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Leighton the headteacher is the aforementioned headteacher of the local School, where they are usually found in their office. However, they make frequent visits to the Brothel when school is not in session, on Fridays and Saturdays.


Leighton's description varies on what sex they are determined as. However, regardless of sex they will always be described as having green eyes and greying black hair. Tall and stately, they have a firm attitude towards the students at their school.

  • If male: He has green eyes and well-kept greying black hair.
  • If female: She has green eyes and greying black hair, held behind her head in a bun.

First Meeting

Leighton's first meeting with the player may be found in their office - the headteacher's office. Leighton will ask how they can help the player. Should the player leave and re-enter, this will annoy Leighton - causing the player's Delinquency stat to increase and arrange detention for them later on.


Leighton is usually found in their headteacher's office. Should the player be escorted there through not wearing the appropriate uniform, Leighton will provide a change of clothes should the player want one - with the odd chance of it being a boy's or girl's school uniform. This may prove problematic as the player will be forced to crossdress unless they get their hands on the appropriate uniform. Additionally, Leighton may also undo bindings from the player's arms.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Leighton may make an appearance at the Brothel. As expected, Leighton will recognise the player as one of their students before informing them that Briar is one of their friends. Leighton may arrange a private meeting with the player during their performance. Should the player blackmail Leighton, they will take things into their own hands by taking revenge on the player in various events designed to punish those who think they could get away with blackmail.

If the player has a high Delinquency level and almost never attend lessons, Leighton will inspect the player for drugs. The player is of course framed for this, and Leighton punishes them - this initiates non-consensual combat as Leighton spanks the player. They will always state that they took no pleasure in doing so afterwards.


It becomes clear that the player and Leighton have a strained and complicated relationship, to the point where the player can dig up potential "dirt" (otherwise known as evidence) on Leighton to blackmail them later onwards.

Should the player choose to act upon the latter, Leighton's opinion of the player will drop dramatically, and Leighton will then attempt to exact revenge onto the player for it when least expected. Leighton can also choose to blackmail the player themselves, should they meet the right requirements needed to do so.

Additionally, it is possible to initiate lewd encounters with Leighton, but only in specific situations - in this case, when seducing them at the Brothel with another school student, or during a detention spanking sequence. The latter will end prematurely, however.

If the player loses their penile/vaginal virginity to Leighton, this will unlock a new feat - "Leighton the Shady."


Note: The following events are not to be considered as a full, comprehensive list of Leighton's interactions in the game - but more rather their most notable interactions. As such, minor events may not be listed below. However, more interactions will be listed below as the character remains in development.

As Leighton is primarily found at the school, they will make many appearances there. They will serve as the player's headteacher while attending there, remaining in the background usually. Interactions with Leighton tend to involve the player being sent to their office, usually for detention or forgetting their school uniform.

However, they also make more prominent appearances outside their office, which will typically be lewd in nature. This is due to them abusing their status, and will most likely have malicious intent towards the player and the other students, with them even acting upon them if given the chance. This is prominent during their science class inspections, but will be just as prominent while they are at the Brothel.


Detention with Leighton

If the player accumulates Delinquency at any point, they will have to attend detention at the end of the school day.This has the player spend time in Leighton's office for a while. Leighton may make them do various tasks, among other things:

  • Write the same message over and over on a board to drum the message into the player's head
  • Have the player wash their car
  • Inspect the player for "drugs"

The player can skip going to detention by using their History grade to unlock secret tunnels from the School into the Park and Drain Systems. This is a good way of avoiding Leighton at the school-gate, otherwise choose to run away from them if they approach the player, at the cost of Delinquency.

Spanking Punishment

If the player has high enough Delinquency, Leighton will go further with their detention methods. One such event is that Leighton will spank the player as punishment, triggering a non-consensual encounter.

This encounter works slightly differently from a typical encounter. The event will have a finite number of turns before the session ends. Once they are finished (such as when the player accumulates too much Pain or somehow orgasms) Leighton will then inform the player "they took no pleasure" in doing what they did before letting the player leave their office.

There are a few ways of circumventing this encounter. For instance, the player can level the English skill to a point where apologising to them is effective. Their face will soften in response and the encounter will abruptly end shortly afterwards, with Leighton still reaffirming they took no pleasure in the spanking. The player could also try to act defiant and fight them off using Physique, although this is easier said than done.

It is entirely possible to make Leighton orgasm, but like fighting them off, it is easier said than done. It may take plenty of tries before the player finds the right method for dealing with Leighton. Willpower and Masochism stats can be used to endure the pain and then alternate between screaming, pleading and/or kissing and stroking. Making Leighton orgasm will unlock the special hidden feat: "Leighton's Nightmare".

However, note that during this scene the player has no engagement with Leighton's genitals, meaning the player cannot lose their virginity here to obtain the other feat related to Leighton - "Leighton the Shady".

Leighton's Inspections

Every week, Leighton will enter the science classroom and arrange for the class to take mandatory "health inspections". These have a much more sinister purpose, however. Leighton has perverted plans, these are in the form of humilating lewd inspections for the class. They will even go further, abusing their position of power by taking graphic pictures of the students under the guise of "health examinations/inspections".

For more information on this event, see here: Leighton's Inspections

Leighton and Blackmail

The player is able to blackmail Leighton, should they uncover their secret. The player gains access to Leighton's computer, revealing hundreds if not thousands of Leighton's dirty photoshooting activities. The player can choose their punishment.

For more information, visit this page: Blackmailing Leighton

Alternatively, Leighton is able to blackmail the player should they learn of the player's sexual fame. This will turn into a weekly photoshoot - if the player refuses, Leighton will punish the player by publicly shaming their sexual activity on the school's bulletin board. The player can own up to this and initiate a gangbang with intrigued students looking at the photos.

For more information, visit this page: Blackmailed by Leighton


Leighton's Visit

Upon noticing the player and recognising them as one of their students, Leighton informs the player that Briar is one of their friends and demands the player to spend time with them in exchange for cash. The player has various options here.

  • Sit
  • Get angry (reduces Stress)
  • Refuse

Should the player choose the latter two options, the player will walk away from Leighton. Getting angry however has the the player tell Leighton they are a teacher and should not behave that way, to which they laugh and tells the player to suit themselves.

Choosing to sit next to Leighton will have them rest an arm on the player's shoulders, to which they can choose to act cute or act aloof. Acting aloof has the player act disinterested when Leighton tries to make conversation - this seems to amuse them. They remark that the player is a "cold one" or perhaps shy, before handing them a decent amount of money as they take their leave. Choosing to act cute has the player receive the same amount, except the player will now act interested, leaning towards Leighton. Leighton calls the player a "natural" before leaving.

Private Meeting

At some point while dancing on stage, Leighton may call out to the player. They ask for time in a private room with them. The player can choose to ignore this, continuing their dancing or agree to their terms - this requires Promiscuity 3 - Leighton then leads the player into an already occupied room in which another school student the player recognises is already waiting here. Leighton sits down, telling the player whenever they are ready they can proceed. This gives the player three options.

  • Refuse
  • Perform for Leighton
  • Ask Leighton to join (requires Promiscuity 4 to ask and Seduction B to succeed)

Refusing Leighton's request has the player leave the encounter safely, much to Leighton's disappointment. Choosing to perform has Leighton reach for a camera with the student initiating consensual sex with the player. They are then rewarded with £80 as Leighton praises them, saying they will see the player later at school.

Alternatively, asking Leighton to join (requires Seduction B) has them taunt Leighton by teasing the student right in front of them as the player seductively speaks to them, asking the headteacher if they won't teach them "how to love". Leighton will agree to this, instructing the two by beginning to sexually please the student while pulling the player into things as well - this triggers a consensual encounter with Leighton and the student. Leighton then leaves the player with £120, calling the ordeal an "illuminating lesson." If at any point the player asks them to stop, Leighton will be disappointed but give the player £85.

Blackmailed Leighton

If the player decided to blackmail Leighton at any point using the photos found on their computer, Leighton will take things into their own hands by taking revenge on the player. There are two distinct possibilities on how Leighton deals with the player:

  • Two students from the school will be waiting for the player, while Leighton films the scene with a camera. At this point, choosing to refuse has the students grab the player while one of them apologises for this - this triggers a non-consensual encounter. Choosing to perform for Leighton instead triggers consensual sex. Should the player make the students successfully orgasm, Leighton tells the player they will see them at school and gives them either £30 (if the player didn't cooperate) or £70 (if the player did cooperate). The player is also able to fight off the students and make their escape away from the scene should they be ready to do so.
  • Leighton brings in a chained up dog. This requires Bestiality to be enabled. The player can agree to have sex with the chained up animal if they have high enough Deviancy. Alternatively, they can choose to refuse - Leighton lets the dog loose in response, triggering a non-consensual encounter. Leighton watches as the camera films the scene, sipping wine.

it should be noted that these events are designed to punish players who thought they could get away with blackmailing Leighton.


  • Leighton is one of several people of interest to exist since the initial release of the game. A full list is provided on the Named Non-Playable Characters page.
  • Leighton is one of few key individuals to make an appearance other than their central location, the others include River and Bailey.
  • They are one of few people of interest to have a personality/behavioural shift depending on the character phase (blackmailed) they are in, determined by the player. This works similarly to love interests and their own phases.
  • It is established through the Blackmailing Leighton quest that Leighton has a past connection with Darryl, the strip club owner. They have a folder titled "D" which goes into detail about what Leighton had Darryl do while they were a student at the school several years ago.
    • The following description appears during the quest: "You find nothing at first, just boring spreadsheets, until you find a folder simply titled "D". It contains thousands of images of a girl/boy with black hair in various states of undress. She/he looks distressed in some of the pictures but her/his expression is blank in others. The pictures are arranged in order of date and appear to be from several years ago. Whatever was happening went on for many months. Leighton makes an appearance in the later pictures, sometimes posing with her/him, but other times groping and fondling. From her/his outfit, it looks like she/he was a student here."
    • This is confirmed by the game's code checking for Darryl's gender and applying it to the description of the student.
    • This would then imply that Leighton has a history of perversion with the school's students, not just the player and Darryl. It is further proven by the inspection events.
  • Currently, Leighton is one of four named NPCs in the game whose title change depending of their established sex, the others being Avery, Eden, and Jordan).


"The following images showcased below are fan interpretations of what this character looks like in-game. Despite canon descriptions existing within the game itself, visual depictions of the character akin to the player sprite are best left to the player's own interpretation."

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