. Heats the rainwater bath to a comfortably warm temperature.

This upgrade unlocks the ability to cook lurkers as well as provides heated water for the bath. Cooking lurkers allows the player to consume cooked lurkers to significantly reduce stress without any Drugged side effects. In addition, bathing with cold unheated water causes Stress to increase, heating up the water with the pot and a fire negates this stress gain. These upgrades cost:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 This upgrade will automatically be advanced to the next level upon acquiring the cooking pot. (Supposedly)
To Level 2

Needing F+ housekeeping, it takes 60 minutes and:
  • Pot acquired
  • A Level 1 Firepit
  • 3 Wood
  • 3 Fabric
  • 3 Sticks
You fashion a simple mount for the cooking pot from sticks bound by fabric. You place the pot on top and give it a good push to make sure it holds.

You can now cook lurkers.

To Level 3 Needing D+ housekeeping, it takes 180 minutes and:
  • Tools Acquired
  • A Level 3 Firepit
  • Excellent Science
  • 6 Wood
  • 8 Fabric
  • 6 Sticks
  • 4 Junk
  • 8 Leather
An idea strikes you. You could use a small change in elevation and a couple of tubes to fill the pot with water from the rainwater pool, heating it, before returning it back.

You fashion some tubes with leather and fabric. It's a bit leaky, but it will do.

You stick one of the tubes in the pool and apply a bit of suction before dropping it in the pot. Water starts flowing in to be heated. You repeat the process with the other tube, and water begins flowing both ways.

You're sure this would earn you some praise from Sirris.

Drying Rack
  • No Drying Rack (0): Can not dry out lurkers.
  • Makeshift Drying Rack (1): Can dry out lurkers for leather. A lit firepit will speed this up significantly.
  • Expanded Drying Rack (2): Can dry out more lurkers at a time.
  • Enclosed Drying Rack (3): Can dry out many lurkers at once. No harmful fumes will escape.

This upgrade allows the player to place in lurkers which will be dried out into leather, which is needed for many upgrades. Drying lurkers is faster with a burning fire, and a better rack allows more lurkers to be processed at once. However, drying lurkers using an active fire leads to toxic fumes in the nest, increasing the player's Drugged status while in the nest. These upgrades cost:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing F housekeeping, it takes 60 minutes and:
  • A Level 1 Firepit
  • 1 Wood
  • 1 Fabric
  • 2 Sticks
You use sticks and wood, bound with a bit of fabric, to make a simple standing rack to hang lurkers on. You make it wide enough to place over your firepit.

You can now dry lurkers for leather.

To Level 2

Needing D housekeeping, it takes 60 minutes and:
  • Tools acquired
  • 4 Wood
  • 4 Fabric
  • 4 Sticks
  • 2 Junk
  • 4 Leather
Expanding on the drying rack is simple, especially with the right tools. You use some scrap to make sturdier legs, and make it big enough to hold two separate rods.
To Level 3 Needing B housekeeping, it takes 120 minutes and:
  • Tools Acquired
  • A Level 3 Shelter
  • 8 Wood
  • 12 Sticks
  • 4 Leaves
  • 4 Junk
  • 8 Leather
With a little more elbow grease, you could vastly improve the design of your drying rack.

You start from scratch, carving the legs and rods out of sturdy wood capped with a bit of scrap to protect it from the heat.

You then thatch together side supports with sticks and leather, allowing the whole assembly to fold in and out for easier storage.

Once that's done, you get to work building a ventilated cover for it. The strange fumes should harmlessly escape the tower, now.

You wipe your forehead and admire your handiwork. You should be able to dry out plenty of lurkers at once.

  • No Snare (0): Build a snare to catch lurkers in the courtyard.
  • Makeshift Snare (1): Will sometimes catch a lurker in the courtyard.

This upgrade places a snare that will periodically yield a free lurker for the player to collect. This upgrade costs:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing C+ housekeeping, it takes 120 minutes and:
  • 2 Wood
  • 2 Fabric
  • 1 Stick
  • 2 Leaves
  • 1 Junk
  • 3 Leather
You gather your materials, and start to bind leather and fabric together into a simple rope. You give it a tug. It holds.

It will serve as the trapping mechanism, but for now you're using it to sling the rest of the materials you need over your shoulder as you walk down the stairs to the courtyard of the castle.

You look around for a good spot, and see a bit of displaced grass. Something travels back and forth here frequently. You dig a small hole and drop in a piece of thick wood, and get to work rigging up the trap. You use a piece of shiny junk as bait.

Your snare will sometimes catch a lurker. You'll need to use something shiny as bait each time.

  • No Hunting Trophies (0): No stress reduction after hunting.
  • Simple Drying Rack (1): Reduces a little stress each time you return from a successful hunt.
  • Pleasing Hunting Trophies (2): Reduces stress after each successful hunt.
  • Impressive Hunting Trophies (3): Large stress reduction after each successful hunt.
  • Extraordinary Hunting Trophies (4): Stress is massively reduced after a successful hunt, and some trauma is reduced. However, there's still something missing...
  • Legendary Hunting Trophies (5): Stress is entirely removed after a successful hunt, and some trauma is reduced. Terror has found its equal.

This upgrade grants the player increasing benefits after each hunt, as well as simply being symbols of prestige. These upgrades must be completed to earn the feat Terror's Equal. These upgrades cost:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing D housekeeping, it takes 120 minutes and:
  • 2 Wood
  • 2 Fabric
  • 2 Sticks
  • 2 Leaves
  • 4 Junk
  • 2 Lurkers
  • 4 Feathers
You collect some of your finds from hunting. You begin to place them in parts of the tower that look too vacant. A piece of torn up clothing here, a lurker hung there.

It's simple, but it makes the tower feel more homely. - Stress

You get lost in thought for a moment. With proof of your hunts, you have the urge to return to the sky with your spouse. You can now ask the Great Hawk to go flying with you, when weather permits.

To Level 2

Needing C housekeeping, it takes 240 minutes and:
  • Tools acquired
  • 3 Wood
  • 3 Fabric
  • 3 Sticks
  • 3 Leaves
  • 6 Junk
  • 6 Lurkers
  • 6 Feathers
You collect your hunting trophies. You build a small effigy near the broken wall, with firewood as a base. You dress it with a piece of torn clothing, fill it with leaves, and top it with a crown of lurkers. You pile up some shiny things around the base.

It looks a little uncanny. You're not entirely sure why you built it, but seeing your things collected together like this is pleasing nonetheless. - Stress

To Level 3 Needing B housekeeping, it takes 240minutes and:
  • Mirror unlocked
  • Tools acquired
  • A Level 2 Shelter
  • A Level 2 Nest
  • 4 Wood
  • 10 Fabric
  • 4 Sticks
  • 4 Leaves
  • 10 Junk
  • 8 Lurkers
  • 12 Feathers
You gather your trophies, and look around the tower for inspiration. There's still plenty of room.

You weave together salvaged clothing into a large curtain.

It takes a long time, but when you're done, it's large enough to cover the entire broken wall. You use a long stick and some wood to fashion a simple opening mechanism. You show your spouse how to open it.

Your nest looks a little plain. You embed a piece of fabric with some of the shiny junk you've collected, and tie it to the base, hanging over the edge of the tower.

You build a simple display rack for a particularly empty section of the tower, using fabric and leaves as a pleasing backdrop for some valuables you've stolen.

You add some more shiny things to the shelter tarp above you, then move to your mirror. You use your tools to carve a new wooden frame for it to slide into, and add some leaves around it for a natural look. You hang some lurkers from the top. You step back and look around the tower again. Being surrounded by little memories like this is reassuring. - - - Stress - Trauma

To Level 4 Needing A housekeeping, it takes 240 minutes and:
  • Mirror unlocked
  • Tools acquired
  • Tarp acquired
  • Telescope acquired
  • A Level 3 Shelter
  • A Level 3 Nest
  • A Level 1 Wardrobe
  • 6 Wood
  • 10 Sticks
  • 40 Junk
  • 30 Lurkers
  • 15 Feathers
You pile up your hunting trophies once more. There's a lot to go through.

Over the course of about an hour, you cover an entire wall with shiny things you've snagged over time. You add some to the base of your nest, around your mirror, and to your wardrobe. Everything has a pleasing glint somewhere on its surface.

You take a hefty piece of firewood and bind lurkers all around it. You sharpen some sticks and use them to display more lurkers. You start to hang them on any surface that will hold them.

The walls of your tower tell the stories of countless hunts, and tease more to come. Your spouse looks around, seemingly stunned at all you've accomplished. - - - Stress - Trauma

To Level 5 It takes 120 minutes and:
  • 6 Wood
  • 5 Fabric
  • 2 Sticks
  • 4 Junk
  • 4 Leather
  • Something special... (This upgrade additionally requires a special silver bar.)
With the silver bar as proof of your hunting prowess, it's only fitting to put it somewhere it can stand out as your crown jewel.

You get to work constructing a wooden pedestal for it. It takes some work, but the end result is one beautiful pedestal to place your prize on. You lift the silver bar up with both hands and place it on its new mount, resting on a bit of lurker leather.

After you're done, your [partner] comes over to inspect it. [He] looks happy with your work, though [his] attention is mostly taken by the silver bar itself. With how distracting the shine of it can be, you decide to sew together a nice piece of cloth to cover it. You place it on the silver bar for now.

  • No Wardrobe: No clothing storage possible.
  • Wardrobe: Access to clothing.

This upgrade allows the player to access the clothing stored within their wardrobe, allowing the player to potentially access their entire clothing storage from the tower. Without this upgrade, the player can only access a small amount of clothing left at the tower when removed to bathe. This upgrade costs:

Upgrade Costs Within:
Level Requirements Scene
To Level 1 Needing A+ housekeeping, it takes 60 minutes and:
  • Mirror unlocked
  • Tools acquired
  • 20 Wood
  • 8 Fabric
  • 10 Sticks
  • 10 Leaves
  • 6 Junk
  • 4 Lurkers
  • 4 Leather
  • 6 Feathers
You pile up a bunch of wood and prepare your tools. This will be a big project.

Wood carving takes up the bulk of the time. You need to make sure it has the right shape and structure. Once you have a standing frame, it becomes much easier.

The walls are next. You use your largest pieces for it, and use a mix of fabric and leather to bind pieces together. You wish you had some glue. You carve notches near the top as even as you can, both to accept a roof piece and for sticks to support hangers.

The roof piece is a bit heavy, but you lock it in place after a few tries. Finally, you carve sticks and tie bent pieces of junk to the tops to serve as hangers. You use lurkers for heavier hangers. Their stiff limbs stay in place when you bend them.

You stand up and admire your work. You swell with pride. - - Trauma

Having Children

Making a Kid

Similar to other fertile love interests, if the player and Great Hawk have the right genitalia either the Great Hawk or the player may be impregnated and give birth to children. The pregnant partner will eventually birth an egg that will hatch into a harpy or hawk child, who will live at the tower and can be accessed from the nest.

Finding a Kid

However, there is an additional way of having a child at the tower cared for by the player and the Great Hawk, related to the Birds of a Feather... feat:

When out hunting with the Great Hawk and far from the tower (at least 4 distances away from the tower in any single cardinal direction), the player's partner will sound surprised and point to the brush below where,

A baby harpy/hawk lies on the ground.There's no sign of [his] parents.

The player can choose to Land or Keep flying at the cost of the Great Hawk's love.

As the two land near the remains of the nest, the baby shuffles away, wary of the intruders. The player can then:

  • Offer a lurker + Love (if the player has a lurker currently)
  • Try to calm [him] down (triggers a tending check which is easier the greater the player's harpy transformation)
  • Leave - - - Love | - - Dominance

Feeding the baby leads to an instant success. Attempting to calm the baby can success leading to the same general outcome, while failing makes the baby distrustful of the player but allows the Great Hawk to step in and shelter the child, leading to the same general outcome with + Dominance. With the child tamed, the player can finally decide to:

  • Take [him] back to the nest This will end the current hunting session
  • Leave [him] - - Love | - Dominance (if fed, how dare you)
  • Leave [him] - - - Love | - - Dominance (if not fed, how dare you)

When the player adopts the orphaned chick:

Your eyes lock with [his]. You bring your face closer, seeing your reflection in them. You know that look. Confusion. Fear. An orphan, just like you. You're not so different.

You gently hold/pick up the harpy/hawk, and take to the skies alongside your partner.

After flying straight back to the tower, the player earns the Birds of a Feather... and is given a chance to name the adopted child:

You gently place the baby harpy/hawk chick in your nest. [He] immediately flops over and starts chirping happily. [He] may not be blood, but [he]s family all the same now. Orphans need to stick together, like birds of a feather.

It makes you feel warm inside. You've changed a life today. - - - Stress - - - Trauma

If for whatever reason, the player chooses to ignore/abandon the baby chick:

No matter when the player decides to move on, the Great Hawk will appear distressed and approach the chick, beginning to sing loudly into the air for a couple minutes, calling for other hawks to rescue and care for the child instead.

If the player left the chick before landing, the loss of Great Hawk love is the only penalty, otherwise depending how the player interacted with the child, the Great Hawk will appear increasingly distraught, losing increasing amounts of love and dominance and the player receives additional trauma:

Abandoned again. You weren't so different. + + + Trauma


  • A number of feats are unlockable through activity at the tower, including the feats related to The Great Hawk which is primarily accessed through the tower:
    • Feather Trick
    • High Reflection
    • Birds of a Feather...
    • Terror's Equal
    • Great Hawk the Terror
    • Fly Like An Eagle
    • Catch The Wind
  • In addition, by housing the Great Hawk, the tower is also needed for gaining the Harpy Transformation, which unlocks the Feathered Hair Clip.


  • Prior to Version 0.2.23, this location served little use other than to retrieve the bell.


The following images showcase below what the Hawk's tower looks like at different times of the day. Note that this location reuses the Moor location artwork.

In the Winter

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