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Hypnosis, in one form or another, has been present in game since before Version 0.1.0, but was greatly expanded in Version 0.3.10 to the point where it could greatly affect a (un)lucky player. Depending on their luck and Willpower, the player could be forced to commit to a whole host of actions due to these subconscious commands. If the player is not interested in the suggestions, they should take care as once the player has gotten a hypnotic trait, they are stuck with it as there is currently no way to get rid a hypnotic trait.

Hypnotic Suggestion

Hypnotic Suggestion is a type of hypnosis unique to Dr. Harper and is only available during therapy sessions in the Hospital. During said session, Dr. Harper will attempt to hypnotise the player. While the specifics are discussed on the Hospital page, the effects of the session carry on to situations outside of Harper themselves. In school, 3 new events open up because of this hypnosis. Outside of school, there is 1 new event. There are 4 phases to Harper's hypnotism which resets back to 1 if the player resists even once. Each phase the player allows to happen makes resisting the hypnotic suggestions more difficult by increasing the difficulty by 50 per phase. At phase 4, the player needs 350 Willpower (2/6 You are mindful) to guarantee success for resisting any of the suggestions unless otherwise stated.

Exposed in the Stairwell

If the player finds themselves exposed at school, there is a chance of them hiding under a stairwell once they hear students coming. The player will fall into a trance and when they snap out of it, they'll find themselves about to walk into the open with a strong urge to continue. The player can listen to the suggestion or pass a Willpower check to resist it.

  • Listening or failing to resist sees the player walk into the open (- Trauma, - Stress) past a couple of students with an even chance of them either being stunned and allowing the player to duck into a nearby cupboard or being forced against a wall and potentially forced into a nonconsensual encounter.
  • Resisting the urge will have the player successfully hide from the students.

Hypnosis Spanking

The player walks past another student bent over in front of their locker and enters a trance. They're struck with the urge to slap the student's ass. They can comply with the suggestion or pass a Willpower check to resist.

  • Going with the suggestion will have the player slap the student's ass (Defiant, - Trauma, -- Stress, + Delinquency), causing nearby students to laugh and the affected student to glare at the player
  • Failing to resist the suggestion will have their hand reach out of its own accord, but the player will catch it with their other hand. They get funny looks from nearby students though (+ Stress, + Trauma)
  • Successfully resisting has the player keep their hands to themselves and walk away.

Hypnosis Offer

The player sees a student watching them from the bike rack. The player falls into a trance and when they leave it, they find themselves in front of the student, a lewd offer on the tip of their tongue. A wordless urge pushes them to continue, but with a Willpower check, the player can ignore this.

  • Going along with the suggestion (- Stress, - Trauma) has the player ask the student for a private moment, leading to a consensual encounter in the bike shed
  • Failing to resist the suggestion sees the player awkwardly stumble around a corner, but the moment was noticed by other students (- Status, + Stress, + Trauma)
  • Successfully resisting causes the player to make their excuses and walk away.

Private Shoot

A player with at least 400 Model fame (Recognised) may get noticed on the street by a fan, this fan will ask for a private shoot. Agreeing will have the player lead the fan into an alley for a shoot. While the shoot starts off innocently enough, but soon enough, the player will fall into a trance and be stuck with a lewd idea: to pose topless. Failing to resist or not resisting at all will have the player act on that idea. Note: The Willpower check to resist the trance varies wildly. It can be as low as 1 or it could go to a maximum of 1400 (1000 + 100 per phase of hypnosis the player currently has). The player has a max of 1000 Willpower (1100 Willpower if they have the Moor ancient shrine blessing), meaning even with the 1 hypnosis event required to get this trance, it can potentially be impossible for the player to resist. And since it's entirely RNG, there is no way to predict it.

The player will run into this again when they're struck by the impulse to pose nude. They will fall into a trance one final time as the photographer begins to strip, obviously wanting to fuck the player. If the player gives in to their hypnosis or fails to resist it even once, any Willpower check to come afterward will become more difficult, having a new max of 1900 (1500 + 100 per phase of hypnosis the player currently has). This makes it a lot more likely the player will find themselves in an impossible skill check. If the player fails any skill check, they'll take + Trauma and + Stress. If they fail the skill check for sex, it will be treated as a nonconsensual encounter.

Combat Hypnosis

Introduced in 0.3.10, there is now a 1% chance of human encounters, along with certain tentacles (detailed on the Tentacles page) and Dr. Harper, being hypnotists. As of 0.3.12, this chance increases to 10% if the player has the Uncontrolled Hallucinations trait. During the encounter, there is the possibility of a human pulling an hypnosis tool or a tentacle using varying methods and attempting to hypnotise the player. Attacking the hypnotist or knocking the tool out of their hands will prevent the attempt from even being made and having enough Willpower will prevent the hypnosis from taking if the player fails that. Once hypnotised, however, the player will suffer from one of four effects

  • Humans
    • Hypnotic Yearning- the player is hypnotised into begging for rougher treatment instead of screaming
    • Hypnotic Flaunting- the player is hypnotised into displaying their body instead of attempting to cover it
    • Instant orgasm- the player's arousal will max out, causing an instant orgasm
    • Masochism- the player is hypnotised into desiring the pleasure of pain, giving them 10 masochism points
  • Tentacles
    • Hypnotic Yearning- the player is hypnotised into begging for rougher treatment instead of screaming
    • Hypnotic Flaunting- the player is hypnotised into displaying their body instead of attempting to cover it
    • Hypnotic Deviancy- requiring an exciting, consensual deviant act. Not doing so will cause trauma gains.
    • Instant orgasm- the player's arousal will max out, causing an instant orgasm
    • Sadism- the player is hypnotised into desiring the suffering of others, giving them 10 sadism points.

While the orgasm and sadomasochistic traits are one offs, each time the player falls victim to the Hypnotic traits, they evolve, becoming harder and harder to resist. The trait hypnotisms also lack a willpower check at the time of acquistion, meaning if the player does not prevent the hypnotist from attempting it at all, they will gain a trait. If the player does not want a hypnotic trait, they should stop all attempts at hypnotism.

Tentacles have differing methods of hypnotism depending on the tentacle in question. Said tentacle must be positioned in front of the player's face, so if the player wishes to avoiding hypnotism, prioritize tentacles near their head.

  • Vine tentacles puff glittering pollen into the player's face (Blooming vines)
  • Metal tentacles generate a light that flashes to a fascinating rhythm (Wired metal tentacles)
  • All other tentacles shine with an eldritch light (convulsing (regular), translucent, incandescent and iridescent (pale tentacles))