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(DISCLAIMER: This page will contain spoilers! Reader discretion is advised.)

The Island is one of several hidden locations within Degrees of Lewdity. Located out in the ocean, it is home to an isolated race of indigenous people. It is a very rare location to come across, and can only be entered through specific circumstances.

This location is considered to be one of several "soft bad endings" for the game.


This island could be dangerous, but with the beach unsafe, you've no choice but to continue deeper.

The trees thin as the ground becomes steeper, with more and more rocks obstructing your path. You crest a hillock, and get a good view of the surroundings. The sea is visible in all directions, but the island itself is obscured by thick canopy.

A small stream trickles from a rock wall, beneath a sheltered overhang. You're not sure how long you'll be on the island, and this seems like a good home location to orient yourself around.

How To Enter

Currently, all methods of reaching the Island pass through the Pirate Ship. The player can request to sail there over seven days if the Spear quest has begun. This can be done via Jordan. If the player has max grace at the temple, Jordan can give the player a quest that will allow the player to reach the island by the ship, enabling an option for the player to request Zephyr drop them off on the island. Alternatively, the player can pass out aboard the Pirate Ship, which will result in them washing up on the Island, although more wet and in a worse position. The trip by ship takes 7 days, while passing out on the ship is nearly instant.

First Steps

Washing up

Washing up on the island will start the player at the beach. The player must attempt to escape the tide and make it to the relative safety of the treeline. While making their way to the treeline, the player may sink into quick sand (+ Tide). Knowledge of quicksand (a trait from the moor) allows the player to escape without downside.

The start of the encounter has:

The tide is some distance away

  • Crawl to the treeline (0:05) | + Tide | Decreases the chance of harassment
  • Walk to the treeline (0:02)
  • Run to the treeline (0:01) |- Tide| Increases chance of harassment

If soft vore is turned on, a giant lurker may emerge from the sand and initiate a vore encounter.

Should the tide catch up to the player and they have tentacles enabled, a non-consensual tentacle encounter will trigger. If the player doesn't have tentacles enabled, the player will merely be washed out back to the Beach.

Upon making it to the treeline, the player will meet an islander, noting that the individual wears an antlered mask and holds a bow. They will speak to the player, but the player is unable to understand their language unless they've learned the island language on a previous visit. (If so, the islander will refer to the player as "the lost one") They will launch an arrow at the player upon which the player will be presented the choice to Run (+ Fatigue | + Stress) or surrender (+ + Stress). Regardless of the player's choice, the player will end up at their starting camp, with a prompt stating, "Food isn't readily available on the island. You'll need to find some." Thus begins the island proper.

Arrival by boat

Once there, the ship docks as a group of islanders appear from the forest to greet the ship. Ropes are thrown from the ship as the islanders pull the ship in. Regardless of the player's standing, Zephyr speaks to the islanders:

"I've brought the silver, and something else besides." Two hands grasp your shoulders, and push you towards the edge of the ship. Zephyr steadies you. "I think this creature's worth an extra barrel, aye?"

Two islanders will turn to speak to each other.

  • If the player has "Knowledge: Islander Language", they will overhear them calling the player "the one" and agreeing to pay the price.
  • If the player has a decent grasp of the language, they will simply understand they are talking about the player.
  • Otherwise the player will find the language indecipherable.

Regardless, the transaction continues as islanders emerge carrying sweet-smelling wooden barrels. Zephyr kicks the player overboard into the arms of an islander, who begins to grope the player. The player has the choice to Endure it or Shove the islander off them.

Zephyr will crack open a barrel and taste the liquid inside to test it, claiming loudly that it is "watered down." The situation escalates as both sides ready their weapons. The player can:

  • Run for it
    • This leads to the player fleeing into the forest as the islanders shoot arrows after them. They run deep into the island and hide, setting the player into the island proper.
  • Wait
    • Zephyr waits a few tense moments before laughing, "Only joking!" The crew laugh nervously while the islanders do not react. The pirates load their barrels on board before sailing off, several of the pirates waving at you.
    • The islanders crowd around you before the two apparent leaders make a decision. This starts the Islanders' rite sequence.


On the island are indigenous people isolated from modern civilization, speaking a language that the player has not heard before. Some islanders might be friendly or lustful, but many are violent and often try to assault the player. Interaction with islanders accounts for a big part in the player's island life.

Islander language

Though it is an unknown language, the player can improve the comprehension by listening to islanders speaking. Aside from affecting some flavor text, the comprehension can aid the player, such as allowing them to converse with islanders and ask for wood. Once the player completely masters the language, they will gain the "Knowledge: Islander language" trait. Note that certain actions like apologize, demand or moan in encounters with islanders still have their effectiveness determined by English skill, not islander language. 50 points gives you partial comprehension, 100 points gives you mastery.

Islanders' rite

Should the player fall victim to the islanders (being defeated in combat, failing escape certain events, or outright surrendering), they will be captured and transported to a ruined castle. The player will be stripped of their clothes and tattooed with a symbol on a random body part (+ Trauma |+ Stress|+ Arousal). After the rite, the player will be dumped into a river and return to their camp naked.

Island Life


The top of the screen has a selection of colored text indicating how hungry the player is.

  • You are starving
  • You are famished
  • You are ravenous
  • You are hungry
  • You are a bit peckish
  • You are satiated (Starting)
  • You are full

Hunger increases along with fatigue, so the player can sleep to prevent their hunger from progressing but not reduce it. To satiate their hunger, the player can explore the island and collect walnuts. Eating walnuts raw will alleviate some hunger (- Hunger), but leaving them to age will make them more nutritious (- - Hunger). Raw walnuts might change into dried walnuts by random chance at midnight. Alternatively, ingesting lewd fluids through the mouth is another method to satiate hunger.

Allowing hunger to hit the level of starving will immediately force the player to wander in search of food, leading them to stumble upon some islander who feeds the player drugged soup. The player will be satiated and undergo the Islander's rite as detailed above.


There are three sites to build a camp. The player always starts off at the rocky hillock. All the sites can be discovered or re-discovered during exploration. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Note that furniture built in one camp will be left behind when the player move to another, but they will still be there whenever the player moves back to the previous one. Upgrades to a camp also persist if the player escapes the island and later returns. Additionally, the raft is not counted as furniture and is always accessible from every camp.

  • Rocky hillock (Beginning camp)
    • defensible: much less encounter near the camp
    • high vantage: much easier to find food and wood near the camp
    • cramped space: space for 1 furniture
  • Waterfall
    • a sound barrier: less encounter near the camp
    • good vantage: easier to find food and wood
    • a spacious area: space for 3 furniture
  • Deep gulch
    • exposed to danger: more encounters near the camp
    • little vantage: difficult to find food and wood near the camp
    • a lot of space: space for 5 furniture


The player will operate from their camp, with gameplay on the island centered around exploring the island for resources, primarily food and wood. The player has a series of options at their camp:

  • Explore (1:00) + Physique
  • Eat a handful of raw walnuts (if the player has any)
  • Eat a handful of dried walnuts (if the player has any)
  • Build
  • Masturbate
    • Need to be drugged or at high arousal.
    • Chance to be attacked after finishing.
  • Wash (0:10)
  • Look at your reflection
  • Make a top out of plants and twigs (0:20) (if topless)
  • Make a skirt out of plants and twigs (0:20) (if bottomless)
  • Sleep
  • Walk to castle (0:20)
    • Unlocked when the player discovers the "Ruined Castle" during exploration.
  • Store mask or Retrieve mask (if the player has made one)


As the player explores, they will unlock new locations and meet islanders.

  • Near the camp
  • Shore (first exploration) - higher chance to find food
  • Lush Woodland (10 explorations) - higher chance of finding wood
  • Battleground (25 explorations) - higher chance of encountering islanders
  • Castle (40 explorations) - unlocks travelling to the castle and crafting an islander's mask
  • Bay (55 explorations) - unlocks the ability to build a raft
  • Plains (100 explorations) - higher chance of antiques

Results of exploration are random even with the given increased chance, so you might get resources other than what you expected, or even an encounter. Possible results includes:

  • + Handful of walnuts
    • In one event, a stat check is required to punch a tree (Physique) or to climb it (Athletics). Cow transformation replaces the punching with headbutting and guarantee success; Cat transformation guarantees success to climb the tree.
    • Fox transformation may sometimes give a bonus handful walnuts.
    • In another event, the player may find several trees and collect three handfuls of Walnuts.
    • If the player has built a bird feeder at the current camp, there is a chance that when they return from exploring will see A visiting bird has left you a handful of walnuts. Note that unlike exploration events, these walnuts are automatically stored, whereas walnuts found during exploration give the player the chance to eat them now or save them for later.
  • + Wood
    • In one event, the player spots two pieces of wood floating downstream. Completing a swimming check will give the player two Wood.
    • The player may also find one Wood at random when adventuring.
    • In another event, the player may come across an islander carrying a bundle of sticks. At 50% Comprehension or more (but less than 100), the player can ask for wood.
      • Failing the check will cause the islander to put down their sticks and turn to the player with lust in their eyes and initiate an encounter, after which the player can gather the wood.
      • Succeeding with less than 100 Comprehension will cause the islander to stare confused, laugh, and then toss the player three pieces of wood.
      • Having the trait "Islander Knowledge: Language" (aka 100 Comprehension) will simply grant the player 3 wood safely.
  • + Comprehension
    • Transformation of wolf, fox and cat may replace an event where an islander shoots an arrow at the player with an opportunity to gain comprehension. Choosing to "confront" and "try to communicate" will increase language comprehension.
    • Observing a fight at the battleground ++Comprehension.
    • The player may also encounter islanders singing and talking; their level of comprehension influences the flavor text.
      • With complete comprehension, the player may interact with the islanders directly, having conversations with them.
  • Violent Islanders
    • The player may find themselves deeper in the island where they meet a group of islanders. The player can either choose to fight, escape by a rope, or surrender. By fighting, the player enters a 6-person encounter; success requires the player to max out islanders' pain or make to cum. To escape with the rope, the player must shuffle across a rope (+ Arousal) while the islanders look on. If the player orgasms too many times, they will fall off the rope and be captured. Surrendering or otherwise failing to escape will cause the player to be captured and undergo the rite.
      • If the player escapes by rope, they must successfully shuffle across the rope before orgasming twice. As the islanders shout at the player and shoot aphrodisiac arrows at the player, it is important to both manage the player's arousal and react to the behavior of the islanders while escaping.
        • Shuffle as fast as you can: The only action that progresses the player towards escaping, thus it is important to use this option whenever it is safe to.
        • Catch your breath: This allows the player to reduce their arousal, helping to stave off an imminent orgasm. If the islanders choose to shout at the player, comprehending their language is a detriment, causing Arousal increases. This option can help offset that penalty but it may be wiser to simply take the chance to escape quicker.
        • Duck: If the islanders choose to fire at the player, the player can be hit by up to 6 drugged arrows, leading to highly dangerous increases in Arousal and being Drugged. However, if the player chooses to duck when the islanders ready their bows, greatly decreasing the chances of being hit overall (decreasing the average from 3 to 1).
    • The player may step into a trap made by islanders. Depending on the player's dance skill, they may sidestep it or be captured. If they failed the dance check, they can still try to struggle (Physique) or just give in. If the player manages to escape from the trap, they will still need to beat two islanders in an encounter before their pain maxes out. If the player fails to do so or chooses to give in, they will be sent to the rite.
  • Miscellaneous sexual encounters
    • The player's clothing may snag on a bush. Choosing to tear it free will damage their clothing but allow the player to escape undetected. Untangling carefully will result in a non consensual encounter with at least two islanders.
    • While exploring, the player may encounter a snake held by an islander; this begins a one person non consensual encounter that starts with the player entranced.
    • The player may encounter a wild cat while exploring. With bestiality toggled on, an encounter with one or two cats will ensue. If toggled off, the player will escape, but not unscathed (+ Pain | + Trauma | + Stress).
    • The player may encounter slugs while exploring if they are enabled as well as bestiality. This starts a struggle encounter with slugs attacking the player.

They player may encounter many more events, such as strange, hallucinogenic flowers, mounds with plumerias, and antiques.


The player can build furniture in their current camp until the space is fully occupied. The space is only taken when building a new furniture; upgrading established furniture does not occupy more space. Demolishing furniture releases the occupied space but does not give back the wood spent when building. Note that hunger still accumulates while the player builds furniture, meaning that they can start to starve after a long period building.

  • Trap: Gives a chance to snare an attacker.
    • Simple: requires nothing (housekeeping F)
    • Basic: requires 2 wood and housekeeping D
    • Advanced: requires 3 wood and housekeeping C
  • Curtains: improves sleep quality
    • Simple: requires 6 wood and housekeeping F+
    • Basic: requires no wood and housekeeping D+
    • Advanced: requires 2 wood and housekeeping C+
  • Bird feeder: allows birds to leave the player walnuts after exploring
    • Simple: requires 8 wood and housekeeping F+
    • Basic: requires 2 wood and housekeeping D+
    • Advanced: requires 2 wood and housekeeping C+
  • Camouflage: reduces the likelihood of hostile events while sleeping.
    • Simple: requires no wood but housekeeping F+
    • Basic: requires no wood but housekeeping C
    • Advanced: requires no wood but housekeeping B+
  • Decor: reduces stress each time you return to the camp after exploring.
    • Simple: requires 2 wood and housekeeping D
    • Basic: requires 8 wood and housekeeping C
    • Advanced: requires 8 wood and housekeeping B
  • Throne: hard to build, but not useful. Gain the feat Wild Monarch.
    • Stool: require 7 wood and housekeeping D+
    • Chair: require 5 wood and housekeeping B+
    • Throne: require 12 wood and housekeeping S
  • Islander Mask: might help you pass the castle guards.
    • The player will start with an awful mask carving proficiency after they find the way to the castle. With each attempt, the player will gradually improve their proficiency until it becomes competent, where they can actually make a mask themselves, unlocking the mask in the forest shop. A mask is crucial to get into the castle, where the player can find their way home (See "Infiltrating the Castle" section below.)
  • Raft: would let you escape the island.
    • The player can start building their raft once they find the Bay during exploration.
    • Requires 5 wood each time. The player will need to build it several times before they can sail away (a total of 50 wood). See "Building a Raft" below.


Sleeping at the island carries its own risks; while the player is safe from blood moons on the island, islanders may encroach on their camp. The player can either choose to get up and fight off the islanders, or hide (triggering a Skulduggery check). If the player fails, they can still choose to fight or surrender. Failing to beat all the islanders or choosing to surrender leads the player to a rite.

Returning to the Mainland

There are four ways to leave the island and get back to the mainland.

Infiltrating the Castle

The player can discover the way to the castle through exploration, and unlock an option to build islander mask. The player will gain mask carving proficiency each time they try to make a mask. With proficiency being "Competent", the player can create a mask with a piece of wood. If the player has learned the islander language, they can don the islander mask and go to the castle. This triggers a series of cutscenes that allows the player to encounter the Old Islander, obtain the spear, meet Zephyr, and return to home. If the player has already done this before, there will be small changes and the Old Islander will again provide a boat to return home.

The Final Rite

As described in "Islanders' rite", each time the player is captured by islanders, a symbol will be tattooed on their body. If the player has no more space on their body (excepting their forehead), the rite will be considered "complete" and the player will meet the Old Islander, obtain the spear, meet Zephyr, and return home. Since islanders do not replace existing tattoos, a player with most of their body already tattooed may be able to leave through this route very quickly at the expense of several new tattoos and a helping of trauma.

Building a Raft

Once the raft is completed, the player can sail to the town themselves. The raft will disintegrate when the player arrives at the town, rendering them unable to use it again. Note that sailing the raft back to the town gives no feats and does not involve the gilded spear.

Giving Birth

Having a child (only non-parasites) while on the island, will lead to the player being brought to the hospital in town by the islanders. As the player goes into labor, a number of figures will emerge from the trees ready to capture the player, but will panic when they realize the player is in labor. If the player understands the islanders' language, they will hear the islanders call for the druids to help. Eventually the player will wake up to giving birth in the hospital back on the mainland.

Gilded Spear

After the player infiltrates the castle or is carried there following the final rite, they will be sent beneath the castle. The Old Islander greets the player there, leading them to the gilded spear; the player will always take the spear regardless, but the flavor text associated with it is influenced by the player's divine transformation. The Old Islander says they cannot leave the island and asks the player to give it to the temple before sending them back to the town.

With the gilded spear, the player will meet a group of pirates led by Captain Zephyr when leaving the island. The player can choose to hand over the spear for £20,000, throw it overboard, or swim away (requires swimming skill). Additionally, a player with the Angel transformation can Enforce, which will allow the PC to escape safely. If the player chooses to hand over the spear, Zephyr will say "At last. Remy will vomit with envy", and the steward will give a plastic banknote to the player. If the player manages to swim away, they can turn the spear over to Jordan at the Temple, who thanks the player profusely for the good they've done as the spear is carried away ( + + + Grace | - - Trauma | - - Stress ).

If the player hands over the spear, the player can tell Jordan that it was taken away by pirates for + + Grace.


  • There are six feats that can be obtained on the island:
    • Lost World: Wash up on the Island.
    • Prehistoric Landscape: Discover all explorable areas of the Island.
    • Face of a Guardian: Sculpt an islander mask.
    • Wild Monarch: Upgrade seating to a throne at any base on the island.
    • Naturalised: Sculpt an islander mask and increase comprehension to infiltrate the island castle.
    • Gilded Spear: Complete the Island storyline.
  • A plant seed (plumeria)
  • Four antiques can be found during the exploration.
  • The player can also unlock islander mask in the forest shop once they make one on their own.

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