Hawk's Tower

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Also known as the "castle". This can be found in the deepest part of the moor. The Great Hawk makes its nest here. After unlocking the Great Hawk as a love interest, the player can use it as a safehouse.


You look around the circular room. Small bones litter the ground. There's no way out, other than the broken wall. There's a large pool formed from broken masonry, exposed to the sky and full of rainwater. A nest sits on the other side of the room near the precipice, made from small logs and twigs. You see a large wooden trap door at the back of the room, but it's sealed by a rusted iron lock.

How to Enter

Although the courtyard of the castle can be entered simply by venturing as far into the moor as the player possibly can, fully accessing the Hawk's tower requires the player to get kidnapped by the Great Hawk themselves. See their page for details on how to accomplish this.

Once the player has unlocked the Great Hawk as a Love Interest by gaining the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait, they're able to come and go from the tower freely. If they possess the full Harpy Transformation and the Strong wings trait, they'll be able to soar to the Great Hawk's nest from the courtyard. Otherwise, they'll need to call for the Great Hawk to fly them up to the tower.

The Great Hawk can also escort the player to their nest should the player encounter them in the moor. Once again, this requires the complete harpy transformation and the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait. When the player spies the Great Hawk circling above them while traversing the moor, they have the option to screech for them, after which they can ask the Great Hawk to bring them back to the nest.

First Steps

Upon the player's first kidnapping at the talons of the Great Hawk, they'll be dropped into the highest tower of the ruined castle.

After gaining the Great Hawk as a Love Interest, the player will gain access to a trap door, which they may use to leave the tower freely.

People of Interest


As a safehouse, the Hawk's tower provides several utilities for the player, including:

  • A bed.
  • A bath.
  • A mirror (requires the player to have romanced the Great Hawk).
  • The ability to change their Settings and Attitudes.

Notably, the tower lacks a wardrobe of any sort, similarly to the Wolf Cave.


When the player first arrives at the Hawk's tower, they'll have access to most of its content immediately: a nest for sleeping, a rainwater pool for bathing, and a perch where the player can relax with the Great Hawk. Once the Great Hawk trusts the player enough, they'll also unlock a trap door leading deeper into the tower, which the player can use to exit the tower whenever they wish. Once the trap door is open, the player can also find a mirror stashed away in the tower, adding an additional function.

Great Hawk's Perch

You stand on the harpy's perch. The moor stretches out before you.

When the Great Hawk isn't out hunting, they can usually be found singing or grooming their wings upon their perch. Here, the player may interact with the Great Hawk, basking under their wings or chirping out a song with them. Note that most - if not all - interactions involving the perch require the player to have already romanced the Great Hawk.

See the Great Hawk's page for a full list of things the player can do at the perch.

Over the Edge

If the player wishes to escape from the Great Hawk, they can do so from the perch, provided they have a pair of Wings (requires either the Angel, Demon, or Fallen Angel transformations). By passing a moderate Willpower check, the player can glide down to the base of the tower below. This can only be done when the Great Hawk is away from their perch and can only be attempted once per day; if the player fails the Willpower check, they'll be too scared to try again until the next day.

Once the player has romanced the Great Hawk, they can still glide down from the perch. In this case, they can do so regardless of whether or not the Great Hawk is present, nor will there be a Willpower check. If the Great Hawk is present at their perch when the player jumps, they'll bid the player farewell.

If the player has the complete harpy transformation, they can ask the Great Hawk to teach them to fly whenever they're present at the perch. After the player gains the Strong wings trait by completing the Taking Flight quest, they can soar off of the perch to the town, Farmlands, or Forest.

Rainwater Pool

You sit by the rainwater pool. There's a massive slab of stone nearby that you could keep your clothes on.

At the Great Hawk's rainwater pool, the player has the option to wash themselves (0:30).

Between 10AM and 1PM, the Great Hawk can be found bathing here. Should the player decide to wash while the Great Hawk is present, they're able to let the Great Hawk wash them.

Trap Door

You kneel beside the trap door. The wood is ancient, but dry and preserved. You pull the door, but the lock proves firm. You peer inside the mechanism, and see a mess of rust. You won't be able to pick it.

At first, the trap door serves no purpose, save for passing 5 minutes of the player's time whenever they investigate it. Once the Great Hawk unlocks it, however, the player can venture inside the tower.

You are in the base of the ruined tower, deep in the moor. There's a slit in the wall, leading outside, and a staircase leading higher.

Within the tower's interior, the player will stumble upon a tall piece of furniture covered by a dusty sheet. Investigating reveals the object to be a mirror, which the player can then haul up to the tower proper. There, it functions as any other mirror, allowing the player to examine their Attractiveness, Allure, and other attributes.

Searching for Materials

If the player wishes to escape, they can spend an hour searching for materials around the tower. There's a roughly 1/3 chance that they'll uncover a piece of fabric, which they can use to construct a rope by the edge of the tower. 7 pieces of fabric are needed before the rope will reach the bottom. Aside from scavenging, the player can procure extra fabric by tearing their own clothes or receiving some as a random gift from the Great Hawk.

This option disappears once the player obtains the Stockholm Syndrome: Great Hawk trait.

As a Safehouse

Overall, the Hawk's tower is perhaps the most secure safehouse in the game. Bailey has no influence so far from town, the Great Hawk will never force itself onto the player - meaning no nonconsensual encounters - and there are no other dangers whatsoever. The tradeoff is that, aside from being incredibly safe, the tower is also incredibly remote.

Reaching the tower requires the player to trek through the treacherous moor, and unlike the Forest, there are no shortcuts for the player to take advantage of. In addition, the tower lacks certain amenities present in other safehouses - namely, a wardrobe and any sort of garden.


  • Aside from several feats involving the Great Hawk themselves, the "High Reflection" feat can be obtained at the tower.


  • Prior to Version 0.2.23, this location served little use other than to retrieve the bell.


The following images showcase below what the Hawk's tower looks like at different times of the day. Note that this location reuses the Moor location artwork.

In the Winter

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