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The default/minimum statistics for School Skills.

School grades are a measure of how good the player is at the four available school subjects - Science, Maths, English, and History. Similarly to other skills, they are graded, however the grades differ in that each grade has a discrete value assigned to it - F (0), D (100), C (200), B (400), A (700) and A* (1000). These grades displayed in the characteristics tab, along with the player's understanding (percentage), which corresponds to their base chance of passing the exams carried out at School every Friday. It cannot be below -107% and above 200%. [1]

Normally, the player starts with a D in every subject and 0% understanding. The "Nerd" background improves the player's starting grades at the cost of being bullied more often (a C in all subjects). The "Starting school grades" feat booster has a similar effect (a C in all subjects at one point and a B at two), without the bullying risk. Combining these two makes the player start with an A in all subjects. The "Athlete" background has the opposite effect, making the player start with an F in every subject.

Unless on a break (school is not in session), the player's understanding deteriorates by 7% every week (if school is in session).[2]

Note: While one of five classes, swimming is not considered its own stat and not a part of the other school grades. It improves during Swimming classes, but none of the information on this page applies to it.

School Traits - The Effect of Grades

Upon hitting a grade of C, the player will gain a School Trait of the respective subject at the start of the next day. The average of the player's grades will also give them an "Overall performance" trait. These traits serve to confer the bonus effects of the player's grades.

For each better grade, the effect of these traits will increase. Science gives the player pain resistance, Maths increases the amount of money gained from tips, English makes their "speech" actions more effective, History unlocks various shortcuts around town and Overall performance adds daily trauma decay. For more information, see: School Traits.


Understanding determines the player's chance of succeeding at its respective exam on Friday. Succeeding at an exam instantly increases the player's grade and resets their understanding to 0%. Not succeeding has no special effect, as the player simply gets their expected grade. If the player reaches 200% understanding, their grade will increase on its own the following Sunday without an exam. However, if it drops to -100%, they will drop a grade the following Sunday[3]. For more information on exams, see the page School Exams.

The higher the player's grade is, the slower their understanding will increase - 50% slower with a C, 75% slower with a B and 87.5% slower with an A or A*.

Attending the respective lessons and choosing to study is the most effective method of gaining understanding available to the player and will be sufficient for increasing understanding and therefore grades, but the player can continue to study in their free time. This can be done via several different methods:

  • At the School library, the player can study any subject. When school is closed (between 5 PM and 7 AM), the player can study naked, increasing their understanding gains.
  • The 'Study' option in the Asylum will improve all the player's grades at once, allowing them to maintain their grades while being treated there.
  • Morgan will try to teach the player a random subject if they are stuck with them, though this has the possibility to lower the player's understanding instead.
  • Praying at the temple has a chance of increasing science, maths and/or history. This is most noticeable when wearing the Stone Pendant.

The School Projects offer a unique way of improving understanding - working on a solution for the Maths Competition improves maths (especially when using stimulants or insights) and working on your project for the Science Fair improves Science.

Increasing Understanding gains

Wearing any accessory with the trait "Glasses" (see Face Accessories for a list) will increase the player's understanding gains by 20%. Studying while exposed (in underwear or naked) has the same effect.

The optimal method to increase understanding further after classes are over is therefore to study in the library while naked with glasses.

Rental Textbooks

Instead of actively studying, the player may rent (or steal) textbooks from Sydney's Counter in the school library. Every day the player holds onto a rental textbook, they'll gain a passive boost to their understanding. One day with a rental textbook serves as the equivalent to studying six times in the school library. With an A* in a given subject, roughly 3 or 4 days with a rental book is enough to offset the weekly decay to understanding.

The player does not need to actively use their rental book in order to gain any benefit from it; simply having it in their possession will suffice. Additionally, they'll still gain insight from their rental textbook during periods when school isn't in session.


On the first three times the player studies science, maths, English, and history on any given day, they will gain a star in that respective lesson, denoted by a bronze, silver, and gold star. At midnight at the end of each day, any stars the player has will boost their understanding in that lesson by a small amount, with better stars increasing it more than the worse stars.

The player can check which star they have gained in a subject at the bottom of their characteristics tab. In addition, whenever the player is given the option to study, the star they would gain by studying is displayed next to it:


  • English is depicted as a flag of UK, and Maths is a pi symbol.

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