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The Nightingale Hospital, otherwise referred to as simply the "hospital" for short, is one of several places of interest the player can visit. It is located on the aforementioned Nightingale Street.

The Hospital is a place of interest on Nightingale Street. Here, the player can inquire about breast or penis surgery (making them larger or smaller), visit Harper for appointments, buy various items and pills at the pharmacy, and more. Please note that ass surgery is not possible, and its size must be increased or decreased by other means.

First Steps

During their first time at the hospital, the player will also encounter Dr. Harper, a very young doctor, described to be no older than 25 years old. Dr. Harper mostly plays a role in the Asylum event, however, they also appear in the hospital.

Breast Augmentation

Currently, during their first visit with a mentally stable character, the player can ask to increase or decrease breast size, which costs around £5000 to enhance and £2000 to decrease size (this counts for each "stage", so increasing size by 3 stages will cost £15000 and so on). The sizes range from "flat" to "enormous" (Stages 0-12)

Increasing them has Dr. Harper show the player a size chart and their respective size, inform them about the costs and that it will take 4 hours. The player will then have to undress, put on a medical gown and lie down in a small bed, before being put to sleep. Harper pulls out a camera and takes a photo of the player, before they fall asleep. After the procedure, the player wakes up in that same room with their new breasts, before being told it was a success and that they look good.

Decreasing works exactly the same way.

Penis Augmentation

If applicable, players can change the size of their penis, which works the same way as breast augmentation. Harper will show the player what their current size is and for £5000 per stage, they can change the size from either "tiny" to "enormous" (Stages 0-4).

Appointments with Dr. Harper

After fainting and awakening in the hospital with high trauma (but not Dissociated, meaning the bar is not completely full), Dr. Harper will examine the player and ask them about their home/school life and overall well-being. They then summon a nurse and quietly talk to them, before telling the player that they should visit them (Harper) on Fridays for therapy. During the first visit, Harper will prescribe the player some medication, which raises control and lowers awareness (or raises innocence, if taken after awareness has been reduced drastically at the Asylum). The player will also be informed that their first session that day won't be "anything too invasive."

There are two forms of therapy with different stages "stages", progressing with each visit. Hypnotherapy seems to occur more frequently at higher trauma and lower control, while the physical examination seems to be more focused on players with low trauma and full control. However, this may be a coincidence and the events may be purely random in nature.

1) Hypnotherapy

Harper will tell the player to relax and take deep breaths while holding up a pen, using it to hypnotise the player. This works the same way as it does in the Asylum and here, too, the player can either resist (+Stress) or say that it feels nice (++Control, --Awareness, -Trauma, -Stress). Resisting simply ends that day's session and the player is dismissed with no further consequences. Allowing it will put the player in a trance. They will receive "instructions" and are told that they won't remember this, before awakening when the pen is dropped. While the player will not remember what Harper had told them, they will feel a lot better than before and may leave.

The second stage will start out in the same way (if the player went through with the therapy, otherwise stage one is repeated), however this time, the player will hear Harper's instructions. They will tell the player to remove all of their clothes while pulling out a camera. If the player refuses and shakes themselves free, Harper will quickly hide the camera behind their back and end the session, telling the player to relax every now and then. Allowing it will have the player undress and Harper will circle the player, taking photos of their naked body. When they drop the pen again they will inform the player, blushing, that it was a success.

For the third stage, the player will be hypnotised again (unless they refuse). Harper will then open a window and let a person carrying a camera and tripod climb in. While they are setting it up, Harper tells the player to undress. Refusing will have Harper quickly address the person, who hasn't noticed the player, and tell them it is not the time for maintenance. The person will quickly realise what happened and quickly leave through the window with the equipment. Harper acts confused as to why they didn't use the door and tells the player to return the following week. Following the orders and undressing will lead to the person turning on the camera, beginning the recording. Harper will instruct the player to twirl on the spot, bend over, strike different poses all the while being filmed from every thinkable angle. After the person has finished recording, Harper will take a few photos of their own while the other person dismantles their equipment and leaves the way they came. Harper then orders the player to get dressed again, before bringing them back and calling the session a success again, blushing.

The next stage has Harper, as per usual, hypnotise the player. This time, however, the same person as before enters, accompanied by 4 other people. The camera will be set up and the 4 people will hand Harper money, who will then tell the entranced player to undress. If refused, the atmosphere in the room becomes "tense and awkward" and Harper is clearly agitated, but thanks the player for allowing these "students" to observe the examination, telling them to come next week, before hurrying them out of the door. If the player undresses, the same as in stage 3 will happen, but this time with an audience that is growing "increasingly flustered." The group leaves before the player is awoken and told the usual things.

The final stage stars out the way the previous one does. However, if undressing this time and after filming the player, one of the people says something to Harper and they nod. The atmosphere changes and the people advance towards the player, initiating a sex scene. The player is entranced and thus, cannot move or take any actions at all. The audience, including Dr. Harper, will try to bring the player to orgasm. If the player is a virgin, they will only use their hands and tongues. If not, they may use their genitals and fuck the player until the player climaxes (Editor's note: So far I have not managed to make them cum, even with 0 starting arousal and the orgasm addict trait...if anyone manages to do so, please add this). Once the player cums, Harper will stop them, telling them that they can't overdo it and should back off. The audience is not happy about that, but everyone complies and they watch the player spasm in orgasmic bliss, before leaving. Harper brings the player back and the session ends as usual, though this time, the player is left feeling "strangely drained". At this point, the final stage will repeat each time the player is supposed to be hypnotised and allows for it to happen.

2) Physical Examination

Harper will instruct the player to strip down to their underwear and lie down. As the player hesitates, the doctor ensures them that this is a normal procedure and nothing to fear. The player obliges, strips and lies down and Harper promises to be gentle. They start touching the player, starting with their shoulders and working their way down, giving the player's chest area "extra attention for some reason." Having reached their nether regions, they will inspect the player's genitals through the fabric. Male players immediately get an erection while females get wet, to which Harper comments "in a dry tone" that this is perfectly natural. If the player is already extremely aroused during this examination, they will feel themselves "pass the point of no return" and whimper "please no." Harper will be puzzled until the player climaxes hard, but they will continue regardless. Afterwards, they will grab some paper towels and clean the humiliated player up, before telling them they're all done and that they can get dressed. They will tell the player they are perfectly healthy (even at high trauma or pain stats) and tell them to return the following week.

The next session will play out in the same way, except that the player has to fully undress, even take off their underwear, as Harper needs to be "more thorough this time". If the player was going commando during the first visit, the first stage will be skipped and the naked penis inspected right away. If not, the player will undress but still cover their genitals, until Harper asks them to move their hands to which they comply and try to stay calm. The rest plays out the same way it does the first time (again, if at high arousal, the player will climax, only this time there will not be any cloth to prevent their fluids from shooting out).

The third session has another, nervous-looking person join the doctor, who will introduce them as a med student and that they will help Harper on that day. The player is asked to undress again, which they do, and to lie down. First, Harper begins the usual examination, before asking the student to lend them a hand. They then help "examining" the player's genitals and again, the player becomes aroused. The rest plays off like the previous stage unless the player was aroused enough to climax. This will act out in the same way as well, except for the "med student" gasping as they climax. As usual, the player will be cleaned up, told everything is fine and that they can leave.

Although this is presented as a regular medical exam with a student, judging by Harper's behaviour in the hypnotherapy sessions, it may be possible that the "student" is also a person who has paid for this session.

Emergency Appointment

If the player already has appointments with Dr. Harper, they can initiate an emergency appointment anytime once their trauma reaches the point of being Dissociated. The game will give a warning that If Doctor Harper sees you like this, you fear he/she may intervene before proceeding.

The player will approach the receptionist but before they can reject, they notice how the player looks and ask the player to wait as Harper was attending another patient. Harper will again ask about the player's home/school life and overall wellbeing and comforting the player before rendering the player unconscious and kidnapping them in a van. This will immediately lead the player to the Asylum without the need to pass out again.


Fainting can lead to the player being brought to the hospital and get examined by Dr. Harper. However, if right in front of (or near) the hospital while fainting, this can also lead to the player awakening in a combat scene, feeling a sharp pain in their arm as a person in a nurse outfit will inject them with a mysterious liquid before trying to rape them. Afterwards, the player will find themselves on the paediatric ward inside the hospital (or inside a maintenance cupboard on that ward, if fighting the person off) and they can simply leave the hospital.

In another fainting event player will find themselves in a metal table, in a dark room, surrounded by cages with a time limit. Player will have 3 choices to escape the room, "Climb down to the water", "Head down to corridor" (requires skullduggery) and "Squeeze through the hole".

a) Climb Down to Water

The player will be scared from jumping however, will jump after hearing cages opening. By random, a couple of wolves will follow the player to water and start to abuse the player. At the end of the tunnel, the player will end in a storm drain in the Commercial Alleyways.

b) Head down the corridor

With a high enough skulduggery level, you can escape with this option. If your skulduggery skill is not high enough, then upon failing, 6 wolves will be attacking the player, after which the player will faint again from stress.

c) Squeeze through the hole

The player can escape from this way however, the player will appear in the Commercial Alleyways while undressed.

If the player fails to escape, then there will be a buzzer sound accompanied by the sound of metal. The player is trapped in the wall, leaving their posterior vulnerable to attack from 6 beasts. Upon making all of them orgasm, the player will faint from stress.

Parasite Removal

If the player is attached by a parasite, Hospital offers three options for treatment. The player can either choose "free" treatment in exchange for students to view the operation, can pay £250, or choose to not have treatment.

In the case of free operation, there is a chance for a successful operation or failed operation. In case of successful, the player will get +Trauma and +Stress, otherwise, parasites will be leaving the body. In failed parasite removal, the player can only stumble upon it by chance. Harper will try to close the machine, however, the machine won't stop. Harper responds in frustration with a kick, causing the player to faint from overstimulation. After which they wake up elsewhere.

Anal futa

If the player felt something large in their stomach, they can consult to the hospital and Harper will tell them that they have an unusual hermaphrodite parasite. This parasite cannot be removed without the help of Harper. If the player wants to remove this parasite, they have to inquire to the hospital to remove it.

Once inquired, Harper instructs the player to undress and lay down on top of the table in front of them. They say that things will be easier if the player remains still as they tie down your shoulders and wrists with straps. They pull out a smooth white rod with a round ball on one end from a drawer, pushing the thin end against the player's anus. Instructing the player to relax their body, they are able to slide in the rod without pain as if it was lubricated beforehand. Harper then twists the other side, with the player feeling it pulsing inside.

The pulsing increases in intensity until Harper eventually eases out the parasite, wrapped around the end of the rod. They take the parasite and place it into an opaque container, before sealing it tightly.


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