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Jordan the pious is one of many religious figures at the Temple, located on Wolf Street.


Jordan's description varies slightly on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as wearing conservative garments which covers them from head to toe, with only their youthful face. Locks of hair protrude from the sides of the cowl, betraying a golden shade. Their smile does not reach their blue eyes.

First Meeting

Upon entering the Temple for the first time, they will see a figure wearing a white cowl kneeling before the altar. An option is listed: "Approach the figure"

The figure stands and turns to face the player upon approaching them. They welcome the player, saying how they don't recall meeting them before introducing themselves as brother/sister Jordan. They bow their head slightly, then ask the player if they are here for the chastity belts, describing them as being "protective measures" provided for the pure-bodied. They go on to state that the impure can also benefit from the service at a cost.

Jordan tells the player not to disturb the other monks, informing them the monks have taken sacred vows, and that the player's presence may distract them from that.


Jordan is a highly religious individual. They can only be interacted with inside the Temple. Each time the player visits, they are able to approach Jordan at any time and inquire on specific things they need.


Sunday 11AM-12PM - Hosts a holy sermon for an hour. The player can participate, adding a bit of Purity.

The player takes a seat as Jordan reads holy scripture, their melodic voice calming the player. At some point, the player is called to the front for communion. They kneel in front of Jordan as the other monks watch. Jordan pushes a small piece of bread into the player's mouth, while holding a cup in front of them. The player takes a sip, leaving a bitter aftertaste in their mouth before making way for the next person. Jordan will finish their sermon with a prayer.


Jordan tends to act friendly towards the player. Attending mass will help influence Jordan's opinion of the player.

Note that it is currently impossible to initiate a lewd combat encounter with Jordan, but they will partake in the Fallen Angel ritual described below - this has them orally pleasure the player to the point of orgasm. The player can watch them showering themselves at some point, remarking their nudity.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Jordan's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Jordan is primarily found within the Temple, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as a priest/ess regardless of whether or not the player is a temple initiate, providing many services to the player that can help their experience, or alternatively remove things that are harmful to the player at costly prices. Interactions with them will tend to involve their religious faith, such as the player attending their mass.

Chastity Belts

Jordan can fit chastity belts to any PCs with the Virgin trait. They note that the player would need to undergo a brief examination beforehand to verify their purity. If the player does not possess the Virgin trait, they instead offer the belt to the player for £80. Jordan describes the belt's durability, purposefully designed to protect from even the "most vicious" of assailants. Only specialised equipment can remove it, and according to Jordan those that "cannot sate their lust" through obvious means may be driven to other violent urges. Jordan explains they don't conceal much from view, nor protect against fingers - they are designed to protect chastity as written in the holy texts.

For the virginity test, the player is led into a small chamber and asked to undress. Rubbing white powder on their hands, Jordan inspects the players nether regions. If the player is, indeed, a virgin, they will return with a belt. If, however, the player is not pure anymore, they will comment so, then offer the chastity belt at its regular cost for non-virgins and, while turning to leave, sadly add that they are sorry they "were taken while still so young."

An anal shield can also be fitted for £50 by Jordan, regardless of whether or not the player has the Virgin trait.

Requesting Forgiveness

If the player possesses the Fallen Angel transformation at any given point during a playthrough, it will be otherwise seen as a bad omen, and not something to be worth keeping like other transformations. To cure them of this, the player can request forgiveness from Jordan. They agree, but only for "a small donation of £10,000" to which the player agrees upon getting the required amount. After which they can approach Jordan again and buy "forgiveness" from them.

For the ceremony, Jordan and five other robed figures of the same gender as the PC will wrap fabric around the player's eyes, blinding them. They lead the player to an altar within the Forest, instructing them to lay down on top of it, but to undress first before doing so. Doing as instructed, the player will have their arms and legs spread and tied down to the altar. Jordan mentions they have not done this before, as they are reassured by one of the robed figures. The player then feels something warm and wet on their genitals.

Jordan's tongue is felt as it is twisted against the player's genitals, and it becomes clear that Jordan wishes to orally please the player. The player is unsure on their predictment of where or how rough their next lick will be - with the anticipation "almost as maddening as the physical sensation itself." As stated above, Jordan is new to committing sexual deeds, and hopes to please in any way they can by licking the player in hopes of sexually pleasuring them.

The licking continues until the player eventually orgasms, making sure not to penetrate. However, despite their initial excitement, it does not remove the fallen angel's taint. Another robed figure tries to help, since it is taking too long. More people help, until one decides they need a "a little something extra" before releasing the player's legs and pulling them up so that more people can reach the player's nether regions. The player is continuously licked and kissed all over their entire body, until they ejaculate a total of seven times. After a while they then feel a "light beam" coming down on them, after which a prompt will appear stating that a great weight is lifted from the player before they pass out.

The player awakens to find themselves back at the Temple again, recovering in bed. Jordan sits by the player's side, informing them that the ceremony was a success, and that the taint is now removed - although, a blush can be seen their face, a hint of their sexual deed with the player. They beg the player to not tell anyone about what just transpired as the temple figures "like to keep [their] secrets" before leaving shortly afterwards.

Shower Spying

At some point when working at the Temple, the player may get stuck in a nonconsensual encounter while cleaning the living quarters. They will be asked to crawl into a fireplace to retrieve a scroll, only it will turn out the nun/monk who asked with have been lying to the player and will attempt to molest them. Regardless of how the encounter ends, the player will find themselves in a tunnel leading to another room. This room will be a bathroom that has Jordan showering. The player can sneak away without seeing anything (Skulduggery D+ required for guaranteed success) or can peek in on Jordan (- Trauma, -- Grace)

Choosing to do so will have the player watch Jordan's movements, how their lewd parts swing as they move. Golden locks of hair tumble around them, almost reaching their feet. It's noted that Jordan's conservative garments lie discarded nearby.

Afterwards, the player can attempt to leave with a harder skulduggery check (Skulduggery C+ required for guaranteed success) or, with Exhibitionism 3 or higher, can masturbate to the sight. If choosing to masturbate, the player will have between 6 and 24 turns, randomly chosen, to do so. If the player stops before this timer runs out, they will get the option to sneak away with an even harder skulduggery check (Skulduggery B now required for guaranteed success). Failing to sneak away after peeking or otherwise failing to get away causes Jordan to become aware of their presence and the player can attempt to run away (entirely up to chance. It is not possible to guarantee success), apologize (+ Grace), or, with Promiscuity 2 or higher, can flirt with Jordan. Regardless of the selected option, Jordan will let the player go without consequence, merely asking them to keep the incident between the two of them.


  • Jordan is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Judging by their religious background and pure nature, it is very likely that Jordan is a virgin themselves - making them one of few NPCs to canonically be a virgin such as Robin, Sydney and Kylar.
    • This is proven by the fallen angel ritual. Jordan says to the player they have not done this before, and their actions confirm this. They seem to have no indication of what they are actually doing during the ceremony, making the event their first time they have given oral to another person ever. It can hardly be considered oral, as they simply opt to lick the player in hopes of pleasuring them in some way.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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