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Horses are one of many types of beast encounters within Degrees of Lewdity.


Horses are found exclusively in the Farmlands and the areas therein, such as Alex's Farm.

Horse encounters are unique in that they will always possess enormous penises. Their girth means that any attempts to thrust the player's chastity devices apart will prove especially damaging compared to other beasts trying the same.

As Monsters

Horses have the most distinct monster-person variant among the different types of beasts. Rather than changing them to humanoids with beastly features and referring to them as horseboys/girls, as is the case with other beasts, they become centaurs instead.

Possessing the top half of a human and the bottom half of a horse, centaurs are described as being completely naked from the waist up, like other monster-people. They generally act haughty and prideful, treating others, such as the player, as inferiors. That being said, they possess a certain code of honour and may come to respect the player depending on their actions.


The player can encounter horses in the following locations:

  • At Alex's Farm:
    • One of the player's tasks at the farm is to brush the horses. There's a chance after brushing a horse that it may chase after the player, demanding sexual attention. The player can run (Athletics) or wait (- Respect). Successfully escaping increases Respect, whereas failing lowers it and raises Stress as well. Failing or choosing to wait results in the horse catching up with the player, pulling them to their knees as its genitals hover above them. The player is then forced to grudgingly rub (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Farm Yield), enthusiastically rub (Deviancy 3 | + Farm Yield), or refuse.
      • When choosing to rub a horse's penis, either grudgingly or enthusiastically, its semen will splatter over the player, covering their face and chest. A Dancing skill of C or higher allows the player to instead dodge the ejaculate.
      • If the player refuses and the horses' Respect is incredibly low, the steed will punish the player by roughly licking their rear (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal). If the horse is a centaur, it will give the player a spanking instead (+ Trauma | + Stress | + + Pain).
    • When letting the horses out of their pen in the morning, one may attempt to molest the player. They can try to scold it (Tending, more difficult if the horses' Respect is low), call Alex (- Respect), or endure (+ Trauma | + Stress). Choosing to endure or failing to placate the steed has it tear the player's top off before fondling their chest. | + Arousal
      • At low Respect, rather than settling for simple fondling, the horse will instead attempt to rape the player.
    • When leading the horses inside in the evening, one may refuse to follow the player's instructions. The player can then encourage (Tending, an A or higher will guarantee success), call Alex (- Respect), or seduce (Deviancy 2). At low Respect, failing to encourage or successfully seducing the stubborn steed will cause it to mount the player, giving them the option to endure (+ Trauma | + Stress | - Respect) or, with Deviancy 4, rub back (+ Thigh Skill if the horse has a penis, + Bottom Skill if it has a vagina).
    • Horses can be "taken care of" by hand (Deviancy 3), mouth (Deviancy 4), or by letting it mount the player (Deviancy 5, initiates a full encounter).
  • Once the player gains access to Alex's Cottage, they have the option to saddle a horse to take them to and from town. Several events can occur while the player is riding their horse across the Harvest Trail.
    • At very low Respect (around "The steeds of the farm have little respect for you."), the player's steed may run away from the road into an open field, where it will attempt to rape the player.
    • At moderately low Respect (around "The steeds of the farm are wary of you."), the player's steed may express frustration, demanding that the player fix it. The player can either deny the beast's request and continue on foot, force it to continue with a Thighs check (failing results in the horse complying, though not without a loss of Respect), or satisfy it with a handjob (Deviancy 3).
      • If the player opts to satisfy the steed, there's a chance for the player to be interrupted by the sound of a car approaching. The player can choose to stop (- Respect) or keep going (+ Respect, initiates a Hands skill check). If the player is unskilled with their hands, they'll fail to bring the horse to orgasm in time before the car passes by, increasing Stress, Trauma, and Bestiality fame.
    • Briar will offer the player the option of an encounter with a horse (provided the player already has a horse saddled) during the weekly Brothel shows once unlocked (Deviancy 5).
  • At the Underground Farm:
    • Past noon, the player can approach Remy's steeds in the field. The player may brush their hair, taking one hour, increasing Tending and decreasing Stress.
      • While brushing, there's a chance one of the steeds will stomp about angrily, prompting the player to look beneath it (Deviancy 1). Inspecting its genitals, the player soon realises that the beast is sexually frustrated, giving them the option to touch it (Deviancy 2). Deviancy 3 is required to then further rub the horse's genitals, after which the player can keep going or lick (Deviancy 4), requiring a Hands/Oral skill of C or higher to successfully make it cum. Alternatively, with Deviancy 5, the player can skip the pretense and seduce the steed, leading to consensual sex.
        • If the player's Awareness is at least 3/7 (You have a normal understanding of sexuality), they can initiate this event at any time, rather than having to wait for it to trigger at random.
    • If the player gains the respect of the farm's horses, should the player try escaping, Remy's steed will intervene before they can recapture the player. If the steed in question is a centaur, the player has the option to kiss them as thanks (Deviancy 1).
    • If the player ends up in the Underground Farm again after already having escaped, Remy may punish the player's disobedience by offering them as a "reward" to a loyal horse.
  • At the Riding School:
    • During a lesson, the player may lose control of their steed as it leads them to a dell. It throws the player to the ground, then turns to face them. The player can try to calm it (initiates a difficult Tending check; anything lower than a B will fail) or brace themselves. Choosing the latter option or failing to calm the horse leads to a nonconsensual encounter.
    • If the player's clothes are torn by a branch, leaving them exposed, they have the option to ride for cover, eventually arriving at a crumbling building. From there, they can attempt to crawl through a hole in the building. If the player's Physique is too high, they'll end up stuck in the hole, leaving them vulnerable against their steed as it begins to lick the player's bottom. | + Stress | + Arousal
      • The player can either plead (Tending, anything lower than a C will fail, and even an S won't guarantee success), kick (Physique, chance of success is relative to the player's body size), or endure (+ Trauma | + Stress | + Arousal. Choosing to endure or failing to deter the horse has the steed mercilessly assault the player's rear with its tongue, until the player finally manages to pull themselves through the hole.


  • Centaurs are among the few types of monster-people than can take the player's first kiss, the other being the Great Hawk.

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