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Kylar the Loner
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Kylar is a fellow student who can be encountered from the second week onwards. They attend the local School on Oxford Street, where they are openly despised by the rest of the students attending there.

They serve as one of the player's potential love interests. Although they're initially introduced as being extremely shy, given enough time they'll begin to warm up to the player, eventually becoming possessive and obsessive to the point of being unsettling.


Due to their status as a love interest, Kylar's appearance is mostly left up to player interpretation; however, they're always described as having a dark fringe, a small stature that makes them seem younger than the player character, and small hands. Fans tend to depict Kylar with green eyes due to the "Jealousy" icon showcased in their stats, though their eye colour in-game is unconfirmed.

Kylar is unique among NPCs in that their description varies slightly based on the player's physical attributes. Specifically, depending on the player's body size, Kylar's height relative to the player will be described differently.

  • If the player is large: He/she's just quite short compared to you.
  • If the player is normal: He/she's just small.
  • If the player is small: Even with your short height, he/she's a little shorter than you.
  • If the player is tiny: Even with your small stature, he/she's only a little taller than you.

They are also notorious for carrying a knife with them at all times, especially later in the game.

First Meeting

Kylar can be encountered in one of two ways. The first will trigger naturally at some point during a playthrough. Note that triggering it in the first place is up to chance.

Bullied Victim

The player will first encounter Kylar while they're being bullied at school after a week of attending. A bag will land in front of the player, spilling its contents of pens and books across the school hallway floors. The player then spots the owner being held by their collar and pushed against a locker. This person kicks the bully, but to no avail. The bully taunts the victim, asking them if that's their "best" but not before grasping the victim's hair with their hand. "Lucky you. Hurting me would be stupid."

Other students either ignore what is happening or watch in amusement. At this point, the player is given three options:

  • Intervene
  • Watch but make sure they're okay after
  • Ignore

Choosing to intervene has the player walk up to the bully. Both them and the victim stop to look at the player. They ask what the player wants.

  • Defiant: "Let him go," you demand. "Or it'll be you up against that locker."
  • Neutral: "Stop it," you say. "Bullying is wrong."
  • Submissive: You avert your eyes. "L-let him go," you say. Don't be mean."

The bully regards the player for a moment, before laughing. Some of the audience joins in as well. The bully releases the victim's collar. "Sure thing," they manage to speak out through several wheezes. Their laughter redoubles as they state they do not want any trouble sarcastically, before staggering away.

Choosing to watch, but making sure they are okay after will have the player pick up the victim's bag and gather the books and pens together while the bully is occupied. The bully soon finishes, dropping the victim to the ground. Them and the gathered audience lose interest of the scene. The player is the only one still paying attention as they walk up to the victim and hold out their things - the victim steps back as if feeling threatened by the player.

  • Defiant: "Don't let them get to you," you say. "They're not worth it."
  • Neutral: "I hope you're okay," you say.
  • Submissive: "I know what it's like," you say. "But it's okay. Things will be better."

The victim thanks the player with a stutter. The player initially thought Kylar was a younger student, but they seem to be about their age - they are just small. Regardless of the player's encounter, they will meekly state their name to be Kylar, before turning and running away from the player.

Choosing to ignore the situation will simply have the player continue on, not wanting to get involved. No one gives them a second glance. This will lead into the alternative scene of meeting Kylar.

A Little Bump

This second way of encountering Kylar is considered to be an alternative method of meeting them, and will trigger should the player either ignore the initial situation, or not have the event trigger in the first place.

The player rounds the corner, and bumps into a boy/girl. They scowl and look up at the player before their face softens as their mouth becomes agape. Just as before, they introduce themselves meekly before running the way they came.


Kylar can usually be found within the school itself, but can also be found across the town. They have two timetables, one for general use, another for school. These will be referred to as the "Personal Timetable" for the former, and "School Timetable" for the latter.

Personal Timetable:

  • 12AM-7AM: Found sleeping in their bed, in their room, in Kylar's Manor(Location needs to be unlocked). Kylar follows their School Timetable after this point, if it is a school day.
  • 9AM-6PM: Found within the Park or Arcade(If rain or snow). If they are not currently stalking the player.
  • 6PM-12AM: Found at their computer, in their room, in Kylar's Manor.

School Timetable:

  • 11AM-12PM: Sharing English class with the player. If present, they will do their best to get as close to the player as they can.
  • 12PM-1PM: School canteen. If it isn't raining nor snowing Kylar will also show up in the Rear Courtyard. (Kylar will seemingly follow the player.)
    • If it's raining or snowing. Kylar will go to the the library after the player has eaten lunch.
  • 3PM-6PM: Found within the Park, or the Arcade if the weather is rainy or snowy. If they are not currently stalking the player. Kylar follows their Personal Timetable after this point.

Stalking Mechanic

Once Kylar is introduced into the game, they can start stalking the player. When this happens it will be indicated by the blue prompt: "Something is watching you.".

There is a chance that this will happen every time the player accesses the town's streets/alleys/park -- Whenever the player is informed that "You are on ____ Street", "You are in an alleyway", or "You are in the Park".

The probability starts at -65% and is increased by (10 + Kylar's Lust * 0.25)% every day. Once an instance of stalking starts the odds resets back to -65%. Given that the player lives in the town, the odds of Kylar stalking them even if with a stalking probability of 5% per check for that day is not trivial. This means the earliest the player can experience Kylar's stalking is 7 days after Kylar was introduced.

Unless the player dodges the stalk check perpetually, at the most infrequent Kylar will stalk the player every 17th day, though this is extremely unlikely. In general, the player can expect Kylar to stalk once per week if Kylar has low Lust. At the most frequent (100 Lust) Kylar will stalk the player every other day. Note that Kylar's Lust naturally increases by 1 everyday as well, most likely to model their crush on the player.

Once an instance of stalking starts. Kylar will stick around until their persistence run out. This value starts at 2. And goes down by 1 every hour. Alternatively, when Kylar participate in a random "danger event", their persistence will also decrease by 1. Once this value hits 0 Kylar will immediately stop stalking the player.

This works exactly the opposite way to the red prompt in the Forest (You are being hunted.). In the forest, the hunting will continue for some time until the hunter catches the player. Kylar, on the other hand, can immediately start an event the next time the player is in the streets/alleys/park. Kylar will also leave the player alone eventually given enough time, and any interaction with the player in fact speeds up their departure.

If the player is in an exposed state while in the streets or alleys, Kylar won't start stalking the player. If Kylar is already stalking the player when the player is exposed, Kylar will immediately stop their stalking. In both cases presumably due to shyness.

Dodging Kylar

Since Kylar can only initiate an event after the stalking has begun, the player can dodge stalking events by leaving town or entering a building right after the stalking starts and then wait out the timer. Alternatively, by exposing oneself and then go back into the streets/alley/park, the player can prematurely end the stalking instance.

Options that let the player travel without accessing the streets will also allow them to dodge the stalking check/events. The main example of this is getting to school/home by accompanying Robin, or getting to school/temple by accompanying Sydney.


When first encountered, Kylar will act extremely shy towards the player, refusing eye contact or conversation whenever the player is around. It becomes clear that Kylar seems to have a hidden crush on the player. The player will have to break Kylar out of their shell to make them more confident. This is done by interacting with them.

At some point, Kylar will start to gain confidence and begin to open up to the player. They may do things like openly smile at the player when they visit them, reveal their underwear to the player when teased, and try to sit next to the player when they choose to sit next to Robin. They may even offer to care for the player's birthed anal parasites. At higher Love, the player can receive pepper spray refills at random from Kylar.

Kylar's Opinion of the Player

Low Love Mid Love High Love Very High Love
Low Jealousy is fixated on you. is infatuated with you. is enamoured with you. is obsessed with you.
Mid Jealousy is fixated on you. is infatuated with you. is enamoured with you. is obsessed with you.
High Jealousy is fixated on you. is infatuated with you. is enamoured with you. is obsessed with you.
Very High Jealousy is hysterical.
  • Dismissed: Kylar is imprisoned.

Jealousy, Love and Lust

As one of several love interests, Kylar has three primary stats. Love and Lust are two stats that all love interests share, with Kylar possessing a unique stat dedicated to them: "Jealousy." These stats all start at 0 and goes up to 100.

  • Raising Love requires the player to spend time with Kylar, chatting with them consistently. May also require a fair bit of Promiscuity. Higher Love will unlock more events, with 50 being the major turning point. This will make Kylar more confident, approaching the player instead of the other way around.
  • Lust makes Kylar approach the player more frequently with lewd intentions, such as stalking the player around the town, or attempt to pull the player into a school closet. It is increased through many encounters, mostly when meeting Kylar without actually engaging in combat (actions that build up sexual tension without a way to release it).
    • Pleasing Kylar sexually lowers Lust, as with all other love interests.
    • A higher level of Lust makes Kylar more lustful towards the player, opening up more events. With 60 being a major turning point.
    • Lust starts out at 0 and goes up by 1 everyday.
  • Jealousy is raised by seeing other people (such as Robin) instead of Kylar. It is lowered by hanging around Kylar. Higher Jealousy will open up more dangerous events. The game considers 30, 60, and 90 Jealousy to be major turning points.

If Jealousy reaches a certain point, when the player goes to visit them, Kylar will mumble this line: "Oh, you came to visit? Of course you did." If Jealousy is maxed out, Kylar may drug the player when they're eating lunch at the school canteen, causing them to collapse onto the ground. This will automatically initiate the Dismissing Kylar quest.


By getting close to Kylar, the player runs the risk of also getting harassed by the rest of the school as their Status continues to take hits. In the meantime, Kylar becomes more fixated on the player character to an uncomfortable degree, even acting uncommonly aggressive towards those who would threaten their relationship, such as one student "stealing" their seat next to the player.

From this point onwards, Kylar's obsessiveness and jealousy towards the player's interactions may escalate if the player is not careful. Here are several examples of Kylar's behaviour when in this state:

  • Sketching numerous portraits of the player during class and outside of class
  • Making shrines devoted to the player hidden in their locker.
  • Reciting love poems about the player during English class, which may explicitly mention the player's genitalia
  • Admiring their knife
  • Stabbing their food with a fork, or stabbing their hand with a pen

Additionally, they may break into the player's bedroom in the Orphanage while they aren't there to steal one of their undergarments, presumably to keep as a souvenir. When the player discovers the missing undergarment, one underwear clothing item will be removed from the player's wardrobe upon further inspection, which may force the player to buy additional underwear. There's also an odd chance that the player can walk in on Kylar sniffing their bed sheets.

Kylar will stalk the player around the town, and while in this state, they may protect the player from harm by shooting tranquilizer darts at strangers who pose a threat, but they might also damage the player's clothing slightly by taking off a piece of fabric via an open window. If the player runs into Kylar while they're set as their love interest, they'll try to get the player to "do things" to them in an alleyway - this initiates a consensual encounter should the player agree to this. However, refusing their request may not go well, possibly resulting in Kylar holding up a knife to the player's throat akin to how they act with others.

Sex with Kylar

During lewd encounters, Kylar displays a few quirks that differentiate them from standard NPCs.

  • Kylar has their own unique combat lines. Alongside Bailey and Sydney, they're among the few characters in the game with unique lines, barring certain NPCs' virginity loss lines.
  • After certain encounters, Kylar will bring the player to orgasm if they hadn't already during the encounter itself. They share this trait with Sydney, Whitney, and a high-Confidence Robin.
  • If the player's set Love Interest is someone other than Kylar, and they mention that Love Interest via the Plead or Demand actions, Kylar will react as expected. | + Jealousy
  • If the player is crossdressing/a hermaphrodite and Kylar discovers the player's gender during an encounter, they'll react accordingly.
    • If the player possesses the opposite genitalia from Kylar's, they'll be ecstatic. "You can make me/I can make you pregnant. I'd given up on making a family, but..." He/She starts to cry. "You can make me/I can make you pregnant...!" This raises their arousal in combat.
    • If the player possesses the same genitalia as Kylar, they'll be disappointed. "Oh. I thought you were..." He/She shakes his/her head. "I-it's okay. We can always adopt." This lowers their arousal in combat.
    • If the player is a hermaphrodite, Kylar will be shocked, but nonetheless pleased. "You have both...? I didn't think you could get any more perfect..." This raises their arousal in combat.
    • If the player's gender aligns with their appearance, Kylar will show no reaction to their genitals regardless of compatibility.

Even if you set "NPC forced condom" in the game settings, Kylar still does not actively use condoms. If you ask Kylar to use a condom, Kylar will use a broken condom.

Dismissing Kylar

The player is able to dismiss Kylar for the rest of their current playthrough, should they not wish to deal with them anymore. Doing so will essentially remove Kylar from any possible interactions.

Provided the player either loses consciousness somewhere in the town or eats lunch with a "hysterical" (max Jealousy) Kylar, they will wake up to find themselves abducted by Kylar. This will automatically initiate the Dismissing Kylar quest. For more information, visit the respective page. Kylar can be brought back from prison after dismissing them, but this is not easy. See the Prison page for more information.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Kylar's interactions in the game, but rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed as the character continues to be developed.

Kylar will begin to act more increasingly creepy and obsessed towards the player as they continue to pay attention to them, and if the player isn't careful, their obsession and overall jealousy may escalate to a very dangerous point.

For more information on Kylar's various interactions and events, see Kylar's Events.

Other pages detailing certain interactions with Kylar:


  • Kylar is directly inspired by the yandere trope seen within Japanese media, since a typical yandere is depicted as wielding a knife and romantically fantasizing about their crush to the point of obsession.
    • The trope is slightly subverted since yanderes often kill those that pose a threat, real or imagined, to their love interest, whereas death isn't a factor in Degrees of Lewdity, but the idea is still alluded to via Kylar's violent outbursts and casually flashing their knife at anyone they don't like.
  • Kylar is one of few NPCs confirmed to be a virgin, with the others being Robin, Sydney, and Jordan.
    • When the player loses their virginity to them, Kylar will note that they're a virgin too and that they and the player were, as they put it, "meant for each other".
  • Kylar was added to the game in Version 0.1.26. They were planned in development for a while, stated by Vrelnir since October 1st, 2018:
    • Vrelnir was planning on adding a "yandere"-like character for a while, and it remained a frequent request in the community.
    • The option to choose Kylar as a love interest was added in Version 0.2.13, along with the other love interests. They were not initially thought as a "love interest" prior to that however, merely a major NPC whose relationship with the player can be advanced much further in comparison to other Named NPCs.
  • Originally, Kylar's unique stat was named "Suspicion". It saw a rename in Version 0.2.7 to "Jealousy" instead.
    • However, the original name is still referred to in specific cases of the game, such as the cheat menu.
    • The "Suspicion" stat was instead given to the Café for use during the Café Campaign.


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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