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"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

Lactation is one of many toggles that can be enabled within Degrees of Lewdity.


First, enable Lactation in Settings. Lactation can be found anywhere in the world, as its primary purpose is during Combat.


Typically NPCs may try to push the player against their chest, regardless whether or not the encounter is consensual. This can be initiated by the player using a Promiscuity level of 3 or higher. They can choose to suck or lick their partner's nipple. As they become aroused, they also become more daring and press the player's head against their chest.

However, this can go on further with lactation enabled. Some female NPCs' breasts may lactate at random intervals - when the player's face is pushed against their breasts, that is when they will be able to tell that the NPC is lactating.

A prompt will appear beforehand, stating how milk is leaking from their bud. This is continued if the player chooses to suck on the leaking breasts, receiving a prompt that states how "sweet, creamy milk fills your mouth".


Anywhere where you can encounter random human NPCs. Only human female NPCs are able to lactate. Note that named NPCs are completely unable to lactate during encounters, though Morgan is able to lactate during one specific scene with them.

Drinking Breast Milk

The amount of breast milk the player drinks is determined by how much they partake in breastfeeding.

Each turn taken sucking the breast during lactation is 1ml of breast milk. This gradually increases the more the player partakes in breastfeeding. 

See the Statistics tab for the total amount of breast milk drank.

It is important to note that drinking breast milk will reduce Purity.

Unique Traits

Sexual Traits are tied to this toggle.

Milk Addict - You take full advantage of the nutrition in fresh breast milk. Drinking it invigorates your body, improving physique.

To achieve this trait, the player must have drank a total of 1000ml of breast milk.

Lactating - Your breasts are ready to be milked.

Milk Factory - Your breasts are able to hold a tremendous amount of milk.

To achieve the Milk Factory trait, the player must have produced a total of 1000ml of breast milk.

Player Lactation

Just like female NPCs, the player has the ability to lactate if they have sizeable breasts. In order to do so, there are two requirements.

  • The Lactation toggle must be enabled.
  • Increase breast size to budding or higher. Anything smaller than that size (such as "flat") will have the player be unable to lactate.

To lactate, ensure that breasts are feeling stimulated. Arousal and/or breast sensitivity in general will help this during encounters. Touching/rubbing breasts during masturbation sessions in places such as bathrooms will be helpful as well for producing milk. Getting NPCs to kiss the player's chest will also work.

Eventually, milk will begin leaking from the player's buds.

Note that having bigger breasts will not increase how much milk lactates out of the player's breasts.

Breastfeeding NPCs

It is entirely possible to get NPCs to suck on the player's breasts. First, make sure the chest is exposed beforehand. This is done through getting other NPCs to remove the player's top, or choose to do so themselves. Alternatively, the player may choose to walk around topless instead.

After which, try to direct NPCs towards the player's own breasts. This is easier during consensual sex. Sometimes NPCs may choose to do so without the need for the player's guidance.


  • A good way of relieving any Stress the player has gained
  • Comes in handy when working as a chef at the Café.
  • You can milk your character in Alex's Farm by sneaking into the barn at night, which can grant up to +++ Farm yield with high milk volume. After Alex discovery of your nightly activity, you will be able to milk yourself during the day.

Increasing Volume

To increase the capacity of breast milk, make sure breasts are feeling stimulated. This will help increase milk production. Capacity will also gradually increase over time with low Purity, but be warned - it may drop over time as well.

Note that breast milk takes a full day to replenish from empty to full. It is recommended to not exhaust milk capacity, and conserve it wherever possible.

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