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The Hookah Parlour, is one of the locations located inside The Flats on Barb Street.

The Hookah Parlour can be accessed 24/7 however the player can only smoke once daily.

How to Enter

To get to The Hookah Parlour, the player has to cross The Canal to enter The Flats on Barb Street.

First Steps

The player will push open the door to see five people laying down on velvet cushions around a hookah pipe, they will then notice a slight person with tiny spectacles on the end of their nose who tells the player that its £50 to use the hookah.


  • If the player smokes at low Awareness, the "Alien forest" will not appear for them, instead giving the player this: You sit on a cushion in front of the hookah pipe, put the hose to your mouth, and inhale. You find yourself on your back, beneath a spinning ceiling. A schism rips through the plaster, and reality parts. You can't make sense of it, and your thoughts are torn from your control. | + + Willpower | + + Awareness
    • If the player has high enough awareness, they can still choose to not enter the tentacle forest in exchange for the boost in willpower and awareness.
    • The player needs Awareness 5 or more to access the forest.
  • The list of town projects and how to acquire them is listed in the Mayor's Office page.
    • To properly unlock a location in the tentacle forest, the player must visit the spot in the tentacle forest, be told they can't traverse further, go to the overworld and complete the project, visit the project in the overworld, and then return to the forest to try the path again.
  • Sometimes a bug may occur where the player attempts to take the Ascend path and winds up in a place along the Descend path, particularly when visiting the first time after projects are completed. This sent one player from Glimmering Pools to Fleshlike Flowers.


If the player has high Awareness (400) they will cling to glimmers of reason and see the Alien Forest appear through a portal, where colossal tentacles twist and writhe against the sky.

They can Ignore | + + Willpower or Enter, leading to the Alien Forest.

Entering the Alien Forest

After entering the portal the player will find themselves in a clearing surrounded by tentacles with paths snaking out of sight. They will also be naked, however, this does not effect clothes back in 'reality'. The player is warned that having an orgasm could be dangerous. The player's time in the forest is limited; they have 60 minutes in the forest before waking back up from their trip. Upon time running out, the player will note that something is coming for [them] as the Tentacle Forest unravels. Should the player choose to wake up manually, the same text will appear.

The Clearing

The player is in the tentacle forest, in a clearing surrounded by giant tentacles, packed tight. Two viable paths lead away, one ascending, one descending.

They have 5 options:

  1. Ascend (0:05) | Move deeper into the forest
    • Brings the player to the Glimmering Pool
  2. Descend (0:05) | Move deeper into the forest
    • Brings the player to the Rushing Stream
  3. Climb (0:05) | Success determined by Willpower
    • If successful, the tentacles seem to twist and bend themselves to make passage easier. They help the player climb high above the forest floor. The tentacles taper letting the player see the landscape around them. The player can see all the locations available for travel, and two key destinations: A giant gate with a lock and tentacle wrapped around a metal object.
    • If unsuccessful, the tentacles will revolt against the player, leading to the player falling. | + Pain | + Willpower
  4. Strange fruit hang from the thinner branches, within reach. Eat (0:15) | + Hand Skill?
    • The tentacles will lift to pull the fruit away from the player making the player jump, they have a 50/50 chance of obtaining the fruit.
      • Success will lead to the player obtaining and eating a fruit, which tastes like pork. | + Hand Skill
      • Failure will lead to a Tentacle Forest Event, which generally cause an increase in arousal, but can also increase awareness and stress.
  5. Wake Up
    • They player will think of the hookah parlour and feel that they have two bodies, one in the forest and one on a cushion in the parlour. They then sense that something is coming for them and they return to the parlour as the forest reality unravels.

Descend Path

The Rushing Stream

The player is beside a rushing stream. They can't see the bottom and strange, slug-like creatures hop from the surface. It crashes down a waterfall on one edge of the clearing, and disappears between tentacles below.

Should the corresponding project be uncompleted, the passage will read: Two pillars on each side suggest there used to be a bridge here, but no longer. The player kicks a loose tentacle into the churning water. It's dragged under at once, and does not resurface. Crossing will be impossible, for now.

Until the bridge over the old canal town project is completed, they will be unable to cross the stream.

Before the player completes the project, they will only have two options.

  1. Some of the fatter slugs have washed up on shore, and struggle to make it back to the stream. Step on them (0:15) | + Feet Skill? The player will try to step on a slug. The threat gives it a burst of energy and it slithers away with surprising speed.
    • If successful, the player catches and steps on the slug. It squirts white fluid and deflates. Free of its bulk, it escapes into the stream. | + Feet Skill
    • If unsuccessful, the slug slips into the stream before the player can catch it. Triggers a Tentacle Forest Event.
  2. Turn back
    • Brings the player back to The Clearing.
    • Becomes "Return to your arrival point" once project is completed.

Upon visiting after the project is complete, the player notices bridge has appeared beneath the water, connecting the ruined pillars. It's built low, the water rushes over it and crossing will still be difficult, but it's now possible.

The bridge waits for the player to cross. Leaping slugs might still be a problem, however. The next line describes the amount of slugs in the stream and new options appear.

The population of slugs is also listed as follows:

  • The stream is teeming with leaping slugs.
  • The stream is still full of leaping slugs.
  • Your efforts have reduced the population, but many slugs still leap from the surface.
  • The stream is significantly emptier than when you found it, but several slugs still burst from the surface here and there.
  • The stream is almost clear, save the occasional, solitary slug.
  • The stream is free of slugs.

The last one disables the "Catch some slugs" option. NOTE: Even with the stream 'free of slugs', it is possible to fail the other checks.

The player's new options include:

  1. Catch some slugs from the shore, making it safer to cross (0:05) | Tending Check
    • Success has the player snatch slugs and throw them between giant tentacles behind them. This reduces the amount of slugs in the stream, making the other checks easier. A tending rank of S will guarantee success for this option.
    • Failure has a slug squirm from the player's grasp and crawl up their arm and onto their chest. It then slithers over their genitals and leaps back into the stream. | + Arousal
    • This choice is repeatable as long as the player still has time.
  2. Cross as fast as you can (0:05) | Athletics Check
    • Success has slugs leap at the player but they weave between them as they make it to the other side and arrive at the Fleshlike Flowers.
    • Failure has a slug leap and slam into the player's waist, knocking them off balance causing them to trip and stumble into the stream. The player avoids being swept away, but more slugs leap from the water. Initiates combat a few slugs.
  3. Cross slowly, ready to fend off any slugs that come your way (0:05) | Willpower Check The player walks across the stream, watching the water with care. Slugs leap from the surface straight at the player.
    • Success has the player swats them aside with their fists. They cross, leaving a trail of defeated slugs in their wake.
    • Failure has the player overwhelmed by slugs as the tumble into the stream. | + Willpower Initiates combat with slugs.
  4. Return to your arrival point (0:05)
    • Replaces 'Turn back'

Succeeding at either crossing moves the player to the Fleshlike Flowers.

Fleshlike Flowers

The player is in a clearing of fleshlike flowers. The petals always face them, following. They spray a purple mist if the player draws too close. Entering will unlock the Lake Road Town Project.

Upon visit without the completing the relevant project: Just a whiff of fragrance sends the player's head spinning, and it's too far for anyone to hold their breath. They'll need to find another solution.

Initially the player only has two options:

  1. Vines hang around the edge of the clearing, dripping a sickly sweet nectar. Suck (0:15) | + Oral Skill?The player attempts to take one of the vines in their mouth.
    • If successful, it follows the players head, and enters their mouth without much difficulty. The player eagerly laps up the nectar. + Oral Skill.
    • If unsuccessful, It sways away from them, and it lightly smacks them on the cheek when they try to persist. Triggers a Tentacle Forest Event.
  2. Turn back
    • Becomes "Return to your arrival point" after project completion

Upon visiting after the project is complete:

A road of thick pink glass bricks has appeared, connecting one side of the clearing to the other. A haze lingers over it, but crossing should now be possible.

Three new options are available:

A road runs across the clearing, providing the safest route across.

  1. Run (0:05) | Willpower Check
    • Success has the player run down the road and weave around the patches of flowers. The pollen assault's the player's senses | + Arousal. The player feels lightheaded but remains focused and reaches the other side, arriving at The Fissure.
    • Failure has the player feel lightheaded and stumble to the ground. They try to crawl the rest of the way but tentacles enwrap them. Initiates combat with several tentacles.
  2. Cross while singing (0:05) | Tending Check
    • Success has the player hums as they walk which sooths the flowers. The flowers close their petals when they hear it. The pollen assaults the player's senses | + Arousal. The player makes it to the other side, arriving at The Fissure.
    • Failure has the flower petals droop but the haze only deepens. The player stumbles and falls and tentacles enwrap them before they can begin to stand. Initiates combat with several tentacles
  3. Return to your arrival point (0:05)
    • Replaces 'Turn back'

Success on either crossing will bring the player to the Fissure.

The Fissure

The player is at the edge of a great fissure in the ground. A wall of thin tentacles rises from the depths. In the distance, a vast plain stretches on as far as they can see. The closer the player tries to look, the further it seems to stretch.

The player peers down the edge, and sees a glint of light. One of the tentacles clutches an object far below. Entering will unlock the Archaeological Field Office Town Project.

Upon visit without the completing the relevant project: The player peers down the edge, and see a glint of light. One of the tentacles clutches an object, far below. However, there's no way they could climb down such a sheer cliff. They'll need to find another solution.

Without the town project, the player has two options:

  1. Some of the tentacles beckon, challenging you. Wrestle (0:15) | + Chest Skill?
    • If successful, the player, seized by bizarre competitiveness, wrestles one of the tentacles and manages to pin it. The player luxuriates in victory. | + Chest skill
    • If unsuccessful, the player is hurled aside by the tentacle. Triggers a Tentacle Forest Event
  2. Turn back
    • Becomes "Return to your arrival point (0:05)" upon project completion

After completing the town project:

A staircase has appeared, carved from rock, descending the cliff.

The player sees a glint of light. One of the tentacles clutches an object, far below.

There is one new option:

A staircase, carved from rock, descends along the edge.

  1. Retrieve the Object (0:05)
    • The player walks down the steps and draws close enough to the object to see that it's a thick key, made from silver metal. The colour is out of place here. They reach over a short gap and the tentacle gives up the key without a struggle.
    • The only option following this is "Return to your arrival point".

Ascend Path

Once the key is retrieved from the Descend Path, the Stone Door may be opened by following the Ascend Path through to its end.

The Glimmering Pool

The player is beside the pool, its ripples reflect a rainbow of colors and they can see many eyes looking at them from below the water.

Upon visit without the completing the relevant project: There's another path on the other side, but there's no way to cross without swimming. The player peers beneath the surface. Innumerable eyes greet their gaze, and the water whirls in a violent torrent. They'll need to find another solution.

Until the thicket town project is completed, they will be unable to cross the stream.

Before the player completes the project they will only have two options:

  1. Large lily pads float around the gentle edge of the pool. They look able to support your weight. Sit (0:15) | + Bottom Skill?
    • The player will sit on a lily pad and shift their weight to propel themselves, they have a 50/50 chance of falling in.
      • If the player doesn't fall in they move in circles. | + Ass Skill
      • If the player does fall they tumble with a splash into shallow water and trigger a Tentacle Forest Event.
  2. Turn Back
    • Will send the player back to the clearing.

After completing the project, the player peers into the pool. The eyes are still there, but the water is placid, and gentle. Crossing should now be possible.

There are 3 new options:

The water is placid, but innumerable eyes stare up at you. The player will have to be careful.

  1. Paddle (0:05) | Success determined by Willpower
    • Success has the player paddle across the pool. They feel the eyes below leering at their unprotected nudity but they manage to resist looking down. Moves the player to the Tentacle Grasses
    • Failure, the player can't resist glancing down. As their gaze meets the player's tentacles surge from the depths. Initiates combat with several tentacles.
  2. Swim (0:05) | Success determined by Swimming
    • Success has the player swim across the pool, disturbing the eyes below. Tentacles surge from the depths, trailing behind. The player manages to outpace them. Moves the player to the Tentacle Grasses
    • Failure results in the tentacles catching up. A couple wrap around the player's ankles, slowing the player down enough for others to catch up. Initiates combat with several tentacles.
  3. Return to your arrival point (0:05)
    • Replaces 'Turn back'
Tentacle Grasses

The player is in a clearing full of shoulder-high tentacles. They're dark purple at the base, and become paler at the top. They give the impression of long grass.

Upon visit without the completing the relevant project: The player tries to push between them, but they're much sturdier than they look, and push against them. They form an impassable barrier. They'll need to find another solution.

Until the school rear yard town project is completed, they will be unable to pass the grasses.

Without the project, there are two options:

  1. Similar, taller tentacles rise either side of the player, climbing high enough to weave between the thicker tentacles around the clearing. They bend low to the ground. Shimmy (0:15) | Thigh Skill?
    • Success has the player climb atop a low-hanging tentacle, and shimmy along with length between their thighs. It sways a little but they manage to hold on. They journey between larger tentacles before looping back around to the the clearing. | + Thigh Skill
    • Failure has the tentacle sway and rock too violently and the player falls off the tentacle, falling to the ground. Triggers a Tentacle Forest event.
  2. Turn back

After completing the project:

Some of the tentacles have grown to prodigious size. They bend under their own weight, many low enough to reach. Crossing should now be possible.

New options include:

Some of the tentacles are tall enough to climb, but the player will need to be careful.

  1. Swing (0:05) | Willpower check
    • Success has the player leap and swing from tentacle to tentacle until they've crossed the whole field. Moves the player to the Stone Door.
    • Failure has the player's fingers slip as they fall on a bed of writhing tentacles. Initiates combat with several tentacles.
  2. Climb (0:05) | Athletics check
    • Success has the player climb the gnarled trunk of the nearest tentacle. There is a gap and the player manages to leap across.Moves player to the Stone Door.
    • Failure has the the player's fingers slip when they climb the trunk and fall onto a bed of writhing tentacles. Initiates combat with several tentacles.
  3. Return to your arrival point (0:05)
    • Replaces 'Turn back'
Stone Door

The player is in the tentacle forest, stood before a gigantic stone door. Despite the size of its frame, the keyhole is tiny, and within reach.

If the player has not found the key in the Fissure, their only option will be to select next which will return them to The Clearing.

If the player found the key in the Fissure, it is noted the key they found down the ravine will fit.

This adds an option to this area:

  1. Enter
    • The door unlocks and the player opens it partially and is knocked to the ground by a sour wind that opens the door fully. The player enters a tunnel bathed in dim purple light. They see movement but it's too far to make out. They head towards the movement, ignoring corridors which lead away from the main tunnel.
    • The player draws close enough to make out a writhing mass. There is a figure in the centre hanging limp suspended by violating tentacles. One covers the figure's eyes. The player is able to recognise it as Quinn, the mayor. | + + + Awareness The player hears a thud and then shattering glass. They can't pinpoint the source. "This trespass will have consequences," echoes a disembodied voice. The walls vanish brick by brick as the voice reverberates. The player glimpses an expanse behind the wall. Their mind rejects it, and reality unravels to escape it.
    • The player awakens in the hookah parlour, alone, and the hookah lies in pieces. The door to the parlour has been broken off its hinges. The owner's tiny spectacles are on the floor and a piece of paper is wrapped around one of the glasses' temples which reads "I've searched for so long. The glasses, and the parlour, are yours. Thank you."
    • The player looks around and notices that even in its ransacked state, the parlour looks like it was once a normal flat. There's a kitchen with a working fridge. There are five cages inside and a strange creature writhes within the lowest. Looking through the rest of the parlour, the player discovers there's no bed anywhere, and cleaning will take a lot of work. At this point, the player is stood in their hookah parlour, using a possessive pronoun to denote their ownership. This begins the hookah bar ownership.

Returning to this spot in subsequent visits, the player enters the tunnel again and notes the strange symbols etched on the walls and a new option appears.

  1. Decipher (0:15) | + Anal Skill?The player tries to read the writing etched on the walls. The symbols change as they look, resulting in new disturbing patterns.
    • Meaning floods their mind and the blush. | + Anal skill
    • Meaning floods their mind and they shudder. | + Stress

Hookah Bar Ownership

After the stone door event, the player is given two options:

  1. Clean (3:00)
    • The player cleans up the broken glass and dust and clears out the ruined furniture. They examine the hookah and find the vase is shattered but the rest is fine. The player feels a presence watching them from the entrance. Bailey leans against the doorframe. One of his goons flanks him. Bailey demands a 50% cut, non-negotiable. The player has the choice to either Nod or Get angry.
      • Nod: Bailey has already taken the player's agreement for granted. "You'll need a new hookah. I can't help with... whatever it was the old master put in that thing. Try the farms outside of town. Someone might have snared what you need." Bailey's goon returns with an intact hookah pipe.
      • Get angry: The player protests and Bailey responds with a sneer and then repeats what is said in the other option.
  2. Leave

Once the player cleans up and is confronted by Bailey, the player will note that there is no juice in the hookah and that there is one lurker in the fridge. One lurker provides 50 trips worth of hookah.

The player is then given the options to partake in the hookah themselves or entice customers.

  1. Partake in hookah (1:00)
    • If the player has already partaken in hookah, they will be warned that smoking for more than an hour a day could be dangerous. If the player doesn't heed the warning, an irresistible force seizes them and pulls them through an impossible labyrinth. The player awakens behind a dumpster missing their upper and lower (including under) clothes somewhere in town.
  2. Entice Customers (1:00)
    • Friendly | Troublesome anomales
      • The player may find themselves in a non-consensual encounter with either tentacles or slimes.
      • If tentacles and slimes are disabled, the player watch over the customers as usual, but the customers will appear restless in their slumber, which gives the player stress.
    • Professional | Troublesome customers
      • The player may find themselves in a non-consensual encounter with 1-3 clients.
    • Either way, despite saying it's £50 per hour, customers will pay the player £25 per person (1-3 people) and the player will watch over them while they are high to make sure nothing bad happens. Events will occur ranging from school grades increases to being assaulted by people or by slimes to just flavour text.

Tentacle Forest Events

Some of the following may occur when selecting any of the + Skill? prompts.

  • A tentacle erupts from the canopy above, slices through the air, and delivers a sharp blow to the player's ass | + Pain | + + Arousal. The force jolts the player forwards, initiating a Dance check.
    • Success has the player keep their footing despite almost tripping.
    • Failure has the player trip. The tentacle they tripped over coils around their waist and holds the player still while it slithers up their thigh and fondles their genitalia | + + + Arousal.
  • An aperture on one of the larger tentacles opens, and sprays a thick pink mist. It makes the player feel lightheaded. | + + Arousal
  • The player feels a squishiness beneath their feet. They move their foot, and see a large eye staring up at them. It blinks. The lid becomes a pair of lips. One whisper, and the player finds themselves lying on their back, staring up at the tentacles swaying overhead. The player can't remember what was said. | + + Arousal
  • The player hears something whisper their name. | + + Stress
Giant Lurker

If the player orgasms in the tentacle forest, the ground raptures and the tentacles drag the player down below. They can see a giant lurker on the ceiling.

If the player successfully escaped the giant lurker using one of these options, the option cannot be used next time as the giant lurker can learn the player’s actions.

  • Hide under the fluid (C+ in Skulduggery guarantees success)
  • Run (A in Atheletics guarantees success)
  • Scare (around 6/6 Willpower guarantees success)

The player can also choose to Lay an ambush (S in Skulduggery guarantees success).

  • If successful, the player defeats the giant lurker, and the giant lurker won’t appear the next time the player orgasms in the tentacle forest. This gives the player the “Lurker Beyond” feat.

If the player failed to escape the giant lurker, if soft vore is enabled, the giant lurker will attempt to swallow the player. The player have the option to cover their chest or let two tentacles fondle their chest. Either way, the player pass out and return to the hookah parlour.

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