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Landry the criminal can be found at the Pub, located on Harvest Street. A professional thief with an unknown criminal past, they act primarily as a fence for the player's stolen goods, found through the use of Skulduggery.


Landry's description varies on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will be described as typically not someone the player or anyone else would normally look twice at.

Additionally, they have a slender build, concealed by their somewhat plain and baggy clothing.

  • If male: "I've not seen you around," says a man's voice beside you. He has short black hair, a grey sweater and dark trousers.
  • If female: "I've not seen you around," says a woman's voice beside you. She has shoulder-length black hair, a grey cardigan and dark trousers.

First Meeting

The player enters the pub. It has a cosy and rustic appearance to it, with old farm tools decorating the walls. A person's voice is heard besides the player, asking if the player would like to join them - they have a proposition for them. The player decides that there's no chance of danger in public, and agrees to their terms. They lead the player overall to a small area, shielded from the rest of the pub. They sit down at a small table, with the player following suit.

They reveal to the player that they know they need money - and not to ask how they know how, but word gets around. They state how they think they can help the player, and states that if the player comes across any jewellery or any other items they are not sure what to do with, they will be able to take them off the player's hands for a good price. They look over the player's shoulder, checking to make sure they are still alone. They state that they might also be able to help each other out from time to time, before standing up. As they're about to take their leave, they tell the player to keep them in mind at least, and to ask one of the staff when they want to speak to the person, as they will know where to find them - before revealing their name to be Landry.


Landry will remain in the Pub for the remainder of the day, and can be called upon at any time through a new option: "Ask for Landry"

Doing so has the player provide them with a few options, such as:

  • Selling stolen good
  • Buying pepper spray charges
  • Asking for help to inquire tracks
  • Requesting access cards for the police computer.

Or any other various requests based on quests the player may have yet to complete.


Landry's relationship with the player tends to be friendly, and set in stone. They are one of several NPCs - outside of the teachers - to be explicitly not lewd with the player. Completing quests related to them such as their own personal request and the "Police Infiltration" questline will improve their opinion of the player somewhat, but as mentioned before, the relationship is set in stone and Landry will still treat the player in the same vein as they usually would.

Note that it is currently impossible to start an intimate encounter with Landry.


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Landry's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Landry is primarily found at the pub, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as the player's partner-in-crime while working there, remaining in the background usually. Interactions with them will tend to involve work-related interactions, such as acting as a buyer of the player's stolen goods. However, they also make more prominent appearances in other quests/events involving the use of Skulduggery.

Landry's Request

Landry has a request. They can help the player cover their tracks, removing their Crime level (but not their crime history if they complete the quest. This is beneficial if the player has been involved in Crime.

Covering criminal tracks requires the player to venture into a specific location and retrieve a package that was never delivered to Landry.

  • A couple camping in the forest will be holding onto the box, and the player can either enter a consensual or nonconsensual encounter to convince them to hand it over.
  • Landry will inform the player that the box is in the cave, but as the player leaves with it, a bear will attack them, beginning a nonconsensual encounter.
  • The player will come across the box in the moor, on an island in the middle of a pool. Upon wading into the pool to retrieve the box, lurkers will accost the player in a nonconsensual encounter.

Regardless of how the player deals with the situation, Landry tells the player they're a lifesaver, and hopes it wasn't too much trouble for them. They inform the player that they will deliver on their side of things and that they'll be "clean as can be" before excusing themselves.

For more information on this quest, visit this page: Landry's Request

Police Infiltration

Landry is a big part of this sidequest. As the player has no way of accessing the police station computer, they turn to Landry's help. Upon visiting Landry, they state that they like the player's style, but they are out of luck if the player is seeking Landry's help. Instead, they refer the player over to an orphan computer-whiz kid they've heard around town who goes by the name Mickey.

It's noted that Landry disapproves of Bailey, calling them a "nasty piece of work" and even comparing them to Briar by saying it makes Briar look like a "bleeding-heart humanitarian." They further explain how Bailey is protective of things and if the player is caught by any chance, they are on their own - but money will be ready for the player if they get Mickey to work with Landry. Upon visiting Mickey, the player mentioning Landry will have them immediately glance around in panic, before shutting the door behind the player.

Mickey's final request out of three is to put in a good word for Landry, telling them that they can make a lot of money for Landry, but they need a place to lay low. In exchange for Landry's protection, Mickey will make them rich, and Bailey will also never be able to find Mickey. Returning to Landry will let the player pass on Mickey's message, before telling them they turned up already, before handing the player a police master password along with an extra £500 as a "thank you" from them. They hand the player a USB stick, telling them there is some kind of virus held on there that can wipe a computer clean - perfect for causing trouble with or otherwise making "old trouble" disappear. Landry then sees the player off, remarking how next time they will help clear up any past misdeeds.

For more information on this quest, visit this page: Police Infiltration

Elk Street Compound

While Landry does not explicitly make an appearance within the Elk Street Compound, they have relations to why the player is there in the first place. When under interrogation, the interrogator asks who the player is working for. Choosing to be honest (either willingly, or unwillingly be honest through not being able to endure the Pain) will have the player confess three things to the interrogator:

Until the player finally confesses who they sell their stolen wares to, with the player stating Landry's name.

For more information on this hidden event, visit this page: Elk Street Compound


  • Landry is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • The name "Landry" is a play-on-words of the term "money-laundering".
    • Their name sounds similar to the word "laundry" when said out loud, referring to the latter.
    • It is befitting of Landry's criminal status. Their description allows them to keep out of trouble, and have connections to the criminal underworld with no one else knowing - similarly to how real world money-launderers operate.
    • The pub itself can be considered to be a money-laundering scheme; operating as what seems to be a legitimate business, or at least a base-of-operations for Landry and their fellow criminal clients.
  • Landry is one of few NPCs that has heavy influence in a specific stat, the other being Charlie.
  • Landry is the only named NPC to know of Mickey's existence.
  • Landry is one of several NPCs to disapprove of Bailey's deeds, with other examples being Robin and Mickey.
    • Additionally, they are the only NPC that isn't an orphan that disapproves of Bailey.
  • Landry is one of few named NPCs to have a direct connection to Briar, the other named NPC being Leighton.
  • It's noted that Landry has an inadequacy for computer tech, calling SD cards "Esty cards" and referring to IP as "eye-pee"


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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