Ivory Wraith

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(DISCLAIMER: This page may contain spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.)

The Ivory Wraith, also referred to as "the pale figure" in-game, "ancient threat" (changelogs) or simply "the wraith" by the community, is a ghostly entity of unknown intentions that haunts the Forest Lake Ruins.

An apparition shrouded in mystery, it awakens upon midnight of the second Blood Moon, during which (and on all subsequent Blood Moons) it roams the world in search of "a poor, lonely soul" to toy with - or torment.

Befitting its name, it shows an attachment to the Immaculate Ivory Necklace, one of many antiques required for the museum. It's fiercely protective of its treasured necklace and its domain, and it doesn't take kindly to trespassers, or graverobbers.


The Ivory Wraith's description is consistent regardless of gender. It is described as tall, pale and beautiful, with long silver hair. It's commonly shown cloaked in translucent white robes, though in certain scenes they're said to be stark naked, such as when it exits the player's body after possessing them. Its eyes are capable of changing colour. Normally, its eyes are a light shade of blue; however, once it begins to actively haunt the player, they take on an angry red tone.

Their defining feature, should they possess it, is their necklace. It's shown rubbing it constantly throughout its appearances. If the player takes it, the Wraith will instead be shown clawing and scratching at its neck in anger.

In-game, the Wraith will be referred to as "it" rather than "he/she," on account of its ethereal nature. Regardless, it will be generated as male or female. Its gender is decided the same as any other NPC (that is, based on the player's settings for "Percentage of people attracted to you that are male"), and being a persistent NPC, its features will be the same across all encounters.

The Wraith is unique from every other non-beast NPC in the game, in that it is visually depicted in a similar manner to the player's sprites. For more information, see the Schism page (note: contains spoilers).

First Meeting

The player is never formally introduced to the Wraith. Rather, from the second Blood Moon onwards, the player may encounter it throughout the game's world - namely around the town and forest.

Note that it will only appear after midnight during their first appearance; on subsequent Blood Moons, however, it will be active from 9:00 PM to sunrise.

The player can meet the Wraith early, well before its proper awakening, should they venture into the lake ruins to retrieve the purple lichen for their science project. See the "Lake Lichen" section below for further details.


The player cannot do anything to advance their relationship with the Wraith. Rather, its behaviour is more of a switch - one that the player is capable of turning on through their actions.

The Wraith has two distinct stages: its initial phase, in which it wanders the world seemingly aimlessly, known as its "active" stage, and its second phase, in which it becomes more vengeful towards the player, known as its "haunting" stage. Note that unlike other NPCs, the player does not need to progress past one stage to access the other; should they take the Ivory Necklace early on, it's possible that they'll never even experience the Wraith's first stage.

If the player completes the hookah parlor quest line prior to taking the necklace, the wraith will permanently not advance to the haunting stage. The museum display will still be filled and River will explain that Quinn now has the necklace when asked about it. The only disadvantage of this outcome is not receiving payment for the necklace.


In this stage, the Wraith is an active threat to the player, seeking to break them in any way it can. It will no longer toy with the player during encounters, instead putting them through a brutal series of encounters. It will also take on a much more active presence throughout the world, appearing before the player to torment them when they least expect it.

The Wraith will enter this stage as soon as the player takes the necklace from the plinth room. This can be done by searching pots in the lake ruins until a small bronze key is found, allowing access to the plinth room, where the Ivory Necklace is held. Simply taking the necklace is enough to enrage the Wraith.

Changes that come about in this stage include:

  • Encounters with the Wraith will be more dangerous. It will start each encounter with high Anger and low Trust, and it will possess more tentacles and slimes then normal, when applicable.
  • Rather than single encounters, encounters with the Wraith will become a gauntlet of three consecutive "rounds" the player must endure.
    • If the player has let any of the Wraith's parasitic offspring die (see the "Pale Offspring" section below), the total amount of rounds rises to four.
    • If tentacles are disabled, the player will only be put through two rounds.
  • Several dangerous events will trigger throughout the world, generally involving the Wraith tormenting the player. In its own words: "I am everywhere. You will never escape me."

Note that as of the current version, angering the Wraith is permanent, as there is no way to return the necklace or otherwise appease it. Even if the player has the Ivory Necklace in their possession and hasn't yet brought it to the museum, they won't be given the option to return it. It remains to be seen if this will change in the future.

Letting one of the Wraith's pale parasitic offspring die serves as a "light" trigger for this phase, activating some (but not all) of the consequences that come with taking the necklace. Unlike stealing the necklace, this can be undone. See the "Pale Offspring" section below for more details.


Blood Moons

The bulk of the Wraith's interactions are limited to Blood Moons, during which it will haunt the player, seeking to take over their body for its own inexplicable purposes.

As stated, the Wraith won't be active until the second Blood Moon onwards.


The Wraith may begin hunting the player from the streets of Town, the Forest, the Lake, or the Sewers. Once it starts hunting the player, it won't stop until it catches them, or until the sun rises.

Over the course of the hunt, the player will be informed that "Something unnatural stalks the streets" (in its "active" stage) or "Something terrible is hunting you" (in its "haunting" stage). Several random events will occur over the course of the hunt; as the Wraith creeps closer to the player, these events will occur with increased frequency. Additionally, the Wraith will pursue the player with greater intensity while it's in its "haunting" stage; the amount of time it takes it to catch the player is much shorter than it would be had they not taken the necklace.

Unlike similar threats such as Eden or the Great Hawk, leaving the area will not be enough to shake the Wraith; it will simply follow the player, showing the following prompt: The feeling of dread remains. Something's wrong. Whatever was hunting you is still coming. | + Stress

Escaping the Wraith when it begins its hunt may prove difficult, especially if the player is in the forest. For advice, see the "Avoiding the Wraith" section below.

Encounters with the Wraith

Note: Certain toggles must be enabled to access all of the Wraith's encounters - Tentacles and Slimes.

The Wraith is among the most dangerous encounters in the game, especially if the player has angered it. It has a staggering 900 health (for reference, Eden has 600, and Bailey has 400). Its maximum arousal is just as high, meaning the player is sure to gain a large amount of Stress should they attempt to make it cum.

While fighting off the Wraith is a daunting task, it is not impossible. It's just as susceptible to Pepper Spray as any other attacker, and biting sensitive body parts is still an effective strategy. As with normal encounters, high Physique, high Sadism, and the Excellent Science trait will help in fending off the Wraith. The Wraith also has a few unique weaknesses, namely in its "abomination" form. See below for more details. Additionally, though it has a massive health pool, its health is only reset once the player actually beats it; if they damage the Wraith but are unable to finish it off, the damage will carry over into its next encounter.

Note that even if the player successfully fends off the Wraith, they'll still be active for the remainder of that Blood Moon, though it's unlikely for the player to encounter them again.

During encounters, the Wraith has several different forms it can cycle between. In most cases, the Wraith starts in its second or third form (depending on whether or not tentacles are enabled), potentially switching to another upon orgasm. The Wraith's different forms are as follows:

  1. "Forever." - An invisible force pulls the player against the Wraith. Functions the same as any normal encounter, albeit with the Wraith's larger than average health/arousal.
  2. "Embrace it." - Pale tentacles burst from the Wraith's back as it pulls the player in. It acts as a combined human and tentacle encounter, similar to Plantpeople. Referred to as an "abomination" in the game's code. If the player is wearing a chastity belt, this version of the Wraith will instantly destroy it upon the start of the encounter, leaving the player vulnerable.
    • While this is the most dangerous variant of the Wraith, it's also its most vulnerable. Should the player be wearing a golden chastity belt, the Wraith will break it as per usual, but it will be weakened by the effort, taking out some of its tentacles and a third of the Wraith's own health. Additionally, Angels can use the Banish action to eradicate the Wraith's tentacles and damage the Wraith itself at the same time.
    • If tentacles are disabled, this encounter defaults to the extra arms encounter.
  3. "You'll never be free again." - Extra pairs of arms sprout from the Wraith's back. This essentially acts as a single-person encounter, only the Wraith is capable of performing eight actions with its hands per turn.
    • Unlike the Wraith's abomination form, this one cannot destroy chastity belts, and Angels cannot Banish it.
  4. "The writhing ensues." - The wraith sits back and watches as several tentacles emerge from swirling purple discs, initiating a tentacle encounter.
    • This encounter shares the abomination version's ability to destroy chastity belts, and its weakness to the golden chastity belt.
    • Despite the Wraith itself technically not being present in this encounter, the Banish action will still damage it.
    • If tentacles are disabled, this encounter defaults to the extra arms encounter.
  5. "The waves chew." - Pale slimes emerge from swirling purple discs, leading to a struggle encounter. If the Wraith is in its "haunting" phase, the slimes will be harder to pry off and more plentiful.
    • If slimes are disabled, this encounter defaults to a tentacle encounter.

A warning to those seeking to protect their virginities from the Wraith: if the player makes the Wraith cum, a short scene plays out in which it kisses the player, causing great Trauma and Arousal, and heavily reducing the player's Purity, Physique, and Pain, especially should the player cum as a result of the kiss. Note that this will take the player's first kiss, if present. The Wraith will also kiss the player if their pain is high at the end of an encounter and it isn't in its "haunting" stage.


The Wraith won't stop until the player is defiled from the inside out. Should the Wraith catch the player in a vulnerable state, it will take over the player's body, possessing them.

There are three ways for the Wraith to end up possessing the player.

  1. Choosing to give in when the Wraith catches up to the player after hunting them. Note: Only leads to possession if the Wraith is in their "active" stage; if they're in their "haunting" stage, this instead triggers an encounter.
  2. Maxing out Stress or Pain during an encounter with the Wraith. Note that the Wraith will only possess the player at the end of the encounter, and only if the player makes it cum; fighting it off lets the player escape regardless of their condition.
  3. Sleeping during a Blood Moon.

Regardless of how it occurs, the player will find themselves unable to move. Their body shambles over to a mirror (or a window, or the edge of a lake), where they see their reflection with glowing blue or red eyes (depending on the Wraith's current status). Checking the Traits tab will show that the player has been given the Possessed trait ("Your body is not your own."), and their Control will instantly drop to 0, rendering them "helpless."

The further the player is from the lake at the time of possession, the longer it will take the Wraith to guide the player's body to its destination, thus giving the player more time to resist.

The player can attempt to resist the Wraith's influence by picking any option besides its desired destination (indicated by the link highlighted in the Wraith's speech effect). This leads to a Willpower check.

  • Success: You fight for control. It becomes slower. | + Pain | + + Stress | + + Trauma | + Control
  • Failure: Your body does not obey. | + Stress | + Trauma | + Willpower

Some things to keep in mind when resisting the Wraith:

  • The amount of Control gained upon a successful resistance attempt scales with Willpower; higher Willpower means more Control regained upon resistance.
  • The difficulty of the Willpower check to resist is determined at the start of the player's possession, set to a random number between 1300 and 1700. For reference, the player's maximum Willpower is 1000. This means that even a full 6/6 won't guarantee the player's ability to resist the Wraith, though it will greatly improve their chances.
  • Each time the player resists, regardless of whether or not they succeed, the Wraith's hold on the player will become slightly weaker, lowering the difficulty of subsequent resistance attempts. As with the amount of Control gained from successfully resisting, how much the difficulty is lowered scales with Willpower.

Rather than resist, the player can instead let the Wraith guide their lifeless body, following the highlighted links. Each time the player submits, they'll receive the prompt: You let it take you. (- Pain | - - Stress). Note that each time the player willingly submits, the Wraith's influence over their body grows stronger, increasing the difficulty of subsequent resistance attempts.

It's not recommended to switch between resisting and complying. Instead, the player should choose whether to fully give in or try to regain control at the start of their possession, basing their decision on how high their Willpower is and how far they are from the lake.

Allowing the Wraith to possess the player is needed in order to learn the Wraith's full story, as the Wraith will eventually guide the player's body to its "home" deep in the lake ruins, where it will keep them captive until sunrise. For more information, see the Schism page.

Avoiding the Wraith

Due to the danger that surrounds the Wraith, avoiding them altogether is a viable strategy.

Few locations are safe from the Wraith - the Orphanage, Eden's Cabin, the Wolf Cave, Alex's Cottage, or Hawk's Tower - the Wraith will find them and possess them in their sleep.

For those seeking to avoid the Wraith entirely, the player can sleep at the Temple after being a monk/nun and unlocked the quarters. The other options are to find a location where the Wraith cannot appear and spend the entire night awake. The player can prepare for this by sleeping during the day, as the Wraith will not be active until the moon rises; doing this can help manage Fatigue.

Note that the Wraith will not hunt the player at all within the Farmlands, though they'll still possess the player in their sleep should they rest at the cottage. This also applies to the Hawk's tower, but only if the player has retrieved the mirror; if they haven't, the tower makes for one of the few safe resting places during Blood Moons.

In the Town

If the player is in town, taking the bus is not recommended, as this runs the risk of a nonconsensual encounter. It's safer to rush to the nearest safe spot on foot. Most streets have one readily available, or are otherwise in the vicinity of one.

Safe locations to wait out the night include:

  • Oxford Street - The School. Studying in the library is completely safe as no events will occur here at night, provided the player isn't naked.
  • Connudatus Street - The Strip Club. Bartending is generally preferable to dancing here, as the latter will gradually raise the player's Fatigue. Taking showers is also safe.
  • Harvest Street
    • The Pub. Choose to flirt with customers, but avoid propositioning them, as they may lead the player out of the pub and into the open, where the Wraith can find them.
    • The Brothel. As with the strip club, taking showers is a safe, easy way to pass the time.
  • Starfish Street - The Beach.
  • Mer Street - Walking along the coastal path.

Other locations where the Wraith cannot hunt the player, but are dangerous in other ways:

In the Forest

Overall, it's recommended to simply avoid the forest entirely during Blood Moons, as the linear navigation can make escaping the Wraith difficult, should it begin hunting the player.

Both Eden's Cabin and the Wolf Cave offer several safe ways to pass the time, provided the player doesn't go to sleep.

Other Interactions

Outside of Blood Moons, the Wraith will make sporadic appearances. These generally only occur after the player has taken the necklace.

Note that while these events may occur year-round, they can still occur during Blood Moons, the same as the Wraith's primary events. Blood Moons will practically guarantee these events will occur.

They generally involve the the Wraith impersonating another character to lure the player into an encounter. Examples include Kylar's city encounters and seduction targets at the Pub.

They can also be encountered if the PC entered the Elk Street Compound, with indication of pink text that state "A faint mist hangs over the compound."

During the Farm Assault, a shifty stranger may appear to torch some fields.

If the adult shop has been opened, during a shift when the Blood Moon appears, the wraith will appear before the player and animate a shelf of dildos that will assault the player. (i.e The combat will be that of the usual swarms.)

Entering the confessional as a penitent and choosing to confess your doubts, the wraith will appear next to the player.

Lake Lichen

The Wraith can make its earliest possible appearance in the lake ruins. The player will be tasked with retrieving a sample of purple lichen from the ruins for their annual science project, unwittingly breaching upon the Wraith's domain.

There are two variants to this scene: one that occurs prior to the Wraith's "awakening" (i.e. before the second Blood Moon), and one that occurs afterwards.

  • In the "early" variation of the scene, the player is accosted by a beautiful, pale figure, naked save for their necklace. If tentacles are enabled, it raises its hand, calling forth a mass of tendrils and triggering a tentacle encounter. Otherwise, it will shout something unintelligible before lunging at the player, triggering a nonconsensual encounter.
  • In the variation of the scene in which the Wraith is already active, the Wraith's behaviour will be much more in line with its other appearances. As the player scrapes the lichen from the wall, they'll be yanked back, coming face to face with the Wraith. It accuses the player of "trespassing" or returning to "pilfer again" (depending on whether or not the player has taken the necklace) before initiating a nonconsensual encounter, in either its abomination or multi-armed forms.

Outside of this scene, the Wraith has several connections to the lake's purple lichen, which is explored further in its underwater prison and over the course of the schism sequence. It's worth noting that similar purple lichen can be found in the Prison - specifically in the rut, an area just as mysterious and macabre as the Wraith itself.

Pale Offspring

Note: This feature requires a toggle to be enabled - Parasitic Pregnancy. By extension, this also requires Tentacles and/or Slimes to be enabled.

As with other types of tentacles, the Wraith's pale tentacles are capable of anally impregnating the player. This can occur in both their tentacle and abomination forms. Pale slimes can impregnate the player during struggle encounters, as well.

Aside from being referred to as "pale tentacles/slimes," pale offspring behave the same as any other parasite, though they possess slight distinguishing features. Their overall stats are better than that of their normal counterparts (meaning they'll impact Stress, Trauma, and Purity more heavily), and they'll inflict the player with a slight hallucinogen whenever they check up on them.

Should the player end up possessed in their bedroom or by the lake with parasites stored nearby, the Wraith - in the player's body - will "feverishly" check up on them, holding them close and crying. This increases the player's Pain and Control. This also takes up at least an hour of the player's time, possibly longer depending on how many pale offspring they have.

Letting the Wraith's offspring die will raise its ire, similarly to stealing the necklace (though in this case, the player can make amends). As the player buries their parasites, something will grab their neck from behind. "Unforgivable. You'll join them soon." | + + Stress | + + Trauma

Effects of failing to care for any pale offspring are similar to those of stealing the necklace, though not quite as severe. The Wraith's Anger won't start off higher and it won't put the player through the Schism event, but it will haunt the player throughout the world and put them through a gauntlet of encounters during each meeting.

As stated above, a player who has let their pale offspring die may still appease the Wraith, simply by taking care of any future pale offspring. When checking up on the player's parasites, there's a chance for the Wraith to appear beside the player, pleased with the state of its children. "Beautiful. Keep them safe." (+ Stress). Note that the player must have at least one pale slime or tentacle in their tank for the Wraith to appear, with the odds increasing the more pale offspring the player has.

Glowing Mirror

"You catch a strange glint in your mirror."

Like the Mirror Tentacles, the player will be notified about an abnormal glow from the mirror. If they choose to approach, they will see "A pale figure" staring back and offering their hand. The player has the following options:

  • Reach out
  • Watch
  • Step Away

Should the player choose to step away, the event will end and the mirror will turn back to normal.

If the player decides to watch, the figure will extend its hand through the mirror revealing claws. The claws will grab ahold of the mirror frame, and then turn back into normal fingers. The figure will continue to watch the player and offer its other hand. The player can choose to take the hand or step away. If the player chooses to step away, the event will end.

If the player chooses to take the hand, the player will feel "profoundly calm" as the figure welcomes you into the mirror. The figure will also be humming, with the note "She hums a familiar tune." This event will have several phases.

First, the player will enter a location that is presumably the forest during winter. The player will be surrounded by snow covered trees and will be standing on a bed of coals. The player will collapse into someone's arms, who it is is not specified. The person holding the player will congratulate them in a unfamiliar language, "You did it! I knew you could do it!" Despite not recognizing the language, the player will understand what's being said. As the player is being praised, the wraith will speak in unison, "We may never reach the bottom. We can only hope." The wraith will embrace the player, filling the player with peace. Before moving onto the next location, the wraith says, "No one deserves to die in a cage."

The player and wraith will then arrive at a large cathedral in the middle of a feast. They will be surrounded by unfamiliar people who emit a pale glow. The player will return the waith's embrace as it speaks, "But for now, we are whole again. Enjoy it. Like sand slipping through our fingers." The player will be thrown into a panic as the surrounding faces distort into unnatural shapes, and the wraith with release the player and move out of their reach. The cathedral's bell tolls as the people crumble, clutching the sides of their heads. The wraith will fade away with a farewell, "Remember us, coalwalker, not as we are, but as how we were." The player will begin to fall. They can choose the following options:

  • Reach out
  • Fall

If the player reaches out, they will feel an approaching presence.

  • Ask
  • Fall

Should the player choose to ask, they will attempt to ask why, "Why it follows you, why it torments you. Why it seeks you specifically, and why it brought you here." The player will fail to utter a single word, but will still receive a response from the wraith: "I can't answer," he murmurs. He remains silent for a long time. "I would be wrong." The only option left for the player is to fall.

After falling, the player will wake up in bed sweating and breathing heavily (+ Trauma)

Mist Hangs Over Elk Street

There is a chance that the player will wake up with the premonition that a fell mist hangs over Elk Street, meaning special event is available. If the player wasn't sleeping, being on Elk Street will inform that a faint mist hangs over the compound.

Should the player attempt to sneak into the compound while this is active, they will be interrupted by the Ivory Wraith. The Wraith will initially direct its attention towards the player, saying "Thief among thieves. You're right at home." but stops and turns to look at the ground, or perhaps through it, before staring at the player again and saying "Enemy of my enemy. A tool." The player is given two options:

  1. Give in
  2. Resist

Option 1 has the player take the Ivory Wraith's hand as the Wraith turns into mist and enters the player's mouth which the player states they don't feel. This allows the Ivory Wraith to possess the player. The player remarks that they feel cold and rigid and that they can't feel their legs. They are only given the option to continue under the Wraith's influence.

Option 2 causes the Wraith to say "And yet, I was not asking." Tentacles sprout from its back and it says "One way or another. For them. as it initiates combat with the Wraith and its tentacles. This combat acts similar to other encounters with the Wraith - If the player is victorious by combat or survives the rounds, they are left alone, otherwise at max pain or stress they are possessed, resulting in the same effect as Option 1 but with far less control.

The Wraith flexes their new fingers, cracks its neck, and uses the player's mouth to say "Onward we fly." They continue towards the front door of the compound which is locked. If the player has some level of control, they will be given two options:

  1. Break in (0:05)
  2. Let the Pale Figure handle it | + Trauma

Successful use of Option 1 will have the Wraith complement the player using their own voice saying "Nimble." It makes the player feel warm | - Stress | - Trauma. Otherwise with Option 2 the player will mentally nudge the Wraith to help out. The Wraith laughs at the player before phasing their body through the door.

Now inside the building, the player observes that the building is dominated by a large lift that is of indeterminate operability. The Wraith waves the player's arms and the door opens. The lift plummets rapidly when they step inside but it slows down before hitting bottom, landing gently. The player winds up in a set of hallways with concrete walls and fluorescent lights though some are out. The floor is cracked and dirty and one of the hallways leads straight to a cave. The Wraith directs the player towards a specific hallway.

The player reaches a room with several metal crates in it. Two workers are in the room moving the crates conversing about finishing work and how Mayor Quinn wants the crates in tip top shape. | + Stress | + Stress. Alien anger flashes through the player whenever Quinn is mentioned. The player suspects the Wraith has an axe to grind. The workers notice you, one presses a button on their hip and the only option is to fight.

At the start of the fight, the Wraith will use the player's voice to whisper "Let me take care of you, let me take care of them." During the fight, the player may either accept the Wraith's control or resist. Accepting has the Wraith will punch and kick the people they're fighting on the player's behalf. When struck by the workers, the player remarks they barely feel a thing. Like usual possession, allowing the Wraith control helps pain and stress | - Pain | - - Stress. If the player resists, they will be subject to duress | + Pain | + Trauma | + Stress | + Control. The player feels a brief flash of confusion from the pale figure at their resistance. If the player continues to resist, the Wraith will pull itself out through their chest, to which the enemies will comment before continuing combat with just the player and one of the guards while the Wraith occupies the other one. On the fourth turn of combat, the Wraith will have disposed of the other guard and will float over to the player and trace a shape on their forehead, soothing them and filling them with vigour. | - - Pain. The Wraith will continue to sooth the player's pain through the rest of the fight, keeping it at 0 for every subsequent turn.

Either way, if the player is victorious in combat (through fighting or making them cum, all but ensured through the help of the Wraith), the Ivory Wraith brings the player over to the metal crates. Upon opening them, various pale slimes and tentacles and other pale creatures will emerge. The Wraith relaxes. The player fears assailment but instead one of the creatures nuzzles the player | - Stress. The Wraith teleports its offspring away using its usual purple disk portals. The Wraith then places a hand gently on the player's shoulder from behind (even though the Wraith is in front of the player) and says "You who seeks to repent." The Wraith then pulls an ornate hourglass made of an unidentifiable metal, with various inscriptions along the edges from one of the crates. The Wraith then says "The sands have long since run dry, but still they do not deserve this. Hold it close, fore it slips through your fingers." | + + Love Note that this interaction is possibly the only way of increasing the Wraith's Love statistic, boosting it by two, and will occur each time this mission is completed to a maximum of 20% Love. It is also possible to zero out Obsession using this method.

Ivory Wraith at maximum known relationship level

A trio of guards then appears. The Wraith covers the players ears and says "May not a single of their claws touch you. Hie away, scion," before letting out a piercing shriek. The guards stagger and collapse, the Wraith dissipates, and the player makes a run for the lift they descended on which takes them back to the surface but still within the Elk Street Compound with security on high alert.

If the player has not stolen the Ivory Necklace, the wraith will be somewhat more friendly, initially saying "You are not with them. Are you against them?" rather than calling them a thief, and referring to the player as "You whose benevolence knows no bounds" when the mission is complete.


  • While the Wraith's name, appearance and backstory were introduced in Version 0.3.4, its first official appearance was in Version 0.1.20, along with the expansion to the lake ruin. Similar to its current appearance when retrieving lichen from the lake, it would appear as a generic NPC to harass the player, but only if tentacles were disabled. Though it lacked the finer details the Wraith would develop in future versions, it was still depicted wearing an ivory necklace - even if the player had already taken it.
    • Interestingly, the Wraith was referred to as a boy/girl in this scene rather than a pale figure, and they used proper he/she pronouns as opposed to "it." Based on the description of the Wraith as a boy/girl, it would be reasonable to assume that the Wraith was in its youth at the time of its death, perhaps around the player's age. However, due to the fact that the description is no longer in-game, the canonicity of it is debatable.
      • As of Version 0.3.4, the Wraith is considered an "adult" NPC within the game's code. From a meta perspective, this could be interpreted as the Wraith "growing up" into their current form.
    • Another possible allusion to the Wraith existed in earlier versions of the game. An event at the lake involved the player hearing someone calling their name, only to find nobody around. Originally this event could occur regardless of the player's condition; in current versions, however, it requires the Wraith to be active, or for the player to have the (Controlled) Hallucinations trait.
  • The Wraith is the first NPC with a unique player-like sprite. There is currently no difference in the appearance of a male and female Wraith.
  • It is the first threat that can follow the player across locations, being able to hunt the player through the town's streets, drain system, forest, and lake without interruption.
  • The Wraith's Ivory Necklace exists as an unobtainable clothing item in the game. It has an internal cost of 2000, the same amount Winter pays to the player. It also has the Holy, Dark, and Eerie traits. See the following page for details.
  • Many scenes involving the Wraith cause it to start raining or snowing, if it isn't already. The effect is temporary.
  • The Wraith's insecurity is always "looks."
    • In general, beauty seems to be a recurring theme surrounding the Wraith. They'll promise to make the player "beautiful" when encountered on a Blood Moon (if the player hasn't taken the necklace), and the poem regarding the Ivory Necklace refers to "immaculate vanity."
  • Once the Wraith becomes active, if the player has stolen the necklace, there's a chance for the nightmare flavour text to have a subtle change. It may occasionally read "You dream you are being hunted by something pale and terrible."
  • Many lines of the Ivory Wraith, like "Cut to perfection" and "Immaculate vanity" corresponds to an old poem told by Winter at the museum as a hint for the Immaculate Ivory Necklace.
  • If the player has already encountered the Wraith before, the player can head to Jordan and tell them about what they saw. Jordan will uncover a little backstory behind the temple that ties into the flashback sequence.


"The following images showcased below is the canon appearance of what this character looks like in-game, the first and only of its type that is visually depicted. This was revealed in the Schism sequence. Nonetheless, fan-art will also be showcased here."

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