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Over time, attackers may focus on specific parts of the player and comment on them, mocking the player for it. This is most prevalent if the PC has a particularly small or exceptionally large penis and/or breasts. The rate at which it is raised however does not appear to be influenced by the size of the body part being mocked.

Additionally, members of the audience while dancing will also make mocking comments, at the player's expense. Reaching full insecurity in this manner will require the player to dance roughly 500 times (with the appropriate body part uncovered).

Here are some examples if the PC has a tiny penis:

  • "Your tiny cock is so cute!" | + Insecurity
  • "What's it like having your tiny penis out in front of all these strangers?" | + Insecurity
  • "His penis is so tiny!" | + Insecurity
  • "I bet you love having your tiny tingling penis ogled." | + Insecurity

As Insecurity increases, it inflicts more Stress and damages the player's Control - these stat hits are worsened just like Insecurity. Insecurity slowly decays on its own.

Additionally, if a male PC has breasts (of any size) they will also suffer the hit for breast insecurity similarly to female PCs, with the only difference being that male PCs always want their breasts to be smaller. This is not changed by dressing as a female. If a male PC has a normal or large penis and flat chest, they will not suffer from insecurity. A female PC with full or large breasts will not suffer from insecurity either.

Note that insecurity accumulates in its category. Therefore, if the player 'outgrows' their category (e.g. goes from mini penis to small penis, therefore going from Insecurity: Tiny Penis to Insecurity: Small Penis), their insecurity will be empty. However, the level of insecurity is persistent, therefore if the player goes back to a category they previously had (in this example goes back from small penis to e.g. mini penis, going from Insecurity: Small Penis to Insecurity: Tiny Penis), they will have the same amount of insecurity as they did before they 'outgrew' it. Insecurity decays even when not 'visible' (if the player currently has e.g. Insecurity: Tiny Penis and previously had e.g. Insecurity: Small Penis, the level of insecurity in the previous one will decrease at the same rate as in the current one).

Reaching full insecurity appears to have no special effect.


  • Insecurity: Tiny Penis (mini and tiny penis)
  • Insecurity: Small Penis (small penis)
  • Insecurity: Enormous Penis (enormous penis)


  • Insecurity: Flat Chest (flat chest, only females)
  • Insecurity: Small Breasts (budding, tiny, small, pert and modest breasts for both genders)
  • Insecurity: Huge Breasts (ample, massive, huge, gigantic and enormous breasts for females, the same plus full and large breasts for males)


The only way to deal with Insecurity is to reach Acceptance. When the player reaches max acceptance, they gain a specific Acceptance trait. This trait is specific to a certain size of a certain organ (see below). Reaching Acceptance has the player become accepting of their body, which makes them entirely immune to the effects of insecurity. Unlike Insecurity, Acceptance never decays. Acceptance traits are permanent. Although they are not shown if the player's breast/penis size changes out of their range, should it go back, the trait will reappear.

There are two ways of reaching increasing the acceptance stat - the player can meditate at the Forest Lake about their Insecurities, or pray at the Temple, wishing for a larger/smaller penis or breast size. Although both of these actions are only possible once per day, they are not mutually exclusive, meaning the player can both meditate and pray in the same day. Note that the option to pray or meditate for acceptance is only available if the player is already at least a little insecure about the size of their body part.

One thousand points of acceptance are needed to gain the appropriate Acceptance trait. The effectiveness of praying depends on the player's purity and the effectiveness of meditating depends on the player's willpower. Note that the more effective praying/meditating is, the worse are the noted negative effects of it (mainly + Stress). The amount of points gained when praying/meditating at a certain level of purity/willpower can be seen below:

Praying for acceptance with a corrupt Sydney sometimes gives the option to share the player's insecurity with them. Upon sharing Sydney might affirm the players body parts, giving the player a significant acceptance boost. This is a good way for impure characters to gain acceptance.

Purity Willpower Points gained Days of praying/meditating until Acceptance
You are angelic. Your will is iron. 120 9
You don't feel entirely pure. You are tenacious. 108 10
You feel slightly soiled. You are determined. 96 11
You feel soiled. You are resolved. 84 12
You feel somewhat defiled. You are mindful. 72 14
You feel defiled. You are fainthearted. 60 17
You feel utterly defiled./You are beyond defiled. You are timid. 48 21
Acceptance Traits

A list of Acceptance traits is provided below. These will be separated into Penis and Breast traits.

Penis Traits

  • Acceptance: Tiny Penis (mini and tiny penis)
  • Acceptance: Small Penis (small penis)
  • Acceptance: Big Penis (enormous penis)

Breast Traits

  • Acceptance: Tiny Breasts (flat chest, only females)
  • Acceptance: Small Breasts (budding, tiny, small, pert and modest breasts for both genders)
  • Acceptance: Big Breasts (ample, massive, huge, gigantic and enormous breast for females, the same plus full and large breasts for males)

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