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At the start of the game, a new player's first instinct will likely be to scrounge up enough money to satisfy Bailey as soon as possible. In order to do so, there are a number of different jobs they can pursue.

Note: This page will be mostly spoiler-free; however, be warned that any links listed below may not be. Reader discretion is advised.


  • Location(s): Danube Spa
  • Hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: £10 + Tips / 0:50
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: A Hands skill of C or higher, or a high amount of Beauty (roughly 6/6 - Your beauty is divine.)

Should they live up to the prestigious standards of the town's elite, the player can find work as a masseuse.

The player receives £10 per shift, but the real money lies in tips received from clients. Clients have certain temperments that the player must appeal to in order to get the most money out of each one. See the walkthrough section of the Danube Spa page for a guide on how to behave in response to each type of customer.

A high Promiscuity stat is recommended in order to comply with the clients' demands. Additionally, a high Seduction skill is helpful for taking things further with certain clients, as is high Attractiveness.

A unique aspect of working at the spa is that along with the usual things that influence how much a player receives from a tip, the player's proficiency with certain body parts also factors in to their income. Generally speaking, a high Hands skill is essential to maximizing profits at the spa. For more information, see the Tips section below.


  • Location(s): Strip Club
  • Hours: 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM
  • Wage/Shift Length: Tips / 1:00
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: An ID card from Briar

At the Strip Club, those who are too shy to take to the stages can instead take up bartending.

There are three ways the player can go about their bartending:

  1. Work normally
  2. Try to attract VIPs
  3. Listen

If the player is aiming to make as much money as possible, the first and third options are not recommended, as they'll prevent certain events from triggering. Additionally, if the player wishes to attract VIPs, they must be at least slightly exposed. Stripping their upper or lower clothing (underclothes are fine) will be enough to satisfy, though going completely bare can help raise Allure, which triggers the rate at which events occur while bartending.

Other advice to keep in mind while working as a bartender:

  • As mentioned, high Allure makes events more likely to occur, giving the player more opportunities to milk their customers for tips. Allure can be raised by wearing skimpy clothing, or no clothing at all.
  • Choosing Promiscuous or Exhibitionist options while bartending will encourage customers to hand out better tips; as such, it's recommended to go into the job with those stats at high levels.
  • Wearing clothes with the Serving trait will increase tips received while bartending by 20% per clothing item. This bonus stacks, meaning wearing as many items with the trait as one can is ideal.
  • Once the player has served enough drinks as a bartender - specifically 10,000 - they'll receive a small bonus to the base value of their tip. For reference, each shift as a bartender adds 20 to 120 to the player's "drinks served" stat. Progress can be checked in the Stats tab of the sidebar.


  • Location(s): Ocean Breeze Cafe
  • Hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: Varies / 1:00
  • Availability: Any day, temporarily unavailable for a month during renovations
  • Requirements: Must raise Sam's Love to at least 20%.

At the Ocean Breeze Cafe, the player can partake in a lengthy sidequest to become a world-renowned chef, making a name for themselves with their cream buns. The secret to their success lies in the ingredients.

Money the player receives from bun-making varies. Aside from a prerequisite £10 after every shift, the player receives a cut of the profits from each bun sold. The portion of the cut depends on how far the player has progressed in their culinary career.

  • £10 per bun at the start of the player's career
  • £20 per bun after making 50 buns
  • £30 per bun after making 200 buns
  • £45 per bun after making 400 buns

Working as a chef is by far the most lucrative career in the game. Under favourable conditions, the player can make thousands of pounds per shift. For more information on maximizing bun-making profits, see the Cafe Campaign quest.


Before the player can work as a chef, they must first work as a waiter/waitress. As with the aforementioned chef job, shifts last one hour, but the pay is far less impressive, being a mere £5 per shift, plus tips.

Working as a server is generally not considered a viable career choice. Most players simply use it as a stepping stone towards the signifcantly more worthwhile chef job.


  • Location(s): Docks
  • Hours: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: £120-£240 / 12:00
  • Availability: Unavailable on school days, must arrive between 7-8 AM.
  • Requirements: None

On Mer Street, the player can find employment as a dockworker. The player can approach the docks anytime during daylight hours to sign up.

Dockworking warrants a much more rigid schedule than other jobs. The player will only receive their payment if they work the entire day, meaning they won't get paid if they leave midway through their shift. Additionally, the player must arrive before work begins at 8:00 AM; they cannot show up late and begin working as usual.

The player will not be allowed to work at the docks on school days, limiting it to weekends and school holidays.

The player starts out at £10 an hour. Once the player garners enough Status among the dockers, they can ask for a raise. Each raise increases the player's hourly pay by one pound, capping at £20 an hour, or £240 for the whole shift.


  • Location(s): Brothel, Strip Club
  • Hours: Any time (Brothel) / 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM (Strip Club)
  • Wage/Shift Length: Tips / N/A
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: None (Brothel) / An ID card from Briar (Strip Club)

As a dancer, the player can show off their moves to the lecherous masses in order to accrue tips. The two main spots for players to dance for money are the Brothel and the Strip Club.

A good Dancing skill is all but required to make money on the dance floor. There's a Dance Studio in town where the player may hone their footwork, though they can just as easily learn from experience by dancing at the Brothel.

In addition to a high Dancing skill, it's recommended that the player possesses a high level of Exhibitionism in order to keep the audience enthralled. As with the Dancing skill, Exhibitionism can easily be raised simply by dancing at the clubs; see here for more details.

Dancers have no set wages; rather, they're paid entirely in tips. The chance of the player receiving a tip and the tip itself are determined by separate factors.

  • The likelihood of the player receiving a tip is based on their Allure, their Dancing skill, audience excitement, and audience arousal.
  • The amount of money the player receives is based on audience size and awe, the player's footwear (shoes with the Heels trait provide a small bonus), their Maths grade, and the venue they're performing at.

For more in-depth information on dancing, see the Main Skills page.

Additional notes about working as a dancer:

  • The Brothel's patrons will hand out better tips than those at the Strip Club, the trade-off being that the Strip Club is far safer venue.
  • While dancing at the Strip Club or the Brothel, the player may be propositioned for a "private dance" by one of the audience members. Promiscuity 3 is needed to accept, after which there's a chance the player's client will wish to take things further. See the Prostitute section below.
  • Aside from the usual venues, the player can also dance at the Beach during parties, at the cafe when working as a server, or in the Smuggler's Cave after getting caught. The cafe and the cave are noteworthy for having the highest venue multipliers in the game - higher than the Brothel's, even - though given the respective infrequency and danger of the two events, these aren't recommended.


  • Location(s): Brothel, Strip Club, Pub
  • Hours: Any time (Brothel, Pub) / 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM (Strip Club)
  • Wage/Shift Length: N/A
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: Varying levels of Promiscuity

For players looking to sell their body directly, they can find work as a prostitute. The seedier parts of town - namely Harvest Street - tend to be the best spots for prostitutes looking for work; however, there are plenty of opportunities to deal in sexual favours scattered throughout the world.

After failing to pay Bailey at least once, the player gains an option in the Attitudes menu allowing them to perform certain acts of prostitution without the appropriate Promiscuity, at the cost of - Control and + Trauma.

  • While servicing a client in a private room at the Brothel or Strip Club, they may want to have sex with the player. As with tips received when dancing, patrons at the Brothel pay more for the player's services than those at the Strip Club.
  • At the Brothel, the player can service gloryholes (requires Promiscuity 4). The cost of a gloryhole is randomised at the start of each day, from £5 to £30. As gloryholes don't increase any kind of Fame, they're a relatively safe form of prostitution.
    • After visiting the Brothel's gloryholes, the player can set up their own in the School toilets. The player can charge up to £20 for their service, with their Oral skill and Sex fame contributing to their odds of getting a bite.
  • The player can seduce customers at the Pub and ask them for money before sex. A total Promiscuity level of 3 is needed to flirt, seduce, and subsequently demand payment. An overall seduction rating of B is needed to pass the initial seduction check, with steeper requirements for demanding higher amounts of money. Note: The seduction check for demanding payment is not affected by how many drinks the other party has consumed. Additionally, acting as an independent whore at the pub runs the risk of angering a local business owner.
    • £20 - Requires an overall seduction rating of B or higher
    • £50 - Requires an overall seduction rating of A or higher
    • £100 - Requires an overall seduction rating of S
  • On the streets of town, people may randomly drive by and attempt to solicit the player. Promiscuity 2 or higher is needed to take them up on their offer.
    • As a warning, if the player has a high amount of Crime (indicated by the police "having enough evidence for an arrest") or Prostitution fame (at least enough to be Recognised), there's a chance the player will be solicited by an undercover officer instead. If the player's Skulduggery skill is at least B+, they'll automatically detect the attempt at entrapment. Alternatively, attempting to Steal from their partner may result in the player finding a police badge. Demanding money from the undercover officer will result in the player getting arrested.

Brothel Shows

After acquiring a modest amount of Prostitution Fame (at least enough to be considered Obscure), the player can star in special performances at the Brothel, once per week. Each performance requires a given amount of Promiscuity or Deviancy, which can not be circumvented by the Attitude mentioned above; the player must be sufficiently Promiscuous/Deviant enough on their own merits.

For information regarding what each show entails, as well as how to unlock certain ones, see the Brothel page.

  • "Flirt 'n' Fuck" - Pays £600, requires Promiscuity 4.
  • "Roleplay Gangbang" - Pays £1000, requires Promiscuity 5.
  • "Deviant Pig Show" - Pays £1500, requires Deviancy 5.
  • "Deviant Swarm Show" - Pays £1500, requires Deviancy 5 and Swarms to be enabled.
  • "Sex Machine" - Pays £1500, requires Promiscuity 5. Must be unlocked first.
  • "Horse Show" - Pays £2000, requires Deviancy 5. Must be unlocked first.


  • Location(s): Alex's Farm
  • Hours: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: Varies / 1:00
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: None

In the countryside on the outskirts of town, the player can settle into a life of cultivation and husbandry as a farmer. Under the employ of Alex, they can tend crops, care for animals, and work to expand their farm. A good Tending skill goes a long way with this profession.

The player receives their payment by the hour, with the amount of pay depending on how many fields the player has cleared. Alex will give the player a small bonus if they're present at the end of the day (9:00 PM).

  • £15 - Starting wage
  • £30 - First field
  • £45 - Second field
  • £60 - Third field

In addition to their hourly wages, the player can receive an additional bonus based on Farm Yield. Farm Yield can be increased by performing certain actions around the farm, generally requiring the player to get hands-on with the animals.

  • Milking the cattle by hand increases Farm Yield by 1 point per cow/bull.
  • Servicing the farm's steeds, willingly or not, increasing Farm Yield by 1 point each.
  • If the horses' Respect for the player is high enough ("The steeds of the farm trust you."), a random event involving a client stopping by the farm can increase Farm Yield by 1 point.
  • If the player is raped by one of the farm's dogs and ends up getting knotted, allowing themselves to be seen by a visiting client increases Farm Yield by 10 points.
  • Helping Alex with admin work (only available after unlocking their cottage, when Alex is in their room) increases Farm Yield by 3 points, provided the player passes a Maths check.
  • Giving Alex oral while they're on the phone (same requirements as above, plus Promiscuity 4) increases Farm Yield by 1 point. Can only be done once a day.

Alongside the above factors, the bonus the player receives for a high Yield is based on Alex's Dominance.

  • At high Dominance (30% or higher), Alex will only give the player £9 per point of Farm Yield.
  • At low Dominance (-30% or lower), Alex will give the player £24 per point of Farm Yield. Note that since the Social tab does not show negative values for Dominance, it can be difficult to gauge how low Alex's Dominance is.
  • At a level of Dominance in between the two, the player will receive £18 per point of Farm Yield.

Alex's Partner

Once the player has made enough progress in the farm for Alex to consider them a partner rather than a farmhand, the player will no longer receive hourly wages, instead gaining access to 4-9 fields they can use to grow vast amounts of crops (see the Produce Vendor section). The player can still receive extra money based on Farm Yield, however.

As the player makes further progress on the farm, they can eventually start manufacturing a special product, extracted from the local wildlife. This product sells for £1000 apiece and can be produced once a week. For more information, see the following page.

Produce Vendor

  • Location(s): Connudatus Street, Factory
  • Hours: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: N/A
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: Must purchase a stall at dawn (6:00 AM - 9:00 AM), only applies to selling on Connudatus Street

Once the player gains the ability to grow fields of crops on the farm, or should they try gardening at home, they can take to the streets to sell their freshly-grown wares, becoming a produce vendor.

The player can obtain produce via the following methods. With most of these, a high Tending skill will increase the amount grown or harvested.

  • Orphanage, Eden's Cabin, Wolf Cave, and Asylum: The player has access to various plots of land they may use to grow flowers and other greenery. The quality and size of each plot varies between locations; see each page for details on their respective gardens.
  • Forest and Moor: The player can randomly come across fruits and vegetables whilst exploring these areas. If their Tending skill is sufficient, they can pick them.
  • Alex's Farm: Alex's Farm offers several opportunities to acquire produce.
    • Deviant players can sneak into the barn at night and milk themselves (0:30, requires Deviancy 2) to acquire bottles of semen (only available for male/hermaphrodite characters) and/or milk (requires the player to be lactating). There's a chance for Alex to catch the player in the act of milking themselves, after which they can do so at any time of the day.
    • After unlocking Alex's Cottage, the player is able to tend to Alex's fields themselves and grow crops of their choosing. Functions similarly to the above method, albeit the fields take much longer to tend to and yield a greater harvest than standard plots.
    • After purchasing certain upgrades for the farm, the player can claim surplus eggs, milk, and truffles for themselves by checking stock in Alex's cottage. See the following page for more details.
    • Once per day, after purchasing the second Woodland upgrade, the player can forage (1:00) for fruits and mushrooms. Fully upgrading the Woodland allows the player to harvest more per foraging session.

Once the player has amassed an adequate amount of produce, there are two places for the player to peddle their wares, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Selling at the Marketplace

On Connudatus Street, the player can rent a market stall for £15. Note that the stall must be purchased during dawn (6:00 AM - 9:00 AM).

For a complete rundown on selling produce at the marketplace, see the Connudatus Market Stall page.


  • The player receives payment instantly, instead of having to wait as they do with the factory.
  • Allows the player to haggle with their customers, receiving better prices than they'd get at the factory.
  • Each sale increases Business Fame, which helps draw in customers and has the overall benefit of lowering Allure.


  • Far more involved than selling to the factory; can become tedious if the player has too much to sell.
  • As the player's Lewdity increases, they run the risk of attracting unwanted attention.

Selling to the Factory

On Harvest Street, the player can go to a factory that deals in produce. Here, the player can sell their wares in bulk, though it's worth noting that the factory will not purchase flowers of any kind. Additionally, they won't pay quite as much as customers at the market would be willing to, nor can the player negotiate for a better deal.

For a complete rundown on selling produce to the factory, see the Factory page.


  • Fast and straightforward; the player can just drop off their wares and leave without the hassle of dealing with several customers.
  • Allows the player to go about their day while the factory handles the selling process. Perfect for players with busy schedules, such as those working at Alex's Farm, or those who have too much produce to feasibly sell manually.
  • No risk of being molested.


  • Each unit of produce is sold for only half as much as they'd normally go for at the market, with no option to haggle for a better price.
  • Can take a while for the factory to completely process all of the player's goods, especially with low Business Fame.
  • Won't purchase flowers of any kind, including the valuable strange flowers the player can obtain from Alex's Farm.

Treasure Hunter

  • Location(s): Various / Museum
  • Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Museum)
  • Wage/Shift Length: N/A
  • Availability: Weekends only (Museum)
  • Requirements: None

Diving into the town's rich history, the player can try their hand at treasure hunting, scouring the world for priceless artifacts. Treasure hunting is a decent way to make money without delving into the lewd side of things.

Each antique has its own unique method of acquiring it; in some cases, the player might stumble upon an antique by pure chance. Simply exploring the world is a good way to come across antiques.

Any treasure the player may find must be appraised by Winter at the town's Museum, only accessible during weekends.

Notable spots to hunt for treasure include:

  • Forest Lake Ruins: The ruins are a reliable way of acquiring antiques, including the coveted Gold Chastity Belt, worth £2000. A D+ in Skulduggery and an A* in History is recommended to get the most mileage out of scavenging in the ruins.
  • Forest and Moor: The player can randomly find antiques while traversing these areas. The Gold Ring found deep in the moor is especially pricey, being valued at £3000.
  • Old Sewers: £600 in antiques can be found within the Old Sewers, provided the player can stomach running into Morgan. These antiques reset every week on Sunday.
  • Smuggler's Cave: Several antiques can be found at random, but tread carefully: every time the player finds an antique, they put themselves at a greater risk of being captured. At the far end of the cave, the player can find a chest containing a Silver Compass worth £2200. Can be obtained once per week.
  • Several other antiques are scattered sporadically elsewhere. For a full list including everything not mentioned here, see the Antiques page.

Other antiques can only be acquired one time. These antiques tend to be particularly valuable.

  • Forest Lake Ruins: An Ivory Necklace worth £2000 can be found once the player finds a small key in a pot.
  • Ocean: At the bottom of the pool leading to the Smuggler's Cave lies a Diamond, worth £2000.
  • Smuggler's Cave: In the same chest where the player can find the Silver Compass, a Leather Map worth £4000 can be found as well. Requires the player to pass a Skulduggery check.
  • Museum: After collecting a certain number of antiques, the player can participate in a special event that, should they succeed, allows them to uncover a Silver Mask worth £3000. A high Swimming skill is recommended.
  • Moor: In the farthest reaches of the moor, in the courtyard of a ruined castle, the player can dig up a Sonorous Bell worth £10,000. Note: only available after finding the Leather Map and showing it to Winter at the museum.


  • Location(s): Various
  • Hours: Any time
  • Wage/Shift Length: N/A
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: Experience in Skulduggery is highly recommended

When all else fails and honest work is too hard to come by, the player can make the choice to become a thief.

Like treasure hunting, becoming a thief is a good way to make money without engaging in lewd behaviour, though a life of crime is not without its consequences. As the player commits acts of larceny, they'll rack up points of Crime, until eventually the local police take interest in them.

Aside from cash, all stolen goods must be fenced through Landry at the Pub.

Places to engage in thievery:

  • During any encounter - consensual or not - the player can try to steal from the other party, allowing the player to steal up to £100 per encounter. Note that the player is unable to steal from named NPCs.
  • The player can break into homes on Domus Street (requires an F+ in Skulduggery) and Danube Street (requires a D+ in Skulduggery), with the latter's mansions generally being more lucrative. See Danube Street Burglary for more details.
  • The player can sneak into most locations around town after closing hours to rob their cash registers, receiving a random amount of money (anywhere from £30 to £90). A D in Skulduggery is needed to pick the lock to a register, though the required skill needed to break into the establishments in the first place varies. The contents of each cash register reset every week on Sunday.
  • Once the player gains access to the Elk Street Compound, they can acquire £200 worth of stolen goods every day.
    • If the player manages to endure a torturous interrogation, they can steal a device worth an additional £200.
  • While massaging a client at the spa, if the client falls asleep, the player can attempt to pilfer their valuables, including a ring worth £50, a necklace/chain worth £80, or very rarely, a watch worth £3000.
  • During a one-time event, the player can blackmail Leighton into handing over their watch, worth £5000 in stolen goods. See Blackmailing Leighton for details.


The player can go door-to-door knocking around the residential areas of the town asking for work. The available work depends on the player's Housekeeping rank:

  • Domus Street - Cheap (and occasionally dangerous) jobs, available from the start;
  • Barb Street Flats - Crossing the channel from Barb Street, slightly more lucrative jobs, requires F+;
  • Danube Street - The most lucrative and usually safer jobs, requires D+.

Although Housekeeping is necessary to be able to access the jobs, its rank does not actually affect the wages you get. Instead, some of the jobs might be affected by the player's Fame, School Grades and other characteristics.


  • Location(s): Chalets
  • Hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: £10-£15 / 1:00
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: None

At the chalets on Starfish Street the player can find employment as a cleaner, receiving a flat fee of £10 on weekdays and £15 on weekends per bag of rubbish collected. Additionally, some lecherous tourists might give players a chance to win some extra money on the side.

It takes one hour to clean a chalet, filling a bag of rubbish in the process, which the player then hands over at the front desk to receive payment. However, each trip to and from the chalets has the player cross a sandy boardwalk on which accidents and other bad things may happen. The number of bags the player can handle at once depends on their Housekeeping rank, therefore a high rank will help minimize the number of risky crossings.

Pound Worker

  • Location(s): Dog Pound
  • Hours: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: £5-£15 / 1:00
  • Availability: Any day
  • Requirements: None

The dog pound on Starfish Street will happily accept the player's help, at first only in charge of sweeping the place clean and then moving on to feeding, cleaning and walking the dogs as the player wins their respect. Working there also makes the stray dogs around the town happier, making it just a little bit safer.

To advance in the pound hierarchy the player will need to use mostly their Tending and/or Physique, so having a high rank on both is advised. Also, working in close proximity to so many dogs will surely bring about the occasional opportunity for Deviancy.

Office Temp

  • Location(s): Office Building
  • Hours: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wage/Shift Length: £6.25 + Tips + Bonuses / 1:00
  • Availability: Weekdays only
  • Requirements: None

At the office building on High Street the player can apply for a position as an office temp, performing odd jobs for a small fixed pay plus tips. Every time the player asks for an assignment, a random combination of task and floor will be offered, with higher floors netting bigger tips but also higher risk of the player being molested. The player is then free to choose if they'll take or refuse the assignment.

Successfully completing assignments will raise the Office Manager's Love for the player, and after it reaches 50% the player has a chance of receiving a bonus directly from the Manager on each successful assignment.



For certain jobs, alongside their predetermined wages, the player can receive tips. Below is a list of factors that affect how much

Note: This only applies to tips received from the Masseuse, Bartender, Waiter, and Prostitute jobs. Tips received from Dancing are calculated by different variables; see that job's section above for more details.

  • Random Chance: Tips are initially given a value between £10 and £30. Everything listed below, as well as certain factors specific to a given job, will increase it (servicing a client at the Brothel multiplies a tip's total value by 3, for example).
  • Attractiveness: The player's Attractiveness (not to be confused with Beauty) increases tips by a given percent. Below is a rough estimate of what the player can expect at each level of Attractiveness. Attractiveness rating can be checked at mirrors.
    • F: ~1%
    • D: ~10%
    • C: ~20%
    • B: ~30%
    • A: ~40%
    • S: ~50%
  • Maths Grade: The player's maths grade increases tips by a given percent, as follows:
    • C - Passable Maths: 25%
    • B - Decent Maths: 50%
    • A - Good Maths: 75%
    • A* - Excellent Maths: 100%
  • Serving Clothes: Exclusive to the Bartender and Waiter jobs. Increases tips received while bartending by 20% per clothing item with the Serving trait.
  • Sexual Skills: Exclusive to the Masseuse job. Increases tips by a given amount based on the player's proficiency with a given body part (usually Hands, though certain scenes involve the player's Chest, Thighs, Buttocks or Penile/Vaginal skills).
    • The extent to which a given sex skill affects a tip varies with each scene. Short of knowing how much each action modifies tips beforehand, there's no easy way to calculate the effect a specific rank will have on the player's tips. The only reliable advice for maximizing tips as a masseuse is to max out the relevant sex skills and following the walkthrough on the Danube Spa page.

Other Ways to Make Money

Aside from the jobs listed above, there are several other ways of making money around town. These are generally unreliable as a full-time source of income, but they'll help supplement a player's need for cash.

  • Avery will give the player a considerable amount of money - up to £2000 - after every date. Available once per week.
  • The player can join the Temple as an initiate, whereupon they'll receive a monthly allowance based on their Grace. The maximum amount a player can receive each month is £4000.
  • Robin can give the player £300 a week once certain conditions have been met.
  • The player can do a weekly photoshoot for £450 at the Photography Studio, once it is unlocked.
  • The player will receive a monetary prize for winning either of the two School Projects. Winning the Science Fair awards £500, while winning the Maths Competition awards £2000. Available once per year.
  • Briar will pay £2000 for a cannister of special fuel for a sex machine. See the Brothel page for more details. One time only.

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