Landry's Request

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Landry's Request - otherwise referred to as the "Landry's Black Box" quest, is one of few unlockable quests within Degrees of Lewdity. It is repeatable, and highly recommended for characters invested in Skulduggery.


"Landry wants you to retrieve a black box from the forest."

Landry informs the player that they can help them with their problem, but they require a favour first. According to them they were expecting a package that "never arrived." Landry wants the player to find it for them, informing them (the player) they know exactly where to find it due to the GPS tracker. 

They then tell the player where it can be found: deep in the Forest beside the town, or within the depths of the Moor.

It is a small black box, and prevents any past misdemeanors being pinned on the player.


In order to unlock the quest, the player must have achieved two requirements before-hand. Otherwise, this quest will not show up.

  • The player must have already encountered Landry.
  • The player's Crime must be at or above 500. The exact amount can be checked in the "Extra Stats" section of the Statistics tab.

Once these are achieved, visit the Pub on Harvest Street and choose the option to ask for Landry. The player will receive the option to fence their stolen goods as usual, with an additional option alongside it: "Ask for help covering your tracks"


There are two separate whereabouts for where the black box can be obtained, where two different events may occur.

Be sure to check the Journal on the sidebar to know where it could be hiding.

Note that if the player abandons their task and later returns, the game will remember which scene they were slated for. For example, if the player finds the box in a forest cave but they choose to leave before retrieving it, they'll always be directed back to the cave when choosing the search for Landry's black box action, with no chance of receiving the alternate event.

The Forest

To find the box in the forest, the player must venture into the deep forest (i.e. beyond the lake - see the Forest page for a map and additional details on navigating the forest), in the vicinity of the Wolf Cave and Eden's Cabin. There, the player has the option to search for Landry's black box, after which one of two events will occur.

  1. The player comes to a cave, where Landry said the box would be found. Inside, they hear a deep growl. The player can leave, returning to the forest, or enter, triggering a nonconsensual encounter with a bear. Regardless of how the player subdues the beast, they'll leave with the box in hand.
  2. Alternatively, the player finds a run-down cabin in a clearing, within which reside two people. When asked about the box, they present it the player, giving them an ultimatum: "You're a cute little thing, Landry sure knows how to pick em. We'll give you the box if you let us fuck you."
    • Promiscuity 2 or higher is needed to accept the pair's proposition, triggering a consensual encounter. If the player makes them cum or beats them up, they'll receive the box without issue. Should the player ask them to stop, however, they'll be less than thrilled. "You're not getting away that easily," the man/woman says. This begins a nonconsensual encounter, with the same potential outcomes as the previous one.
    • If the player possesses the Defiant trait, the can instead attack them, triggering a nonconsensual encounter in which the player's assailants start off slightly damaged. Same outcomes as above; make them cum or beat them up to retrieve the box.
    • If the player refuses, the pair will prevent them from leaving. "I don't think you quite understand the situation you're in," the man/woman says, now very close. "We're getting what we want." This begins a nonconsensual encounter, with the same outcomes as above.

The Moor

As with the forest, Landry's black box lies in the farthest reaches of the moor (again, refer to the Moor's page for more details), past the quicksand warning sign. Once again, one of two scenes may occur.

  1. The player spots the box on an island surrounded by dark water. As they approach they notice "things" swimming beneath the surface. The player is given one last chance to leave, otherwise they may wade across, leading to an encounter with two lurkers. If the player takes too long handling them, up to two more creatures will join the fray. Once the lurkers are dealt with, the player grabs the box from atop a torn satchel and returns to shore.
    • Note: This scene will only occur if both Lurkers and Bestiality are enabled. Otherwise, the second scene will always occur.
  2. The player climbs onto a hillock to survey the area, only to be startled by a person from behind. The player tells them they're looking for a black box, which the person happens to have in their possession. They agree to hand over the box, at the cost of the player's underwear (Exhibitionism 1). Depending on the player's state of dress, other variations of the scene can occur.
    • If the player isn't wearing any underwear, or if they're already naked when they encounter the individual, they'll instead ask to see the player's genitals. Exhibitionism 4 is needed to comply.
    • If the player is wearing an under-outfit (such as a leotard) and giving it up would leave them topless, Exhibitionism 4 is required to comply. Only applies to female players, or male players appearing female.
    • If the only clothes on the player are their underwear, Exhibitionism 5 is required to comply, leaving the player fully nude.

Returning to Landry

With the black box now in hand, return to Landry for a reward. Choose to hand over the black box to them.

Landry tells the player they're a lifesaver, and hopes it wasn't too much trouble for them. They inform the player that they will deliver on their side of things and that they'll be "clean as can be" before excusing themselves.


Completing this quest will result in the player's Crime level reducing by 10,000.

Should the player find themselves in trouble once again with the law, this quest will be repeatable for when they need it.


  • This is the only quest in the game that is considered to be a "fetch quest".

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